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Sex Films and BBFC Cuts


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S for Slave Girl

S for Slave Girl by JD Storm (Dom Productions)
With Mistress Real, Martin

Submitted in 2008, running time 91:32s Cut by 12s.

Compulsory cuts for R18 required to remove sight of wax dripping on genitals and potentially harmful very large dildo being anally inserted.

S for Slave Girl 2

Link Here
by JD Storm (Dom Productions)
Submitted in 2008, running time 10:36s
Cut by 2:36s. Compulsory cuts for R18 required to remove sight of scarred or bleeding buttocks and urolagnia (urination accompanied by sexual activity)
S Playground 1

Link Here
R18 cert
(Black Chip)
Submitted in 2007. Runs 116m 59s
Cut by 2:30s. A single compulsory cut was required to remove sight of 'fisting'
S.. S.. And H.. H..

Link Here
8s 1873:42s 1998 release (Rosalind Woods Mail Order)
Sacred Feminine

Link Here
3:31s 1895:45s 2008 release adult DVD by Darren Morgan

Cut by the BBFC when submitted in 2008 with the following BBFC comment: Distributor chose to remove scenes showing clearly unsimulated oral-genital contact (cunnilingus), actual penetration and liquid resembling semen on genitals. An R18 uncut was available to the distributor.

Sacred Flesh

Link Here
2000 UK erotic drama by Nigel Wingrove.
With Sally Tremaine, Moyna Cope and Simon Hill. See IMDb

US: Uncut and MPAA Unrated for:

Summary Review: Visually stunning

The film is visually stunning. A Mother Superior is fighting with herself over her vow of chastity. With visions of a skeletal nun and Mary Magdalene she slowly starts to lose her sanity.

The film contains plenty of graphic nudity. There is a nun masturbating, nuns having lesbian sex, a nun being tied to a cross and pleasured by other nuns, along with a nun being licked and caressed by two priests. Along with all this is a naked woman crucified and wearing a crown of thorns, flagellation and self-flagellation.

Some reviewers found it erotic: This is not your usual nunsploitation movie and transcends the genre, becoming art. This is without doubt one of the most erotic films I have seen in a long time.

Others found it boring.

UK: Passed 18 after 25s of BBFC cuts for:
  • UK 2012 4Digital/Redemption (also with Visions of Ecstasy ) R2 DVD
  • UK 2011 Redemption R2 DVD
  • UK 2007 Redemption R2 DVD
  • UK 2005 Redemption R2 DVD
  • UK 2000 Redemption R2 DVD
  • UK 2000 Cinema release

The BBFC commented:

  • Cuts required to medium close shot and medium shot of female genital detail and masturbation.

Link Here

Sadie is a 1982 USA adult film by Bob Chinn.
With Chris Cassidy, Jerome Deeds and Gary Eberhart. YouTube icon BBFC link IMDb

Cut by the BBFC for 1988 VHS

Summary Notes

This is the story of Sadie, a high priced call girl in Borneo... well, high priced for Borneo. She is kidnapped by the rajah who is running a white-slave ring. Of course, Jock and Bear have to come to her rescue, and Jock is well rewarded for his heroism.

  US: Uncut and MPAA Unrated for:
  • 2014 Vinegar Syndrome R0 DVD at US Amazon released on 11th March 2014
1873:05s UK: Passed 18 after 2:00s of compulsory BBFC cuts for:
  • 1988 Pace Video
Saintly Sinners

Link Here
5:56s 1872:42s adult video by Scott Ward

The BBFC cut 5:56s from the 2007 UK Distribution Services DVD. The distributor chose to cut three scenes of clearly unsimulated sexual activity (oral-genital contact during cunnilingus and vaginal penetration with a vibrator). An R18 without cuts was available to the distributor.

Sammi J Full On

Link Here
4:56s 1844:54s by Jim Powers (Showbox Media Group Ltd)

Cut in 2006 with the following BBFC comment: The cuts were Cuts for Category. Distributor chose to cut sight of clearly unsimulated masturbation, oral-genital contact and vaginal penetration with a dildo

Sandra Takes Two

Link Here
4:33s 1836:53s adult video by Paul Arbiter (Darker Enterprises)

The BBFC cut 4:33s when DVD submitted in 2007 commenting: Cuts for requested 18 category required to remove clearly unsimulated scenes of explicit sexual detail (oral-genital contact during cunnilingus, sight of finger penetrating vagina). An R18 uncut was available to the distributor.

