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2011: April-June

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30th June   

Mothers Against Violence Recommend...

Eminem's Space Bound
Link Here
In a new video Space Bound , Eminem fantasises about choking and killing porn star Sasha Grey. Then he shoots himself in a graphic scene which shows blood spurting out of the back of his head.

Unsurprisingly it has wound up a few campaigners. Mothers Against Violence branded Eminem as evil . A spokeswoman said:

People who do this are really quite evil. Children are influenced by the things they see. If we feed violence, it becomes strong. Like an addiction.

It's all about the money with these videos. Eminem isn't thinking about the families affected. It's selfish, it comes to a point when selfishness becomes evil.


25th June   

Update: Moralising Bully...

Reg Bailey can't understand why all parents don't agree with his exaggerated nonsense about sexualisation
Link Here
Full story: Reg Bailey Report...Mothers Union boss pens governement report
Too many parents either willingly encourage or turn a blind eye to their children signing up to Facebook, watching adult films or wearing inappropriate clothing, claimed Reg Bailey, the author of Letting Children be Children . His over exaggerated report is the inevitable result of letting nutter campaigners free reign to conjure up nonsense to support the case against sexualisation.

The report was well received by fellow nutter campaigners but unsurprisingly it hasn't had the immediate impact on real life that perhaps he was hoping.

Bailey, speaking to The Daily Telegraph, said that parents were too often complicit in the unthinking drift towards ever greater commercialisation and sexualisation of children. He said: I was alarmed at the number of parents who were complicit in buying 18-rated video games for their children.

One father said it was OK that he played Grand Theft Auto with his 13-year-old son because it helped them bond together. He added that there must be easier ways of bonding with a child than playing a game that allowed gangsters to run over prostitutes .

He was speaking as further evidence suggested that hundreds of thousands of young children are on Facebook, the social networking site, which has rules in place to stop those under the age of 13 signing up.

Karen Fraser, the director of Credos, a think tank which advises the advertising industry, said that in a series of focus groups earlier this month she had discovered that 80 to 90% of those under 13 were signed up to Facebook: Parents have told us they don't want their children to miss out. They don't want them to restrict their social life.

Bailey said parents needed to address the number of under-13s on Facebook and the numbers of youngsters playing adult video games. I am concerned any parent would ignore these age restrictions. They are there for a reason. He added that he had spoken to retailers that had reported that shop staff had been assaulted by parents who had been challenged when trying to buy an 18-rated DVD for their children, who were with them: That is an appalling situation, but it is a function of poor parenting.


24th June   

Offsite: Chris Tookey Recommends...

New cinema release, Bridesmaids
Link Here


There's no doubt which film is going to be the hit chick flick of the summer. It's Bridesmaids. It has already done great business in the States, and been hailed by critics there as hilarious , a breakthrough comedy and even a turning point in feminism and comedy .

I found it tasteless and infinitely depressing, both in itself and for what it says about how women are being portrayed in modern films.

So here are some questions for you.

Does the idea of women in expensive bridesmaid dresses vomiting over each other and answering calls of nature publicly and humiliatingly in the street strike you as side-splittingly hilarious?

Do you identify with a heroine who's obnoxious and whiny when her best friend gets married, and who has an insane temper tantrum when she feels jealous that a wealthier, more beautiful rival bridesmaid is getting more attention than she is?

Do you like movies that humiliate all the women in them as uncharitably and sadistically as possible, but then turn glutinously sentimental at the end, with characters undergoing lightning transformations to engineer a Hollywood happy ending? Tactless: Chris Tookey says summer blockbuster Bridesmaids is vulgar and presents women in a crude light

If you answered yes to all these questions, then Bridesmaids is your kind of movie and you should rush to see it.


21st June   

Updated: Respectable...

Music producer Mike Stock has a whinge about pop and porn
Link Here

British pop's most successful songwriters, Mike Stock of the 1980s Stock Aitken Waterman team has had a whinge at sexy music videos. He ludicrously claims that pop music is descending into pornography.

Stock, who wrote such wholesome hits as Mel & Kim's Respectable , attacked the relentless torrent of sex-driven imagery that young people are being exposed to today because of increasingly raunchy music videos and performances by the likes of Rihanna and Christina Aguilera.

Pop music in this country is almost completely dominated by American acts who have taken sexualised imagery, dance moves and lyrical content way beyond the limits of decency, Stock wrote in an open letter calling for broadcasters and Ofcom to clamp down on explicit content. As far as music is concerned, it has been a slow but unmistakable descent into pornography.

