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Update: Oxford Court Outrages Public Decency...

The Naked Rambler refused bail for the same old charges after being arrested in Oxfordshire

Link Here26th December 2012
Full story: Naked Rambler...Stephen Gough imprisoned for being naked

Naked rambler Stephen Gough was ordered to spend Christmas in prison after his application for bail wasrefused.

He was arrested in Carterton, Oxfordshire on suspicion of the charge of 'outraging public decency' on 4 December.

He was represented in his absence at Oxford Crown Court after refusing to wear any clothes to the hearing.

Gough had requested to spend Christmas at home in Eastleigh, Hampshire. His application for bail will be heard again on 25 January.

Update: Disgracefully still in jail

4th February 2013. See  article from

The naked rambler has appeared in court with no clothes on to hear if charges against him would be dropped.

Stephen Gough stood naked in the dock at Oxford Crown Court as Judge Patrick Eccles rejected an application for his case to be dismissed.

He is to appear in court in February.

Gough saw his application for bail refused before Christmas when he told the court of his wish to stand trial naked.



Offsite Article: The Kinky Collective...

Link Here17th December 2012
BDSM group sets up in India, and even the Daily Mail decides to give it a leg up.

See article from



Updated: San Francisco Prudes...

City passes bylaw banning public nudity

Link Here5th December 2012

San Francisco has banned public nudity in a vote that is likely to spark protests among the city's many naturists.

Two women stripped off as the result was read out at city hall on Tuesday. One said: What are you afraid of? My government has failed me. Another man stripped off and chanted: The body is beautiful.

The vote went six to five in favour of the ban, which was supported by many residents and business owners in the city's Castro district.

For the past two years, there has been an almost daily gathering of naked men at a plaza on the corner of Castro and Market streets.

Supervisor Scott Wiener, who proposed the ban on nudity, said he had been hearing from upset residents of the Castro district for the past two years.

He was opposed by supervisor John Avalos, who said he was concerned that a ban on nudity would be an infringement of civil liberties. Sometimes there is a little weirdness about how we express ourselves and that's part of what is great in this city, he said.

Outside city hall, protesters gathered to shout their disapproval of the ban, with some ignoring the cold to remove items of clothing.

A spokesperson for the law firm representing the pro-nudists said that a legal objection is also being filed.

Update: Protest

5th December 2012.  See  article from

Nudists  have stripped off in San Francisco's City Hall to protests against the city's recent ban on nudity in public. The protestors shed their clothes in the chambers and started shouting at members of the board. The group was led out of the chambers and draped in blankets. One protestor was taken into custody for resisting arrest.

The new law makes it illegal for residents and visitors to bare their genitals in most public places and is scheduled to go into effect 1st February 2012.  Offenders of the law would face fines and possible jail time for multiple violations.

Opponents already have brought a lawsuit seeking to get it overturned on free speech grounds.

Politically correct exceptions would be made for the city's gay pride parade .



Offsite Article: Why Is Public Nudity Illegal?...

Link Here29th November 2012
A brief history of the fig leaf. By Brian Palmer

See article from



The Daily Mail Recommends Club Kiss...

Glorying in miserable whinges about a swingers club in Southampton

Link Here26th November 2012

A new sex club which sparked 'outrage' after opening in a quiet city suburb has been ordered to close by miserable council chiefs.

The property has been reinvented by owner Martin Millar, who has installed two superbly equipped dungeons and a kinky room . The building also features five themed playrooms , a UV room and a mirror room .

But a planning committee at Southampton City Council today unanimously refused an application for retrospective planning permission after receiving a 1,000 name petition and 150 letters of objections from miserable neighbours.

Planners vaguely claimed that the change of use had the potential to cause harm to the residential amenities and character of the area, recommending that events should cease as soon as possible .

However Millar said he plans to appeal, and events will continue in the meantime.

Southampton City Council has vowed to fight tooth and nail to make sure Club Kiss is closed. But, the new venue's website is already boasting a stacked programme of events throughout November and December.

