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 Offsite Article: Where do the AVMS guidelines come from?...

Link Here 30th July 2015
Crown Prosecution Service Pandora Blake discusses the detailed government porn censorship rules used by the BBFC and ATVOD

See article from


  The British Board of Police Censors...

Possible reduction on the number of R18s suffering cuts from the BBFC

Link Here 26th April 2015  full story: Obscenity in the UK...Gay fisting, urolagnia and BDSM found not obscene by jury
R18 StoryThe amount of R18s censored by the BBFC over 2013 and 2014 was steady with about 15% of all submissions suffering cuts, mostly for inane reasons.

However the first quarter of 2015 sees this percentage suffering cuts fall to 11%. Maybe a lack of data, but maybe there is a slight easing off on the censorship of R18s.

The R18 monthly cuts stats 2015: 

  • January: 8 R18s cut out of 59 (14%)
  • February: 5 R18s cut out of 47 (11%)
  • March: 4 R18s cut out of 48 (8%)

Total for 2014: 85 R18s cut out of 543 (11%). An average of 51 R18 DVDs released each month

The R18 monthly cuts stats 2014: 

  • January: 6 R18s cut out of 38 (15%)
  • February: 7 R18s cut out of 49 (14%)
  • March: 10 R18s cut out of 45 (22%)
  • April: 8 R18s cut out of 52 (15%)
  • May: 7 R18s cut out of 42 (17%)
  • June: 7 R18s cut out of 42 (17%)
  • July: 6 R18s cut out of 51 (12%)
  • August: 5 R18s cut out of 34 (15%)
  • September: 7 R18s cut out of 41 (17%)
  • October: 4 R18s cut out of 51 (8%)
  • November: 6 R18s cut out of 56 (11%)
  • December: 9 R18s cut out of 42 (21%)

Total for 2014: 82 R18s cut out of 543 (15%). An average of 45 R18 DVDs released each month

The R18 monthly cuts stats 2013: 

  • January: 7 R18s cut out of 40 (18%)
  • February: 6 R18s cut out of 46 (13%)
  • March: 5 R18s cut out of 41 (12%)
  • April: 9 R18s cut out of 55 (16%)
  • May: 2 R18s cut out of 35 (5%)
  • June: 7 R18s cut out of 35 (20%)
  • July: 4 R18s cut out of 36 (11%)
  • August: 6 R18s cut out of 43 (14%)
  • September: 6 R18s cut out of 53 (11%)
  • October: 4 R18s cut out of 51 (22%)
  • November 8 R18s cut out of 42 (19%)
  • December 7 R18s cut out of 40 (18%)

Total for 2013: 78 R18s cut out of 516 (15%). An average of 43 R18 DVDs released each month

Previous yearly totals

Total for 2012: 101 R18s cut out of 555 (18%). An average of 46 R18 DVDs released each month
Total for 2011:  85 R18s cut out of 625 (14%). An average of 52 R18 DVDs released each month
Total for 2010: 191 R18s cut out of 1070 (18%) *

* The BBFC re-assigned all video certificates passed during the preceding months when the Video Records Act was in limbo, to a January 2010 date when the new VRA was back in force.

Censored material

The most common reasons for cuts are:

  • Female ejaculation/squirting
  • Golden showers
  • Gagging when giving blow jobs
  • Constriction of breathing eg throat squeezing
  • Dialogue suggesting under age sex
  • Dialogue encouraging gagging
  • Fisting


  Censorship Rules for R18 and UK Video on Demand...

The latest R18 guidelines as described by the BBFC at an ATVOD seminar for adult producers in November 2014

Link Here 15th March 2015
R18 StoryThis was published some time ago but now just catching up. These are the R18 Guidelines as presented to producers in November 2014.

A BBFC/ATVOD seminar was held just before the guidelines were extended to internet Video on Demand published on UK websites.

The BBFC presented their current guidelines as outlined below The guidelines have been produced from notes created by producer Nikki Whiplash and published in an article from .

Watersports and Squirting

Peeing and squirting are acceptable if not performed onto another person and/or then consumed.

Squirting during sex or masturbation is acceptable if fairly brief, isolated and not deliberately consumed or put onto a body. It would be acceptable to imply that it was licked up if could be deemed as to be simulated.


