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Criminalising Anime

Government to criminalise drawings of child sex abuse

22nd October

Update: Dangerous Cartoons...

Man convicted for computer generated child pseudo photos
Anime girl of indeterminent age

How the fuck are we expected
to know how old she is?

A man who downloaded cartoon-style pictures of child abuse has been ordered to register as a sex offender.

Robul Hoque had thousands of non-real images of child abuse on his computer downloaded from an online comic strip.

Many of the images were so realistic they were considered by a jury to be indistinguishable from photographs.

He was found guilty last month at Teeside Crown Court of six charges of having indecent pseudo-photographs.

Police forensic experts said the case was a legal first, which had prompted calls for new legislation to tackle computer-generated child pornography.

Ordering unemployed Hoque to sign on the Sex Offenders Register for five years, Judge Peter Bowers said: This was highly unusual case because the children involved were very much the product of a computer image. Effectively, they crossed the line of what is illegal and what is lawfully permitted.

He also ordered Hoque to complete an internet sex offenders treatment programme and 18 months community punishment.

Speaking after the hearing, Ray Savage, a forensic computer analyst for Cleveland Police, said new legislation was being considered aimed at dealing with pseudo-photographs.

He said: Until today, we have never had computer graphic or cartoon type images deemed as pseudo-photographs and put before the court. Though no actual child has been abused, it helps to feed the demand.


1st June

Offsite: Government Seal of Moral Approval...

UK to outlaw cartoons of child sexual abuse
Anime girl of indeterminent age

How the fuck are we expected
to know how old she is?

First they came for the child pornographers... It may not have quite the same resonance as Pastor Niemuller’s oft-quoted aphorism. But the reality behind this particular slippery slope is just as sinister.

The British government today announced proposals to make possession of drawings and computer-generated images of child abuse illegal. “Good on them”, is likely to be the most common response. However, it will be an ill thought-out response if it is.


At the consultation for the Extreme Porn law, one Police Force – Kent – argued also for the criminalisation of written material. It is clear that the government has an appetite for this form of censorship. So it is not unthinkable that adult censorship will progress to cartoon material as well. Or even literature.

Professor Julian Petley is an expert on media policy and regulation. He believes this government “won’t rest content until it has terrified people into viewing only material which bears the official seal of moral approval – an ambition which it shares with Iran, Saudi Arabia and China.”

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12th March

No Response...

Consultation re possession of non-photographic depictions of child sexual abuse
Anime girl of indeterminent age

How the fuck are we expected
to know how old she is?

The Government  initiated the consultation last year inviting interested individuals and organisations by 22nd June 2007

The Home Office have so far not followed up with any indication of responses suggesting that the consultation has quietly been shelved.

This assertion is backed up by a related clause that appeared in the next Criminal Justice and Immigration Bill. This criminalises the possession of images derived from real images of child abuse. Eg using Photoshop to generate an oil painting effect from a real picture.

However the Scottish Executive have published responses

The BBFC Response made some good points about the difficulties of actually determining the age of characters in stylised animation.


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