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Banned Political

Banned from social media

James Allsop

August 2019

Right wing political commentator and YouTuber.

His Facebook and Instagram accounts were banned as was his YouTube channel.


American Renaissance

News June 2020: banned by YouTube

YouTube initiated a purge of right leaning channels that were accused of alleging that member of protected groups were inferior.

Antifa Movie

Antifa (Anti-fascist) is an aggressive group fighting against what it considers are fascist groups.

News November 2020:  Banned video

A documentary video, entitled, Antifa: Rise of the Black Flags , published by Citizen Journalism Network, was removed from YouTube and Vimeo soon after it was uploaded. The reason given by Vimeo, considered by some as less prone to censorships and restrictions, but also less influential than YouTube, is that its users are not allowed to upload videos that show extreme violence. was launched in July 2019 after Infowars had been banned from all of the major Big Tech platforms including YouTube -- the world's biggest video sharing site and the second most visited site in the world.

News August 2020: Warned off by Twitter

Twitter has started blocking links to Infowars founder and host Alex Jones' platform which serves as a hub for broadcasts and clips from right leaning media outlets.

When users open a Twitter link to , they're presented with a warning screen that says:

Warning: this link may be unsafe.

The link you are trying to access has been identified by Twitter or our partners as being potentially spammy or unsafe, in accordance with Twitter's URL Policy, and lists several reasons the link could have been blocked.

It then presents users with a large Back to previous page button and in a small section at the bottom of the page, it gives users the option to Ignore this warning and continue.


BJP is the ruling party of India. It is a right wing nationalist party, and is not in itself censored. However in the same way that Facebook censors Donald Trump supporters, Facebook bans and censors may supporters of the BJP.  See details of censored Facebook pages in article from

Carl Benjamin (Sargon of Akkad)

May 2019

Following a politically incorrect joke about rape, Carl Benjamin's European Parliament election campaign account was banned by Twitter.

YouTube de-monitised his very popular Sargon of Akkad YouTube channel

Owen Benjamin

Right leaning comedian

July 2030

Last year, Own Benjamin, an alt-right comedian, was banned by the major platforms. In short order, YouTube , Twitter, Facebook, PayPal, and Patreon permanently booted him for violating their policies against hate speech. He's suing Patreon for $3.5 million over its ban.

In July 2020 Paypal and YouTube took further action to ban new accounts linked to Owen Benjamin.

Boogaloo Movement

The seven-year-old boogaloo movement represents a loosely knit group of right-wing extremists, some of whom advocate for a second Civil War. Its name derives from the camp classic breakdancing movie Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo ; “electric boogaloo” has become an ironic way of referring to sequels.

June 2020: Members banned by Facebook

Facebook has removed multiple accounts associated with the fringe “boogaloo” (or Big Igloo) movement after designating the group as a dangerous organization.

Britain First

May 2020: Banned from TikTok

The video sharing platform TikTok has permanently banned an account belonging to far right group Britain First.

A TikTok spokesperson said: Content that seeks to promote hateful ideology has no place on TikTok.

Patrick Byrne

Patrick Byrne is the former CEO of US internet retailer Overstock.

News January 2021: Banned by Twitter

Former Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne has been permanently removed from Twitter.

Byrne was banned from Twitter on Tuesday. The social media company is yet to explain why it removed Byrne but over the past few months, he has made several allegations of election fraud.

Casapound Italia

December 2019

A civil court in Rome has ruled that Facebook must immediately reactivate the account of the Italian neo-fascist party CasaPound Italia and pay the group 800 euro for each day the account has been closed/

Facebook shut the party's account, which had 240,000 followers, along with its Instagram page in early September. A Facebook spokesperson told the Ansa news agency at the time: Persons or organisations that spread hatred or attack others on the basis of who they are will not have a place on Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook must also pay 15,000 euro in legal costs. The judge reportedly ruled that without Facebook, the party was excluded (or extremely limited) from the Italian political debate.

A Facebook spokesperson said the company was aware of the court's decision and we are reviewing it carefully.


