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Lap Dancing in London

Predictable nutter outrage throughout London


Offsite Article: Inappropriate practices...

Link Here8th October 2020
Full story: Lap Dancing in London...Predictable nutter outrage throughout London
Strip club boss used hidden cameras to expose licensing breaches at rival venues'

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Morality department...

Selfridges department store in Mayfair objects to a lap dancing club licence application

Link Here3rd September 2020
Full story: Lap Dancing in London...Predictable nutter outrage throughout London
Selfridges is fighting plans to open a strip club directly opposite its new entrance. The department store has objected to an application for a club in Duke Street.

Electshow Ltd, which ran lap dancing venue the Mayfair Club in Dover Street, has applied to Westminster council to turn the existing Blush club into a gentleman's bar offering full nudity, striptease and pole-dancing between 9pm and 6am Monday to Saturday. The Mayfair Club closed in December when the lease ran out.

At a meeting last week, Selfridges QC told Westminster's licensing committee that a strip club has no place here. He argued:

Selfridges needs no introduction. It is an iconic retail store, one of the anchor retail stores of the West End of London and acts as a magnet for visitors.

My clients have spent five years and £300million on a redevelopment of the Duke Street facade to transform it from the rather modest services side of the building to a fine piece of architecture in its own right.

This proposal for a lap dancing club is entirely inimical to the character of this area. It has no place here... This is not [an application] for a corner store. It's a 6am sexual entertainment venue licence and nightclub in a highly sensitive location. It has attracted a large amount of objections.

Westminster council is expected to publish its decision this week.



Updated: AstrayCats...

SophistiCats in Euston is closed on police and trading standards recommendations

Link Here31st January 2020
Full story: Lap Dancing in London...Predictable nutter outrage throughout London
SophistiCats is located at 34/38 Eversholt St, Euston, London

When one man woke up last February to find a credit card charge of £50,000 for a lap dancing club he was too drunk to remember visiting, he contacted the police, who launched an investigation into possible criminal behaviour and recommended the venue loses its licence.

The club in Euston could lose its Sexual Entertainment Venues (SEV) licence next week after the Metropolitan Police and Camden Trading Standards both recommended it is not renewed by Camden Council on January 9.


Update: Licence revoked

31st January 2020. See article from

Barrister Robert Cohen, representing the Met police, said officers had noticed startling similarities between various alleged incidents at the club. He told the council licensing committee that it is likely performers were encouraging alcohol consumption with a view of extracting money from those customers. He said the fact of irresponsible supply of alcohol was irrefutable, and added: It is about as far away from good practice in a licensed premises as possible.

The council duly revoked the club's licence.



The Red Rooms...

Lap dancing closed after serious stabbing incident

Link Here24th December 2019
Full story: Lap Dancing in London...Predictable nutter outrage throughout London
The Red Rooms Gentlemen's Club in London's Holborn has been closed by the council after a serious stabbing incident in the club.

Camden councillors voted to suspend the club's licence with immediate effect. A review will be held within 28 days.



Moralism and agist policies from Ealing Council...

Councillors want to ban lap dancing after closing down LA Confidential

Link Here 15th September 2019
Full story: Lap Dancing in London...Predictable nutter outrage throughout London
Moralist councillors in Ealing want to stop handing out sexual entertainment venue licences because they do not support 'their' vision for the borough and the night-time economy.

It comes after the borough's only lap dancing club was stripped of its licence following an inspection last June, when an undercover council officer said a dancer offered to perform a sex act on them in exchange for cash.

During the visit to LA Confidential inspectors were told that, for £100, they could go into a private room for a lap dance where they could touch the naked dancers and let the women touch them, claimed the council. They also said they found a 20-year-old dancer working at the club, flouting the council's minimum age policy of 21.

The club in Ealing High Street closed its doors last month following an extended legal battle with the council over the licensing decision.



More videoing without consent...

Not Buying It feminists target Spearmint Rhino

Link Here 18th May 2019
Full story: Lap Dancing in London...Predictable nutter outrage throughout London
Camden council is looking into claims against Spearmint Rhino by the Not Buying It feminsit group which sent in two former police detectives to gather video evidence in February.

The two investigators claim they were straddled by dancers who touched themselves intimately. One of the men said he was told he could touch dancers sexually if they paid an extra £20.

No word on whether Camden Council will be investigating videoing without consent.



Offsite Article: Strippers don't need to be saved...

Link Here 9th February 2018
Full story: Lap Dancing in London...Predictable nutter outrage throughout London
A former stripper at the Windmill Club confronts the feminists trying to shut it down.

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Commented: Ground down...

London's Windmill lap dancing club closed down after feminists hired private eyes to snitch on touching in private dances

Link Here17th January 2018
Full story: Lap Dancing in London...Predictable nutter outrage throughout London

Westminster Council has shut down the Windmill table dancing club after an anonymous feminist group hired private detectives to snitch on no touch rules being broken for private dnances.

The club has 21 days to appeal.

The Windmill is a relic of the area's colourful past as it was previously the venue hosted a long running erotic show.

The Sun visited The Windmill this week to find its glory days are long gone. Low lighting hides stained carpets and scuffed leather seats. On the stage, Eastern European dancers swayed moodily to music. The Sun noted that a private dance costs £40, and a bottle of Becks beer £8.

Offsite Comment: putting women out of work is about the most un-feminist thing possible.

17th January 2018. See article from

I've been dancing in strip clubs since 2006, and I query the method and motives behind campaigns to shut down clubs. Closing down a venue may feel like a victory to those who champion the abolition of the industry, but taking work away from women relying on it is tantamount to taking food from our mouths. Thousands of girls who otherwise have less value in the wider job market (foreign nationals, single mums, anyone with any sort of disadvantaged background) are turning to stripping and other forms of sex work to survive. According to the English Collective of Prostitutes, record numbers have moved into the sex industry under austerity, which disproportionately affects women, particularly single mothers. In fact, putting women out of work is about the most un-feminist thing possible.

... Read the full article from

Update: The Soho Society

9th February 2018. See article from

The move  against Windmill Club came after a women's rights group complained the club was breaching conditions banning physical contact between dancers and clients.

The group had hired former police officers to collect evidence and one of them described how a dancer rubbed herself up and down on him and touched him intimately. He also said the dancer paid the security guard 2£10 to look the other way.

The Soho Society said it was concerned women working for the Windmill may end up in a working environment where they are even more vulnerable than they are at present.



Update: In the lap of the public...

Westminster Council to consult with the public to decide how to punish a lap dancing club that offered too much fun

Link Here 15th October 2016
Full story: Lap Dancing in London...Predictable nutter outrage throughout London
A flagship London West End lap dancing club is in trouble with the local council for offering a little too much fun.

Platinum Lace at Trocadero just off Leicester Square boasts on its website of entertaining the likes of Pixie Lott, Professor Green, Snoop Dogg, David Haye and a host of Premier League footballers.

It hit the headlines earlier this year after a video emerged of two of its dancers encouraging customers to fondle them. And this week, the miserable bosses at Westminster City Council have announced a course of action.

The Council will put questions about their enforcement action in a public consultation and have now confirmed the venue had its licence temporarily extended ahead of the results of the consultation. When the public have had their say, the council's licensing committee will re-visit the application and decided whether consultation to close the club down or not.