Martin Miller answered his critics:

The events we will be holding do not attract large numbers of people, so will not cause any traffic or parking problems. The average age of those attending will be 40-plus - it is not going to be youngsters who may get drunk and be too noisy. I will stress to all our guests that at all times they should respect the privacy of our neighbours, especially when leaving the venue.

I fully intend to appeal against the decision.'



Offsite Article: Bound to Consent...

Link Here26th November 2012
Missouri sex slave case may hinge on expert view of BDSM subculture

See article from



Update: The Hebden Bridge Eccentrics...

Hebden Bridge turns out naked to support Stephen Gough

Link Here31st October 2012
Full story: Naked Rambler...Stephen Gough imprisoned for being naked

Hebden Bridge bared all to show its support for a naked rambler arrested in the town last week.Over 20 people stripped off in support of Stephen Gough - known as the Naked Rambler.

Gough was arrested in Bridge Gate last Wednesday and then in Halifax last Thursday under the much abused catch all law of the Public Order Act.

Gough appeared naked in the dock at the local Magistrates Court to deny the charge and the case has been adjourned until February 5, 2013.

A group calling themselves The Hebden Bridge Eccentrics believed the naked rambler had done nothing wrong and showed their support on Sunday by taking their clothes off on the old Packhorse Bridge, Hebden Bridge.

H Gregg, who organised the protest, said:

I knew lots of locals shared my disbelief that the police had seen fit to arrest Stephen. Hebden Bridge is a town known for being tolerant -- as a community we pride ourselves on our live-and-let-live attitude.

The irony that Stephen has walked over 260 miles without any trouble only to be arrested in what is probably the most-tolerant town in Yorkshire was not lost on many of us.



Derbyshire Clergy Recommend...

Xotix Xtreme swingers club

Link Here8th October 2012

Xotix Xtreme swingers club opened in Heanor, Derbyshire in August.

A petition with about 180 signatures objecting to the club has been delivered to Amber Valley Borough Council by four members of the local clergy. It calls for a retrospective application to change the use of the former offices to a private members' club to be turned down.

The petition, organised by the Rev Karen Padley, Pastor David Howe, the Rev Helen Penfold and the Rev Dan Pattimore, claim that the club brings no value to the community and will be detrimental to image of Heanor , gives the message that that community approves of its activities and will put addition pressure onto an already socially and economically fractured community.

The club features a dungeon room, lockable viewing rooms and a gang-bang room. The alcohol policy is to bring your own.

Co-owner Karen Keith said the club was operating within legal requirements.



Update: Let Loose and hanging Loose...

Naked rambler freed again after suffering six years of Scottish injustice

Link Here7th October 2012
Full story: Naked Rambler...Stephen Gough imprisoned for being naked

The Naked Rambler was back doing what he loves best, hiking across the countryside with just a hat and walking boots on.

Stephen Gough was released after serving six years for public nudity. Well-wishers grinned and photographed the 53-year-old rambler.

Lothian and Borders Police have said they are willing to exercise discretion in his case if circumstances permit .

Update: Free of Scottish Injustice

11th October 2012. See  article from

THE Naked Rambler has left Scotland after being jailed there for 6 years for public nudity

Wearing nothing but his trademark backpack and a pair of socks, a hat and walking boots, Stephen Gough headed into the Northumberland National Park.



Update: Scotland's Never Ending Shame...

Stephen Gough's sentence extended to 6 years and 4 months for being naked in public

Link Here14th September 2012
Full story: Naked Rambler...Stephen Gough imprisoned for being naked

Naked Rambler Stephen Gough has been jailed for a further five months after refusing to get dressed and go home to England. He has been jailed ever since 25th August 2006. So his sentence has now totalled 6 years and 4 months.

Gough appeared in court suitably naked for sentencing at Kirkcaldy Sheriff Court, Fife.

He was found guilty last month of committing a supposed breach of the peace by strolling naked near a swing park where children were playing in Dunfermline, also Fife, and refusing to put on clothes.

Gough who insists he is not a naturist and claims his naked rambles are a protest , was initially removed from the dock after only five minutes when he refused to sit down so his privates were hidden by the wooden dock. After he was brought back in, and agreed to sit, the court heard he had refused to meet social workers and so no assessment was available.