Fisting is not acceptable. Penetration with all five digits beyond last knuckle is not acceptable; but all five digits of two or more hands would be acceptable as long as not past last knuckle.
Ofcom have sought medical guidance on fisting and don't believe it to be a dangerous act to perform. However, as the CPS' Guidelines specifically cite fisting as obscene the BBFC can't pass fisting for classification. The BBFC acknowledge that they are well aware of the decision in R v Peacock but are obliged to have regard to CPS' OPA Guidelines.

Amputee Insertion

Since the BBFC haven't ever needed to consider amputee insertion, they reserve their position on the matter.


Enemas are acceptable if once they are squirted out they don't hit anyone else and does not contain feces. It is not acceptable to subsequently lick up what has been expelled; unless this is simulated (for example switched for another substance).


Catheterisation is acceptable, even if catheter connected to mouth; presuming that the tube is not transparent so that the liquid moving through cannot be seen.

Eating ejaculate

Any form of consumption of (male) ejaculate is acceptable.


Vomiting may be acceptable if it is not performed as part of a sexual act; and is not visibly enjoyed by the participants.

'Public' Sex

Should the content features any nudity or other activity which might outrage the public decency, then the BBFC must be assured that the material in question was shot on private land with no public access or shot abroad. However, simulating the impression that it is in public is acceptable, fir example a vehicle with tinted windows. The key consideration that the material has not been created in the public eye.

'Age Play'

Anything which might 'encourage' incest or sex with children under the age of eighteen is absolutely unacceptable.
However school uniforms are acceptable presuming that there are no references to the performer pretending to be under eighteen; and participants clearly 'of legal age' and participating in a consensual adult role play


Sexual activities performed at gunpoint are unacceptable if it is "believable". This will depend on tone and believability. Basically if it looks like it could be a non-consensual activity then it is not acceptable.

Bondage and Restraint

Full bondage in conjunction with a gag is unacceptable, since there needs to be an obvious (to the viewer) means to signal to stop. Hence it is acceptable if not all four limbs are tied. Thus a means to indicate the withdrawal of consent must be visible to the viewer. For example full bondage and gagging would be acceptable if there is a safe signal which is defined as part of the scene.
Thus elements like artistic license, storyline and context become important. Hence a straightforward bondage scenario with no surrounding context is less likely to be acceptable than something with features a clearly signaled role play component.

BDSM Pain play

Acts which if copied by the uninitiated have the potential to cause injuries more than transient and trifling are extremely unlikely to be acceptable.
Only "moderate" pain play is acceptable. Thus reddening of the skin acceptable but no raised welts, blood and bruising are not.


Needles are more likely to be considered acceptable as they only cause transient and trifling injury similar to legal tattooing.

Facesitting as Breathing Restriction

Facesitting employed as a breathing restriction or any other form of smothering is unacceptable. However, facesitting without breathing restriction is acceptable. There is no flexibility on this. The airways must remain open. Apparently the rationale for this distinction is that men trying this at home might die.


Ballbusting may be acceptable, depending on the level. OFCOM recommend submitting clips in question for review. It will come down to definition of moderate pain and whether viewers at home are likely to sustain serious injury if they try it at home. Hence ball-yanking is not acceptable; whereas controlled ball stretching is acceptable.


This will depend on the surface upon which the person is being trampled on.

Urethral Sounds

The insertion of urethral sounds is acceptable presuming that they are not inserted so far in as to enter the bladder; and that appropriate sterile and safety considerations are taken such as the use of lubricant and gloves.

Insertion of objects like buttplugs

The insertion of other objects is acceptable presuming that it is clear that they couldn't get stuck. Hence the use of buttplugs is acceptable. Hence a clip of a mobile phone vanishing up an anus would not be acceptable, despite being a spoof, on the basis that people might try it at home.

Power Tools

The use of power tools is unacceptable, since most people have one lying around at home. However purpose designed "fucking-machines" are acceptable. The test in question is the 'association with violence'.


Head-scissoring is acceptable, presuming that it is gentle. However, if it is seen to be pushing on the carotid restricting blood flow then it is not acceptable. Hence, choking sounds or reddening of face as a result are not acceptable. As soon as any pressure is exerted it would be considered a choke hold and therefore not acceptable.


Wrestling is acceptable only if knockout moves are not deployed. Facesitting and seemingly non gentle scissoring are not acceptable.


Gagging on cock and deep throat are acceptable if not for the whole scene. However, language of the 'gag on my cock' variety is unacceptable due to the reference to choking.


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