An undercover investigation into practices at the club revealed a number of the dancers openly breaking the council regulations, including two dancers called Mindy and Carla , who were covertly filmed allowing customers to grope them in VIP booths. Further footage, shot in December, shows a blonde dancer called Mindy also placing a customer's hands all over her body at the London venue.

A team of officers from Westminster City Council reviewed video evidence and spoke with club bosses after the evidence surfaced earlier this year.



Update: A Touch of Repression...

Westminster Council misery guts investigate too much fun at Platinum Lace lap dancing club

Link Here8th January 2016
Full story: Lap Dancing in London...Predictable nutter outrage throughout London
One of London's favourite celebrity lap-dancing clubs is being investigated over a miserable claim some of its dancers are offering too much fun by breaking repressive no touching laws.

Platinum Lace which is popular with high profile stars is being probed by Westminster City Council over claims of impropriety surrounding their glamorous lap dancers. A number of their girls have allegedly allowed themselves to be touched by male customers in their VIP booths during dances which are offered at a minimum of £20 a time.

A spokeswoman for Westminster City Council confirmed that they were investigating the claims, saying: Our licensing team has reviewed the video evidence and will be contacting the venue to discuss.



Any old bollox excuse...

Ealing Council rejects lap dancing licence for new club in an industrial area

Link Here15th February 2015
Full story: Lap Dancing in London...Predictable nutter outrage throughout London
Not widely reported it appears, but an application for a new Table dancing club in Acton was rejected last week by Ealing Council on supposed grounds of 'locality'.

Ealing's policy for sex establishments only identifies Acton Town Centre as suitable for a club, and the residential districts as unsuitable.

Refusing a licence on grounds of being in an industrial area rather smacks of a morality decision, with only a nearby leisure centre as a straw to cling to.



Update: Clashing Horns...

London's Spearmint Rhino granted a table dancing licence after 11 months of wrangling

Link Here16th September 2014
Full story: Lap Dancing in London...Predictable nutter outrage throughout London
Spearmint Rhino survived a licensing scare as councillors rejected calls to shut down its flagship venue.

Moralist neighbours had urged the Town Hall to turn down the club's bid to renew its sexual entertainment licence on the supposed grounds that the club caused late-night disturbance and no longer fitted into the changing character of Bloomsbury.

But Camden's licensing committee agreed to allow the club to keep operating, until next month at least. Only one month as it had taken 11 months for last year's licensing process to complete.

Labour ward councillor Rishi Madlani had called for the application to be thrown out in full, with the bollox claim that Spearmint Rhino's operations did not fit into a planned overhaul of the city centre/ entertainment area which will see millions of pounds of investment and changes to road layouts.



Update: No CCTV in the Toilet Area...

Camden Council refuse a licence renewal for Spearmint Rhino table dancing club

Link Here 22nd March 2014
Full story: Lap Dancing in London...Predictable nutter outrage throughout London
One of London's flagship strip clubs could face closure after its licence was refused by Camden council.

Spearmint Rhino, the lap-dancing megaclub on Tottenham Court Road, was denied the renewal of its licence because of the large number of private booths for dances, which were prohibited by the authority's Sex Establishments Policy.

The council also expressed concern about the lack of CCTV in parts of the club, including the open areas of the toilets. The council said it was concerned that the club had an unwillingness to address this and what that implied .

Camden's director of Culture and Environment said that he thought, given the location on one of London's busiest shopping streets, the appropriate number of sexual entertainment venues in the area was zero but said that, as this was an existing premises, that was not the reason for the refusal.

Camden Council's spokesman told HuffPost UK that venue can continue to operate as normal until a decision letter is issued by the council, and then the venue then has 28 days to appeal.



Update: Councils Not Licensed to Impose Vice Taxes...

Tower Hamlets licensing committee throws out repressive adult entertainment policy that includes an immorality charge of 9k

Link Here 14th October 2013
Full story: Lap Dancing in London...Predictable nutter outrage throughout London
A plan to introduce repressive measures for existing table dancing clubs and a nil policy for new ones in the borough had been unanimously approved by cabinet members last month.

But the town hall's licensing committee has voted to reject the move.

The policy, were it adopted, would affect 11 clubs in the borough, making them subject to a £9,000 immorality fee when renewing licenses annually.

Tower Hamlets cabinet members had justified their recommendation to introduce a nil policy on new establishments by saying there are enough already, and neighbours had complained about them.

However Councillor Peter Golds, who is vice chair of the licensing committee, said members were mindful of the size of fees for clubs when rejecting the policy. He explained.:

We suggested the enormous raising of fees could leave us open to legal challenges. I think it was not so much a desire to reject the policy as to seek clarification.

However, he predicted the policy will be passed by full council later this month - despite the committee's decision.

In fact the High Court has just confirmed that councils are required under European law to set licence fees according to tie cost to administer them. It is not legal to use them to raise general revenue, nor to use them as some sort of immorality tax.



Update: Towering Repression...

Tower Hamlets proposes to ban all new adult businesses

Link Here18th September 2013
Full story: Lap Dancing in London...Predictable nutter outrage throughout London
Table dancing and strip clubs in the East End could be under threat if new proposals to ban them are given the go ahead.

A nil policy for new sex establishments was voted through by members of Tower Hamlets Council's cabinet last Thursday. But councillors say the 11 existing premises currently licensed as sexual entertainment venues will be able to carry on providing strip tease and lap dances.

Deputy mayor Cllr Ohid Ahmed claimed that the zero tolerance policy is a response to complaints by residents about sex clubs in the borough. However a recent public consultation did showed a lot of support for the adult businesses and certainly did not support a total ban on new businesses.

He insisted existing clubs would be allowed to continue providing lap dances and strip teases if they do not break conditions .

Gareth Hughes, of Jeffrey Green Russell solicitors, said:

When you get to the application for the licence they could very well find some spurious reason to refuse it, so I have concerns that the assurances given may not be enough.

Any lap dance venue would always be near a school, or a mosque or something like that. There's certainly a moral and religious objection to them, but no crime and disorder; otherwise police would have been involved in it, and they are not.

The policy must be ratified by the full council before being implemented.



Update: Max Ban with Min Reason...

Lambeth bans established lap dancing club. No reasons reported beyond complaints of 'there are people coming in and out' and 'unrecorded' complaints of noise

Link Here21st December 2012
Full story: Lap Dancing in London...Predictable nutter outrage throughout London

Lambeth councillors have turned down an application for a strip club at Max 2, on Brixton Road.

The move, by the licensing sub-committee, signals an end to six years as a lap dancing club which had been operating under older sexual entertainment legislation.

Cllr Jack Hopkins, member for Oval and also cabinet member for community safety spoke against the application on the grounds of women's safety. He told the Blog:

This is a fantastic victory for people power, and is in line with protecting girls and women against violence.

This sets out a stand that people can be in control of their local area.

A lawyer for owner Eduardo Gomes, told the meeting that Max 2 had been operating as a lap dancing club under the radar for six years and posed no threat to local residents. He said:

I understand the fear of residents, but we are modest and self-contained. We know our customers and we go hard on problem individuals.