He singled out Nicole Scherzinger's overtly sexual performance on Britain's Got Talent , which is supposed to be a family show, and called on broadcasters to refuse to play videos or songs they deem unfit . This would force record companies to think again and clean up their act .

And in a Last of the Summer Wine moment, Stock lamented the disappearance of good old-fashioned chart shows like Top of the Pops: Let's all get behind a weekly chart of the bestselling pop records. The promotion of which is something that the BBC and ITV should take the lead on. Everyone else will soon follow.

Offsite: Why this pop-porn will damage a generation of children

21st June 2011. See  article from by Mike Stock

  Typical Stock Aitken Waterman act.
Near naked men writhing at the feet of
lycra clad temptress who's singing:

Well, I'm your Venus
I'm your fire, at your desire

Now an entire generation of young girls, some as young as eight or nine, is growing up transfixed by the writhings and thrustings of performers such as Lady Gaga and Rihanna, singing along to lines such as Sex in the air, I don't care, I love the smell of it , and understandably convinced of one thing - that sex sells.

Just as worrying is the impact the same material must be having on young boys. What is happening now doesn't just undo all the good work done by the feminists of the 70s, it drags us almost back to the Stone Age. Women, as seen through the eyes of the music industry, have become little more than sex objects again.

...Read the full article


20th June   

Update: Geordie 'Fury'...

Nutter MP whinges about Geordie Shore
Link Here

Parliamentary questions will be asked about the use of alcohol by reality show contestants after an MP was 'outraged' by the drunken antics on Geordie Shore.

A parliamentary committee will debate whether shows like Big Brothera break Ofcom's rules over informed consent .

Newcastle MP Chi Onwurah has also asked for a debate about the guidance offered to broadcasters about giving booze to contestants. Onwurah's questions to the Culture, Media and Sport committee will be tabled after the summer recess.

Colin Shevills of alcohol charity Balance said: Programmes like Geordie Shore trivialise alcohol misuse, suggesting that drinking to the point of getting in a fight or becoming physically ill is amusing.


7th June   

Mecca of Easy Offence...

Muslim Public Affairs Committee wound up by Have I Got News For You quip about Mecca
Link Here

A Muslim group has criticised Have I Got News For You for making a joke about Mecca.

Guest host Sharon Horgan made a quip about the city which is the centre of pilgrimage for Muslims.

The Independent described the Dostoevsky metro station... as the Mecca for suicides, Horgan said. Not to be confused with the Mecca for suicide bombers - which is Mecca.

The Muslim Public Affairs Committee has now criticised the joke, Chortle reports.

By making such a comment she is giving the message that the holiest site in Islam is the centre of all terrorism and that Islam is inherently linked with violence. This offhand comment does nothing except reinforce the message that Islam has something within its fundamental beliefs that makes it a threat to civil society.

Allowing this comment to go unchecked justifies the statement and condones such demonisation, as the comment implicitly implies that all Muslims are terrorists and all terrorists are Muslim.

Horgan has since defended the comments, reminding viewers that Have I Got News For You is political satire , and apologised if people were offended:

Have I Got News For You is a political satire show. Political satire. It's job is to hold a mirror up to most media prejudice. It deals in irony and in that sense it does the opposite of what it's actually saying. Any of the comments on here, which are suggesting I am racist or in any way anti-Muslim are a load of nonsense.

HIGNFY, like all good satire, plays on prejudices and that's exactly what we were doing with this joke. Really hope that people understand this and stop threatening me. But if anyone misunderstood the intention of the joke - for it was a joke - then I apologise for any offence caused.

Ofcom has received 76 complaints about the joke.


4th June   

Old School Thinking...

MP calls for sex education films to be rated by the BBFC before being shown in schools
Link Here

Sex education films shown in schools should be subject to the same age ratings as Hollywood movies, a Northampton MP has claimed.

In April this year, a group of about 40 parents met at the Guildhall in Northampton to express concern that sex education films shown to children in schools were sometimes too graphic. They raised particular objections to cartoons showing graphic depictions of people having sex and other sexual acts.

The Conservative MP for South Northamptonshire, Andrea Leadsom, raised the issue in the House of Commons at the time and has now called for educational films shown in schools to be classified by the BBFC. She said:

We can get back to the aim of sex and relationship education, to teach our children to look after themselves and form healthy relationships in a safe environment in the future when they are emotionally ready to do so.

I have an enormous sympathy with the desire to protect the young from inappropriate material and believe that most teachers and governors have the interests of their pupils at heart.

The question is where to draw the line. What is the right age to begin sex and relationship education and what is the right material to be showing our young people?

After the parents' meeting in Northampton, the group pledged to bombard the county's MPs and councillors with letters expressing their concerns about sex education videos.