Persecutor Brian Robertson said the Crown was prepared to help him go back to England if he co-operated.

Sheriff James Williamson told Gough, that he was concerned that he had not met or co-operated with social workers drawing up the background report ordered. The sheriff said: Will you meet with them and assist them?

When Gough responded, No, not really , Sheriff Williamson said he had been left with no choice but to jail him for five months.

[So why don't the authorities transfer him to a prison near his home in Hampshire whilst he is in custody?]



Update: Naked Injustice...

Stephen Gough looks set for 7th year in jail for being nude in public

Link Here24th August 2012
Full story: Naked Rambler...Stephen Gough imprisoned for being naked

  Scottish Inquisition

A sheriff in Kirkcaldy has asked for mental health checks on Stephen Gough after the naked rambler broke down in court.

In his emotional final plea, Gough, heavily bearded and gaunt, referred to allegations made by the persecutor, Brian Robertson, and complaints from two civilian witnesses about the alleged impact on their children of seeing him walking naked through Townhill, near Dunfermline. His voice breaking before he began audibly sobbing, Gough said: There's nothing about me as a human being that is indecent or alarming or offensive. That's where I'm coming from, which is deep inside.

Sheriff James Williamson told him:

There were certain points in your evidence and certain points in your summing up where I was concerned about your emotional behaviour, and I was a bit concerned as to whether or not you were in control of yourself. I want somebody independent to see whether your mental health is all that is should be because, in the absence of any good reason otherwise, you're going to end up serving prison sentence after prison sentence.



Offsite Article: Stapleford Wood Recommends...

Link Here19th August 2012
Locals recommend dogging venue south of Lincoln

See article from



Updated: Continuing Scottish Shame...

6 year in jail is not enough for some in Scotland as Gough is rearrested

Link Here24th July 2012
Full story: Naked Rambler...Stephen Gough imprisoned for being naked

The Naked Rambler Stephen Gough has been arrested three days after he was released from prison.

Gough, a former Royal Marine who hikes across the country naked, was arrested in Townhill, Dunfermline, by policemen from Fife Constabulary.

He was released from Perth Prison on Tuesday, having spent the past six years in the Scottish jail.

A spokesman for Fife Constabulary said he was arrested following complaints from members of the public and has been charged with a supposed breach of the peace.

The Naked Rambler's supporters on Facebook have made an official complaint to the Fife Constabulary

Re Arrest of Mr Stephen Gough on the afternoon of 20th July 2012 whilst in the course of peacefully eating his lunch unattired

I refer to the ruling on Breach of the Peace, in 2001 in the High Court of Justiciary, where Lord Coulsfield held that breach of the peace required conduct severe enough to cause alarm to ordinary people and threaten serious disturbance to the community and that mere annoyance or irritation were insufficient .

Misapplication of the legislation governed by this ruling would in itself constitute Breach of the Peace by any individual(s) conducting such misapplication. Fife Constabulary is hereby on notice to provide indisputable evidence, including a physical witness, of serious disturbance to the community .

In this regard, this message is being copied to Professional Standards and constitutes a formal complaint.

Update: Jailed for at least a month

24th July 2012. See  article from

Stephen Gough, the man known as the naked rambler, has denied charges concerning nudity 'close' to a play park near Dunfermline.

Prosecutors said he refused to put on clothing or move away and supposedly committed a breach of the peace on 20 July.

Gough chose to represent himself and was naked during the court appearance.

He was jailed until 23 August. Gough did not ask for bail.



Updated: Scotland Shamed...

Naked Rambler Freed After 6 Years in Jail

Link Here19th July 2012
Full story: Naked Rambler...Stephen Gough imprisoned for being naked

Stephen Gough, nicknamed the Naked Rambler, has vowed to continue walking around Britain with no clothes on after tasting his first day of freedom after being jailed by Scotland for 6 years.

Former marine Stephen Gough has spent the vast majority of the past decade behind bars because of Scottish intolerance and injustice.