February 2020

Facebook has banned links to, a conservative streaming site featuring former Fox contributor and Vice co-founder Gavin McInnes. Facebook first deployed link-banning against InfoWars last May, as a way to censor not only a website, but anyone who links to the website too.

Mike Cernovich

April 2020: Documentary banned from Amazon

In what is being labeled an apparent act of corporate censorship, Amazon has removed Mike Cernovich's documentary on fake news from their Prime video store.

Hoaxed: Everything They Told You Is a Lie was available for purchase or rental on the platform until April 9.


November 2020: Cancelled by hosting company IBM

Alternative social network CloutHub says its video hosting provider IBM has removed its video channels without warning.

CloutHub describes itself as a next-generation social network for social, civic and political networking and said that all 57 of its video channels were taken down by IBM.

May 2019

Banned by WordPress for criticising islam. Before censoring the account WordPress warned that one of the blog's posts violated Pakistani blasphemy law.



Crimethinc, which has been publishing anarchist articles since the 1990s.

August 2020: Banned by Facebook

Facebook wrote:

Today we are taking action against Facebook Pages, Groups and Instagram accounts tied to offline anarchist groups that support violent acts amidst protests.

Steven Crowder

A conservative comedian

October 2019

Perhaps Google has realised that its politically biased censorship has become a little too blatant and so has been backing off a little. Monetisation to Steven Crowder's YouTube channel s has been restored

June 2019

YouTube has de-monitised Steven Crowder for egregious, anti-gay shots at a Vox writer


David Duke

One time leader of the Klu Klux Clan.

News August 2020: banned by Twitter

Twitter said in a statement that Duke's account was permanently suspended for repeated violations of the Twitter Rules on hateful conduct.

News June 2020: banned by YouTube

YouTube initiated a purge of right leaning channels that were accused of alleging that member of protected groups were inferior.

Pete Evans

Celebrity chef with a line in quack cures.

News August 2020: Shadow-banned by Facebook

Pete Evans is convinced that Facebook has shadow-banned his account after his engagement levels dropped dramatically this month.

The move comes after Evans' documentary The Magic Pill was recently removed from the streaming platform Netflix after its contract came to an end. The film had copped significant backlash from health professionals since its 2017 release for falsely suggesting that the Paleo diet can potentially cure illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, autism and heart disease.

Evans has previously declared he's immune to coronavirus, and blamed the health crisis on 5G technology. He recently endorsed fellow conspiracy theorist David Icke.

Louis Farrakhan.

Founder of the Nation of Islam

May 2019

Facebook removed Farrakhan's  accounts, fan pages and affiliated groups  as well as its photo-sharing account on Instagram, claiming that his presence on the social networking sites had become dangerous.

The Donald Forum

June 2019

The Donald Forum is a Reddit forum, or subreddit, and is one of the internet's most popular forums where Donald Trump fans congregate for a chat.

It has now been shunted out of sight up an unsearchable backwater. Users must now click an opt-in button to access The_Donald forum, and its content no longer appears in Reddit's search results or recommendations.

Nicholas J. Fuentes

February 2020,Renvoed by YouTube

The YouTube action against America First escalated to removal in February 2020.

January 2020, Demonitised by YouTube

Nicholas J Fuentes, host of the political talk show America First , has become the latest political commentator to have his YouTube channel fully demonetized.

Fuentes reported that he had received multiple notices from YouTube related to videos being removed, features on his channel being disabled, and his monetization being stripped. YouTube cited hate speech as their reason.


Right leaning dicussion forum

News, July 2020: Censored by Visa

Visa has banned Gab from their payment processing services. The browser, comment, and social media tech company can no longer process donations or funds through any of Visa's services.

May 2019

Banned by WordPress. The website titled Chateau Heartiste, was described as an alt-right pickup artist blog

It's Going Down

It's Going Down, which provides anarchist, anti-capitalist and anti-colonialist commentary and analysis.

August 2020: Banned by Facebook

Facebook wrote:

Today we are taking action against Facebook Pages, Groups and Instagram accounts tied to offline anarchist groups that support violent acts amidst protests.

