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2010: April-June

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30th June   

Extreme Injustice...

Extreme porn ban set to become law in Scotland
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MSPs are poised to pass nasty law reforms defined by the Criminal Justice and Licensing Bill.

The legislation brings in a number of new criminal offences, including specific action to tackle stalking, people forced into slavery or servitude and possession of extreme pornography .

The bill also aims to  widen the powers of licensing boards and standards officers.

MSPs will also vote on an amendment brought forward by SNP backbencher Sandra White MSP on greater restrictions for lap dancing clubs.


23rd June   

A Cache of Dangerous Pictures...

Dangerous porn victim cleared over pictures found in browser cache
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  A man's got to know his technical limitations

A former stand-up comic was charged with six offences of possessing extreme porn featuring dodgy goings-on between humans and animals. The man denied the charges which, it was alleged, had been committed in May 2009.

For the prosecution, Kent Online reports, Alex Wilson told the judge at Maidstone Crown Court last Tuesday that, following discussions with an expert, he would offer no further evidence as he believed there was no realistic prospect of conviction.

The judge entered formal not guilty verdicts.

A CPS spokesperson told us: It was also apparent from the evidence that the defendant was not computer literate. At the time the defendant's computer was seized the material was held in the computer's internet cache. There was no evidence that the defendant had saved the images or sought to keep them. In order to 'possess' the images in that state the law requires knowledge that the images exist and the means or know-how to retrieve them.

The defendant was in possession of the images at the point in time that he accessed them and viewed them. On the evidence available in this case it was not possible to prove that he did so at some time after the Act came into force. We could not therefore proceed with the prosecution and we accordingly offered no evidence.

Simply deleting an image will not save you if you are computer literate enough to retrieve it. Contrariwise, it appears that if you are a total computer illiterate, that might be enough to get you out of a fix.

...Read the full article

Comment: Punishing the Not Guilty

From Harvey

Yet again we find a person charged and hauled into court only to find the prosecution offer no evidence. NO EVIDENCE.

I wish judges would be more condemning of prosecutors for bringing charges before looking to check that the evidence stacks up as it seems to be happening more frequently. And the CPS fuckwits who do decide to prosecute should be named so we can see who they are and whether they are just dumb or are serial offenders. No surprise that this was, yet again, Kent police and prosecutors, who have form when it comes to "enhancing" the evidence, prosecuting first and asking questions later.


3rd June   

Livestock Market...

Woman in court for extreme images of the bestial kind
Link Here

A Lincolnshire woman who planned to sell DVDs showing bestiality with horses, ponies, dogs, chickens and fish could face a prison sentence.

Police found 1,000 DVDs belonging to Tanya Short which she intended to sell at Hemswell market, near Gainsborough. 30 of those contained images of bestiality. Her solicitor said: Of the 30 DVDs it has been said that a number of those were duplicates.

She pleaded guilty to being in possession of extreme pornographic images with portrayed in an explicit and realistic way, a person performing sexual acts animal. She also pleaded guilty to a second charge of having obscene articles for publication and gain.

Her solicitor John Bradley said he hoped magistrates would see fit to sentence Short, instead of sending the case to Lincoln Crown Court: The more serious of these charges is the one under the Obscene Publications Act 1959 which was decided when values and attitudes were markedly different than they are today, particularly with the advent of technology and the internet.That act was intended to address large scale enterprises she is small fry.

Magistrates said they could not deal with the case and sent it to Lincoln Crown Court for sentencing with a date to be confirmed. Short was released on unconditional bail.


30th May   

Law Against Bad Taste Jokes...

Tiger Porn defendant miscarriage of justice averted
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pouncing tiger

  About to be fucked by a tiger

The sexual civil liberties organisation Backlash have assisted in averting a miscarriage of justice.

Andrew Holland was charged with one count of possessing extreme pornography under the Criminal Justice and Immigration Act 2008 at the Mold Crown Court. He stood to be sentenced for the offence, having pleaded guilty mid trial under advice from his local legal team in Wrexham. Backlash contacted Holland to offer advice to discover that he may have been misadvised by his local legal team; and that he did in fact have a defence to the charge. Backlash provided funds for provisional legal advice and research to be performed. We put Holland in contact with our legal adviser, who is a solicitor specialising in extreme pornography offences, Myles Jackman of Audu and Co in King's Cross, London.

Holland transferred representation to the specialist solicitors and was given leave on Friday the 28th May 2010 by His Honour Judge Rogers sitting at the Mold Crown Court to vacate his plea from Guilty back to Not Guilty. That means that he will stand trial again; this time in the knowledge that he has a defence. However, had he not contacted Backlash in the first place he would have been sentenced for an offence which he may have been misadvised that he did not have a defence for.

Holland's case gained notoriety as he had previously been charged with a second, separate extreme pornography charge relating to a video clip purportedly depicting a sexual act between a human and a tiger. This charge was withdrawn when it was discovered that the prosecutor had failed to listen to the video's soundtrack, whererin one of the actors made a comment about Tony the Tiger from the Frosties commercials, proving the video was an elaborate joke and the tiger was not real; leaving the prosecution deeply embarrassed. [And of course the Director of Public Prosecutions, who personally approved the prosecution]

Myles Jackman commented that: it is ridiculous and dangerous that the CPS are trying to criminalise the posession of dirty jokes .