He initially earned the title Naked Rambler by walking unclothed from Land's End to John O'Groats after quitting his job as a lorry driver.

He was spoken to by police immediately after his release, but was then allowed to go on his way in an apparent shift in Tayside Police force policy. On the last few occasions he has been immediately arrested by officers waiting for him at the gates, but yesterday he was given the go-ahead to walk off despite being naked.

Following his release he said: My opinion is that the police have thought 'the guy's not going to give up so let's have a think about it.

He revealed that he had spent the vast majority of his time in solitary confinement in maximum security Perth Prison - although he said life inside flew by.

Offsite: The naked truth

19th July 2012. See article from , thanks to David

A good article about Stephen Gough and Scottish injustice.

A commenter also makes the point that 6 years spent in jail is the equivalent of a 12 years sentence with 50% remission.

...Read the full article



Update: Swingeing Punishment...

Egyptian swinger jailed for 7 years

Link Here17th July 2012

A Giza Misdemeanors Court sentenced a married couple accused of swinging to 7 years in jail for the husband and three years for the wife and at the same time ordered them to remain under surveillance when they are released, state media reported.

The couple was arrested a year ago and were accused of trading spouses with other couples. Unfortunately for them, the country meanwhile took a big step towards religious extremism and sharia law.

The public prosecutor accused them of prostitution and creating an indecent website to facilitate their sex trade. They were accused of sexual trading with three other couples. However the court found that the sexual activities were perfectky consensual.

A report quoted the husband, identified as Hossam Kamel, said the idea came to him when he saw a similar website in a Gulf country and decided to bring the idea to Egypt.



Undesirables Protest...

100 people take to the street against a swingers club in Atherton

Link Here6th July 2012

About a 100 people gathered in Atherton to protest against plans for the opening of a swingers' club in the main street.

Wigan planners have already passed the application submitted by Sale-based Firas Bakir of Haybak Ltd for the private members club. But locals claim they were never told that plans for the former nightclub.

The development committee heard that people attending the first floor club would be able to engage in sexual activity or watch others involved in such activity. When the planning application was approved Wigan Council development control manager Graham Dickman told the development committee that the principle of a private members club under the planning laws was in general deemed an acceptable use within a town centre and the regulations did not encompass moral judgement.

Protestors Phil and Jane Walsh claimed:

Atherton is not the right place for this - it will attract undesirables and I doubt we have sufficient policing to cover potential problems. It won't bring anything positive to Atherton, just hassle.

Frances Raftery, who helped organise the demonstration, was delighted with the level support. She said:

In case oldies are unaware of the term swingers, it is the modern euphemism for a sex club where people can indulge in discreet activities of a sexual nature which will no doubt attract dubious characters from miles around.

Letters went out to local residents who, seeing the term 'private members club' thought it was merely for another nightclub.



Offsite Article: Scotland's Shame...

Link Here21st June 2012
Full story: Naked Rambler...Stephen Gough imprisoned for being naked
The Naked Rambler's free spirit incarcerated by Scotland's mean spirit.

See article from



Heaven Comes Down to Earth...

Swingers club closes in Blackburn after owner comes under family pressure

Link Here15th June 2012

A swingers' club in Blackburn town centre has closed down after operating for 2 years. Heaven on Earth was opened by Dhiru Patel in St Peter Street in June 2010.

Patel closed the premises after his family was taunted because of the business's reputation. Patel, who has four daughters and seven grandchildren, said:

People don't want to talk to me in our community and my daughters are getting really annoyed. They got a lot of stick for it and they are very embarrassed about it. I don't want to lose the family so there is no option for us. I am doing this for my children and grandchildren.

Kate Hollern, leader of Blackburn with Darwen Council, said she was pleased the swingers club had closed:

I was surprised that there was a market for that type of thing in Blackburn, I don't think there was ever any need for anything like that. I am pleased it's going to be a conference room although I'm surprised they are keeping the sauna.

Patel is now planning to rebrand the company as Venue , offering function rooms and party venues for businesses and students.



Dead Sea Politician...

