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 ITV daytime show generates a little 'outrage'

23rd October

Updated: A Few 'Outraged' Tweets...

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Sex tips and toys on ITV's This Morning

this morning logoIt seems that Vivienne Pattison has switched sound byte from the Daily Mail to the Sun.

The Sun reports that a few This Morning viewers were left spluttering their tea and biscuits over an Item on Monday's show. It featured golden oldies demonstrating a sex position.

Host Phillip Schofield told astonished viewers: We are going to be demonstrating positions, showing sex aids and discussing intimate details.

The sex surgery item included various sex toys, including remote-controlled and glow-in-the-dark vibrators. Meanwhile a pair of pensioners in pyjamas  performed on a double bed accompanied by cheesy music.

Psychologist Jo Hemmings told viewers: You don't need to be an Olympic athlete for this. They seem to be enjoying it, it's brilliant!

A few 'shocked' viewers took to Twitter to express their feelings. Chris Roberts tweeted: I can't believe my eyes #ThisMorning talked about sex positions and vibrators with over 60s models.

While Marktharparms added: Oh how TV has changed. Phil Schofield and Holly Willoughby on @itvthismorning discussing vibrators and sex positions for the over-sixties!

Vivienne Pattison, director of MediaWatch UK, said: Lots of people were offended.

But only four viewers phoned ITV to complain directly.

Offsite: And even those few 'outraged' tweets, weren't so 'outraged' after all

23rd October 2011. See  article from . Scooped in article from

Oh how TV has changed, I wrote on Twitter, as the topic moved on to comfortable sex positions for the over sixties: Phil Schofield and Holly Willoughby on ITV This Morning discussing vibrators and sex positions for the over-sixties!

Now, let's get one thing straight: I'm no prude. I am one of the most open-minded, liberal individuals you are ever likely to encounter and I found the fact that a Sir Stirling Moss looky-likey, in blue silk pyjamas on a studio double-bed being straddled by an excited looking granny, highly entertaining. In fact, I was close to tears with laughter.

My tweet referred to the fact that not that long ago such shenanigans would have been frowned on if they'd been shown after the 9pm watershed, let alone at 11am on a Monday morning.

I'm quite aware that the things I say on Twitter might occasionally get picked up and used in the media, but the Daily Mail -- that harbinger of doom for the pub trade -- wrote a shock-and-awe piece on yesterday's This Morning and detailed how horrified members of the public were expressing their disgust via Twitter.

My tweet was there in glorious detail, citing me -- along with two others -- as complaining about the material. I'm quite happy for the Daily Mail to have used the message, but I'd just like to clarify something: it should have been listed on the line beneath, where one tweeter was said to have found the piece amusing and commented on having had worse days than receiving sex education from Holly Willoughby.

...Read the full article


2nd November

Update: A Few 'Outraged' Tweets...

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A testicular cancer check on ITV's This Morning

this morning logoThis Morning 'stunned' a few easily offended viewers by showing a naked model being checked for testicular cancer live on air.

The ITV1 magazine show had been running a feature on male-related cancers when they showed a man having his testicles examined by the show's doctor. The intimate shots showed the model, naked save for a white dressing gown, having his genitals examined by Dr Chris Steele as host Phillip Schofield looked on.

Reaction to the today's footage was largely positive however, with many congratulating This Morning for tackling a serious health issue head on.

However, not all reaction to the daring segment was positive, as some viewers were left stunned and bemused by the intimate examination. The Daily Mail scoured Twitter and found 2 tweets:

  • I know it's for a good reason but watching a mans testicles on this morning was strange
  • No This Morning, I do not want to see testicles on my TV screen at lunch time.

A spokesperson for This Morning said:

Testicular cancer is an important issue to our viewers and the item and advice offered on today's programme - which we have covered before with lots of positive feedback - has again generated many positive comments and no complaints.

But as usually lately, Vivienne Pattison offered up her trivial sound bite via the Sun:

Vivienne Pattison, director of MediaWatch UK, which campaigns for responsible broadcasting, said: "Lots of people were offended."


 Update: The sword inevitably proves mightier than the pen...

Charlie Hebdo will no longer feature Mohammed cartoons

Link Here 18th July 2015  full story: This Morning...ITV daytime show generates a little 'outrage'
sword and penThe editor of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo has said the magazine will no longer draw cartoons of the religious character Mohammed.

Laurent Sourisseau told news magazine, Stern , that the magazine had done its job and what it had set out to fulfil. The weekly magazine's editor, who is known as Riss, said:

We have drawn Mohammad to defend the principle that one can draw whatever they want. It is a bit strange though: we are expected to exercise a freedom of expression that no one dares to.

We've done our job. We have defended the right to caricature.

He told the German magazine he did not want to believe the magazine was possessed by Islam but maintained that he believed that they had the right to criticise all religions .


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