The application was to provide sex shows and an adult cinema from 9pm until 4am Thursday to Saturday and until 2am on Wednesdays. The application was met with 160 letters of objection from local residents.

Presumably in the absence of any recorded complaints, opponents painted a picture of unrecorded complaints against the venue, and of thumping noise late at night.

Resident Lily Ryan-Collins claimed:

When I come home after dark I walk past Max 2 and there are people coming in and out. I get stared at as I walk by and it is very intimidating.

The opponents were also supported by lawyer Jon Payne, provided on a pro bono basis by the Christian Legal Centre.

Supposedly due to the late hour of proceedings, cllr Targett-Parker refused to give reasons for the refusal when she announced it, but said they would be forwarded to the applicant over Christmas.



Update: A Miserable City...

City of London nightclub fined for lap dancing without a licence

Link Here7th August 2012
Full story: Lap Dancing in London...Predictable nutter outrage throughout London

A City of London nightclub has been shut down under repressive new lap-dancing laws after its shows offered more fun than the usual.

The owners of Charlie's Bar, the only venue to offer lap-dancing in the Square Mile, were prosecuted for holding more lap-dancing nights in four months than it was allowed over the whole year.

The club near Tower Hill was refused a sex entertainment venue licence last year by the City of London Corporation, which claims such venues are damaging to women. It is allowed to hold 11 lap-dancing nights a year under an exemption to new laws making it illegal for sex entertainment venues to operate without a licence. But police discovered 14 were held in four months from September, with CCTV showing that some of the shows turned into rather more intimate and illegal sexual activity .

The bar has now had its premises licence revoked and its owners have been fined £ 31,500 for operating a sex entertainment venue without a licence in one of the first prosecutions of its kind. The manager also had his personal licence suspended for six months.

Edward Lord, miserable chairman of the City's licensing committee, spewed:

The corporation is determined to make the City a safe place to live, work and socialise. We will not tolerate licensed premises acting outside the law.


15th May

 Offsite Article Dancers Speak Out...

Report from public meeting re council ban on lap dancing and stripping in Tower Hamlets

See article from


8th April

Update: Islington Clears Gay Bar of Needing Sex Entertainment Licence...

Confirming the intricate web of PC bollox that adult entertainment is fine for gay guys but abhorrent for straight guys

A pioneering gay bar and the last gay venue left in the borough of Islington was set for a £ 14,000 licensing tax bill. Central Station in Wharfdale Road appealed against the ruling that it needs a sex establishment licence at a Town Hall hearing.

Owner Duncan Irvine says it has been caught up in the government's crackdown on pole dancing and lap dancing clubs and that while there is sexual contact at some of its club nights, this is not the same as striptease entertainment, which it no longer provides.

The bar hosts club nights iincluding fetish clubs such as bondage nights, a club for naked men and a club for foot fetishists. I don't deny that there is sexual contact at some of these clubs, but it is not in the same order as paid-for entertainment, he claimed. He added that the club nights are run by outside organisations who are independent of the bar.

And Islington's licensing committee duly decided that the bar didn't need a licence after all.

Irvine said:

It's a huge weight off my mind because it's something we have been really worried about. It's a lot of money to pay for nothing extra.

We wouldn't have had to close if forced to pay for a licence -- desperate times call for desperate measures and we would have found a way.


28th March

Update: Nobs and Nutters...

Flying Scotsman strip pub under threat in King's Cross
Four strip pubs and clubs in Kings Cross and Old Street are under threat from Islington Council.

Councillor Paul Convery had written a long letter opposing the application by The Flying Scotsman , in Caledonian Road, to renew its sex entertainment licence, arguing it would be detrimental to the regeneration of the area and reinforce the perception that King's Cross was an area to find drugs and sex.

He added that he had been contacted by Muslim and Christian constituents, who found the sex club abhorrent to their faith.

But he told the Tribune he was going to withdraw the objection after being assured by the owners that they intended to have sex entertainment for only another year or two before turning the bar into a gastro-type pub.

There's not a lot of future in these types of geezer pubs with nude dancing and fizzy beer, he spouted.

Islington's Town Hall's policy is to ban sex clubs altogether.

Several objections to the Platinum Bar, in Paul Street, Bunhill, have been lodged by residents, citing the usual bollox about nearby schools.

The Horns, in Old Street, has attracted opposition from nearby businesses. A financial company has claimed its women employees felt intimidated when walking past the club late at night.

For Your Eyes Only, in City Road, is also seeking to have its licence renewed, although no objections have been lodged.


9th March

Update: Piano Detuned...

Richmond lap dancing venue refused a sex entertainment licence

The Piano Lounge in Twickenham has had it's application for an lap dancing  license turned down by the council. understands that no appeal will be made and comments:

The club has closed for good and looks like it's got the dubious honour of being the first actual victim of the 2009 act, though in truth it's problems with the council predated the new act.


1st February

Update: Miserably PC...

Hetero fun banning Tower Hamlets Council in a PC dilemma as to whether also banning gay fun will be considered homophobic

Supporters of an East End gay pub are battling to stop it being included in a hit-list of sex entertainment establishments the council wants to close down.

Around 750 people have signed a petition to exempt the White Swan in Commercial Road from Tower Hamlets Council's plans to ban any venue from offering lap-dancing, pole-dancing or sex shows.

Campaigners, who first presented the petition in November, now accuse town hall chiefs of ignoring their concerns as they have had no response despite being told they should receive one within 28 days.

The White Swan's popular Wednesday nights sometimes feature male strippers but the campaign group is arguing there are no advertisements that could offend passersby and no prostitution or sexual activity of any kind .

Daryl Stafford, leading the campaign, said:

If we live in a truly multi-cultural society where people truly respect the lifestyles of others this simply would not happen. The venue has run its comedy male amateur strip night for 26 years without a single complaint.

And with a touch of 'I'm alright Jack', he added:

The legislation was originally set up to stop women being exploited and coerced into the sex trade... But there are no women involved in this. It's a men only night and stripping is voluntary."

Jack Gilbert, of LGBT group Rainbow Hamlets, said:

If they are making an argument that something is a social nuisance or has a history of causing anti-social behaviour and exploitation then the White Swan does not meet any of these criteria at all.

A council spokesprat said:

There was a record number of responses to the consultation and it was clear that residents felt strongly about the matter. No decision has been made in relation to which premises would be deemed to be sex establishments.

And with a particularly inept piece of politically correct confused thinking, Conservative group leader at Tower Hamlets, Peter Golds told BBC London:

I, like most reasonably minded people, have concerns about scantily clad women being exploited ....BUT... consenting adults looking for a laugh, a joke and comedy is not exploitation.


17th October

 Offsite: Lap Dancing and Morality...

A one sided debate about lap dancing in London's Tower Hamlets

See article from


5th August

Update: Moral Camden...

Miserable Camden Council proposes a 'nil policy' for new adult businesses

Camden Council is again consulting on its proposal to allow no new adult businesses in this London borough. This includes lap dancing clubs, sex shops, sex cinemas and burlesque shows if they get the slightest bit naughty.

