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Offsite Article: No Time to Die...

Link Here21st March 2023
Movie-Censorship details all the ITV cuts for the recent broadcast of the Bond film

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Offsite Article: The Guardian recommends...

Link Here8th February 2023
A reboot of Fawlty Towers...An anti-woke nightmare!

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Offsite Article The Living Daylights...

Link Here25th January 2023
Movie details ITV cuts from a recent TV screening

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A family version of James Bond...

ITV broadcasts a cut version of No Time to Die

Link Here3rd January 2023
Thanks to Jon who writes:

I Just watched NO TIME TO DIE which premiered on ITV1 - New Year's Day between 8pm-11:05pm.

There were a fair few edits, mostly to remove the strongest elements of the violence e.g.

  • deaths of people during the testing of Heracles in the Cuba bar/party sequence,

  • the killing of the innocent scientists when Heracles is initially stolen,

  • the finale had minor trims made, when Bond is infected.

The strong language was all gone. All swearing was removed, bar one use of shit and one use of bloody.

The early romance scene at the beginning of the film in the pre-titles sequence between Bond and Madeleine, demonstrating their new married life, was toned down a little to make it less racy, as that aired pre-watershed.

And I'm sure the finale, featuring the island going up in flames and Bond's death, was faded-out early, just as he gives his final speech to Madeleine.

Lastly, the credits were crushed to a tiny size (1/6th of the screen size) and sped-up hugely, during the first part, where all the cast are listed, and then put back to full-size, when all the technical crew started.

The cuts weren't noticeable, unless you'd seen the complete version in cinemas or on home viewing formats. And if you didn't know it was cut, then you'd wonder why it had a 12A rating, as it all seems fairly tame.

The sound also seemed to be less crunchy in the fights. So not sure if that was toned-down, or if it just seemed less impactful on TV, than in a cinema with surround sound systems.

Still, this is ITV1 we're talking about, and I still think that they see themselves as moral guardians of family values, like they did in the 1990's and 2000's. So is it that surprising they've cut this film? Not really! Should we have really expected anything less?! (Rhetorical)

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