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A fake campaign...

The Home Office sets up propaganda website opposing end to end encryption whilst pretending it to be a grass roots campaign group

Link Here18th January 2022
Full story: UK Government vs Encryption...Government seeks to restrict peoples use of encryption
The UK Government believes that British people should sacrifice protection against internet scammers, spammers and thieves in the name of being able to scan people's messages looking for child porn.

Perhaps a little like unacceptably asking people not to use door locks so that the police can always drop in to people's homes to check for child abuse.

Now it seems that the government is going to extremes to forward their beliefs by setting up a fake campaign website to pretend that people are calling for the removal of their basic internet security of end to end encryption used in several messaging apps.

Rollin Stone magazine has revealed:

The Home Office has hired the M&C Saatchi advertising agency -- a spin-off of Saatchi and Saatchi, which made the Labour Isn't Working election posters, among the most famous in UK political history -- to plan the campaign, using public funds.

A Home Office spokesperson said in a statement.

We have engaged M&C Saatchi to bring together the many organisations who share our concerns about the impact end-to-end encryption would have on our ability to keep children safe/

In response to a Freedom of Information request about an upcoming ad campaign directed at Facebook's end-to-end encryption proposal, The Home Office disclosed that, Under current plans, 534,000 is allocated for this campaign.

Offsite Comment: Why we need End To End Encryption

...And why it's essential for our safety, our children's safety, and for everyone's future

18th January 2022. See article from by Alec Muffett



Government vs the people...

The German government considers banning Telegram to silence opposition to covid restrictions

Link Here15th January 2022
Full story: Internet Censorship in Germany...Germany considers state internet filtering
The German government are considering banning the encrypted Telegram messaging app that has been used by conservative groups and groups opposing Covid restrictions.

Interior Minister Nancy Faeser said that Telegram could be banned if it continues being used by groups opposing Covid measures to organize. She told Die Zeit weekly:

We cannot rule this out. A shutdown would be grave and clearly a last resort. All other options must be exhausted first.

Faeser said that Germany was discussing with other European Union Members how to regulate Telegram, noting:

As a German nation-state, we cannot do it alone.

Telegram is a messaging app with social media-like features. Through groups and channels with an unlimited number of members and subscribers, messages, news, and other information can be shared among like-minded people. The private messages can be protected from snooping through end-to-end-encryption, although this is not the default.



So if Telegram continues operating in Germany then we can infer that its encryption is weak...

Germany demands that Telegram opens a backdoor to encrypted messages

Link Here13th December 2021
The newly appointed German Federal Minister for 'Justice' Marco Buschmann has called for the prosecution of people who spread misinformation and hate on social platforms. Supporters of censorship singled out Telegram as the most popular avenue for spreading misinformation and hate speech.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz and the heads of several states are in favor of stricter speech control. At a conference Thursday, they said that open social networks with mass communication should be legally regulated.

The Federal Office of Justice noted that Telegram is not merely a messaging service, but a social network. Therefore, like Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks, Telegram should follow the requirements of the Network Enforcement Act (Germany's social networks and platforms regulation).

The rules would force Telegram to establish a system for users to report harmful content and a system through which the German courts can send demands.



So that's why they want us to show vaccine passports...

Israel uses presumably GPS based phone tracking to determine omicron covid contacts

Link Here 30th November 2021
Given that fully jabbed people can pass on covid then it seems ineffectual for countries to insist on vaccine passports for venues.

Perhaps the point is rather to ensure that most customers are carrying their phones so enabling secret state snooping.

Rights groups in Israel have called on the country's top court to repeal the recently announced measures to use the counter-terrorism phone (presumably GPS) tracking system to track carriers of the Omicron variant of the coronavirus.

On Saturday, Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett announced emergency measures including phone tracking to locate those infected by the Omicron variant. The Shin Bet counter-terrorism agency's phone-tracking technology was to be used to enable to surveillance.

The phone tracking system can match the carriers of the virus locations to other phones nearby to identify people that might have been exposed.

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