The council summarises its stance in the consultation document:

The Council has considered the nature of its wards and the views expressed by consultees on its sex establishment licensing policy and has determined that the appropriate number of sex establishments of any kind in each of its wards is nil. Thus a presumption exists that any applications for a sex establishment licence in any of Camden's wards shall be refused save for in exceptional circumstances.


26th May

Nutter Objects...

Miserable MP campaigns for a nil policy for lap dancing in Bexley

Erith and Thamesmead MP Teresa Pearce launched a petition calling on Bexley council to set a sex policy such that the borough remains a lap dancing-free zone.

She claimed: Lap dancing clubs fuel a sexist culture in which it is acceptable to treat women as sex objects, not people, and areas surrounding the clubs can become 'no-go' areas for women. So it's time for Bexley to use its new powers and take action: introduce a 'zero' policy on sexual entertainment venues and ensure our community stays a lap dancing club-- free zone.

A spokesperson for Bexley council said: To set a 'nil quota' the authority must have a 'sex policy'. Bexley has decided at present not to have a policy. Setting a nil policy does not prevent applications being made or authorities having to consider such applications.

On March 29th 2011 Bexley Council dropped the price of a sex establishment licence from £ 22,537 to £ 8,995 after they carried out a study into licence charges. The EU Services Directive which came into affect on December 28, 2009, requires that councils only charge for the admin cost of the licence and the required inspections and not the enforcement work carried out on unlicensed businesses.

In Greenwich, a sex shop licence costs £ 20,360 while in Westminster it is £ 29,102.


14th April

A Very Square Mile...

City of London set to ban lap dancing

The City of London Corporation is proposing to ban all venues from staging lap dancing from September, claiming that it has a damaging impact on women.

Charlie's Bar near Tower Hill, the only remaining club in the City to offer lap dancing, is expected to be affected.

Under new legislation, such venues can be forced by councils to apply for a licence to continue operating. Charlie's Bar, which is thought to offer lap dancing for two hours once a week, would almost certainly be refused a licence if the Corporation's ban is confirmed by its policy resource committee.

Edward Lord, chairman of the licensing committee which recommended the ban, said there was a widely held view that this kind of normally male-only social activity serves to exclude women who work in financial services firms, or worse still makes them feel harassed and under-valued .

City workers said those who visited such venues would simply go to neighbouring areas, such as Westminster, where there is no ban.

Alex Smith from Southend, said: The new rules are a good thing but a lot of men won't think so : My niece is a dancer, she is treated well and they do get choices of what they do, but I don't agree with it.


6th December

Update: Police High on Nutter Complaints...

Richmond lap dancing under threat

Richmond police said they found traces of the class A drug in the toilets and saw one dancer dash into a cubicle and flush something away when officers raided the Piano Lounge, in King Street Parade, Twickenham.

Undercover detectives also claimed they saw physical contact between dancers and customers when they visited on September 17 this year.

Nutters have supposedly 'bombarded' Richmond Council with complaints and police will apply to the authority to revoke the club's licence.

The Piano Lounge's licence will be reviewed at a Richmond Council licensing committee meeting on Monday.

Update: Delayed Hearing

13th December 2010. Based on article from

Solicitor John Andrews, representing the Piano Lounge in King Street Parade, Twickenham, asked Richmond Council's licensing committee, which was due to discuss its future on Monday, to delay the hearing until January 20 next year.

Club owner Walter Angliss said the drug claims were absolute nonsense .

Update: Continuing

27th January 2011. See  article from

Piano Lounge has been saved from closure.

Owner Walter Angliss was hauled in front of Richmond Council's licensing sub-committee after Richmond Police officers claimed they found traces of the class A drug.

Dancers at the club were also alleged to have been spotted having physical contact with punters when undercover detectives visited the club in September.

Despite the usual objections from local nutters, who claimed the club was not suited to a residential area, councillors decided to allow Angliss to continue running the business - but slapped him with a three-month suspension and imposed additional licensing conditions.

Update: Further threat

13th March 2011. See  article from

It looks like the Piano Lounge in Twickenham is under further threat as Richmond council has decided on a nil policy for the borough.

Update: Fined

24th March 2011. See  article from

Walter Angliss appeared at Richmond Magistrates' Court after undercover police officers visited his club in September and saw a number of breaches. Dancers were found to be in physical contact with customers and each other and did not remain standing during their performances, as required. Angliss also admitted allowing Thai massages to take place without council permission.

He was today ordered to pay £ 5,765 by magistrates.

In January Richmond Council's licensing sub-committee suspended the club's licence for three months. Angliss has appealed the suspension and this will be heard on March 30.


7th November

Update: Extortionate Fees...

Hammersmith and Fulham set sex license fees at £16,688

Rrepressive new rules on sex shops and lapdancing clubs will force the operators to fork out more than £16,000 per year if they want to continue trading in the borough.

Changes to licensing rules agreed last week also give Hammersmith and Fulham Council greater power to close down venues which it feels are operating in inappropriate sites.

Sex establishments near residential areas, schools, nurseries, youth clubs, places of worship, leisure centres and community buildings could be refused a licence when new rules are adopted in April.

There are currently two venues in the borough which are classed as sex establishments – lapdancing club Secrets in Glenthorne Road, Hammersmith, and sex shop Simply Pleasure in Hammersmith Road, Olympia. Both will be allowed to continue running for one year, but must apply for a new licence within six months and will have to pay an annual fee of £16,688.

A council report said local residents will now have more opportunity to raise objections to sex establishments annually when the operators are forced to renew their licence.

Greg Smith, the council's resident services leader, said: [48] Residents have told us they do not want sex establishments opening in inappropriate places, such as in residential areas or near schools.

A public consultation was held between June and August, in which just 59 people took part. Of those, 48 felt it would be inappropriate to issue a licence near residential areas, schools or other places regularly used by children, and 39 said they should not be issued near a place of worship.

The presence of sex venues in the borough drew a mixed response from residents writing to the council. One woman of Carthew Road, Hammersmith, said: Since Secrets opened I have noticed fewer incidents of fights and scuffles in the street, vomit and blood on the pavement and noise in the later hours. The pubs which were on the site previously were rough pubs, with no doormen and much more hassling of women who pass by.

But another resident said: The licensing fee should be significantly higher than proposed, at least 40% of gross annual profits, adding: If ordinary people don't stand up for keeping their borough free from such business, then the atmosphere of our neighbourhoods will be determined not by decent families and businesses but by an ever-growing sleaze factor.

Tim Hemming, director of the Simply Pleasure chain, called the fee in Hammersmith and Fulham unacceptable and outrageous , with only the West End branch of the sex shop being charged more by its local council, Westminster. He said: What these councils are doing is exploiting us. They issue a renewable licence, visit our premises possibly once a year, have a look at it and charge us £16,000.


22nd February

Update: City Moralists...

Licence refused for lap dancing club near Holborn Circus

A lap-dancing club has been barred from opening off Holborn Circus because there are already too many in the area.

Plans to open a new 300-capacity gentleman's club called Blue Diamond with a 4.30am late licence have been thrown out.

Almost 100 irate nutters and businesses had objected to the plans claiming it would debase the reputation of Hatton Garden.

Numerous other lap-dancing and strip joints operate within a 500-metre radius - including neighbouring club Secrets as well as The Griffin, in Clerkenwell Road, and the Chatterbox and Venus nightspots in Farringdon Road.