Katie Hopkins

Well known  and outspoken commentator who is known for politically oincorrect opinions that go down well in the Daily Mail.

June 2020: Banned from Twitter

The former reality TV star was permanently suspended from the social media platform Twitter. Her ban stemmed from an online altercation with Welsh rugby player Ahston Hewitt.

It began when Hewitt, who plays for the Dragons, tweeted that Katie Hopkins is fucking toxic in response to one of her previous tweets mocking the Black Lives Matter protests.

She tweeted:

Today is #whiteoutwednesday. I will shortly be posting a picture of my arse. Thank you.

Responding to Hewitt criticism, Hopkins said:

Am I? He better be hung like a baboon206#katiehopkins.

Twitter subsequently shut down Hopkins' account, which has over one million followers.

David Icke

British conspiracy theorist

News November 2020: Banned from Twitter

Icke had over 380,000 followers when he was banned from Twitter. His account was locked after he tweeted:

Everyone in Liverpool will be tested for 'covid-19' as armed forces arrive to launch first whole city testing operation - exactly what I said would happen months ago as military move into front line of fascist state.

News May 2020: Banned from YouTube

YouTube has deleted David Icke's official channel from its platform. Google said that it acted after repeatedly warning Icke that he had violated its policies by posting misleading information about the coronavirus pandemic.

News May 2020, Banned from Facebook

Conspiracy theorist David Icke has had his main Facebook page deleted amid mounting calls for social media companies to combat dangerous misinformation.

Icke, a former sports commentator, is a vocal backer of the conspiracy theory that 5G technology spreads coronavirus


Right wing website run by Alex Jones.

March 2020

InfoWars is already widely banned from social media on political grounds for disputing politically correct dictates. However disputing the need for social distancing during the covid crisis was maybe a step too far leading to Infowar's Android app being ejected from Goggle's Play Store.

Sasha Johnson

UK Black Lives Matter leader who apparently refers to herself as Oxford's Black Panther

News September 2020: Banned from Twitter

Sasha Johnson refering to herself as Oxford's Black Panther said in the same tweet that history is changing and warned there would be no peace without justice.

Twitter's reaction has been to suspend the account.

Alex Jones

Right wing commentator behind the website

News November 2020: Guilty by association

Tim Pool's podcast was taken down from YouTube as it featured Alex Jones contributing o a discussion.

October 2020: Interviewed on Spotify

Alex Jones is now back on Spotify, thanks to a just-recorded interview with Joe Rogan. Earlier this morning, The Joe Rogan Experience served up the surprise. Episode #1555, recorded just days earlier, popped up as a freshly-uploaded episode, with comedian Tim Dillon also part of the interview. So far, Spotify hasn't uttered a word about the podcast episode -- though activist employees are reportedly putting pressure on management to remove the interview.

May 2019

Facebook removed Jones' accounts, fan pages and affiliated groups as well as its photo-sharing account on Instagram, claiming that his presence on the social networking sites had become dangerous.

Alex Jones & Infowars been previously been banned by Facebook but this is a step up in rhetoric and scope now claiming that the content is dangerous.

David Kurten

David Kurten was a London mayoral candidate from the Heritage Party

News May 2021: Suspended by Facebook

Facebook suspended London's mayoral candidate David Kurten on the day of election. Kurten and his Heritage Party have been strong opponents of lockdown measures, and have challenged the idea of vaccine passports.

On the day of the mayoral and assembly elections in London, Facebook suspended Kurten for seven days. The social media network cited five posts dating back to October 2020. One of 2 posts on election day expressed Kurten and his party's strong opposition to the vaccine passport and lockdowns. The other one claimed that vaccine manufacturers are not liable for the COVID-19 jabs.

Life Site News

Catholic religious website with a pre-life focus on abortion

February 2021: De-monitised by Google

LifeSiteNews has been banned from Google Ads, Google Ad servers, Google News and Google Discover, is therefore left to assume that the likely cause was its exploration of what its author Gualberto Garcia Jones termed the morality, legality and science behind the coronavirus vaccines.

August 2019: Banned by Apple News

Life Site News wrote:

Apple News banned the website telling LifeSite that they had deleted our channel and all of our content from their platform.

