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4th December   

What a Carry On...

Travelling with Sex Toys
Link Here

"A sex toy convention".

I knew as soon as the words came out of my mouth that I was in for a hassle. I was just trying to be honest. After all, isn't that the best policy when you're crossing the border into the U.S.?

Well, maybe not if you're en route to speak at a sex toy party convention.

Right ma'am, pull your car over there, please.

The four custom guys stifled giggles as they spent the next half hour pulling my car apart looking for... for what, semi-automatic weapons disguised as Rabbit Pearl vibrators? Cocaine-injected dildos?

When they were satisfied I didn't in fact have a trunk full of illegal French ticklers or whatever it was they were looking for, they sent me on my way.

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Canadian Air Transport Security Authority Policy

Josey Vogols also provides a bit of practical information:

The Canadian Air Transport Security Authority has no official policy when it comes to traveling with sex toys, and while their website lists hundreds of items that are and aren't allowed in your carry on -- Yaqua blowguns: illegal; snow globes: legal -- there is no mention of anything even remotely sex-toy related.

I called the 1-800 number to inquire if I could bring vibrators and lube in my carry-on for an upcoming lecture in another city. The lube would be fine as long as it was 100ml or less. The vibrators? Also fine as long as I didn't pack spare batteries in my checked luggage. Handcuffs and whips? One second ma'am, I'll have to check. When he came back on the line, he told me that only cops and security people can bring handcuffs on board. The cuffs and whips would have to go in my checked bag. Good to know. Thank you sir. No problem ma'am. Have a nice day.

US Transportation Security Administration

See article from

The Transportation Safety Administration has decreed that vibrators are OK. The TSA says whips, chains, leashes, restraints and manacles are OK, too. Any law-abiding citizen has the right to carry any such device onto an airplane.

TSA spokesman Nico Melendez said passengers could save time with a little common sense. Inspectors are doing their job. They are trained professionals and they know a vibrator when they see one. They will not confiscate a vibrator. But they are trained to pay attention to electronic devices. Inspectors inspect, he said. If you don't want us to see it, don't bring it.

Passengers carrying certain X-rated objects that are defined as club-like should place them in checked luggage. This applies to anatomically correct cylinders of roughly a foot or so in length. Melendez said such cylinders or shafts would fall within the broad category that includes billy clubs, black jacks, brass knuckles, nunchakus and martial arts weapons. All of those items are OK in checked luggage but not in carry-on luggage.

Shorter cylindrical items could very well be legal, however. They would fall into the tool category. The TSA says screwdrivers, wrenches and other hand tools may be brought aboard in carry-on luggage if they are less than 7 inches in length. In other words, according to the TSA, size matters.


9th November   

The Fear of Vibrating...

Survey reveals that 70% of men have no problem with women using sex toys
Link Here

Sex toys never get tired and are always conveniently to hand. So it is little surprise that many women are convinced their partners are threatened by sex toys.

But the belief is a myth, according to new research, which has found that the idea is mostly held by women, not their boyfriends or husbands.

A study of over 3,000 people in the U.S. by Indiana University revealed that 70% of men actually have no problem with women using vibrators. In contrast, nearly 40% of women said they believed use of sex toys would upset their boyfriend or husband.

Nearly half of the total respondents were strongly in favour of the positive statements about sex toys. Less than 10% felt the same way about negative statements, such as, [using vibrators] makes women too dependent on them for pleasure , with the remaining percentage issuing indifferent responses.

Participants, who were aged 18-60, either agreed or strongly agreed with statements put to them by researchers, such as, [vibrators] make it easier for a woman to have an orgasm , and [vibrators are] a healthy part of many women's sex lives. Men and women were given the same questions.

Debra Herbenick, lead researcher and associate director at Indiana University's Center for Sexual Health Promotion says her findings demonstrate how important it is for couples to share sexual interests with their partners.

She told LiveScience:

This builds on a lot of previous research that has shown that feeling like you can be intimate with your partner - that you can share things with them about your sexual desires and interests - is very important to a couple's sexual life and a woman's sexual satisfaction.

It's not just the vibrator use but being able to share those parts of your sexuality with your partner that matters.


8th November   

Offsite: So What Makes Porn Activist's Tick?...

Pornography, the internet and class
Link Here

It seems reasonable when faced with strident action against a social more to require those opposing it to put forward their preferred alternative.

In the case of anti-pornography activists, it's apparently impossible to persuade them to offer a framework of how they think sexuality ought to be expressed. Like Opposition Leader Tony Abbott they just say no, without proffering any other policies.