Blue Diamond, off Holborn Circus, is the latest venture from For Your Eyes Only (FYEO), which opened Europe's biggest lap dancing venue in City Road in 2008.

It would have featured 30 private booths with customers paying £20 a time to have a fully naked female dancer gyrate for their pleasure for three minutes.

FYEO insists it operates a strict code of conduct that bans full body contact between customers and dancers and ensures private booths being are not fully curtained-off.

But Camden Council threw out the plans citing the cumulative effect of yet strip club opening and its impact on the quality of life of residents with nearby schools and churches .


7th February

Update: Antisocial Uxbridge...

Lap dancing banned from West Drayton pub

Lap dancers will not be disrobing at a pub in West Drayton, much to the delight of the area's MP.

The De Burgh Arms had asked for permission to hold lap dancing and striptease evenings in a separate building within their premises, a move hotly opposed by Uxbridge MP John Randall (Con). He said: I am very pleased with the result. I just do not think it is the right location for that sort of establishment. I'm delighted.

At a licensing meeting at Hillingdon Civic Centre last Tuesday, the committee ruled against permitting the new venture at the pub in Station Road.

The De Burgh Arms is next to the town's busy station, and many residents supposedly feared the lap dancing pub would be the first thing people coming to West Drayton would see.

Councillors said the possibility of the venue adding to anti-social behaviour and crime in the area was another reason to turn it down.

Comment: Nimby bandwagon

9th February 2010. Thanks to Alan

Interesting to see my former local get a mention! I used to drink in the De Burgh Arms, which used to be the best pub in West Drayton by a mile. It became less pleasant a few years ago, and the lap dance proposal might be an attempt to revive it. Sorry to see the normally sensible John Randall jump on the nimby bandwagon.

Strp pubs are by no means unknown in the area: there are a couple in Hayes, and another boozer just on the other side of the railway used to run regular strip nights a few years back


26th September

Updated: Miserable Green Politics...

Greens toe the miserable line on lap dancing in Crouch End

Green Party candidates Pete McAskie, Anna Bragga and Sarah Cope backed the Lap Off! campaigners' battle to stop the Music Palace in Tottenham Lane, Crouch End,  from getting its gentleman's club licence. 

The Green Party trio, who will all stand for election in the nearby Stroud Green ward next year, have added their voices to opposition.

Ms Bragga said: We will do everything we can to support the Lap Off! campaign. It would create a no-go area for residents and alter the character of Crouch End.

A petition with 2,100 signatures against the proposal was handed in to Haringey Council last week ahead of the licensing committee meeting at 7.30pm at the Civic Centre, Wood Green High Road, on September 10.

Update: Adjourned

14th September 2009. From

Hundreds of protesters packed Wood Green Civic Centre to hear a licensing application by the Music Palace in Tottenham Lane last night (Thursday) - but the hearing was adjourned after two hours because of lack of time.

A resumption date is yet to be set but will have to fit the diaries of more than 19 interested parties.

Update: Rescheduled

25th September 2009. From

The fate of a controversial lap dancing club application WILL be decided on Friday 25th September, says Haringey Council's planning panel.

Nutters will descend once again on the Wood Green Civic Centre from 7.30pm to protest against the club's plans to hold near naked dances.

Update: Proposals Refused

26th September 2009. Based on article from

The proposal for lap dancing and strip shows at a Crouch End club has been rejected by Haringey Council.

Music Palace failed in its bid for permission to turn the Tottenham Lane club into a lap dancing venue, offering £10 strip shows to businessmen.

The licensing committee this evening turned down the bid, with the bollox justification that it was not satisfied club bosses had addressed concerns over having a strip club in a residential area.

The news kept the nutter protesters happy though.

Update: No Appeal

22nd October 2009. From

The licence applicant, Serdal Ziya, had until Friday to indicate intent to appeal against Haringey Council, which threw out her bid to run lap dancing at the club until 2am Mondays to Saturdays.

But the council confirmed it had not heard from Miss Ziya before the deadline.


15th August

Update: Nutters Reawaken...

Resubmitted application for lap dancing in Crouch End

The nutter campaign to stop Haringey's first lap dancing club opening in Crouch End is back on following a date being set for the council to consider the plans.

Residents' group Lap Off! has vowed to fight the plan for Music Palace in Tottenham Lane.

A Haringey Council licensing committee will decide whether to grant an adult entertainment licence at 7.30pm on Thursday, September 10, at Haringey Civic Centre.

If Haringey Council approves a licence change, the club in the former Salvation Army citadel hall could be open from 11am-2am Monday to Saturday with early closing at 11pm on Sunday.

But nutters fear a double-pronged attack as a planning bid to become a gentleman's club has also been lodged by Music Palace's owners. The campaign has so far attracted 201 letters demanding the council throw out the planning bid and a date for the hearing is yet to be set.


31st July

Update: Camden Prudes...

Camden council back off a little from licensing burlesque but are still prudes when it comes to nudity

A 100-strong group - led by the founder of lingerie boutique Coco de Mer Sam Roddick, Ruby Rose of the Burlesque Women's Institute (BWI), and Lola LaBelle who dances with the Wam Bam Girls - marched through the streets of Camden holding placards reading Don't be Prude, It's Not Rude to protest against Camden Council's decision to treat burlesque as lap dancing.

Following a meeting with protestors, the council published a statement announcing a U-turn. It said: Burlesque performance in its widest form can include various arts forms and this alone would not require a licence. The council's concern is with any performance which may involve nudity.

The council announced a commitment to work with the burlesque community to seek a clearer understanding of what constitutes adult entertainment, and has scheduled a meeting with the BWI in September.

A Coco de Mer spokesperson described the news as amazing . She explained that the key breakthrough was the removal of the word stripping from the council's licensing conditions.

She said: The council have acknowledged that although burlesque performers do remove clothes, this very rarely ends in nudity - by legal definition displaying genitalia or nipples. The council have agreed that removing clothes, often for performers from one costume to another, does not constitute 'adult entertainment' and so no longer needs a license.

LaBelle said: This was not about a few performers losing a couple of gigs here and there, it is about becoming a part of a society which is ok with its government censoring things without even knowing what they are. Although it was Camden, it could have spread out throughout the country.

The point was reiterated by Rose, who believes that if adopted by other local authorities, the licensing requirement had to potential to wipe out burlesque. She said the BWI would now to working to ensure that the artform was not brought under licensing laws.


30th July

Update: Camden Dance Censors...

Protest March to Camden Town Hall

Performers have been protesting against a north London council's decision to class burlesque dancing as part of the adult entertainment industry.

Venues in Camden must now apply for an updated licence which is normally required by lap-dancing clubs.

This has led to burlesque performances being cancelled due to increased costs.

Camden Council said it was trying to improve regulations, but demonstrators said its actions were putting the future of burlesque in London at risk.

Dancers, dressed in full burlesque costume, marched from Covent Garden to Camden Town Hall.

Sam Roddick, daughter of the late Body Shop founder Anita Roddick, said: We cannot have laws that are based on ignorance. Burlesque is not part of the adult entertainment industry. Banning burlesque is like banning comedy. It's a genre which contains a wide spectrum of performances which should be judged individually.