Apple claimed that LifeSite's channel didn't comply with our Apple News guidelines. Specifically, they stated that LifeSite's channel content shows intolerance towards a specific group.

Apple's e-mail provided no details about which content they deemed offensive, or which specific group LifeSite's content allegedly showed intolerance towards.

Graham Linehan

Irish writer of the popular Father Ted TV comedy series

June 2020: Banned by Twitter

Graham Linehan has been permanently suspended from Twitter over his remarks about the transgender community. Last week, he briefly lost his blue tick verification after he accused an LGBTQ+ group of grooming.

Linehan's @Glinner account has now been suspended entirely. On the account, a message from Twitter says profiles that violate the platform's rules will be suspended.

Laura Loomer

Right wing US blogger

News August 2020: Political censorship of an elected representative

Twitter has refused to reinstate Laura Loomer's account following the conservative activist's victory in the Republican primary to contest Florida's 21st congressional district earlier this week,

May 2019

Facebook removed Loomer's accounts, fan pages and affiliated groups  as well as its photo-sharing account on Instagram, claiming that his presence on the social networking sites had become dangerous.

Bill Mitchell

US radio host notable for his support of Donald Trump

News August 2020: Banned by Twitter

Bill Mitchell, a conservative pundit with a large Twitter following, has been permanently suspended from the platform. Twitter confirmed it banned the pro-Trump internet personality after his widely-followed account, @mitchellvii, abruptly vanished.

Stefan Molyneux

News June 2020: Banned by YouTube

YouTube initiated a purge of right leaning channels that were accused of alleging that member of protected groups were inferior.

Nick Monroe

May 2019: Banned by Twitter

See article from

Twitter has banned a conservative reporter who was openly trying to be less edgy and more newsy, three years after being embroiled in Gamergate and other internet-based arguments.

When it comes to the research and aggregation of political news, Nick Monroe is second to none. Anyone within the political sphere--whether on the left or right--is familiar with the independent journalist, who goes by @nickmon1112 on Twitter. Or at least he did, until Twitter banned him.

Known for his investigative tweet threads involving topics such as AntiFa, online censorship, to the latest happenings on social media, Monroe was often cited in conservative news outlets including Breitbart, Daily Caller, PJ Media, and others--to name a few.

The National Pulse

Conservative news service

November 2020: Banned by Twitter

Twitter has continued its pattern of mass censorship and permanently suspended conservative media outlet The National Pulse

The account had over 78,000 followers before it was booted and The National Pulse had been using the account to share its reporting on vote-counting irregularities across the US.

Mr. Obvious

A YouTuber who points out all of the socially and culturally regressive antics being doled out by Left-wing keyboard activists.

December 2019: Banned from Paypal

Paypal wrote:

We have recently reviewed your usage of PayPal's services, as reflected in our records and on your social media. Due to the nature of your activities, we have chosen to discontinue service to you in accordance with PayPal's User Agreement. As a result, we have placed a permanent limitation on your account.

May 2019

Banned by WordPress presumably for criticising islam.

Gemma O'Doherty

Irish journalist who opposes uncontrolled immigration and is a nationalist. She stood as an independent candidate for teh European parliamentary elections.

July 2019

Her account on YouTube was permanently deleted with YouTube citing hate speech.

James O'Keefe

An investigative reporter associated with Project Veritas

February 2020: Account locked by twitter

Twitter locked O'Keefe out of his account after investigations into Bernie Sanders campaign at the Iowa caucuses revealed information that Twitter was not happy with.


Parler is a right leaning social media app.

News May 2021: Unbanned by Apple

The right leaning Parler social media app has returned to the iOS App Store after months of negotiation with Apple, with a solution including censoring any content that offends Apple's morality.

Parler's interim CEO, Mark Meckler, said that the company has worked to address Apple's concerns without compromising our core mission. He said:

Anything allowed on the Parler network but not in the iOS app will remain accessible through our web-based and Android versions. This is a win-win for Parler, its users, and free speech.