3rd June   

Eff Off Hef...

Object and UK Feminista recommend the new Playboy Club
Link Here

Feminist campaigners are to stage protests at the opening of a new Playboy Casino Club in Old Park Lane, Mayfair, London on 4th June 2011.

The new club comes 30 years after its predecessor establishment, which was also based in Mayfair , closed after a police raid for suspected gambling irregularities.

Kat Banyard, Director of UK Feminista, said:

When it comes to today's pornography industry, all roads lead back to Playboy. It was Hugh Hefner who laid the political and cultural groundwork for the brutal, violently misogynistic pornography that now floods society. But sadly for Hefner, you can't trademark sexism, and Playboy's retro brand of 'gentleman's porn' can no longer compete with the extreme degradation of modern internet pornography. Hence we see this endless diversification into nightclubs, video games, clothing and even children's stationary.

Anna van Heeswijk, Campaigns Manager of OBJECT, said:

Far from a symbol of sophistication and class, the opening of a new Playboy club in London signifies a worrying step backwards in the quest for equality between the sexes. It entrenches the legitimacy of a porn empire which makes its fortune out of degrading women as fluffy animals who exist as sexual playthings for wealthy men. It opens the floodgates ever wider to the pornification of our popular culture. And it serves to embed further a porn emblem which insidiously grooms girls into accepting and embracing sex object culture by marketing its brand to children through playboy pencil cases and bed covers.

It is time to cut through the crap of the Playboy PR machine. Sexualising and objectifying women as bunny rabbits is not sexy and it is not empowering. It is sexist, and everyone knows it. This is why hundreds of women and men across the country are signing up to the OBJECT and UK Feminista campaign to object to the opening of the new Playboy club. Our message is clear - 'Eff off Hef and stop degrading women!'

The club will have gaming rooms, restaurants and the obligatory Cottontail Lounge with cocktail waitresses in bunny costumes. According to its website, it boasts gaming rooms dedicated to a an exciting contemporary casino , roulette machines, poker games and slot machines.


4th May   

Update: Idiots Protest...

Richard Herring winds up the nutters of Lowestoft
Link Here

Richard Herring performed his show Christ on a Bike -- the Second Coming at Lowestoft's Marina Theatre.

Before the show a group of 20 churchgoers waving placards demonstrated outside the theatre. They claimed that a flier promoting the show was blasphemous and vulgar. They also claim that the show mocks Jesus.

The protest was organised by the Rev Kyle Paisley of the Free Presbyterian Church in Oulton Broad and was attended by other church groups from across the region. Paisley is the son of Ulster politician Lord Bannaside (Ian Paisley).

Herring said that the show was a tribute to the life of Jesus, regardless if he was the son of God. He told the churchgoers he respected their views and right to protest. But he admitted he used vulgarity to annoy people.

The comedian, who is on a national tour, also defended himself after he described churchgoers who planned to protest as more backward than people of East Anglia, and imagine how backwards that makes them feel .

The controversial flier featured a mock up Bible in which God and Holy Spirit are seen to use 'offensive' words in a conversations with Herring. It also said Jesus was cool while people who follow him are idiots .


23rd April   

Offsite: Exploitative Sexualisation...

How the crude sexualisation of pop music, TV and fashion is destroying childhood
Link Here

A typical afternoon in a typical middle-class home. It's just after 4.30pm, I'm back from the school run --- and in the next room I can hear my four-year-old daughter Clio rehearsing a routine she's learnt at her school dance club.

In front of the full-length mirror in the living room, she's in full performance mode --- although what she's singing today is a departure from her usual material.

At first, the words melt into one. But gradually, I can pick out what she's trying to articulate: I'm a single laydee, I'm a single laydee --- I've got a man on my hips and lipstick on my lips.

The full implication of the words may be lost on Clio, but it's clear from the way she's wiggling her bottom in her own version of Beyonce's booty-shaking tour-de-force that she thinks she looks grown-up.

Clio was doing what many little girls do for fun these days. Scroll through YouTube and you will see hundreds of little girls being filmed by their parents as they perform the explicit lyrics and sexy movements of Lady Gaga, Beyonce and Britney. The sort of sexually-charged performances that Ofcom apparently deem to be acceptable pre-watershed entertainment, if this week's ruling that The X Factor's most explicit performance ever did not breach broadcasting guidelines is anything to go by. the full article


21st April   

'Tis Pity She's a Whinger...

Christians 'distressed and outraged' at poster or play
Link Here

A poster promoting a play about incest has been replaced after complaints by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Leeds about its use of religious imagery. The Playhouse said it regretted any offence caused by the original poster.