Lola Labelle, 24, a dancer with the Wam Bam Girls, said the move was a way of raising revenue for the council. She expressed concern that the change would change the perception of burlesque.

Ruby Rose, founding member of the Burlesque Women's Institute, said that if other boroughs followed suit, it could cause the end of burlesque in the city: We're going to inform the council so they can make educated decisions, because a lot of people are desperately upset about this.


8th July

Update: White Hart Shows White Flag...

New Cross pub ends strip shows

A landlord who transformed his pub into a strip club has backed down after pressure from nutters.

Ken Linwood, landlord of the White Hart Pub, in New Cross Road, New Cross, changed the place into a “gentleman's club”, in February, saying it was necessary to stop his pub going bust.

But he has turned the venue back into a regular pub after campaign group, Stop The Strip, organised protests outside the club.

He said: Last Sunday, I reopened the place as a normal pub where people can enjoy a drink and listen to live bands. I didn't have to do this – I am legally entitled to have opened the strip club. But I have recognised the opinions of the campaigners and am now challenging them to come down and have a drink here. For the next month I am staying as a pub, but if things don't go well then I will have to review my options.

Campaigner Steve Carrick-Davies said: We are delighted that the owner has recognised the importance of returning the place to normal. We have never said what he was doing was illegal, but we don't think it's appropriate for the area. Now it's a pub I will be happy to go down there for a pint and have a chat with the owner.”

Meanwhile, Stop The Strip have submitted proposals through the Sustainable Communities Act to require applicants for lap dancing licences to show it would benefit the community. The act allows people to suggest law changes making their communities more economically, socially and environmentally friendly.


21st June

Update: Not Ended Yet...

Resubmitted application for lap dancing in Crouch End

The first lap-dancing club may yet open in  Crouch End - as a new bid to host adult entertainment is launched.

Owners of Music Palace, in Tottenham Lane, have lodged another planning application with Haringey Council to allow the bar to be used as a Gentleman's Club with table dancing.

Campaigners from opposition group Lap Off! have pledged to fight on to quash the plans.

Lindsay Wright, Lap Off! nutter, said: We have a lot of support behind us. The council seems to have woken up to the idea that this is not a good idea for Haringey - there seems to be a lot of political and public support behind us and we're very confident.

A previous licensing application to Haringey Council was withdrawn by Music Palace's owners on April 22 after residents uncovered a 30-year-old condition on the club's lease banning use for any illegal or immoral purpose.

The condition, known as a restrictive covenant, is legally binding but the landlord may have chosen to overlook it. A second restriction banning booze sales at the former Salvation Army citadel hall has already been broken for several years.

Lynne Featherstone, MP for Hornsey and Wood Green, said: I share local residents' concern about having a lap dancing club in the heart of Crouch End. Residents need to be given enough time and opportunity to raise their concerns with this application, and I will be with them every step of the way to make sure this happens.

Crouch End Councillor, David Winskill, said: It's immensely disappointing for residents in the 'Lap Off!' campaign that their summer will be dominated by another fight to stop this application. This club is simply not wanted in Crouch End and we'll make every effort to ensure that it doesn't get the appropriate permission.


30th May

Update: Nutters Cross...

Socialist Party organise a demo against the White Hart Gentlemen's Club

In a demo on 22 May over 100 people joined the Stop the Strip campaign's loud and noisy protest against a lap dancing club in New Cross, south London.

A local publican whose pub had been going downhill for some time had decided to turn it into the White Hart "Gentlemen's Club". Initially the local council (Lewisham) rejected the licensing application but the publican appealed to the courts and won.

Nutter Socialist Party councillors Ian Page and Chris Flood and Socialist Party members organised the Stop the Strip campaign to end lap dancing at the club.

Local people feel threatened or intimidated by this club. One protester on the demo, June, told us: I can't walk past there at night now. When they (the men visiting the bar) come outside they ogle you, saying and shouting things to you - it doesn't matter what age you are as well .

Ian Page and Chris Flood will be presenting a resolution to the council calling for a Compulsory Purchase Order on the White Hart, ensuring that it is put to better use for the community.

Update: Another Protest

2nd June 2009. From

Around 100 people – including residents, councillors, business owners and Goldsmiths College students – waved placards outside the club, in New Cross Road, on Friday.

Campaigner Steve Carrick-Davies, 45, said: We are not arguing that the club is illegal or that the owner has done anything wrong. We are just saying we don’t want this kind of place in this area.

Club owner Ken Linwood has claimed the criticism is unfair and that the club has brought no trouble to the area: The club hasn’t caused any trouble at all since opening.


3rd May

Update: Any Old Nonsense...

Used to ban lap dancing in Wood Green

A bid to host striptease and naked lap dancing in Wood Green was vetoed by Haringey Council supposedly because of the proposed club's proximity to schools.

The owner of Bar N22 in the High Road was told he could not offer adult entertainment, after just two objectors voiced fears it would harm the community.

Susan Garrad, a mum and playgroup volunteer of Noel Park, listed schools, churches and community groups near to the venue and said: I contend people will know what's going on and parents will then have to explain something they might not want to deal with until a child is older, or will have to lie to their children.

The licensing committee made the dubious ruling under relaxed licensing laws at Haringey Council's Civic Centre - opposite Bar N22, formerly known as Charlie Browns.

Varinder Kaur, service manager at a sheltered housing scheme, next door to Bar N22, said the plan would negatively impact on the home's 22 elderly residents. She ludicrously claimed: They're old, they're vulnerable, they will be isolated and living inside and there is a danger their grandchildren and children will not be visiting them. That is going to have an effect on their well being and health and safety, so we are concerned.


29th April

Update: Crouching Down...

Lap dancing at Crouch End put on hold

'Plans to open a lap dancing club in the heart of Crouch End have been put on ice.

The bid by the managers of Music Palace in Tottenham Lane was postponed at the request of their solicitor.

A showdown between the Music Palace and residents' campaign group Lap Off! was looming on May 14.

Late on Wednesday the solicitor for Serdal Ziya asked Haringey's licensing department to postpone the hearing. No date has been set for it to be relisted - but, crucially, it has not been officially withdrawn.

The news is widely seen as a victory for the nutters of Lap Off! objectors, whose calls to arms were backed by councillors on both sides of the political divide.


28th April

Update: Passionless in West Ken...

Nutters win against lap dancing in West Kensington

Nutters who fought a long-running battle against plans for a lapdancing club are celebrating after the owners withdrew a legal challenge.

Residents near The Crescent bar in West Kensington were dismayed when owner, Passion Nights, applied to turn part of the venue into a strip club, ludicrously fearing kerb crawlers and prostitutes would be drawn to the area.

An appeal was launched at West London Magistrates' Court after councillors threw out the plans in November - but was finally withdrawn this week in the face of wide spread opposition.

Nutter leader Joe Carlebach said: Our concern was that a lap dancing club would bring more crime, especially with sex workers and kerb crawlers. It's also right next door to a library where my children go, and I don't want to have to explain to my four-year-old daughter what a lap dancing club is and why people are hanging around..