Parler positions itself as a free speech-focused alternative to Twitter or other social media sites. The platform was banned by Apple, Google, and other web platforms after they all decided to censor Donald Trump.

PJ Media

June 2019

Conservative website blocked from posting anything on Pinterest


February 2020: PragerU failed in a legal challenge against YouTube censorship

Prager University (PragerU) is a right wing group that creates videos explaining a right wing perspective to political issues.

YouTube didn't much care for the content and shunted the videos up a 'restricted mode' back alley.

PragerU challened th censorship in court but have just lost their case. First Amendment rights in the US bans the state from censoring free speech but this protection does not extended to private companies. PragerU had tried to argue that Google has become so integral to American life  that it should be treated like a state institution.

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals on Wednesday affirmed that YouTube, a Google subsidiary, is a private platform and thus not subject to the First Amendment. In making that determination, the Court also rejected a plea from a conservative content maker that sued YouTube in hopes that the courts would force it to behave like a public utility.

Press TV

Iranian propaganda TV channel broadcast internationally.

January 2021: Banned again by Facebook

Facebook has once again shut down the page of the Press TV news network. This time permanently.

Facebook said in a note that this decision is irreversible. The company attempted to shut down press TV's account without giving any prior warning. Facebook justified the act by claiming that Press TV has failed to follow the Facebook community standards. However as always, the company did not specify the so called violations of its rules.

January 2020

Google has deleted the YouTube account for Iran's Press TV UK channel as regional tensions continue to heighten between Tehran and Washington following the assassination of Qassem Soleimani.

The page was closed on Monday evening without any warning or explanation from Google, according to Press TV UK staff who spoke to Middle East Eye.

Googlehas previously shut down our main YouTube page (Press TV) but instead of closing us down completely, Google prevented us from uploading new content or letting people subscribe to the channel, Ahmed Kaballo, a Press TV journalist, told MEE.

May 2019

Google disabled the accounts of Press TV, an Iranian news service, and its sister channel Hispan TV, an outlet in Spain. Google denied their access to all its services, including its popular video streaming platform YouTube and its E-mail service Gmail. The company's move took place without prior notice or subsequent explanation.

Project Veritas

February 2021: Banned from Twitter

See article from

Twitter has permanently banned the investigative reporting outlet Project Veritas which recently published several leaked videos exposing executives from Big Tech companies discussing censorship, hate speech, and more. Project Veritas had over 735,000 followers when it was suspended.

The suspension follows Project Veritas's Twitter account being locked earlier today after it posted a video clip featuring a Project Veritas journalist confronting Facebook's Vice President (VP) of Integrity Guy Rosen over comments that he made about Facebook's hate speech detection technology in a leaked video.

Before publishing the leaked Facebook video, Project Veritas had also published several leaked videos from internal Twitter meetings including one video where CEO Jack Dorsey discussed much bigger Twitter censorship measures after Trump's ban from the platform.


The US conspiracy theory (really an ecosystem of interlinked conspiracy theories) is centered around the cryptic disclosures of a supposedly high-ranking government employee going by the moniker Q.

The supporters believe that the eponymous Q is posting coded messages online to inform Trump's supporters about a secret war against the right, and preparing them for an imminent event in which the president overthrows the evil cabal and imprisons its members.

October 2020: And Patreon

Patreon has updated its policies and will no longer support creator accounts on its platform that advance disinformation promoting the QAnon conspiracy theory , the company announced in a blog post.

A small number of creators on Patreon have supported QAnon with their work, the platform says, adding it's taking action because a number of other online platforms become overrun with pages and groups actively focused around QAnon disinformation.

October 2020: Vimeo too

Video-sharing platform Vimeo said it does not allow QAnon content and has removed a popular video for the conspiracy theory that was identified in a Media Matters for America report. A Vimeo spokesperson said QAnon content violates the platform's rules against conspiracy theory-related content where the underlying conspiracy theory spreads, among other things, hate speech, large scale defamation, false or misleading vaccination or health-safety content.

August 2020: Banned by Facebook

Facebook has deleted a large group dedicated to sharing and discussing QAnon conspiracy theories. The deleted Facebook group, called Official Q/Qanon, had nearly 200,000 members.

