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2022: July-Sept

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Ofcom picks seemingly as a start point to enforce ID verification requirements for adult content

Link Here30th September 2022
Full story: Ofcom Video Sharing Censors...Video on Demand and video sharing is streaming service along the lines of OnlyFans that allows models to provide adult streaming videos and other content to subscribing fans.

Ofcom have announced that they are investigating the company for failing to provide Ofcom with information as to how they are implementing  Age/ID verification ('protecting users' in Ofcom speak).

Ofcom writes:

Ofcom has been the regulator of UK established video sharing platforms (VSPs) since November 2020. Earlier this year, Ofcom issued a number of information requests to VSPs to obtain information on the measures taken by VSPs to protect users.

On 29 September 2022, Ofcom opened an investigation into Tapnet Ltd, which provides the VSP RevealMe.

This investigation concerns Tapnet's compliance with an information request notice, issued on 6 June 2022 under section 368Z10 of the Communications Act 2003. Tapnet was required to respond to the Notice by no later than 4 July 2022. As of 29 September 2022, Tapnet had not provided a response to the Notice.

The Notice explained that the reason for requesting the information was to understand and monitor the measures VSPs have in place to protect users and to publish a report under section 368Z11 of the Act.

Ofcom's investigation will examine whether there are reasonable grounds for believing that Tapnet has failed to comply with its statutory duties in relation to Ofcom's information request. Ofcom will provide updates on this page as we progress this investigation.



Self identified 'harms'...

Ofcom publishes report seemingly trying categorise or classify these 'harms' and associated risks with view to its future censorship role

Link Here25th September 2022
Full story: Online Safety Bill...UK Government legislates to censor social media
Ofcom writes:

The Online Safety Bill, as currently drafted, will require Ofcom to assess, and publish its findings about the risks of harm arising from content that users may encounter on in-scope services, and will require in-scope services to assess the risks of harm to their users from such content, and to have systems and processes for protecting individuals from harm.

Online users can face a range of risks online, and the harms they may experience are wide-ranging, complex and nuanced. In addition, the impact of the same harms can vary between users. In light of this complexity, we need to understand the mechanisms by which online content and conduct may give rise to harm, and use that insight to inform our work, including our guidance to regulated services about how they might comply with their duties.

This report sets out a generic model for understanding how online harms manifest. This research aimed to test a framework, developed by Ofcom, with real-life user experiences. We wanted to explore if there were common risks and user experiences that could provide a single framework through which different harms could be analysed. There are a couple of important considerations when reading this report:

  • The research goes beyond platforms' safety systems and processes to help shed broader light on what people are experiencing online. It therefore touches on issues that are beyond the scope of the proposed online safety regime.

  • The research reflects people's views and experiences of their online world: it is based on people self- identifying as having experienced 'significant harm', whether caused directly or indirectly, or 'illegal content'. Participants' definitions of harmful and illegal content may differ and do not necessarily align with how the Online Safety Bill, Ofcom or others may define them.



On the naughty step...

Ofcom fines Studio 66 TV for naughty words on daytime TV

Link Here23rd August 2022
Full story: Babe Channels...Ofcom have it in for free to air babe channels
Ofcom has fined 965 TV Limited after an investigation found that it had failed to comply with advertising rules on its Studio 66 TV service.

On five dates in March and April 2021, Studio 66 TV featured material which included sexually explicit language and behaviour. Ofcom found that the advertisements were capable of causing widespread offence and had the potential to harm or distress children.

Ofcom has imposed a financial penalty of 15,000 on the licensee 965 TV Limited.

The Breach Decisions noted that the material found in breach of Rules 4.2 and 23.3 included presenters using sexually explicit language which, on several occasions, appeared to be in response to a sex toy, not shown on screen, that had been remotely activated by viewers. This content was broadcast during the daytime between 17:10 and 20:16. The advertising was broadcast at 21:00 and again included the use of sexually explicit language as well as the presenter exposing her breasts on three occasions before 22:00, in contravention of the Chat Service Guidance.

Rule 23.3 of the BCAP Code prohibits the advertising of telecommunications-based sexual entertainment services before 9pm and after 5.30am.

Rule 4.2 of the BCAP Code requires that advertisements do not contain material that causes serious or widespread offence

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