Ealing, Acton and Shepherd's Bush MP Andy Slaughter, who has been fighting alongside the residents, said: I am delighted by this outcome. I have put a lot of effort into the campaign - asking questions to the Home Secretary, petitioning locally, holding a public meeting and giving evidence at the licensing panel.

But the main credit must go to the thousands of individual protesters and the organising committee of residents. This is a textbook case of how to fight and beat commercial interests intent on destroying a local neighbourhood for private gain.


5th April

Update: Browns Frowns...

Nutters whinge about lap dancing in Wood Green

A venue that sparked nutter 'outrage' by offering pole dancing six years ago is now bidding to launch lap dancing in Wood Green.

The plan could see lap dancing at the former Charlie Browns nightclub in High Road, Wood Green. The venue now called Grand Palace and Bar N22.

Nutter organisations predictably 'fear' the proposal could bring trouble to the area.

Raj Doshi, chairman of I Can Care - a drop-in centre for elderly residents based in nearby Woodside House, said: It may bring in a lot of ugliness. To me a dance is a dance, but if it brings in other stuff - drugs, prostitution, the shadowy characters, for all these reasons I would prefer, if I had a tick box, not to have it.

Shilpa Desai, vice-chairwoman of I Can Care aid: I don't know how that's going to work because as it is they're scared to go out at certain times. I think this part of Haringey, there are lots of families with young kids, there is a council estate which has got a lot of young people and I don't think this is going to help them.

Woodside ward councillor George Meehan (Labour) said: We would prefer that it isn't successful. The last time people weren't very happy, so I can't see that they'll suddenly become happy. Wood Green shouldn't be any different to Crouch End or Tottenham, therefore we wouldn't expect anyone to be any more welcoming. I assume they will make their views known quite forcefully.

Residents can comment on the Grand Palace/Bar N22 application until Tuesday, April 14, by contacting Haringey Council licensing team on 020 8489 8232, or


22nd March

Update: No crotch den in Crouch End!...

Nutters get all crotchety over London lap dancing club

'A newly-formed Lap Off! group of more than 80 campaigners gathered with placards - and some with their children - outside Music Palace in Tottenham Lane, Crouch End on Tuesday.

Posters with slogans like No crotch den in Crouch End! will soon cover Crouch End in a bid to win over more opposition to the venue's plans.

A campaign spokeswoman said: We're getting a bit fed up with our opponents trying to write us off as middle-class, whingeing nimbys with no sense of fun.

Lynne Featherstone, MP for Hornsey and Wood Green, met protesters on Saturday to offer her backing: It is a free country and people should be allowed to do whatever they like, so long as it doesn't harm others. ...BUT... this particular case - because of where it is in a busy high street, with teenagers and mothers and vulnerable people nearby - is not a suitable location.

Haringey Council has postponed the licensing meeting to decide on the plans at the applicant's request. It will now be held at the Civic Centre in Wood Green at 7pm on Thursday, May 14, rather than Tuesday, March 24.

Update: Line between prudery and repression begins to blur

4th April 2009. From

Councillors Nilgun Canver (centre) and Councillor Dilek Dogus (right), join Karen Jennings, Labour Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Hornsey and Wood Green, protesting outside Music Palace in Crouch End.

A heated debate erupted at a full Haringey council meeting. Councillor Dilek Dogus (Labour) said: These clubs are a danger to women who live and work around them and additional research has even linked them to sex trafficking.

Drugs arrive, particularly cocaine, and these are shared with the dancers. Then there are the extras where the line between prostitution and dancing begins to blur."

She cited central London's Tottenham Court Road as an example, where rape cases leaped by 50 per cent after a new club was opened, adding that rape was three times more likely to happen in areas surrounding these venues.


9th March

Update: No Relief...

Would Crouch End nutters be happier with a brothel rather a lap dancing venue?

'Angry nutters told the owners of Music Palace in Tottenham Lane, Crouch End, they would not rest until plans to transform it into Haringey's only lap dancing venue were forgotten.

Alison Lillystone said: How can I let my 16-year-old daughter out on the streets with men who are aroused?

She added: If you had a brothel, at least these men would be satisfied when they left.

More than 70 nutters voiced their opposition at a public meeting organised by Music Palace's owners. They said 1,000 pupils from the nearby Hornsey School for Girls walked around the area at lunchtime. And they complained that people had urinated in the street, been involved in sexual activity in gardens and caused noise disturbance when the venue had opened late in the past.

But owner Serdal Ziya said after the meeting: At the end of the day we are trying to make a living here. The community doesn't help us at the moment by coming here and trying to build our business up, so this is the only thing that we could think would reduce the noise level - and we don't see it as women being exploited. We're not going to open during the day when children are in the area.

The owner's solicitor, Piers Warne, said the club would be run discreetly and would create employment and less noise nuisance and disorder.

The council had received 97 letters about the plans and a licensing committee hearing in the near future will take a final decision on the application.


15th February

Updated: Crouching Dragons...

The usual whinges about lap dancing in Crouch End

'Outraged' nutters have condemned a bid to stage late-night lap dancing at the Music Palace in Tottenham Lane, Crouch End, London.

Crouch End Councillor and moral crusader David Winskill (Not so Liberal Democrat) said: The overwhelming response is hostile and local councillors will be offering any support we can to see off this totally inappropriate application. This is not a moral crusade...[ BUT ]... This is about a development that is totally inappropriate in a residential area where there is a school around the corner.

If Haringey Council approves a licence change, the club could also be open from 11am-2am Monday to Saturday with early closing at 11pm on Sunday.

Louisa Brittain, chairwoman of governors at nearvy Rokesly Infants School, said: We are very concerned at the prospect of a lap dancing club so close to our schools, especially as many of our children walk past this building daily.

Sue Hessel, chairwoman of Crouch End's Haslemere Road Resident Nutters' Association, said: We would be worried about the way that women would be exploited especially. It is men running these places and often girls that are desperately in need of quick cash.

Update: Meeting the Nutters

21st February 2009. From

Music Palace confirmed it hopes to meet interested parties so views can be aired on its bid to become an adult entertainment venue offering dances with near-naked women.

Piers Warne, of Poppleston Allen Solicitors on behalf of Music Palace, said: The applicants are considering the representations received to the application and will be seeking to hold a meeting for all parties who are interested before the application is dealt with by the licensing committee.

The meeting is likely to take place within the next three weeks.

Update: No Police Objection

6th March 2009. From

Police will not oppose plans to open a late-night lap dancing club.

Ward councillor Ron Aitken, Liberal Democrat spokesman for crime, policing and community, said: Obviously residents will be disappointed that the police won't lodge an objection, but the problem is the law and the Government did not provide for this type of application in the licensing law 2003.

But police licensing officer Geoff Parker confirmed a raft of conditions which address issues such as crime and disorder and public safety would become part of any licence agreed by Haringey Council.


15th February

More Fun in Shoreditch...

Another strip pub joins the London circuit

'A London bar manager says the economic crisis has forced him to apply for a lap-dancing licence to pull some cash in during the quietest days of the week.

Islington councillors gave the go-ahead for exotic dancers to perform between noon and midnight Mondays to Saturdays at Bar Aquarium in Old Street, Finsbury.

There are five other strip bars in the Shoreditch area close to the venue, including Platinum Lounge, White Horse and For Your Eyes Only.