Miserable lawmaker proposes a prison sentence for people stripping off in the name of art

Link Here11th June 2012

Israeli lawmaker Nissim Zeev (Shas) has submitted a bill that would mandate one-year prison terms for anyone who strips naked in public for commercial or artistic purposes.

Dubbed the Spencer Tunick bill, after the American photographer who staged a nude photo shoot last September at the Dead Sea, the bill would make public nudity illegal except in certain areas designated for nude bathing.

Last year, Zeev led the effort to prevent Tunick's photo shoot, in which over 1,000 Israelis participated, from taking place. At the time, Zeev called the photo shoot an act of prostitution in the guise of art and warned that it would corrupt the morals of Israeli youth. After failing to foil the event, Zeev pledged to head off similar events in the future through legislative means.

The Ministerial Committee for Legislation is expected to decide on Sunday whether or not the government will support the bill.



On the Upswing...

Wigan swingers' club secures planning permission

Link Here9th June 2012

Wigan's first commercial swingers club has been given the go-ahead.

The private members' club for wife-swapping swingers promises to legally cater to all tastes for consenting adults with themed rooms in a low-key setting.

However, although it has now won Wigan town hall planning permission for use of part of the former Fever disco building in Atherton, applicant Firas Bakir still needs to earn operational approval at the Town Hall's Licensing Committee later this year, which could prove more difficult.

Council development control manager Graham Dickman told the development committee that the club would be a base for :

discreet activities of a sexual nature and would cater for particular desires and particular interests. Certain activities some people will wish to undertake in a private sense while others will want to undertake them in full view of other individuals.

Members will be permitted to wander around naked if they so wish to do so and take part in the sexual activity themselves or witness others doing so.

Greater Manchester Police had no objections,. But ward councillor Pam Stewart raised bollox  concerns that the sex club would be near sheltered accommodation and directly opposite a bus stop used by teenagers set to use the new vocational college for 14 to 19-year-olds. She spouted: The cross-over between the potential clientele of the club and the young people at this point does concerns me.

Pemberton councillor Jeanette Prescott reminded councillors that they should not look at morals but only planning regulations in deciding how to vote.

Update: Petition

1st August 2012. See  article from

More than 1,000 people have signed a petition against the opening of a swingers' club in Greater Manchester.


14th May

 Offsite Article: Germany united by nudity, divided by attitude...

Link Here
Citizens of the former West and East Germany share many well-established customs, including naturism. But does a relaxed attitude to naked bodies mask some division over the freedom of women?

See article from


5th May   

Pendulum Swings to Daily Mail Prudery...

Secrets swingers club in Sunderland closes
Link Here

Organisers of Secrets Swingers Club, in Sunderland, had hoped to gain planning permission for their venue from the council.

However, bosses claimed recent publicity in the media (in particular the Daily Mail)meant any bid would have been unsuccessful. They now propose to move to another undisclosed location.

A club spokesman said:

We are relocating, but we don't know where yet. We're disappointed about it as we had plans ready to apply for planning permission.

There was always the risk that we would get knocked back, but once it had been in the paper that we were applying, that was decision made.


21st April   

Bare Faced Prudery...

Council nutters try to put an end to a naturist beach in Wales
Link Here

Angry naturists have hit out at prudish complainers for branding them either swingers or perverts if they dare to bare all.

It comes after a Welsh council upped its moralist bid to ban nudists on a beach in Carmarthenshire following complaints about naked beach-goers.

The council said 40 nudists were seen at one time cooling off in full view of passers-by during a last month's unseasonable hot weather, upsetting selfish walkers and cyclist on the sands, and prompting the miserable country parks manager Neil Perry to warn of the council's intentions to crack down on the issue.

Signs at the entrance to Cefn Sidan beach and literature given out at Pembrey Country Park state nudity is not permitted. But the beach is unofficially listed on several independent nudist websites.

But Perry claimed some of the people frequenting the dunes were not true naturists and have been known to target and approach lone women. This is of concern because the wreck pools are destinations for thousands of visitors to Pembrey Country Park and beach .

