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Escalating Trivia into a Serious Offence...

Ludicrous issues caused by commonplace Simpsons jokey cartoon porn

Link Here26th December 2012

A victim of the Dangerous Pictures Act  has admitted breaking a court order by looking at cartoon porn images of The Simpsons on his phone.

Scott Wright viewed the jokey photoshopped footage of Lisa and Bart Simpson after it was sent to his mobile by a friend. But Wright, was banned from using an internet-enabled phone after previously pleading guilty to eleven charges of possessing extreme pornography.

Lisa Hardy, persecuting, said police found the device when they searched the room Wright was staying in in Lincoln. Wright admitted he had seen the images and asked for them to be sent to his phone.

The court heard Wright had been caught with a prohibited mobile phone on two earlier occasions and he was made the subject of a sexual offences prevention order which banned him from using a computer or other internet-enabled device unless it was fitted with censorship software approved by Lincolnshire Police.

Sunil Khanna, mitigating, said Wright did not view the footage of The Simpsons in a sexual manner and regarded it as a joke.

Wright pleaded guilty to three charges of breaking a sexual offences order and one charge of breaching a youth rehabilitation order between December 2011 and October this year.

He was sentenced to two years supervision and ordered to complete a 30 day activity program. Passing sentence Judge Michael Heath warned Wright he could have no complaint if he was sent to jail.



Comment: Dangerous Comics in Italy...

Berlusconi needs to watch the Dangerous Cartoons Act

Link Here19th August 2012

A quick e-mail from holiday. Earlier today I was in the local branch of Mondadori, Italy's biggest bookshop chain and publisher - think Waterstone's and Harper Collins combined - owned by Silvio Bunga Bunga Berlusconi. Among the special offers was a little volume called XXX Manga (A quick look on reveals all, but be wary of looking at it in the UK, since it shows the front cover.)

This book, freely on sale in mainstream high street and online booksellers in Italy, presents a few erotic manga stories, with speech bubble in Italian translation. Since the artists follow the usual Japanese manga convention of showing characters with young-looking faces, I am pretty sure that it would fall foul of the Dangerous Cartoons Act. The same point was made about a painting of the ukiyo-e school which sold for a few hundred thousand bucks in New York, and showed a multitasking young mum looking after a toddler while engaged in vigorous sexual congress. The picture therefore showed sexual activity in the presence of a child and would fall foul of the DCA.

I wonder when politicians are going to realise what a hole they're digging with their kneejerk authoritarianism. In the recent urethral sounding/fisting case, they ended up throwing one of their own to the wolves. And even the best reactions to the disgraceful Pussy Riot persecution from British politicians - I have in mind Kerry McCarthy - have been somewhat muted by their realisation that similar actions could be classified as crime in other countries too. ( Of course, if it happened in Westminster Abbey we wouldn't have a political trial like Putin. Oh dearie me, no.




Swedish Supreme Court dismisses Japanese manga porn charges

Link Here16th June 2012

Japanese manga comics depicting children in sexual poses are not child pornography, Sweden's Supreme Court has ruled, overturning a high-profile conviction of a Swedish translator.

In a ruling issued on Friday, the court acquitted Simon Lundstrom, who had been found guilty of child pornography crimes by two lower courts before appealing his case to Sweden's highest court.

According to the Supreme Court's ruling, the drawings are pornographic and they do portray children. However, because the cartoons represent imaginary figures there is no way they could be mistaken for real children.

The criminalization of possession of the drawings would otherwise exceed what is necessary with regard to the purpose which has led to the restriction on freedom of expression and freedom of information, the court said in a statement.


18th February   

Of Great Concern...

Cartoon porn implicated in US murder case
Link Here

The Olympia, Washington, father who murdered his two boys with a hatchet, then burned down his house in an explosive inferno apparently had a collection of cartoon porn.

Utah authorities investigating the unsolved 2009 disappearance of Josh Powell's wife knew of 400 pornographic images that Powell kept on his computer. According to a psychologist's official findings, the images were of great concern and suggested a more penetrating psychological evaluation of Josh Powell was needed before granting him access to his children.

That evaluation was never to be. Just six days after Powell's psychologist went on record, Powell killed himself after murdering his two young sons.

Many of the images recovered from Powell's computer depicted popular cartoon characters in sexual situations and provocative poses. The cartoons that turned up in Powell's collection included Rugrats, Dennis the Menace and SpongeBob SquarePants, according to the Washington Post.


15th January

 Offsite: It's Obscene!...

Link Here
Full story: Obscenity in the UK...Gay fisting, urolagnia and BDSM found not obscene by jury
Podcast with lawyers and campaigners discussing impact of the R v Peacock obscenity acquittal

See article from

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