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Lap Dancing in Leicester

Arbitrary moralist limits


Updated: Fun Resumes...

Miserable Leicester councils refuse lap dancing licence over claims of customers being allowed to touch dancers but the club continues pending an appeal

Link Here2nd February 2016
Miserable councillors in Leicester have refused a lap dancing license renewal over claims that customers were having too much fun.

Angels, in New Park Street, off Braunstone Gate, could now face closure after having its application for a renewed sexual entertainment licence rejected by Leicester City Council because it strippers were touching and fondling customers in an intimate and sexual manner.

Members of the council's licensing committee made the ruling after viewing CCTV footage obtained by police during a raid on the club on December 5.

Council licensing team manager Bobby Smiljanic whinged:

I was shown CCTV by the police which showed performers and members of the public clearly touching and fondling in an intimate and sexual manner.

She said the footage also showed strippers straddling customers - another forbidden practice.

The club is now considering appealing against the refusal at magistrates court. It has 21 days to lodge an appeal and can stay open until then and until any such hearing concludes.

Update: Fun Resumes

2nd February 2016. See  article from

Angels is now challenging Leicester City Council's refusal to grant it a licence. It means the club can remain open until the court proceedings have ended which could take months or weeks.



Updated: Whatever will the customers of the Christian gift shop think?...

Baby Blue table dancing club applies to re-open in Leicester

Link Here1st March 2014
Moralists and miserablists are opposing a plan to re-open a table-dancing club in New Bond Street, Leicester. Unable to voice their moralism, they have resorted to ludicrous claims that it would bring anti-social behaviour and litter to their street.

Their objections will be heard tomorrow when a panel of councillors decide whether to grant the club, called Baby Blue, a sexual entertainment venue licence. The council's current policy is to allow five such clubs to operate in the city centre area, and there are currently three.

Baby Blue was operating as a lap-dancing club until two years ago when a committee of councillors refused to grant it a licence, citing inappropriate location.

New owner Kiran Parmar has now applied to permission to re-open it. He said that the venue would be well run and would not cause any nuisance to neighbours.

Inevitably locals are scraping the barrel for reasons to oppose the application.  Owners of Brucciani's cafe have come up with a gem:

The locality is in the heart of the city with some residential flats, a cafe, a restaurant, a dress shop, a barbers and a retailer of religious goods. The religious goods retailer attracts those looking for religious artefacts and gifts to celebrate family festivals and events, a clientele likely to find a venue such as Baby Blue offensive and off-putting.

You'd think a Christian gift shop would welcome the club. they could then sell loads of religious knick knacks to ward off the 'evil spirits'.

Update: Licence granted

1st March 2013. See  article from

A businessman has been granted a licence to open a lap-dancing club, despite neighbours' trivial objections. Kiran Parmar was yesterday granted the licence under a system introduced three years ago to control the number of sex establishments in Leicester.

Committee chairman Councillor John Thomas said after the hearing:

We dealt with the application on its merits. We felt the person s applying for the licence was a fit and proper person.There are 28 conditions which govern the running of these venues and we are satisfied the applicant will observe them.



Update: Angels Re-winged...

Leicester Council rethinks its groundless ban on lap dancing club

Link Here25th December 2012

A strip club that was denied permission last year has now been allowed to open.

Leicester City Council have granted a sexual entertainment venue licence for Angels Gentlemen's Club in New Park Road.

Last year, a similar application from the company, KN Leisure, to open the club between 8pm and 4am was rejected. The new application, which is for opening hours between midnight and 5am, was granted permission by city councillors sitting on a licensing enforcement sub-committee.

A strange absence of explanation in the newspaper 'reporting' considering the judical review alluded to in an  article from :

In what will probably turn out to be a very important decision Angels in Leicester has been granted an SEV after taking the council to judicial revue. This is the first of what I expect to be a large number of legal challenges pointing out the incompatibility of the new act with a number of EU rules designed to ensure an open market.



Update: Groomed for a Sex Free Life...

Leicester Council do their bit to make stag parties suitable for Miserable Britain

Link Here 6th July 2012

A lap dancing club has been given permission by magistrates to perform so-called Stag on Stage sessions.

Spearmint Rhino went to court to challenge restrictions put in place by miserable Leicester City Council's new licensing regime for sexual entertainment venues in the city.

Bosses of the club appealed against city council regulations prohibiting audience participation in performances.