Veteran naturist, Joe Folder, said naturists were being vilified by authorities:

This debate has being going on for years and it doesn't seem to get any easier.

What does seem clear is that it is easy for those against public nudity to brand those without clothes as either swingers of perverts and somehow that is accepted. It is ridiculous.

Unfortunately the media hasn't been very kind to naturism over the years. I think there is a general phobia about nakedness in Britain.

I've given up trying to change people's way of thinking, I'm too old for that, but it is odd that the body you are born with is something you are expected to keep hidden.


27th March   

Police With Money to Burn...

Police use helicopter to seek fleeing doggers
Link Here

Devon and Cornwall police scrambled a chopper to scour Sidmouth after receiving a tip off that four people had been seen enjoying group sex outdoors.

A witness claimed that one of the four was wearing handcuffs as they shed their inhibitions at the Byes, a picturesque local park.

Officers attended the scene but the alleged offenders managed to give them the slip, meaning that the force helicopter was dispatched from its Exeter base to track them down.

The aircraft hovered over the area for around half an hour as police searched for the two women and two men said to have been involved.

They later arrested two men who were held on suspicion of escaping lawful custody and of committing an act outraging public decency. A woman was also arrested but police said that no action would be taken against her. The second woman remains at large.

A police spokesman said: They ran off when we arrived at the scene and so we had the helicopter assist us. It was suggested that one of them had been wearing handcuffs but none of the three had them on at the time of arrest.

There are no reports of any police comments about the cost of the operation.


12th March   

Dammed Police...

Police acting on concerns of dogging in Calderdale and Calder Valley, Yorkshire
Link Here

Police repression of outdoor sex in a secluded part of Calderdale may have shifted the problem to the Calder Valley, councillors believe.

Ripponden Parish Council has been whingeing for years about the practice known as dogging, which they say has been taking place around rural Baitings reservoir.

Councillor Geraldine Carter said:

The amount of dogging at Baitings has diminished since the police began recording car number plates and sending letters to the registered owners.

But I believe these people are now moving to areas around Hebden Bridge, Luddenden and Todmorden

Inspector Dave Browning, from the Upper Valley neighbourhood policing team, said he and his force had been aware of concerns about sexual activities at Moselden Lane, Ripponden, and had been carrying out work to deal with those concerns. This involves attempting to embarrass doggers by sending police letters to car owners addresses, without any evidence or suggestion of a crime being committed. No one who has been written to has re-offended, he said, if indeed any had offended in the first place.

He added swift action had been taken to deal with concerns about low-level sexual activity in Luddenden Foot and pro-active work was being carried out to ensure this kind of activity did not surface elsewhere. [Surely police should be dealing with crime, not nutter concerns of crime, especially when no crime is being committed].


5th March

 Offsite Article: Swinging sex clubs attracting society's elites...

Link Here
TV3 documentary (Monday 9pm) examines the growing swinging scene, surprisingly dominated by females. Elite swinging clubs are enjoyed by the professional classes, paying thousands of euro to join

See article from


4th March   

Fifty Shades of Grey...

BDSM book makes US best seller lists
Link Here

The BDSM novel, Fifty Shades of Grey, is currently sitting in 28th place on the New York Times bestseller list and is topping Amazon and Barnes & Noble charts.

The raunchy novel is said to have become a favourite with Upper East Side housewives who are devouring the book's blue contents and fiendishly recommending it to friends.

Publicist Alison Brod told the New York Times that the novel is the new Kabbalah for female bonding in this city - and is spreading its X-rated charms. I found myself explaining what BDSM was to some of the moms at Saturday morning basketball.

The newspaper likens the story to Twilight for grown-ups, suggesting it has become something of a cult tome among mothers, who, according to New Jersey mom, Alyssa Goldman, call it simply The Book .

...Read the full article


24th February   

Moralist Terrorists...

Swingers club in Chorley attacked by arsonists
Link Here

A swingers' club has been attacked by arsonists, it has been revealed.

The No3 Club, on Friday Street, Chorley, was targeted by thugs who hurled a suspected fire bomb into the unit on Tuesday.

