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2010: Oct-Dec

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14th November   

Extreme Injustice...

Happy Go Lucky young man becomes victim of extreme porn prosecution
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A 20 year old who had films of indecent sex acts on his laptop was just a normal, happy-go-lucky young man who downloaded them out of curiosity, a court was told.

Nicholas Price admitted possessing eight movie clips which were deemed extreme pornography at Flintshire Magistrates Court. But his solicitor Huw Roberts said it had simply been curiosity rather than any deep-seated problem. They were not sexually motivated at all, he explained.

Price had earlier been with a group of friends in a pub and they had similar footage on their mobile phones for a laugh . That may seem odd but it is quite a common phenomena, he said.

Prosecutor Matthew Ellis told how on February 17 this year police executed a search warrant at Price's then home address and three laptops were seized. On one of them were the images shown in the charges.

Price was placed on a 12-month community order under which he must carry out 155 hours of unpaid work and was additionally punished with the court seizure and destruction of the computer containing the movie clips.


17th October   

Extreme Punishment...

Throwing the book at a man caught with 9 animal porn images
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A man found in possession of a few extreme animal porn images has been made the subject of a Sex Offences Prevention Order.

Magistrates made the interim Sopo after deciding their powers of sentencing were insufficient to deal with John Reynolds.

The man pleaded guilty to nine charges of possessing images which were grossly offensive, disgusting or otherwise of an obscene character . All were said to feature sexual acts involving dogs.

Persecutor Tracey Willingham told the court Reynolds was arrested in September 2009 on suspicion of having committed another offence not proceeded with.

During a search of his home two laptops and five memory sticks were seized, and the obscene images were found on one of the memory sticks. When interviewed Reynolds was obstructive and evasive and told police he did not know how the images came to be there.

The Sopo prohibits Reynolds from having access to software or hardware except at his place of work or under supervision.

He will be sentenced on November 11.


5th October   

Extreme Case...

Trial of John Maden reveals his use of violent child porn
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Unemployed John Maden lured his 12-year-old niece, Tia Rigg, to his home on the pretext of babysitting, but he drugged her and acted out his fantasies on the unsuspecting youngster, inflicting a horrific catalogue of sexual injuries before stabbing her and strangling her with a guitar wire.

Passing sentence, Mr Justice Keith said that in his case the mandatory life sentence for murder must mean just that and he will never be released.

The judge said: It is inescapable that Tia Rigg died because you decided to realise your fantasies about torturing and killing a young child. The fact that you chose your 12-year-old niece, who had put her trust in you, makes what you did all the more unspeakable, as was the fact that all of this was planned by you and you lured her into your home by pretending you wanted her to babysit for you.

The Daily Mail picked up the porn angle and wrote:

A man obsessed with violent child porn and snuff videos was today jailed for life for the torture, rape and murder of his 12-year-old niece.

Maden had become obsessed with violent porn he downloaded from the internet, the court heard.

n the year or so prior to April this year, the defendant had developed what can properly be described as an obsessive interest in images and literature relating to paedophilia, rape and torture. He had an extensive library of such materials which included literature dealing with methods of killing.

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