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UK Internet Censorship

2023: April-June

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Over blocking will be the Netflix response to new UK censorship laws for streaming...

Netflix said it will remove content from its UK service just in case it may fall foul of the UK government's new laws allowing streaming services to be censored to the same standards as broadcast TV

Link Here31st May 2023
Full story: UK Internet TV censorship ...UK catch-up and US internet streaming
Netflix has said it may have to to pre-emptively remove movies and TV shows from its UK library to avoid breaching new internet censorship laws being introduced by the British government.

UK ministers are pushing for the internet censor, Ofcom, to be able to censor streaming services in a similar way to which it already does for traditional broadcasters.

The Media Bill states that major streamers must consider impartiality in the context of contemporary events, pointing specifically to current public policy and matters of political or industrial controversy.

In a submission to UK Parliament's Culture, Media and Sport Committee, Netflix addressed the plans to introduce due impartiality rules, calling the draft legislation nebulous and potentially onerous for services to enforce. There were still a number of areas where it would welcome greater clarity.

Netflix said staying on the right side of the proposed rule would require it to keep its giant catalogue of content under continual review, ensuring that it is removing titles on a regular basis regardless of when a show or film premiered.

The range and variety of Netflix's content, generally considered a strength of our offering in terms of maximising choice for British viewers, could equally become a potential source of risk from a compliance perspective if it fell within Ofcom's remit, it said.

Without considerably greater clarity around the scope and application of these provisions, it would inevitably be easier to remove content pre-emptively from our UK catalogue than risk an onerous compliance burden and potential liability.



Offsite Article: The UK's tortured attempt to censor the internet, explained...

Link Here 4th May 2023
Full story: Online Safety Bill...UK Government legislates to censor social media
The bill aims to make the country the safest place in the world to be online but has been mired by multiple delays and criticisms that it's grown too large and unwieldy to please anyone

See article from



Streams of censorship...

The government outlines plans to extend TV censorship rules to streaming services

Link Here10th April 2023
Full story: UK Internet TV censorship ...UK catch-up and US internet streaming

The draft Media Bill will include measures bringing mainstream video-on-demand (VoD) services consumed in the UK - such as Netflix and Disney+ - under a new Ofcom content code, to protect audiences from a wider range of harmful material - such as misleading health claims. The latest research from Ofcom indicates that traditional 'linear' TV viewing - where viewers watch programmes broadcast at a scheduled time usually via terrestrial or satellite - is down more than 25% since 2011, and 68% among 16-24s.

Culture Secretary Lucy Frazer said:

Technology has revolutionised the way people enjoy TV and radio. The battle to attract and retain audiences has never been more fierce. British content and production is world leading but changes to viewing habits have put traditional broadcasters under unprecedented pressure.

These new laws will level the playing field with global streaming giants, ensuring they meet the same high standards we expect from public service broadcasters and that services like iPlayer, All4 and ITVX are easy to find however you watch TV.

The Media Bill will level the playing field between public service broadcasters and video-on-demand services. For the first time, UK-focused mainstream VoD services will be brought under rules similar to those that already apply to linear TV. It will mean that UK audiences, especially children, are better and more consistently protected from harmful material.

VoD viewers will now be able to formally complain to Ofcom, and the Bill will strengthen Ofcom's duty to assess audience protection measures on VoDs such as age ratings and viewer guidance. Ofcom will have more robust powers to investigate and take action to enforce standards if they consider it appropriate, including issuing fines of up to 250,000 and - in the most serious and repeated cases - restricting a service's availability in the UK.

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