Facebook wrote:

Today we are taking action against Facebook Pages, Groups and Instagram accounts tied to offline anarchist groups that support violent acts amidst protests, US-based militia organizations and QAnon. We already remove content calling for or advocating violence and we ban organizations and individuals that proclaim a violent mission. However, we have seen growing movements that, while not directly organizing violence, have celebrated violent acts, shown that they have weapons and suggest they will use them, or have individual followers with patterns of violent behavior.

July 2020: Banned by Twitter

Twitter's threat to shadowban accounts and hashtags linked to the pro-Trump QAnon movement has merely validated followers' fears that they are being controlled by a liberal elite.

The company warned some 150,000 accounts will be affected by the new rule, implying that sharing QAnon content is behavior that has the potential to lead to offline harm. Tellingly, they didn't cite any specific incidents, and mainstream media that have reported on the ban don't seem to care what harm has in fact resulted from the fevered speculation over cryptic Q breadcrumbs.

Jon Rappoport

Staffer at Alex Jones' Infowars

May 2019

Banned from his blog by Wordpress.

Rappoport commented: O n May 11, 2019, WordPress suddenly took down my blog after 10 years of continuous operation. There was no warning or advance notice of any kind.

Rebel News

Canadian news outlet that is critical of the Justin Trudeau government.

News May 2021: Banned by Paypal

Rebel News is a conservative news outlet that often criticizes Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his government. More recently, the outlet has been critical of the government's response to the pandemic, especially lockdowns.

In May 2021, the news outlet tweeted that it had been canceled by PayPal.

Rebel News is facing a coordinated attack by Big Tech. First YouTube censored and demonetized us, now PayPal has come for their pound of flesh, the outlet's official account tweeted.

Red Ice TV

October 2019: Banned from YouTube

Red Ice TV is known for reporting about migrant crimes, rape statistics involving migrants in European countries.

Its YouTube channel boasted over 335,000 subscribers and -- according to Social Blade -- had amassed more than 44 million views over the course of ten years.

Oliver Ressler

Austrian artist who creates political and environmental documentaries.

August 2021: Banned by YouTube

The YouTube account of the Austrian filmmaker and artist Oliver Ressler was suspended last Thursday for repeated violations, he says. YouTube issued Ressler with a message warning that spams, scams or commercially deceptive material are not allowed on YouTube. The artist says that no such material had been uploaded to his channel, that no prior warnings about such violations had been received and accuses the video sharing platform of censoring his work. I think [the account] has been taken down due to the content, so it is censorship, Ressler tells The Art Newspaper.

Robin Hood Stock Trading

A stock trading app came to the fore when it became a key hub for gamers to fight back against hedge funds trying to devalue their popular games retailer GameStop.

January 2021: Censored by Facebook

Facebook took the side of the hedge funds and blocked the Robin Hood Stock Trading Facebook Group that was key to the David and Goliath fight against the destructive operations of hedge funds. The group had 157,000 members when it was censored.

Tommy Robinson

English far right politician noted for founding the English Defence League and for some eloquent and media savvy defence of his politics.

May 2020: Banned from TikTok

The video sharing platform TikTok has permanently banned an account belonging to Tommy Robinson.

A TikTok spokesperson said: Content that seeks to promote hateful ideology has no place on TikTok.

May 2019

Already widely banned by major social media platforms he was even more banned by Twitter in May 2019.


Worldwide Russian propaganda news channel on satellite and cable TV.

News April 2021: First strike by YouTube

See article from

YouTube disappeared four videos from RT's channel and assessed a strike, which will sanction the news outlet for one week. If it happens again, the next round of penalties will last for two weeks (as just hit RT's German channel, RT DE). Eventually, enough alleged violations of community guidelines can get a channel evicted from the public square permanently.

