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Title Cuts Cert Running time Notes
UK Ball Drainers: They Suck 'Em Dry   R18 cert  
by Bob Bennett (Harmony)
Submitted in 2007, running time 76:07s
Cut by 1:26s. Cuts required to remove sight of gagging during fellatio
UK College Shaggers soft
18 certificate 11:08s 200 8 release adult video by Mss Interactive (Liquid Gold)
UK Confidential soft
18 certificate 46:01s 1998 release gay adult by Simon Black (Discreet Advisors Ltd)
UK Council Lads soft
18 certificate 54:39s 2010 release gay adult video (Asphyxiation) 
UK Housewives soft
18 cert 86:05s 2009 release (Portland)
UK Moms Keep Cumming BBFC cut
compulsory cuts
R18 108:03s UK Moms Keep Cumming is a 2018 adult video BBFC link

UK: Passed R18 for strong images of real sex after 16s of BBFC compulsory cuts for:

  • 2018 Erigo Distribution [Some Cuts Substituted] video
The BBFC commented:
  • Compulsory cuts required to remove abusive and potentially harmful sexual activity (in this case, verbal references encouraging choking during oral sex).
UK Sampler DVD 1   R18 cert  
Not known
Not known.
7m 25s. Cuts of 0m 6s were required. The cuts were Compulsory.
A cut was required to remove a scene of urolagnia.
UK Student House: 5 1:54s 18 certificate
74:46s 2006-7 release adult video series (Liquid Gold)


UK Student House: 6 2:59s 76:40s
UK Student House: 7 2:34s 85:49s
UK Student House: 11 48s 71:20s
UK Student House: 13 10:19s 108:18s
UK Student House 12

UK Student House 12

  R18 cert  

by Jim Slip
Franki, Michelle B, Paige, James.
98:08s. Cut by 3s Cut required to sight of woman fondling bare breasts in clear sight of public, to obtain an 'R18' in line with commonlaw on indecent exposure.

The comments reveal that: T he distributor of the work, Darker Enterprises, appealed to the independent Video Appeals Committee against the BBFC's decision to require a cut to be made to this work as a condition of classification. However, Darker Enterprises withdrew from the appeal before representations were put before the Committee.

I am only guessing, but maybe Darker Enterprises were contending that public nudity should be governed by the most recent law:

2003 Sexual Offences Act - Section 66 : Exposure

(1) A person commits an offence if-
(a) he intentionally exposes his genitals, and
(b) he intends that someone will see them and be caused alarm or distress.

Clearly fondling breasts, presumably without causing distress, is hardy like to qualify as an offence.

I am guessing that our repression loving authorities have now reverted to some long lost 'commonlaw' that probably bans anything to do with sex and nudity. I wonder where one gets to read about such antiquated law on the internet.

by Jim Slip (Darker Enterprises)
With Nancy, Tammy, Harmony Lex, Jay R.
Submitted in 2007, running time 116:56s
Cut by 17s: Distributor was required to make a cut to a shot showing a woman displaying sexual nudity in public in contravention of UK public indecency laws.
UK Vice Girls 4   R18 cert  
by Freddie Morse; Bob Bennett Producer(s) MSS Interactive
Cory, Donna Marie, Lucy Rush, Steve Hooper, Tony De Sergio.
104m 28s. Cuts of 0m 55s were required. The cuts were Compulsory. One cut required for sight of urolagnia.
UK Vice Girls: 1 5:40s 18 certificate
89:14s 2006-7 release adult video series (Liquid Gold)
UK Vice Girls: 2 4:53s 90:27s
UK Vice Girls: 4 4:10s 79:33s
UK Vice Girls: 6 2:44s 86:22s
The UK's Biggest Orgy: The Big Bang soft
18 cert 49:04s
2006 release adult video (Adult Channel)


UK's Hot Fucking Fairies BBFC cut
compulsory cuts
R18 96:49s UK's Hot Fucking Fairies is a 2015 adult video by Disanto.
Starring Carrie Fox, Dolly Delight and Keeley Magee. BBFC link

UK: Passed R18 for strong images of real sex after 9s of BBFC compulsory cuts for:

  • 2015 Load video
The BBFC commented:
  • Cut required to remove a reference to gagging during fellatio.