West Yorkshire Playhouse's advert for its new production of the 17th Century play Tis Pity She's a Whore featured an image of Christ and the Virgin Mary.

It has now been replaced after complaints from some local people and a letter from the Bishop of Leeds. John Grady, from the diocese, said it had received complaints from people who were 'distressed and outraged' by the poster and its use in the approach to Easter.

The play, written by John Ford, tells the story of a brother and sister involved in an incestuous relationship.

The Playhouse said the poster was intended to represent a sacristy . It said: The focus of the image, and therefore at the centre of the poster is the picture of the children holding hands, the suggestion being that candles are being lit and prayers given in the sacristy for these children. The validity and relevance of the Pieta image depicting John Ford's controversial 1633 play remains, and will still be seen on promotional material.


15th April   

Backward People of East Anglia...

Lowestoft christians have a whinge at Richard Herring's Christ on a Bike
Link Here

Christians are planning to protest outside a comedy night called Christ On A Bike when it visits Lowestoft on 28 April.

Richard Herring's show is billed as a humorous look at Jesus, combining childlike guile with rigorous academic research .

Presbyterians from Oulton Broad claim the show is blasphemous and vulgar . Matthew Pickhaver, church youth worker, said: We plan to peacefully stand outside the theatre and give out a simple tract about the real Jesus.

The Reverend Kyle Paisley, from Oulton Broad Presbyterian church, said: When I looked at the flyer, I marked three things - the vulgarity, the blasphemy and the downright dishonesty of the man. We're just using our right as Christians to say how we feel.

On his Warming Up blog, Herring said: Some of the more backward people of East Anglia (and imagine how backward that must make them) are planning on protesting, which is probably great news, as that is the one that is selling about the worse so far.


14th April   

Update: Jizz about Jazzles...

Mumsnet wound up by stick on crystal jewelry just because an adult version is sold for the bikini line
Link Here

A jewelry company whose bikini line designs were on ITV2's The Only Way is Essex has sparked nutter 'outrage' by creating a children's range.

Vajazzle was made famous by the hit ITV2 show in which women boasted of applying the adornments to their private parts. Jazzles involve sheets of crystals being attached to the body with glue.

Now the firm is bringing out Junior Jazzles targeted at young girls. The designs are not meant to be put on intimate areas and are of cartoon characters.

But the move into girl's jewellery has provoked 'fury' from parents. Justine Roberts, founder of the Mumsnet website, said: Parents on our site are dismayed by the creeping sexualisation of young girls.

Jennie Cox, of, stressed that children's versions would not be marketed as jewellery for the bikini area: It will be separated from our main site and will not have the connotations of Vajazzle. We are parents too.


13th April   

A Society that is Slowing Amusing itself to Death...

Vicars whinge at pub poster
Link Here

A pub poster showing an image of Jesus wearing headphones and saying Thank Christ for Easter bank holiday! has angered Christians.

The advert promotes bank holiday events at the Tom Peppers pub in Clacton.

The Rev Ben Marlowe, from Frinton Free Church, said:

This kind of advertising will undoubtedly offend all Christians, for whom the message of Easter lies at the very heart of their faith.

It is also symbolic of a society that is increasingly hellbent on trivialising everything whilst it slowly amuses itself to death.

Lois Cakebread, secretary of the Emmanual Church added:

If they were promoting the church and encouraging people to go there, it might be OK.

But if it's just promotion to get people in the pub, then no. Easter is a very special occasion in the life of the church.


10th April   

Offsite: Rap Gets the Rap...

Daily Mail blame rap music for the submarine shooting
Link Here

The Daily have had a bit of a rant about rap music in connection with the gun killing on a submarine.

MichealG kindly notes that `dead presidents` when used in rap music, refers to the depiction of formers US presidents printed on US banknotes. It does not refer to any kind of violent activity.

The Daily Mail keep writing these blame pieces, but thankfully no one else seems to get very interested.

The Daily Mail wrote:

Who let Moondogg the rapper guard sub? Sailor held after gun killing on HMS Astute changed his name by deed poll - and wrote violent rap lyrics

The Royal Navy faced serious questions over its recruitment policy last night after disturbing details were revealed about the sailor held over a gun killing on a nuclear submarine.

Hampshire Police have been given more time to question Able Seaman Ryan Donovan, 22, after the fatal shooting of Lieutenant-Commander Ian Molyneux on board HMS Astute.

But it is now known that Donovan, who was unemployed before joining the Forces, bizarrely changed his name by deed poll to Reggie Moondogg . Social networking websites reveal that he wrote a series of violent rap songs in which he boasted about being big and mean and a serious sinner and talked about dead presidents .

...Read the full article

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