The topics of the videos varied, but the common thread was that they revealed the existence of contrarian viewpoints. For instance, one was a livestream of an anti-lockdown protest in London, while another showed Covid-19 skeptics holding a demonstration in Birmingham, England. RT didn't endorse the views of the protesters, though in a free society, that should be allowed. According to YouTube, merely showing footage of these protests violated its policy against medical misinformation. Another video was found to have violated the same policy, showing an interview with legendary Soviet virologist Dmitry Lvov about the dangers of the coronavirus outbreak and the efficacy of masks.

Owen Shroyer

Reporter for Alex Jones' Infowars

April 2020: Banned from Twitter

The accounts of two Infowars employees, Owen Shroyer and Rob Dew , have been suspended on Twitter.

Shroyer had over 162,000 followers when his account was suspended while Dew had more than 68,000.

The censorship seems related to supposed wrong think about coronavirus lock down policies.


Richard Spencer

Richard Spencer is well known commentator on the right noted for coinging the phrase alt-right.

News June 2020: banned by YouTube

YouTube initiated a purge of right leaning channels that were accused of alleging that member of protected groups were inferior.

Andrew Tate

Reality TV star and kickboxer became a well known social media influencer

News August 2022: Kicked off Facebook and Instagram

Meta has banned influencer Andrew Tate from Facebook and Instagram.

The former kickboxer rose to fame in 2016 when he was removed from TV show Big Brother over a video which appeared to depict him attacking a woman. He went on to gain notoriety online, with Twitter banning him for saying women should bear responsibility for being sexually assaulted.

He had 4.7 million Instagram followers at the time his account was censored.

Tru News

February 2020: Banned by YouTube

Tru News was created by Flowing Springs Church pastor Rick Wiles from out of Vero Springs, Florida. Newsweek believes the ban was part of a crackdown from YouTube following Wiles' comments from back in November, 2019, where he stated that the impeachment of President Donald Trump was part of a Jewish coup.

Donald Trump, US President

News March 2023: Unbanned by YouTube

The Google-owned platform lifted the ban that has been in place since the January 6, 2021, Capitol riot.

YouTube public policy vice president Leslie Miller said Friday that Trump can now upload videos to his channel which has 2.5 million followers.

News November 2022: Unbanned by Twitter

See article from

New Twitter owner Elon Musk has said President Donald Trump's account has been reinstated after running a poll in which users backed the decision.

The people have spoken, Musk tweeted, after the results of a poll showed Twitter users' narrow support for Trump to be reinstated.

Over 15 million users participated in the poll, with 52% voting in favor of bringing Trump back to the platform.

While the account is now active, it's not known if President Trump will return to the platform, as he has previously said: I don't see any reason for it, and has since launched his own social media platform, Truth Social.

News January 2021: Social Media cartel cancels Donald Trump

In a mass censorship movement from politicians and internet companies, all sorts of measures have been adopted to silence Donald Trump, his supporters, and anyone else with right leaning views. Here are just a few of the most notable actions.

Right leaning Parler forum taken down by Amazon

See article from

Parler has dropped offline after Amazon pulled hosting support for the right leaning free speech social network.

The platform had been reliant on the tech giant's Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud computing service to provide its alternative to Twitter.

It is popular among supporters of Donald Trump, although the president is not a user.

Google and Apple had already removed Parler from their app stores towards the end of last week.

Snapchat and Twitch cancel Trump

See article from

Snapchat and Twitch have joined other Big Tech companies in censoring Trump. Rachel Racusen, a spokeswoman for the company, said:

We can confirm that earlier today we locked President Trump's Snapchat account.

Until Snapchat lifts the restriction, Trump will not be able to share anything with his nearly two million subscribers on the platform.

Meanwhile the games based social network Twitch has similarly cancelled Trump. A spokesperson said:

In light of yesterday's shocking attack on the Capitol, we have disabled President Trump's Twitch channel.

The company claims it will reassess Trump's account after he leaves office.

Shopify cancels Trumps merchandising outlet

See article from

Shopify, the Canada-based tech company that makes popular software tools to help merchants run online stores, shuttered the Trump Organization's on Thursday morning, as well as the e-commerce portion of the president's election website.

So one less place to buy MAGA hats from.