Julian Skeens, representing Spearmint Rhino, said the provision of Stag on Stage sessions was standard practice in the industry. He told the court the session consisted of a bridegroom-to-be taken on to stage by a lap dancer and singled out for special attention. He said:

It's the case of a young man on his stag night who agrees to do something he's a bit embarrassed about the next day. It's almost de rigeur. It is a bit of harmless fun.

Absolutely no sexual activity. Some titillation, yes, some fun with it, we certainly hope so. That's why Spearmint Rhino is the world's largest lap-dancing empire.

Mike Broster, head of miserableness at Leicester City Council, told the court the regulations were in place to try to protect people. He said the regulations were also deigned to try to ensure there would be no sexual activity within lap dancing clubs.

Chairman of the bench Margaret Bowler said Stag on Stage sessions should be allowed as long as certain rules were adhered to. These include that the customer should be fully dressed, the lap dancer should be dressed and there should be no touching by either party.


24th December

Update: In the Lap of Moralists...

Leicester Council closes down 3 lap dancing clubs citing bollox about location

Three lap dancing clubs in Leicester will not be granted new licences after a city council decision.

Lap dancing at the Baby Blue, Panache and Angels clubs is being stopped supposedly because their locations are not considered 'appropriate'.

Platinum Lace in Abbey Street and Spearmint Rhino in Belgrave Gate will be allowed to continue to operate.

The three clubs will only be allowed to stay open if they change their shows so they do not include sexual entertainment , the council said.

Panache is considered close to residential properties in Yeoman Street. Angels is close to community facilities being built by a university, while Baby Blue, in New Bond Street, is close to a shopping centre.

Update: Legal Action

23rd May 2012. See  article from

A lap-dancing club refused a licence to continue featuring sexual performances has won an appeal against part of the decision.

An application for a sexual event venue licence made by businessman Krzysztof Neumann, who runs Angels was rejected by the city council in December.

Councillors said they were concerned the application was being made on behalf of former owner Jagdeep Singh Bhader, someone to whom they would not grant a licence. They also claimed the location was not appropriate given that a sports centre was being built by De Montfort University in nearby Dun's Lane.

At a hearing this week, Leicester magistrates overturned the first part of the ruling and ordered the council to pay 5,000 in costs.

However, a decision on the location appeal has to be made by a high court judge, which is not likely until September. Until the outcome of the second part of the appeal, Mr Neumann is unable to re-employ dancers, but is able to trade as a hostess club.


9th December

Comment: A Degree in Morality Bollox...

University is building leisure centre near lap dancing club and now wants the council to close the club because it is soon to be near a community facility

Two Leicester lap dancing clubs are facing objections to their applications for licences.

There are currently five such clubs running in the city and their applications are to be discussed by Leicester City Council's licensing committee next week. Council officials have recommended licences be granted to three of the clubs after they received no complaints about them.

De Montfort University has objected to a licence being granted for Angels in New Park Street because it is opposite to where its new leisure centre is currently being built, in Dun's Lane. It says it wants the new centre to be used by the wider community as well as students and it does not want it to be near a lap dancing club.

A university spokesman spewed:

The proximity of the Angels Club to the entrance of the new leisure centre causes the potential for conflicting uses and heightens the possibility of sensitivities arising between the users of each building. For this reason, the university objects to the application for a sexual entertainment licence in this location.

One Angels Club customer pointed out:

I'm not sure it is fair that the club has been there for years and the university hasn't finished building the sports centre yet but it is still objecting. If the university doesn't like the fact they are near a lap dancing club, they should have built their sports centre somewhere else.

Residents in Yeoman Street, near Panache, have conjured a similarly spurious objection. One nutter from the Fabric building block of flats next to the club, wrote:

The venue currently functions as a lap dancing club which, in itself, is not ideal in a residential area. Although the venue is in the town centre, residential properties have been built directly next door and in close proximity to the venue.

City council's licensing team manager Rachel Hall said:

Our new licensing policy for sex entertainment venues says they should not be in areas near residential properties or community facilities. Of course, it will be down to the councillors to decide whether to grant any of the licences.

Comment: De Mented University

9th December 2011. From Alan

This is utterly ridiculous. Hasn't De Mented University got anything better to do? You get the same kind of idiocy from people who move into red light areas and then whinge about the tarts. Come to think of it, there also the pillocks who move in opposite a fourteenth century church and then moan that their Sunday morning lie-in is disturbed by loud clanging noises from the bell tower.


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