Ultimate Fantasy

R18 cert 79:13s 1997 release by Adele Robbins (Sheptonhurst Ltd)

Released when the more semi hardcore R18 guidelines were in operation.

Ultimate Sex: Safer Sex for Gay Men

Ultimate Sex: Safer Sex for Gay Men is a 1996 sex education video by Andrew Burford

Heavily cut for an 18 rated video release in 1996

18 certificate 43:29s UK: Passed 18 after 16:02s of compulsory BBFC cuts for:
  • 1996 Mad Dog Productions VHS

The Video caused a stir at the BBFC after examiners found the frank sex education video to be a serious and informative attempt to educate and inform. The examiners recommended 18 uncut. But James Ferman was having none of it and ordered massive cuts. The Department of Health also got involved to verify (and improve) the safe sex messages.

Under Control   R18 cert  

(Black Chip)
Submitted in 2008, running time 11:45s
Cut by 51:55s . Compulsory cuts were required to remove material in breach of current interpretation of the Obscene Publications Act 1959 (fisting, dripping of wax onto genitals and SM activities resulting in actual injuries). Cuts were also required to remove potentially harmful material (breath restriction, electrocution) and violent and abusive material.

Underground Orgy
  • Stacked Deck
R18 cert 81:07s 1995 US adult video by Mitchell Spinelli (Sheptonhurst)
  • Title changed for supposedly having an association with under-age sex. The original title appears to be Stacked Deck so perhaps it had already been retitled by the distributor
  • The 5s cut is probably referring to the on-screen time of the title board
Undertow   R18 cert  

by Francois Clousot (Black Chip)
With Aurora Snaow, Evan Stone, Steven St Croix.
Submitted in 2007, running time 120:31s
Cut by 7:28s. Three cuts were required: one to remove the sight of a woman urinating during sex (urolagnia). A second cut to a dialogue reference to sexual activity at 6 years of age and a third to the sight and sound of choking during deep throat fellatio.

Underworld   R18 cert  
by Tanya Hyde
150m 05s. Cuts of 4m 42s required to indecent exposure and potentially harmful sexual technique, in accordance with BBFC guidelines and the commonlaw misdemeanour of Indecent Exposure.
Underworld   R18 cert  
by Michael Raven
Dillion Day,Ava Vincent,Ron Jeremy
87m 15s. Cuts of 0m 56s were required Company required to cut sight of auto-asphyxiation   on the grounds of potential harm.
Undiscovered Depths   R18 cert  
by Dick Hooker
Lucy Anne, Daria Glower, Phillis, Vanessa Mae, Lucy, Simone De Marco, Leslie Taylor.
137m 51s. Cuts of 0m 20s were required. The cuts were Compulsory. Distributor was required to remove sight of a man restricting a woman's breathing by holding her firmly around the neck.
Unexpected Action


BBFC cut
compulsory cuts
R18 96:38s Unexpected Action is a 2018 adult video BBFC link

UK: Passed R18 for strong images of real sex after 3:33s of BBFC compulsory cuts for:

  • 2018 Erigo Distribution [16:9] video
The BBFC commented:
  • Cuts required to dialogue implying incestuous relationships between characters engaged in sexual activity.

