Cradle of Filth

 Cradle of Filth t-shirt winds up the nutters

2nd July

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New Zealand censor bans Cradle of Filth t-shirt

The New Zealand chief censor has banned a T-shirt that shows a sexually degrading image of a Roman Catholic nun and blasphemous language directed at Jesus Christ.

The top, advertising an album for British extreme metal group Cradle of Filth, also used Satanic images.

I have to say, I can't remember seeing a stronger T-shirt than this one, chief censor Bill Hastings said.

Hastings said the office had banned other T-shirts, but the issue did not come up often.

It's hard to know what to do with them, to be honest. If we were to make them R18, for example, does that mean you have to be 18 to wear it or do you have to be 18 to see it coming down the street? So generally with T-shirts it's all or nothing, it's unrestricted or banned, so the medium just doesn't lend itself to an intermediate restriction.

In its decision, the censor's office said a fair interpretation of the message on the T-shirt was that Christians should be vilified for their religious beliefs, and that women, including chaste and celibate women, could not stop themselves engaging in sexual activity.

The Society for Promotion of Community Standards president John Mills praised the decision as bold, morally courageous and legally sound.


4th July

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Arguing that the New Zealand censor over stepped his authority

A lot of the New Zealand censor's reasoning just doesn't stand up. Does the image demean the woman depicted? Looks like she posed for it to me. Does it demean women generally? I don't read the T-shirt to suggest that all women are sexually insatiable. Anyway, this interpretation goes against the recent attitude of the Film and Literature Board of Review. Does it denigrate the Virgin Mary? Um, I'm not sure that the Virgin Mary was the sort of “person” Parliament had in mind when it passed the statutory criteria. Does it use a term for a woman's vagina as a derogatory slur? Yep. Like calling someone a prick or a cock. (Okay, but worse).

The office really has no place deciding that something is “blasphemous”, and using that to support a ban. That's not part of its statutory criteria. It should also be careful about how it throws around the word “offensive” except in the context of the provision dealing with swearing, which does use the word “offensive”. So the T-shirt is “crude” and “vulgar”. What of it?

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9th June

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Cradle of Filth T-Shirts cause another stir in New Zealand

Clothing that describes Jesus Christ as a 'cunt' has been seized from an Invercargill store by New Zealand police. Police took away the apparel after being asked to do so by Internal Affairs.

The tops will be further examined to decide whether the owners of theImpuls'd store which sells them would be charged with any criminal offences.

The Southland Times outed the store, owned by Warren and Angela Skill after spotting hooded tops with the words Jesus is a cunt emblazoned on the back. The tops advertise an album for British extreme metal group Cradle of Filth.

People have been seen wearing the tops on city streets in the past week, with a 68-year-old visitor to the city saying she was 'horrified' when she saw a man walking with the offending words emblazoned across his back.

In 2008, T-shirts with the same wording were banned by then chief censor Bill Hastings. The ban made any act of possessing, wearing, distributing or selling the T-shirt, or another top with the same wording and imagery, illegal.

Colin Morrison, the pastor of Edendale Presbyterian Church, wrote that he felt sorry for people who needed to express themselves in such a way and he would be praying for them: Also I am sad at the way they find such language acceptable, just shows how far we have slipped as a caring and loving society.


15th February

Update: Objectionable Censorship...

New Zealand retailer fined over Cradle of Filth T-Shirts

A New Zealand retailer, who was selling hooded tops with the words Jesus is a cunt emblazoned on the back has been fined in Invercargill District Court.

Warren Skill appeared on one charge of possessing an objectionable publication, namely Cradle of Filth garments (four T-shirts and four hoodies).

He was fined $500 and an order was made for the destruction of the garments.

The charge was laid by the Internal Affairs Department under the Films, Videos and Publications Classification Act.

In 2008, T-shirts with the same wording were banned by then-chief censor Bill Hastings. The ban made any act of possessing, wearing, distributing or selling the T-shirt, or another top with the same wording and imagery, illegal.



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Cradle of Filth t-shirt exhibited at New Zealand museum

Link Here 18th February 2015
Full story: Cradle of Filth...Cradle of Filth t-shirt winds up the nutters
The Director of Canterbury Museum in New Zealand has made the news for displaying the iconic Cradle of Fifth t-shirt bearing the slogan: Jesus is a cunt. The front of the t-shirt is titled Vestal Masturbation , which aptly describes the pictured nun.

The t-shirt is displayed in an adults only area of the T-shirts Unfolding exhibition at the museum.

Director Anthony Wright says they're trying to tell the story of T-shirts within street art culture, without unduly censoring the content.

We've got to balance that up against anyone that might be offended, and we've bent over backwards to make sure that anyone who might be offended won't come into contact with anything offensive. It's a tiny part of the overall exhibition.

Auckland University's senior lecturer Dr Geoff Kemp says though he doesn't like the t-shirt, the way it's presented is acceptable.

Because it's now appearing in an exhibition context, it's trying to tell a story in a more reflective, educational way. It seems a different context to the idea of it just being worn out on the street.

The Anglican Church has inevitably condemned the exhibition. Bishop Victoria Matthews says this should be about common decency. She makes a few leaps of credibility and spouts:

What's the line between art and pornography, and what is the line between communication and inciting violence.

The christian moralist group, Family First said through National director Bob McCoskrie that whether its on display in a museum or worn by a member of the public, it's offensive and shouldn't be allowed.

The public has access to it, and they shouldn't be confronted by this kind of offensive and unnecessary material.


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