Viewed in the best light, anti-porn activism is a cri de coeur for the protection of women who some activists believe are exploited and degraded by the very existence of pornography; for the protection of children who may access internet content they are emotionally ill-equipped to process, and for the prevention of possible individual psycho-sexual harm that might interpolate itself into the fabric of society.

At its worst anti-porn activism is an attempt to control and shape the culture to fit particular religious, ideological and/or moral agendas. The moral entrepreneurs who are at the vanguard of the anti-porn movement are overwhelmingly middle class, and it is from a middle class platform that they launch campaigns that express the horror, disgust and outrage evoked in them by pornography, as well as what they believe to be its ruinous effects on sexual relations.

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16th October   

Offsite: Porn is not a Dirty Word...

Many men believe pornography is harmless and women should stop banging on about it
Link Here

Everywhere men look there's another woman banging on about the dangers of porn. British sociologist Gail Dines was recently holding forth on the ABC's Q&A about the damage done by body-punishing, brutal, dehumanising and debasing pornography.

Then came one of the viewer's video questions, featuring Jeff Poole, a cheerful man with a greying goatee. Miss Dines, I am one of the third of the Australian population who cheerfully consumes pornography, he said, explaining he had been watching porn for more than 30 years. In all those many thousands of hours of wobbling pink bits, I've never seen any of the things you talk about. I've never seen the degradation of women or men for that matter. I've never seen rape, real or simulated. I have never seen violence. Porn, he added, had never harmed his relationships.

He spoke for a huge audience of men who hear constant negative discussion of pornography and wonder why their own experiences are so very different. What's the problem? they say, bewildered at women's outrage at what they see as a harmless outlet for the strong male sex drive.

To many men, porn seems a perfectly normal aspect of male sexuality that provides comfort and entertainment, and redresses the serious sexual imbalance between male and female desire. (The problem of lost libido in women is well documented - Doing it Down Under, published in 2005, cited the results of a university survey of about 20,000 people that found 55 per cent of women reported low sexual desire, twice the number of men.)

For all the scaremongering about misogynist, hate-filled porn, the attraction for most men is the antithesis of violence against women. What most men really like watching is sex involving eager, willing women.

...Read the full article


15th October   

Unsafer Sex...

Gonorrhoea defeats another anti-biotic
Link Here

UK doctors are being told the antibiotic normally used to treat gonorrhoea is no longer effective because the sexually transmitted disease is now largely resistant to it.

The Health Protection Agency (HPA) says we may be heading to a point when the disease is incurable unless new treatments can be found.

For now, doctors must stop using the usual treatment cefixime and instead use two more powerful antibiotics. One is a pill and the other is injected.

The HPA say the change is necessary because of increasing resistance. Tests on samples taken from patients and grown in the laboratory showed reduced susceptibility to the usual antibiotic cefixime in nearly 20% of cases in 2010, compared with just 10% of cases in 2009. In 2005, no gonorrhoea bacteria with reduced susceptibility to cefixime could be found in the UK.

The bacterium that causes the infection has an unusual ability to adapt itself and has gained resistance, or reduced susceptibility, to a growing list of antibiotics, first penicillin itself, then tetracyclines, ciprofloxacin and now cefixime.


19th July   

Hardly Super...

Swedish research finds drug resistant Japanese strain of gonorrhea
Link Here

According to research carried out in Sweden and Japan, a new strain of gonorrhea, labeled H041, has reached what some scientists are calling superbug status, since it cannot be killed by any of the currently recommended treatments for the disease.

Since antibiotics became the standard treatment for gonorrhea in the 1940s, this bacterium has shown a remarkable capacity to develop resistance mechanisms to all drugs introduced to control it, said Magnus Unemo of the Swedish Reference Laboratory for Pathogenic Neisseria.

Meanwhile, in the U.S., researchers have found that even less virulent forms of gonorrhea appear to be becoming more resistant to cephalosporins, the primary class of antibiotics currently used to treat the disease.

Japan has historically been the place for the first emergence and subsequent global spread of different types of resistance in gonorrhea, Unemo said. Based on the historical data ... resistance has emerged and spread internationally within 10 to 20 years.

If left untreated, gonorrhea can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease, infertility, and ectopic pregnancy in women.


26th June   

Offsite: Does porn make men see women differently?...

Myth 3: Viewing pornography changes the way men view women.
Link Here

Does porn make men see women differently? Myth #3: Viewing pornography changes the way men view women.