See worldwide VoD at Hot Movies

Unique Sexy Girls (Volume 2)   R18 cert  
Not known
Not known.
69m 39s. Cuts of 0m 28s were required. The cuts were Compulsory.
Cuts required to remove sight of a potential harmful activity (a woman's throat being squeezed during sex) and a verbal reference promoting a potentially harmful and abusive activity (gagging).
University of Austyn BBFC cut
R18 cert 102:25s

2008 release by Andres Madness (Darker Enterprises)

Cut required to remove potentially harmful and abusive throat holding during vaginal penetration

18 certificate 83:15s 2009 release adult video by Andre Madness (Asphyxiation)
University Sluts of St Petersburg   R18 cert  

by Rocco Siffredi (Harmony)
Submitted in 2007, running time 170:11s
Cut by30s. Company was obliged to remove sight of breath restriction and unsafe over-extension of performer's neck during fellatio. Further cut to woman being slapped hard in the face by man.

University Sluts of St Petersburg 2   R18 cert  

by Rocco Siffredi (Harmony)
Submitted in 2008, running time 171:22s
Cut by 17s. Compulsory cut required to remove sight of breath restriction during sexual activity.


  • Over, Under and Up!
  • Russ Meyer's Up
  • Up! Smokey

    Up! DVD

Up! is a 1976 USA comedy by Russ Meyer.
With Edward Schaaf, Robert McLane, Elaine Collins. BBFC link IMDb

Summary Review : Entertaining Movie!

A German (Nazi) type person is killed after someone slips a piranha into his bathtub. Undercover agent Margo Winchester makes her entrance by jogging down the highway. She is nearly raped and killed by one of the locals. She soon gains the confidence of the locals and begins investigating the murder.

A very good movie on the Russ Meyer scale. I only wish the Raven De La Croix had made more movies.

18 certificate 80:11s UK: Passed 18 uncut with previous BBFC cuts waived for:
BBFC cut
18 cert 78:32s


UK: Passed 18 after 1:39s of BBFC cuts for:
  • UK 1999 Polygram VHS
  • UK 1998 Allied Troma VHS

Thanks to Bleach:

  • At 20 mins - Reduce sexual assault and rape on river bank as follows:

    1) when man chases woman across stream, reduce sight of him beating her unconscious;
    2) when he drags her semi-clad body onto river bank, remove sight of him removing her trousers and gazing at her nude body;
    3) when he parts her legs in long shot, remove all forcible sex, resuming as she regains consciousness and resumes the fight.
  • At 59 mins - When woman sitting on bar teases man in check shirt into violent assault, reduce rape sequence as follows:

    1) after blond man grabs long-haired woman and throws her down on table, remove close ups of bared breasts and sight of underwear being torn off, resuming on reverse shot of man's back between woman's legs;
    2) after man removes braces, remove close up of woman's reaction and screams and shot of penis dangling between legs, resuming long shot of figure walking towards isolated telephone box; also remove all close ups of rape victim's face (eight in total)
BBFC cut
X cert 71:54s
UK: Passed X (18) after 8:14s of BBFC cuts for:
  • UK 1980 cinema release
Up Your Ass: 18   R18 cert  
by Mike John
Monica Sweetheart,Miko Lee,Jewel De'nyle
139m 37s. Cuts of 4m 6s were required to sight of asphyxiation and gagging during explicit sex scenes.
Up Your Ass: 19   R18 cert  
by Mike John
Bella,Judy Star,Kimberly
139m 58s. Cuts of 1m 2s were required to remove a potentially harmful act that may restrict breathing or make it impossible to withdraw consent.
Up Your Bum soft
18 certificate 10:23s 2007 release adult video (Liquid Gold)


Upper Crust Crumpet soft
18 certificate 82:54s 1995 release by G. W. Price (Rosalind Woods)
Up'r Cl Ass 1:08s 18 certificate
70:55s 2006-7 release adult video by Chris Streams (Queensway)
Up'r Cl Ass III 1:51s 79:13s
Up'r Class III   R18 cert  

by Sammy Sixx (Queensway)
With Simone Style, Shy Love, Michelle Lay, Vanessa Lane, Venus.
Submitted in 2007, running time 125:27s
Cut by 1:21s. Distributor was required to make several compulsory cuts to remove scenes of potentially or actually harmful sexual activity and abusive sexual activity (gagging during fellatio)


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