22nd May   

Erotic Awards Winners 2010...

Link Here

Congratulations to Clair Lewis

The public face and voice of the Consenting Adult Action Network (CAAN) since its inception in May 2008. She is a disabled woman who is totally upfront about her sexuality and tireless in her campaigning.

The CAAN statement reads: We believe in the right of consenting adults to make their own sexual choices, in respect of what they do, see and enjoy alone or with other consenting adults, unhindered and unfettered by government.

CAAN demonstrations invariably invite Ben Westwood to be their centre piece. 


13th May   


Throwing the extreme porn book at somebody already up for a more serious charge
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A man from Wales is accused of possessing a photo of a man having sex with a squid.

He was arrested after police allegedly found a extreme porn on his home computer, The Sun reported.

He was charged with possessing an extreme pornographic image which portrayed in an explicit and realistic way a person performing an act of intercourse with a dead animal, namely a squid, which was grossly offensive, disgusting or of obscene character .

Prosecutors amended the charge when it was admitted it could have been an octopus in the picture.

The magistrates court in Swansea, southern Wales, heard the sea creature was clearly dead when the man was pictured having sexual intercourse with it.

He was also accused of possessing photographs of people having sex with dogs and horses, and faced 14 charges of possessing indecent images of children.

Swansea magistrates committed him to stand trial at a later date. He was given bail on condition he does not access the internet or have any contact with a child under the age of 16.


8th May   

Serious Injury to a Political Career...

Bye bye to some departing ex-MPs
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  Vera Baird proved a little
rusty on local issues

The election results saw a fair few MPs depart who were associated with legislation of particular despite to Melon Farmers.

Jacqui Smith was Home Secretary seeing through several nasty laws. She was humiliated when seeking re-election in Redditch. More for being an icon of the expenses scandal, than for her disservices to freedom and the enjoyment of life. No doubt the dangers of porn will be uppermost in her mind whenever she reminisces over her failed political career.

In fact it is a common theme amongst the melon farming related departees, that their departure is little to do with their illiberal laws, but more to do with more personal issues. Perhaps Melon Farmers can take heart, that although they seem to get away with treating people like shit with nasty laws, their bad attitude sometimes catches up with them in other ways.

Another Home Secretary with a thuggish attitude to peoples rights was Charles Clarke, who also received the order of the boot. He seems to have wound up people on his own side in his disaster prone term as Home Secretary.

Vera Baird was perhaps the highlight of the departure list. She took a particular interest in issues where enjoyment of life is something to be banned particularly for men. She was always rumoured as being gifted with the legal talent to turn mean minded thoughts into carefully open ended nasty legislation. Perhaps she should have spent a little more time looking after more immediate basic needs in Redcar, where she was well stonked.

The two back bench agitators for the Dangerous Pictures Act, Martin Salter and David Lepper both stepped down at the election. But they can hardly have been pleased at their legacy. Salter was never a great hit as a local MP and Labour got stuffed in Reading West. Lepper's Brighton Pavilion seat fell notably to the Green Party. (Actually Lepper was reasonably well regarded in Brighton).

One voice that will be missed in parliament though is Evan Harris. He spoke out against the dangerous pictures laws and helped stick the knife into blasphemy laws. He was well embroiled in the expenses scandal though, and was accordingly turfed out by the electorate.


4th May   

Dangerous Hopes...

Tories plan bonfire of Labour's crap laws
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David Cameron has unveiled a detailed blueprint for the first days of a future Conservative government as the polls suggest he is on course to win the largest number of seats in the general election.

In a Sunday Times interview, the Conservative leader revealed the four pieces of legislation that would dominate his debut Queen's speech.

The centrepiece of the Tories' Queen's speech, to be held within the next month if the party forms a government, would be a great repeal bill .

This would scrap ID cards, home information packs and dozens of rarely enforced criminal offences introduced by Labour over 13 years.

Hopes that the Dangerous Pictures Act may be on the bonfire list

Thanks to freeworld

Douglas Carswell MP and Daniel Hannan MEP drew up a " great repeal bill " a couple of years ago, a blueprint of legislation which should be scrapped.

Carswell seems to be saying that Cameron's announced "legislation bonfire" has a basis in their "Great repeal bill", so it may be of interest to people here who haven't seen this document -

The notorious "Dangerous Pictures Act" in Straw's "Criminal justice and immigration act" of 2008 is listed, and they say this section of the act should either be abolished or "carefully amended", so the definition satisfies the tests of "consent or direct harm". It's the inclusion of patently fictional material for possession, even of clips from classified movies which cannot be real by definition, which are the worst aspects of the DPA.


14th April

 Offsite: Flying Pigs Squad...

Link Here
London cops focus on extreme porn and human trafficking

See article from

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