There have been a lot of claims made around this myth, most of them unsubstantiated. For the most part this is because of poor research design in questionnaire-based and market research studies, and inappropriate interpretation of results by the media in academic studies. However, no matter how poor and flimsy the results, it's an assumption that gets a lot of attention. And time and again, journalists reporting on these studies fail to ask the most basic questions about the integrity of the data.

...Read the full article


16th June   

Offsite: The Price of Sex is Pretty Low...

Economically speaking sex is in plentiful supply
Link Here

Mark Regnerus and co-author Jeremy Uecker use sexual economics theory in their new data-driven book, Premarital Sex in America: How Young Americans Meet, Mate and Think About Marrying.

Their conclusion is that, for young single Americans, modern rules of romantic engagement clearly favor men and penalize women who want to marry --- especially those who want to save sex for marriage.

The price of sex today is pretty low, Regnerus said.

...Read the full article


26th May

 Offsite: A Billion Wicked Thoughts...

Link Here
Analysing internet searches for porn

See article from


10th May   

Magic Sponge...

Australian work to develop a contraceptive sponge that eliminates STDs
Link Here

Australian scientists are working on a new gel-based contraceptive that will protect against sexually transmitted infections (STIs) as well as preventing pregnancy.

It's still at least a decade off, but Professor John Aitken, says the gel could be applied to a small, pliable sponge and inserted in the vagina up to 48 hours before sexual intercourse. As soon as semen makes contact with the gel, the sperm are paralysed and any STI-causing organisms are killed.

Professor Aitken, a reproductive scientist at the University of Newcastle in NSW, said the product being developed would be aimed at women between the ages of 15 and 25. He said: You want to be able to have intercourse in the safe knowledge you will neither get pregnant, nor will you catch some terrible microbe.

He added that there have been no new forms of contraception since the pill was introduced in 1959: We're now in a completely different environment. We need contraceptives that meet the demands of the 21st century and one of those demands is that there's now a much higher risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease than there was in the 1950s and '60s.

Meanwhile, 46 million abortions are performed each year because of contraceptive failure, Prof Aitken said: If we can stop young people getting pregnant unintentionally and we can protect them against sexually transmitted disease then that is a win-win.

The agents have been developed and the chemistry is being tested, said Prof Aitken, who spoke at the Shine Dome in Canberra this week.

Animal and human trials will follow before the contraceptive can be released to the public.


8th May   

Tongue Twister...

Japanese university is developing device for remote kissing via the internet
Link Here

The Kajimoto Laboratory at the University of Electro-Communications in Japan is conducting research into tactile communications, with the aim of creating a device which can effectively transmit the feeling of a kiss:

This device is for communications within the mouth, in other words, the goal is to obtain the feeling of kissing.

If you take one device in your mouth and turn it with your tongue, the other device turns in the same way. If you turn it back the other way, then your partner's turns back the same way, so your partner's device turns whichever way your own device turns.

If a system is put together to handle the values over a network, then it would be easy for this operation to be conducted remotely.

The elements of a kiss include the sense of taste, the manner of breathing, and the moistness of the tongue. If we can recreate all of those I think it will be a really powerful device.


25th April   

Age Old Interest in Internet Porn...

Book released studying internet searches
Link Here

Men are more interested in mature pornography than previously thought, according to a new book that says people's sexual desires have become more exotic.

The authors of A Billion Wicked Thoughts analysed over one billion internet web searches to identify popular sexual desires.

They found that Internet pornography has revolutionised sexual tastes, making what were once seen as kinky fantasies far more widespread.

The top 10 sex related searches were found to be

  1. Youth (13.5%)
  2. Gay (4.7%)
  3. MILFs (4.3%)
  4. Breasts (4%)
  5. Cheating wives (3.4%)
  6. Female genitalia (2.8%)
  7. Male genitalia (2.4%)
  8. (Censored by the book authors)
  9. Bottoms (0.9%)
  10. Cheerleaders (0.1%)

When it comes to sexual arousal, men prefer overweight women to underweight women, and a significant number of men seek out erotic images of women in their 40s, 50s, and 60s, the authors said. But despite the interest in older women, the online search data from Google, Yahoo! and Bing, showed that the most common type of sex-related searches are connected to youth.

The study found that men prefer looking at pornographic films and images, whereas women would rather read an erotic story.

Dr Ogi Ogas, the author of A Billion Wicked Thoughts said: We analysed a billion web searches, a million websites, a million online erotic stories and a million personal advertisements, all to answer a single question. What are the ultimate difference between male desire and female desire?


