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A brilliant wheeze...

Pedant campaigners claim that the English language phrasing about being hit by an idea references domestic abuse

Link Here23rd August 2020
Sainsbury's is removing a mug from sale that features the words: The germ of a brilliant idea hit her, after PC campaigners ludicrously claimed that phrase was a call to domestic abuse.

The  mug is decorated with a quote from Roald Dahl's 1988 book Matilda . The full quote reads:

When at last the germ of a brilliant idea hit her, she began to expand on it and lay her plans with the same kind of care the Duke of Wellington had done before the Battle of Waterloo.

The design's emphasis on the words 'brilliant idea' leaves the 'hit her' part of the phrase hanging, and allows for a different interpretation of the two words.

Pictures of the mug circulated on social media and it became the target of the PC lynch mob. Ruth Mason from the campaign group Women's Aid criticised the mug and called on Sainsbury's to pull it from supermarket shelves:

We were dismayed to see the Sainsbury's design with the slogan

This slogan can be read two ways --  and that is the problem. It can be read as the author Roald Dahl wrote in Matilda: 'When at last the germ of a brilliant idea hit her'. However, it can also be read as a trivialisation of the violence that women experience in their own homes.

Perhaps it would be a 'brilliant idea' to change the design and donate to domestic abuse charities instead.

A spokesman for Sainsbury's apologised and confirmed that it is removing the mug from sale said:

We are apologising to customers for any upset this may have caused and working with the Roald Dahl team to remove the mug from sale while the design is reviewed

Offsite Comment: Policing language, controlling thought?

We must resist the attempts to manipulate the meaning of the words we use.

See article from by Andrew Doyle



Offsite Article: Prince Harry calls for more censorship...

Link Here8th August 2020
'Social media is dividing us. Together, we can redesign it'

See article from



Consent lessons...

It seems that feminists are somehow exempt from the need to seek consent when filming sex, especially when seeking to destroy the livelihoods of lap dancers

Link Here3rd August 2020
A group of lap-dancers who were filmed without their consent at a strip club have dropped their privacy case.

Feminists commissioned the covert filming which showed dancers sexually touching customers and each other at Spearmint Rhino in Sheffield.

Lap dancers, supported by the club, took legal action against the filming, saying their human rights had been breached.

However, the case has been discontinued with Spearmint Rhino agreeing to pay almost 50,000 in costs.

The feminist group Not Buying It said it hoped the outcome would embolden others to come forward.

It is understood that the club felt it could have won the case but decided not to pursue it because of added financial limitations due to the coronavirus crisis. All lap-dancing clubs remain closed as part of measures to curb the coronavirus pandemic.

Not Buying it is understood to have commissioned private investigators to visit the strip club, as well as another in London, wearing glasses containing hidden cameras.

A group of nine workers from the club then went to court claiming publication of the footage would infringe their human right to respect for private life .

Spearmint Rhino in Sheffield had its licence renewed last year, however campaigners are challenging this with a judicial review expected to be heard later this year.



Offsite Article: There has been no real appetite on the part of police and CPS to pursue prosecutions...

Link Here20th July 2020
Anti-porn activist notes that the UK extreme porn prohibition has achieved little to restrict porn

See article from

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