Licensing sub-committee member Councillor Barry Edwards said: I'm also concerned about the number of similar premises in the area. It is licensing policy that when the council should take into account the cumulative effect of these venues.

No residents and no one from the school officially objected to the plans. Ruber agreed to black out all windows when the exotic dancing was taking place.

The committee decided to approve the licence variation to allow exotic dancing - but requested the council and police produce a report on the provision of adult entertainment in the area.


17th January

Update: Nutters Cross...

A new strip pub for New Cross as owner wins appeal

A hotel owner has won his appeal to open a striptease and lap dancing club in New Cross.

An application by the White Hart Hotel, in New Cross Road, to open a strip club on the premises was refused by Lewisham Council in August.

More than 100 nutter letters and three petitions signed by 232 residents against the plan were received by the council, including a letter of objection from the police.

White Hart owner Ken Linwood won his appeal against the decision at Bromley Magistrates' Court. Linwood argued the strip club is the only way his business can survive.


26th October

Brokers and Bankers...

West Kensington lap dancing club targets the new poor

A plan to open a lap dancing club in a supposedly residential area of west London has sparked the inevitable nutter protests.

So far 2,000 people have signed a petition against proposals for a bar and club with 50 booths and lapdancing in West Kensington.

The venue, expected to be called the Kensington Suite, would be in the former Fox Tavern in North End Road.

The owner of the West Kensington property, Passion Nights Ltd, has hired former Stringfellows stripper Ellouise Moore as the dancers' manager. Moore expects the club to attract footballers, brokers and bankers.

The venue will offer valet parking and in an advert for dancers it is described as an elegant and upmarket club.

Local nutter Rachel Marlowe leading the protests, said: It is a completely unsuitable area to have a lapdancing club. There are two primary schools, three nurseries and an all-girls senior school within 200 metres. The bus stop is right outside and women do not want to be propositioned by drunk customers having a cigarette. We are worried about prostitution, drug-dealing and late-night noise.

Update: Nutter MPs

31st October 2008

There was a demonstration outside of the Fox on Friday last week when objectors were joined by nutter MPs Greg Hands (Hammersmith and Fulham ) and Andrew Slaughter (Acton, Ealing and Shepherd's Bush).

A Hammersmith and Fulham licensing committee hearing will be held on Thursday, November 6, at 6.30pm in the Town Hall in King Street, Hammersmith.

Update: Nutters Win

20th November. From

Objections to the application received by Hammersmith and Fulham Council totalled 1,041, as well as a petition signed by 250 residents.

The application was rejected because it did not meet four licencing requirements: Prevention of crime and disorder in the area, protection of children from harm, public safety and the prevention of public nuisance.

The owners can appeal to magistrates against the decision, but he must do so within 21 days of being given the panel's decision in writing.

Update: Legal Battle

22nd February 2009. From

Last week, the owners of the former Fox Tavern applied to do battle in court with Hammersmith and Fulham Council over a ruling made in November, which stopped an erotic dance bar in North End Crescent from gaining a licence.

The move has prompted a predictable outcry from protesters.

Campaign group Stop the Fox, which has more than 500 members, has vowed to reignite its fight against the lap-dancing venue.

The challenge will be heard between April 27 and May 1, at West London Magistrates' Court in Hammersmith.


23rd August

Update: The Usual Bollox...

Nutters win in New Cross

Nutters in New Cross have won their crusade against a hotel's plan to open a striptease and lap-dancing club.

An application by the White Hart Hotel, in New Cross Road, New Cross, to open a strip club on the premises was refused by a Lewisham Council licensing committee.

More than 100 letters of objection and three petitions signed by 232 residents against the plan were received by the council, including a letter of objection from the police. However, a petition with 189 signatures was received by the council in support of the plan.

The White Hart owner Ken Linwood said that a lap-dancing club was his only hope of saving his struggling business. He intends to appeal the decision.

The police also expressed bollox concerns at the meeting over the impact the club would have on crime in the area. At the meeting Lewisham Police head of licensing PC Andy Laurie said: My concern is that the club will attract more people from outside the area and add to crime. It's not a risk we should take. [Surely the police should not be allowed to make political objections without justification. Since when does 'people outside the area' imply an increase in criminality?]


15th August

Cross in New Cross...

New Cross: Frightening and unpleasant

Nutters are "horrified" by a hotel's plan to open a striptease and lap dancing club in New Cross, London.

An application by the White Hart Hotel, New Cross Road, New Cross, to open a strip club on the premises has prompted more than 100 objections and three petitions from residents against the plan. The police have also put in a letter of objection.

Many residents say they fear the proposal, which would see the club stay open till 3am, will lead to an increase in crime in the area.

In a letter of objection Ayana Sakey, of Deptford Broadway, Deptford, said: That part of New Cross is already a frightening and unpleasant place to be after dark. How much worse is this going to be when there are inebriated, sexually-frustrated punters spilling out of a sleazy nightspot in the early hours of the morning?

TV researcher Bridget Gregory says the area is largely residential, with many families living there. The hotel is right in the heart of the community, with a chemist, doctor's surgery and schools nearby. A strip club doesn't promote a safe environment, so it's a terrible location for one.

However, a petition has been sent to the council supporting the plan.

White Hart owner Kenneth Linwood said: The business was really struggling before and this is the only way I can survive. There's been a lot of comments about a strip club bringing trouble to the area but it's complete rubbish. There will be no access to children and there will be an over 21 door policy with strict security.


25th July

Thrill of the Chase...

Nutter MP objects to strip pub in Stratford

West Ham MP Lyn Brown has added her voice to the nutter opposition against a proposed lap dancing club in Stratford.

Nutters fear an application by the owners of the Chevy Chase in Leytonstone Road to vary its licence to allow exotic dancing, will lead to nude pole dancing if granted.

Ms Brown, who has already supported a bill to tighten up regulations on licensing rules and make it easier for councils to stop lap dancing in their boroughs, has now joined the fray.

She said: This application is unwelcome in our community - an area steeped in traditional family values.

Newham Council's Licensing Sub-Committee will make a decision after hearing objections to the proposal this week.


29th December

Update: Magic Wand...

Wandsworth lap dancing idea scrapped

Plans for a lap-dancing club next to Wandsworth Town Hall have been dropped after objections from residents and councillors.

Agora Entertainment Ltd applied for permission to provide adult entertainment by way of striptease, semi nude and fully nude dancing" on the upper floors of the former Theatre nightclub in Wandsworth High Street.

Wandsworth Council's licensing sub-committee were due to make a decision on the proposal on January 10. But today the council received written confirmation from the applicants that plans were being withdrawn.

Agora is continuing with their licencing application for the club, called Inigma, with music, dancing and the sale of alcoholic drinks until 3am Wednesday to Sunday and 2am on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Council leader Edward Lister welcomed the announcement. He said: This is a sensible move by the owners and they should be congratulated for finally making the right decision. The lap-dancing idea had whipped up a storm of protest from local residents who quite rightly did not believe that a residential area, and home to so many young families, was the right place for this kind of establishment.

There is still concern from some neighbours over the proposed late opening hours of the nightclub.

Coun Lister said the licensing sub-committee would be focusing their attention on the new adjusted application.


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