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Schools recommend...

Squid Games on Netflix

Link Here9th October 2021
Squid Game is a 2021 South Korea action mystery thriller
Starring Edward Hong, Yuuki Luna and Daniel C Kennedy BBFC link 2020 IMDb

Hundreds of cash-strapped players accept a strange invitation to compete in children's games. Inside, a tempting prize awaits with deadly high stakes...

A few schools have urged parents to stop their kids watching Netflix's Squid Game. The Netflix show has been a huge hit but schools are reportedly concerned about copycat actions. Youngsters are believed to be wanting to re-enact the games in school playgrounds.

According to the Mirror, one dad said his children's school in Ilford, east London, warned parents in a letter about kids playing their own version of Squid Game and that parents could be sanctioned over it.

One school in Belgium also raised concerns over kids mimicking the show's outcome - with children beating up eliminated players.

Sandown School in Deal, Kent, issued extra lessons on violence and online harm as a response to the show's popularity. According to the Mirror, a spokeswoman for the school said Key Stage 2 teachers gave their pupils extra lessons on online safety and the dangers of watching content that is not age appropriate.

Goodwin Academy, another school in Deal, reportedly confirmed its safeguarding team sent a letter to parents regarding age concerns over the content in the series.

Squid Game has been rated appropriate for viewers aged 15 and older and Netflix gives a series of content warnings including sex, violence and suicide.



Who remembers those comic book X-ray specs adverts?...

UK MP Maria Miller wants to ban an app that claims it can work out the nude body that hides behind clothed photos

Link Here3rd August 2021
MP Maria Miller wants a parliamentary debate on whether digitally generated but imaginary nude images need to be banned.

It comes as another service which allows users to guess what people in photos look like undressed.

The DeepSukebe's nudifier website had more than five million visits in June, according to one analyst. Celebrities, including an Olympic athlete, are among those who users claim to have nudified.

DeepSukebe's website claims it can reveal the truth hidden under clothes. According to its Twitter page, it is an AI-leveraged nudifier whose mission is to make all men's dreams come true. And in a blog post, the developers say that they are working on a more powerful version of the tool.

Miller told the BBC it was time to consider a ban of such tools:

Parliament needs to have the opportunity to debate whether nude and sexually explicit images generated digitally without consent should be outlawed, and I believe if this were to happen the law would change.

If software providers develop this technology, they are complicit in a very serious crime and should be required to design their products to stop this happening.

She said that it should be an offence to distribute sexual images online without consent to reflect the severity of the impact on people's lives. Miller wants the issue to be included in the forthcoming Online Safety Bill.



Cease moralising...

A new anti porn campaigner proposes to take legal action against the ICO for failing to keep children's data safe from porn sites

Link Here18th June 2021
CEASE (Centre to End All Sexual Exploitation) is a new morality group campaigning against porn and sex work in the UK.

The group was founded in 2019 and describes itself on its website:

We shine a light on what sexual exploitation is, where it occurs and how it contravenes our human rights. We campaign for new and better laws, advocate for policy change and hold the global sex industry to account.

We're building a UK-wide movement of campaigners against sexual exploitation, and we're amplifying the voices of the very best advocates for change: survivors.

Its latest cunning plan is to hold the Information Commissioners Office (the UK data protection censor) as responsible for failing to prevent the world's porn sites from obtaining usage data from under 18s. The group writes on its website:

We are threatening to take legal action against the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) for failing to protect children's data from misuse by porn sites.

The excuses the ICO has given for its failure to fulfil its regulatory duties are legally and factually flawed. What's more, it has left children exposed to a profit-hungry industry which is intent on drawing children back again and again to watch violent and abusive pornographic material for its own financial gain.

The group quotes long time porn campaigner John Carr:

I was shocked and dismayed by the Information Commissioner's reply to me in which they refused to act against porn sites which were collecting and processing children's data on a large scale. If the data protection laws weren't designed to protect children ... I am sure a lot of parents will wonder just what they were designed to do.



Les Miserables...

French anti-smoking campaigners call for less smoking in French movies

Link Here26th May 2021
Full story: Adult Rating for Smoking...Anti-smoking lobby for 18 for smoking in films
Anti-smoking campaigners claim that French cinema is addicted to showing smoking on screen. A new survey claims smoking features in nearly all the country's films.

The French League Against Cancer says smoking gets 2.6 minutes of screen time on average per film. Tobacco remains quasi-ubiquitous in French films, the League says. However the survey stretches definitions so as to include the presence of ashtrays and of cigarettes, or a character talking about smoking.

The group claims the exposure glamorises smoking and is calling for new measures to cut down the amount shown in movies. A spokesman explained that the group wants to restrict cultural creation. A spokesperson explains:

We do not want to interfere in cultural creation ...BUT... we do not believe that tobacco smoking adds to the character of movies.

But some prominent French filmmakers are aghast at the suggestion that they could be restricted from depicting tobacco use. Mathieu Kassovitz, the award-winning director of La Haine and star of Am39lie, told the BBC:

Movies are not there to be role models - they are there to show what society is,. We have cigarettes in real life so they should be in movies too.

He also pointed out that smoking is not always shown in a positive light.

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