The fire service received reports of someone trying to throw something bright into the club at around 10.45pm, and are treating it as arson.

The owner of the club said:

The vandals climbed up the outdoor fire exit steps to get to the window, and threw a brick and a bottle into the ladies toilets.

We're very lucky that nobody was in the building at the time.

We've been targeted three times in the last six months with people throwing bricks at windows.

I just thank God that nobody was hurt and a fire didn't break out.

Update: Continued attacks

20th March 2012. See  article from

A Youth was seen with his head on fire after a petrol bomb was thrown at a swingers' club in Chorley, police have said.

In the third similar attack in recent weeks, the attempted arson took place around 8.50pm on Tuesday at the No3 Club, Primrose Bank Mill, Friday Street, Chorley.

Det Sgt John Entwisle, said:

We suspect that the person responsible will have suffered burns as a result of this incident, specifically on their head and perhaps hands so I am keen to speak with anybody that has sustained burn injuries since Tuesday, even if they don't have any information about the incident itself.

This is the third attack on these premises in recent weeks.

This is a serious offence which has had a considerable impact on the club and had the potential to endanger life.


21st February   

Naked Injustice...

When a disgusted frown is interpreted as causing distress and alarm
Link Here

A man who rambled through a popular Yorkshire beauty spot naked except for a backpack, boots and a baseball cap has been fined 315.

Nigel Keer was found guilty at Leeds Magistrates' Court of the catch all public order offence after supposedly causing distress to a woman walking her dog last October.

The court heard he was arrested by an off-duty policeman who saw the woman looking on with a disgusted frown .

Keer denied the offence. He maintained he did not mean to cause distress or provoke a reaction and said being naked is not an offence . I'm not happy with the decision and I plan to appeal


15th February   

Licence to Throw a Frisbee...

Everything's banned on LA beaches
Link Here

In an ordinance approved by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors in late December, the throwing of Frisbees and footballs on county beaches will be allowed as long as the activity takes place either in the off-season, or with a permit or the permission of the particular beach's lifeguard.

Oh, and all nudity on the beach is now a violation punishable by a fine of up to $1,000, as are swimming or surfing during hazardous conditions or in prohibited areas, and shooting a gun.

...Read the full article


14th February   

New Forest Prudery...

Miserable neighbours and councillors whinge at fun filled swingers club
Link Here

To the horror of miserable neighbours, David Kay transformed his house into one of Britain's leading swingers' clubs.

The five bedroom property boasts two dungeons featuring spanking benches, torture chairs, examination tables and suspension equipment. The back garden had been filled with a hot tub, stocks and a giant crucifixion cross for use in sex games.

New Forest District Council has now issued an enforcement notice against the owner for turning the house into a business without planning permission

Shameful conservative councillor Leslie Puttock claimed he had no moral objection to the activities taking place in the house....BUT... He said:

It's up to them what they do in their own home ...BUT... this was a normal domestic dwelling house that was bought and someone thought there's parking and I can black out the windows and this has become a club and it does not have permission to be one.

There is nobody absolutely next door ...BUT.. .there are people across the road that are affected by it and the car movements and also the noise - it's not only inside, it's outside as well.

I think they have every right to complain.

In a letter to the council David Kay said:

The guests are asked to bring a voluntary contribution towards the costs of hosting the parties. The total value of contributions amounts to a fraction of the costs of the rent or mortgage on the property. It is therefore impossible to conclude that the parties held are a commercial entity or for financial gain.

He said there had been no complaints to police about any disturbance.

The council is now refusing planning permission, saying the house is being used as a business, adding:

The use of a dwelling for a club in this rural location is at odds with the quiet and peaceful environment.

A club conflicts with the rural, low key nature of the locality and is of detriment to the character of the countryside.

This is not an appropriate location for this type of use which would be more suited to a town centre location.

It has gavin Kay until March 11 to stop using the house as a club and get rid of all his saucy toys.

But kay has now appealed the ruling.

