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Updated: Football dummies...

FC Seoul replace banned crowds with sex dolls

Link Here21st May 2020
One of South Korea's top football clubs apologised for using properly clothed sex dolls to fill empty seats at a weekend game.

FC Seoul insisted the mannequins, used to replace banned crowds, had no connection to sex toys. But some of the artificial spectators wore T-shirts with the logo of SoloS, a sex toy seller. Other mannequins, which wore facemasks and were separated according to social distancing guidelines, held placards advertising the company and some of its models.

FC Seoul said in a statement:

We are sincerely sorry for causing deep concern to fans. We have confirmed from the very beginning that they had no connection to sex toys.

Update: Fined

21st May 2020. See article from

South Korean club FC Seoul have been handed a record £65,500 fine for using sex dolls to fill their stands during a behind-closed-doors game.

A statement from the K-League said: The incident has greatly insulted and hurt female and family fans. They added that the club had made a serious mistake by not removing the dolls before the match.



Caress vibrator for a quid...

From Poundland

Link Here6th May 2020
Poundland has launched a new gold-coloured vibrator - and it's 80%cheaper than luxury rivals including Lovehoney and Ann Summers.

The new £1 Caress sex toy arrives in stores this week and is described by the retailer as small, slim and super strong. Plus, it comes with batteries included.




Thai police go over the top about a non explicit video on social media

Link Here20th April 2020
Thai olice have launched an investigation after a video which showed a woman playing with a sex toy in public was shared 7 million times on social media.

Deputy police spokesman Pol Col Krissana Pattanacharoen said police are aware of the clip and warned that those involved face up to 5 years in jail and a fine of up to 100,000 baht (£2500) or both for creating and distributing pornographic or indecent material online in accordance to Section 14 of the Computer Crime Act.

Pol Col Krissana also warned that anyone who shares the clip online could also be breaking the law.

In fact the video is part of a worldwide internet craze often identified by the tag #VibratingPanties. The video in question is on Pornhub with the title Thai Cute Girl Remote Control Vibrator. Note that the video is not explicit, nor has nudity, nor is it proved that the toy is in use.



More baby boomers soon...

Lockdowns result in a surge of demand for condoms, but stocks are dwindling

Link Here6th April 2020
Full story: Hate Crime...Banned by the BBFC
Ritex, Germany's largest domestic producer of condoms, saw sales nearly double in March. The company says its sales of condoms last month doubled compared with the same period a year ago, to 12.7 million.

The same trend is happening in other countries. Ann Summers, the British lingerie chain, said sex toy sales in the last week of March were up 27% over 2019. Its best-selling item was the Whisper Rabbit, which is marketed as its quietest vibrator. Customers are placing increasing importance on noise while they have a full household, the company said in a statement.

Dr. Axel-Jürg Potempa, a German sexual health specialist, predicts a coronavirus-related baby boom by Christmas.

However for all the surge in orders, there is a downside in that COVID-19 has interrupted supply chains. Karex, which makes 1 in 5 condoms globally, had to shut down its three factories in Malaysia for 10 days last month as authorities imposed strict restrictions on large gatherings to slow the spread of the coronavirus. The company was eventually able to win an exemption from the lockdown rule, arguing that it was a producer of essential medical goods, and restarted its plants March 27. But the plants are still only running at 50% capacity.



Good news and bad news...

Virus lockdowns lead to a surge in demand for sex dolls bu the Chinese supply chains has been disrupted

Link Here16th March 2020
Full story: Coronavirus...Internet censorship and surveillance

The coronavirus outbreak has forced countries into lockdown, and maybe sharing the time with a guaranteed virus free partner has its attractions. But just at the same time sex doll sellers are facing a shortage as most are are shipped in from Chinese factories that themselves have been affected by lockdowns.

Jade Stanley, who owns a sex doll business called Sex Doll Official, revealed that there has been a major slowdown due to the ongoing Coronavirus situation in China. They've gone home, been quarantined and been unable to return to factories.

The pandemic has also led to a worldwide increase in sales of sex toys. With the prospect of long periods at home either alone or with your partner, people are exploring new ways to make the best of the time available.

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