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Me, My Wife and The Maid...

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Link Here 19th September 2018
Me, My Wife & The Maid is a 2018 US adult film by Sid Knox (Hustler)

Starring Abella Danger.

Promotional material

It's always nice when you can afford a maid to do your tough cleaning around the house. What's even better is when these maids go above and beyond and clean your man stick off too! It's a classic threesome fantasy of domestic proportions! That maid is so fucking hot walking around the house busting out of her shirt with that perky ass in the air as she bends over to dust. And his wife's also a horny hottie who's game for anything. Now that's a recipe for some epic 'home invasions' by the luckiest hubby alive! Imagine the delicious home-baked possibilities of Me, My Wife & The Maid!

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A Genoux Les Salopes...

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Link Here 13th September 2018
A Genoux Les Salopes is a 2018 Canada adult film by Vid Vicious (Quebec Productions)

Starring Amanda Bellucci.

Promotional material

Amanda Bellucci, Grace, Jackie Moore and Violet Revolver are nymphomaniacs who love being watched! These sexy, super-horny babes from Quebec prove that French Canadians bring their own heat all year round. Beautiful women from Quebec indulge all their erotic desires.

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The Governess...

Selected releases at Hot Movies

Link Here 8th September 2018
The Governess is a 2018 US adult film (

Starring Jill Kassidy.

Promotional material

Jill White has called the Governess agency for a brand new teacher. She carefully selected the highest educated, the most professional governess hoping to find the oldest, the most dowdy, unappealingly strict teacher they could send. Her husband, Chad, had an affair with the last governess so she had some trouble when it came to the idea of hiring the gorgeous Whitney with all the trust issues.. But She could not say no to her just like she nor her husband - Chad could say no to her when things got really hot and heavy! What can we say, Whitney knows how to get a yes and she is will not stop until she does so!

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Young Fantasies Vol. 3...

Selected releases at Hot Movies

Link Here 2nd September 2018
Young Fantasies Vol. 3 is a 2018 US adult film by Greg Lansky (

Starring Charity Crawford.

Promotional material and three-time AVN director of the year, Greg Lansky, is proud to present Young Fantasies Vol.3. The popular series is back, celebrating youth and beauty in a collection like no other. Stunning cover-girl Kenna James stars as ambitious fashion model willing to do whatever it takes to get ahead. Also starring Charity Crawford, Jaye summers, and Chloe Scott in erotically captivating scenes of their own. All wrapped in the high-end production value. Breathtaking settings and captivating storylines is known for, Young Fantasies Vol. 3 is NOT to be missed!

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The Golden Ticket...

Selected releases at Hot Movies

Link Here 27th August 2018
The Golden Ticket is a 2018 France adult film by Luka (Jacquie et Michel ELITE)

Starring Angel Emily.

Promotional material

Chloe, who lives with Julien since 7 years, suffer her boyfriend's invading passion for soccer. One day where he was supposed to watch an umpteenth match with Barça, a female friend of them, Chloe surprises them having sex in her living room. Furious, she kicks them out of her house, and receives, a few minutes later, a letter addressed to her boyfriend. He, or more accurately, she has won the Golden Ticket, which allow her to spend 2 days with Vlatan and Veynar, the most famous soccer players ! Deeply decided to take her revenge by taking advantage of the situation, she will also discover the sulfurous secrets of the soccer stars...

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Selected releases at Hot Movies

Link Here 21st August 2018
Perception is a 2018 US adult film by Nick Orleans (Adam & Eve)

Starring Aspen Romanoff.

Promotional material

A couple (Dolly Leigh and Dylan Snow) volunteer to beta test a new technology called "Memory Recall." Through specially configured headsets, subjects are exposed to each other's memories. As each couple revisits their most intimate moments together, an unexpected pattern emerges. They realize their memories appear very different. The past may not be what they thought. How will their future be shaped by this new Perception of their relationship?

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Estelle - Anal Loving MILF...

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Link Here 16th August 2018
Estelle - Anal Loving MILF is a 2018 Europe adult film (Abricot Prod)

Starring Alexia Chuck.

Promotional material

Abricot Productions presents you "Estelle - Anal Loving MILF". Estelle is a slutty milf, the kind that can travel miles away just to get roughly fucked. This anal-loving girl can't imagine a good fuck without taking it deeply in the ass, and she loves to tease men explaining them...

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Sex World...

Selected releases at Hot Movies

Link Here 11th August 2018
Sex World is a 1977 US adult film by Anthony Spinelli (Vinegar Syndrome)

Starring Abigail Clayton.

Promotional material

XRCO Hall of Fame Movie!
AVN Top 500

One of the biggest hardcore hits of the late 1970's SEX WORLD is a thoughtful analysis of eroticism, punctuated with striking and at times abstract visuals. Directed by the legendary Anthony Spinelli, the movie features an all-star cast, including Annette Haven, Leslie Bovee, Kay Parker, John Leslie and Joey Silvera. With Hollywood level production values, SEX WORLD remains one of the most significant and thought provoking hardcore feature films ever produced.

Vinegar Syndrome presents this genre classic newly restored in 4k from the original 35mm camera negative.

Sex World is a luxury resort, advertised as the ultimate sex-themed getaway, where people travel to try and overcome their sexual problems. As the resort's guests slowly become aware of their inhibitions, fears, and repressed urges, with the help of robotic surrogate lovers, director Anthony Spinelli's camera paints a haunting picture of human insecurities set against a science fiction backdrop.

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Hot Movies

Hot Movies

Hot Movies is a major US Video on Demand website.

Perhaps following the example of the more mainstream website, Amazon, scale matters when operating an internet resource. Customers are attracted to the websites that stock more or less everything and Hot Movies fits the bill. In fact it probably needs the caveat that Hot Movies stocks nearly everything available in the US. Hot Movies does stock European films, but only those distributed in the US.

Hot Movies plays everything totally straight and in 10 years, Melon Farmers has not received a single complaint about customers not getting what they have paid for. (or anything else for that matter).

The website offers all sorts of navigation options to get to a film of interest, but whenever I use the site I have a title or star in mind and opt immediately for the search facility. It works perfectly well, but I always wonder why so many websites offer such tiny little boxes to enter search terms.

I do enjoy using extensive sites such as Hot Movies. I may start off a session looking for a particular film but I am easily distracted by such options as being able to get a filmography of the stars in a film. I am often distracted from my basic quest by the option to see the bio of a particularly attractive performer. Sometimes I get carried away with following up alternative leads and spending all my time available navigating rather than actually viewing.

Hot Movies has an enormous range of movies available along with plenty of viewing options. It is not quite so strong on critical reviews of what is hot and what is not.

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