Update: Council moralists do what they do best, shut down local businesses

17th July 2012. See  article from

A sex club in a Hampshire village must now close down- because council moralists claim it breaks planning rules. The swingers club which is based in a five-bedroom private house boasting two fetish dungeons, lap dancing poles, an array of sex toys and a communal hot tub lost its case on appeal and must now stop hosting parties.

As reported in the Daily Echo miserable neighbours in the New Forest have complained for years about the venue called JCT2 saying guests parked outside their homes and they even had to direct lost partygoers to the right address. [such an outrageous imposition!].

New Forest District Council issued an enforcement notice against the property's owner David Kay following the complaints. They claimed he had breached planning rules in the home called Highlands, off Salisbury Road, in Calmore because he did not apply for a change of use of the premises from residential to a mixed use of residential and a club.

[So in these austere times, its about time that council were a little bit more open to people being able to use there houses for business. If the only imposition of this club, is that cars park in front of other houses, then the country should be grateful for the business. We probably need every penny to stave off bankruptcy].

Update: Moving

23rd September 2012. See  article from

The swingers club banned from a residential property in Calmore is moving to a kinky hotel in Southampton.

The JCT2 club was ordered to close after a planning inspector agreed with council planners that it was being run from the residential address as a business, as reported by the Daily Echo.

The man behind the club, Martin Millar, told the Daily Echo that the time was right to move and confirmed he planned to re-open under the new name of Club Kiss at the end of the month.

A grand opening event is being organised for September 29 at the new location in St Anne's Road.


11th February   

Offensive Prudery...

New Zealand nutters whinge about beach nudity
Link Here

Nutter group Family First New Zealand is calling on the Tauranga District Council to follow the lead of the Kapiti Coast District Council and pass a bylaw outlawing public nudity on the coastline. It is also calling on the government to amend the Crimes Act and Summary Offences Act so that the precedent to allow public nudity, set in past cases by liberal judges on events such as the Boobs on Bikes , can be overturned.

Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ spouted:

Families are rightly concerned that they and their children may be confronted by full nudity in a public place.  Freedom of expression must never be at the expense of the right to protect children and families from offensive and inappropriate behaviour. We would not allow nudists to expose themselves in shopping centres or outside schools. Doing it on the beach where there are families is no different.

Families don't want their children being confronted by naked men and women. The rights of nudists to 'hang loose' should not be at the expense of families feeling embarrassed or offended. It is completely inappropriate for children to be confronted with naked adults wandering past them or sunbathing. It is not for families to 'get out of the way'. The nudists should simply cover up.

There's a place for nudity ...BUT... it is certainly not on our main streets or beaches which families and children use.

Kapiti Coast District Council passed a Beach Bylaw in 2009 containing a clause: No person shall remain upon any part of the beach in deliberate view of others in such a state of undress as to cause offence.


31st January   

Updated: Candles Out...

French police close high society swingers club over claims of prostitution
Link Here

  A famous Parisian swingers club said to be a favourite haunt of ex-IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn faces closure for allegedly allowing prostitutes to operate on its premises.

Les Chandelles has been shut down temporarily and police have placed three people under investigation on suspicion of highly organised pimping .

Les Chandelles - which translates as The Candles - is located adjacent to the Louvre on Paris' elegant L'Avenue de l'Opera. It is regarded as the most exclusive of the French capital's 50 swingers' clubs and members are reputed to include Strauss-Kahn, celebrities and several politicians.

Admittance is only granted to the wealthy, famous or extremely good-looking. The club hosts risque dancers and the chance to swap partners or indulge in group sex in lounge and private rooms.

But detectives believe the club is frequented by high-class prostitutes and have shut it down until further notice.

Update: Closed for a Month

31st January 2012. See  article from

Les Chandelles, a well-known club for swingers in Paris has been closed down by the capital's police for one month, according to the French radio station France Info.

Police began an investigation following reports that former footballer Alim Ben Mabrouk was involved in a prostitution ring at the Chandelles.

Subsequent surveillance revealed that genuine swingers tended to frequent the club at weekends while during the week some men appeared to be visiting the club with prostitutes to avoid paying hotel bills.

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