Sandy's Club 1

Link Here
R18 cert
by Andrew Younman (Queensway)
Submitted in 2008, running time 120:57s
Cut by 2:08s. Cut required to sight of vaginal fisting
Sandy's Holiday Sex Fantasies

Link Here
32s 1856:04s 1998 release sex video by Viv Thomas (Rolling Images)
Sandy's Sexy Stories

Link Here
R18 cert
by Andrew Youngman (Vivthomas)
With Sandy, Judith Fox, Jo, Anetta Keys.
Submitted in 2007, running time 193:12s
Cut by 2:54s. Compulsory cuts were required to remove scenes of urination during sex and of full penetration with all five digits. An additional compulsory cut was required to remove text from an internet advertisement that constituted an offer to supply 'R18' material by mail order
Sandy's Shopping Spree

Link Here
R18 cert
by Mr. E. A. Link
Bobby Tupper,Sandie Davies,Faye Rampton
75m 26s. Cuts of 6m 36s were required to remove sexual acts that take place in a black cab in traffic.
Sarah Meets Mia

Link Here
R18 cert
by Ant Melia
Sarah Wright, Mia York.
62m 2s. Cuts of 3m 47s were required. The cuts were Compulsory. Compulsory cuts required for R18 to remove sight of urolagnia and the sight of one performer inserting her hand into the vagina of another performer, under the terms of the Obscene Publications Act 1959
Sareena the Teenage Bitch

Link Here
1:08s 1813:46s adult video (Darker Enterprises)

Video/DVD cut by the BBFC when submitted in 2008: Distributor chose to remove all sight of unsimulated oral-genital contact. An uncut R18 was available to the distributor

Satanic Sex

Link Here
R18 cert
by Kovi
SophieEvans,Michelle Wild,Laureen Kiss
119m 30s. Cuts of 5m 7s were required to sight of woman being penetrated by a dildo on the end of a long pole which has the potential to cause harm.

Satanic Sex was dealt with according to the criteria set out in our Classification Guidelines. Among the content which is clearly identified as unacceptable in an R18 sex video is: Penetration by any object likely to cause harm... "

This criteria is a response to concerns about imitation, harm to performers, and the need to ensure that material passed R18 would not be subject to prosecution under the Obscene Publications Act. The Board is aware that the Crown Prosecution Services does authorise prosecutions if videos include potentially harmful penetration and we have taken expert medical advice regarding types of object we should be most concerned about. This advice identified, among other things, objects which are very long and which do not have a natural safe stopping point (or a significant thickening in diameter to restrict penetration at a safe point). This clearly applies to the dildo on a pole in this title. The use of such objects is particularly problematic if the penetration is being controlled by a third party who would not necessarily be able to judge a safe stopping point, as in this case

In the light of the guideline and the particular details of this case, the Board came to the conclusion that cutting was the correct response and that the addition of a warning caption (which has been done in other circumstances) would not be sufficient.

Satanic Sluts III : Scandalized

Link Here
  • Scandalized
Satanic Sluts III: Scandalized is a 2009 UK fantasy by Nigel Wingrove.
Starring Georgina Baillie, Harmony Hex and Michelle Thorne. BBFC link IMDb
Heavily cut by the BBFC for 2009 DVD.

Notable for starring Georgina Baillie aka as Voluptua, the granddaughter who Russell Brand claimed on air to have 'fucked' in a phone message to Andrew Sachs.

Summary Notes

Starring the UK's most notorious Satanic Slut, Voluptua, whose utterly salacious sex scandal threatened to topple the BBC and even had leading politicians utter the sacred words "Satanic Sluts". Inspired by tabloid sleaze, Voluptua relaxes and lets her naughty dreams take her to every scenario you can think of, from military dress-downs to '60s-style space settings and back again.

  US: Unconfirmed version is MPAA Unrated

Reviewers speak of explicit girl on girl action so maybe the US release is uncut.

1872:38s UK: Passed 18 for strong sex and nudity after 9:25s of BBFC compulsory cuts for:
  • 2015 Salvation R2 DVD
  • 2009 Redemption Films R2 DVD
The BBFC commented:
  • Distributor chose to remove images of explicit and unsimulated sexual activity in order to achieve an '18' category (in this instance, explicit detail of cunnilingus, dildo penetration and digital penetration), in accordance with BBFC Guidelines and policy. An 'R18' uncut was available. 'R18's can only be sold in licensed sex shops.
Satin & Lace: An Erotic History of Lingerie

Link Here
37s 1853:20s 1998 release (Penthouse Video)
Satisfy Me Now

Link Here
6:07s 1837:31s adult video by Jamie & Karl (Darker Enterprises)

The BBFC cut 6:07s when the DVD was submitted in 2007: Distributor chose to cut explicit sexual detail (in this case clearly unsimulated cunnilingus, anal penetration with finger and anilingus). An R18 without cuts was available to the distributor.

Saucy 60's Dvd Magazine - Volume 1 Number 2

Link Here
10s 1846:21s Not known (Fantasy Publications)

Cut in 2006 with the following BBFC comment: The cuts were Cuts for Category. Distributor chose to cut one instance of brief but clearly unsimulated sexual activity - sight of dildo penetrating vagina - to gain an '18' classification. An 'R18' was available to the distributor.

Saucy Girls: 1

Link Here
54s 1877:16s by Johnny Rebel (Prime Time Promotions (Shifnal) Ltd)

Cut in 2006 with the following BBFC comment: The cuts were Cuts for Category. Distributor chose to cut sight of unsimulated vaginal penetration to achieve the 18 category. An R18 uncut was available.

Sauna Sex

Link Here
13:45s 1843:16s 1996 release by Gerald A. Whiting (Pure Platinum)
Savannah Superstar

Link Here
15:41s 1845:36s 1995 release

30s cut by the BBFC, 15:11s pre-cut by the distributors