9th February   

Updated: Lovers' Guide 3D...

20th Anniversary of notable video censorship milestone
Link Here

The Lovers' Guide 3D: Igniting Desire is a 2011 release sex education video by Kenneth D Rye

The original was about the first video to feature real sex that was approved by the BBFC.

The 2011 entry in the series was passed 18 uncut with the comment: Contains strong real sex for:

The BBFC further explained their rating:

The Lovers' Guide: Igniting Desire is a sex education work that provides information and advice on sexual techniques and relationships. The film was classified 18 for strong real sex.

This is the latest in a series of sex education works and is characterised by a continuous narration that covers aspects of sexual relationships and techniques, and is illustrated by various couples putting them into practise. Each of these individually short scenes contains full male and female nudity and strong sexual activity with some explicit images of, for example, real oral and penetrative sex.

The BBFC's Guidelines in respect of sex education at 18 state, Where sex material genuinely seeks to inform and educate in matters such as human sexuality, safer sex and health, explicit images of sexual activity may be permitted . In the case of The Lovers' Guide: Igniting Desire , the explicit images of sexual activity fall within a genuine educational context and are allowable at 18 under the Guidelines for sex education.


6th February

 Offsite: Sexual Enlightenment...

Link Here
What effect has the internet had on our sex lives?

See article from


16th January   

Oldest Profession...

Specialist German sex workers provide 'sexual assistance' for the elderly
Link Here

With prostitution legal in Germany since 2002, the country's sex trade is moving towards greater specialisation, with niches including companionship for the elderly and disabled.

There are some 150,000 registered prostitutes in Germany, with another 250,000 estimated to work off the books, according to daily Der Tagesspiegel.

Stephanie Klee, spokeswoman for the Bundesverband Sexuelle Dienstleistungen (BSD) sex worker advocacy group said she is cautiously optimistic about the future of the trade. Sex work is slowly becoming more similar to other professions . Red light district jobs are becoming as specialised as those in other fields, she said.

While some prostitution has become concentrated in large high-end wellness brothels such as Berlin's Charlottenburg district Artemis, other establishments are focusing on the controversial practice of flat-rate prices.

Still other prostitutes, such as Klee herself, focus on providing sex for seniors in retirement homes or for the disabled – an area the BSD spokeswoman said she expects to grow swiftly as Germany's population ages.

One director of a Berlin retirement home told the paper she would like to create a room for intimate encounters, but is still in discussions with the religious organisation behind the operation.

Even large brothels such as Artemis have recognised this potential. It's important for us to show that Artemis is outfitted for the disabled, the company said, touting wheelchair friendly changing rooms and showers, in addition to helpful personnel.

And while such companionship isn't covered by public health insurers, the terminology, Sexualassistenz, or sexual assistance, is already well-known in bureaucratic insurance German, the paper said.


9th January   

Update: Pattison Recommends...

The Joy of Teen Sex
Link Here
Full story: The Sex Education Show...Channel 4's sex education winds up the whingers

A Channel 4 programme described as a frank exploration of the love and sex lives of today's teenagers , has predictably wound up the nutters of Mediawatch-UK.

The series The Joy Of Teen Sex goes out after the watershed on January 19 and contains depictions of lesbian sex and also offers a guide to anal sex .

The series is fronted by Dr Rachael Jones, social worker Ruth Corden, and resident sex coach Joanna.

According to Channel 4, it revolves around visitors to a walk-in clinic, the Sex Advice Shop, where the team are on hand to offer young people, and sometimes their parents, support and professional advice.

A Channel 4 spokesperson said:

Sex is part of every teenager's life. This new series is not your typical sex education programme. It offers a frank exploration of the love and sex lives of today's teenagers. It presents solutions to the emotional and physical problems that many of them experience.

No subject is off-limits, from teen pregnancy to sexual performance and genital health as the series will shine the spotlight on issues that young people care about and experience in their love and sex lives.

Mediawatch-UK spokeswoman Vivienne Pattison said :

The series goes much further than The Sex Education Show [another C4 show]. It is basically titillation television. It crossed the prurient line.

I'm also concerned about the title. If you put 'teen sex' into an internet search engine, you can imagine the sort of images you will get. That's who will be attracted to this programme. It's soft porn. It's aimed at arousing the audience.

This programme comes along when we're having a serious debate on the sexualisation of children, led by Prime Minister David Cameron. There is a real question in the role of programmes like this in this whole mess that we have created for ourselves.

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