Facebook cancels Trump and also the #WalkAway campaign

See article from

Facebook on Thursday said it will block President Trump on its platforms at least until the end of his term on Jan. 20, as the mainstream online world moved forcefully to limit the president after years of inaction.

Facebook has also  banned the #WalkAway Campaign -- a popular grassroots movement that encourages people to walk away from the divisive tenets endorsed and mandated by the Democratic Party of today.

The far-reaching ban has impacted the campaign's main Facebook group (which had over 500,000 followers), its main Facebook page (which had over 182,000 followers), and every member of the #WalkAway Campaign team, including its founder Brandon Straka.

Twitter cancels the US President, his close associates, and other right leaning voices

See article from

After permanently cancelling the account of the USA President, Twitter moved on to cancelling Trumps associates.

Twitter on Friday removed the accounts of Michael Flynn, Sidney Powell and other high-profile supporters of Trump who promoted the conspiracy theory that the elites from the Democratic Party coordinate with the media, big tech and large corporations to override democratic processes.

Twitter also removed the account of Ron Watkins, the administrator of the website 8kun, which was formerly named 8chan and hosts posts from Q, the false digital prophet at the heart of the QAnon conspiracy theory.

In a video leaked by Project Veritas, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey discussed Trump's account and stated:

This is going to be much bigger than just one account, and it's going to go on for much longer than just this day, this week. And the next few weeks and go on beyond the Inauguration.

He also cited the platform's mass censorship of QAnon as one such example of a much broader approach that we should be looking at and going deeper on.

YouTube cancels the US Presidents channels for 7 days

See article from

YouTube has temporarily blocked Donald Trump from uploading a video from his Texas speech on Tuesday where he said he was at zero risk of 25th amendment removal and warned Democrats be careful what you wish for.

News January 2021: Amazon cancels 'Stop the Steal' merchandising

See article from

Thousands of pieces of merchandise containing Stop the Steal, a slogan that is used by those who believe Democrats stole the election, have been pulled from Amazon.

T-shirts, stickers, masks, hats, and other products containing this slogan that were recently available to purchase on Amazon are now gone. Many of these products are still visible in searches for stop the steal but attempting to open any of these results now returns a Sorry we couldn't find that page message.

News June 2020: Banned by Reddit

The Donald is a Donald Trump supporting forum on Reddit

The group, which had nearly 800,000 subscribers, served as a virtual gathering place for President Trump's fans, and a source of countless memes, slogans and conspiracy theories that made their way into the broader online conversation. Reddit CEO Steve Hoffman said:

We updated our content policy to add an explicit rule banning hate on Reddit, which has long been an implicit rule, somewhat by design. But not being explicit about it, I think, has caused all sorts of confusion over the years. And so we updated the rule. And then any time we make a rule change, we evaluate communities against the rule change. And so, as a result, there were a number of communities we ended up banning.


VDARE is an American website focused on opposition to immigration to the United States and is associated with white supremacy, white nationalism, and the alt-right.

June 2020: threatened by domain registrar

An internet registrar is threatening to delist the VDARE website. Network Solutions' parent company, Group, notified the civil rights group that it has taken steps to terminate the company's account for, which would make it unreachable on the public internet unless it can find another provider willing to register the domain name.

May 2020:

Banned from Facebook

August 2019

Banned from YouTube

Andy Warski

Right leaning commentator

June 2020: Banned from YouTube

Banned by Youtube for right leaning content that Google did not like.

Warski explained: After 12 years on Youtube, 1200 videos, 250 k subscribers and a ton of memorable moments... I have been banned and removed off of Youtube.

Paul Joseph Watson

Right wing US YouTube personality who has served as editor-at-large of Infowars

May 2019

Banned by Facebook. See article from

Andy Wigmore

Brexit campaigner;

News November 2020: Banned by Twitter

Journalist Steven Edginton of The Sun posted about the case where the account of @AndyWigmore has been suspended, while the message he quoted -- of a Biden supporter urging others to burn down the Republican Party remains intact on the platform.


UK rapper associated with the grime genre.

July 2020: Banned by Twitter

Wiley has been permanently banned from Twitter. It follows a 48-hour boycott of Twitter by many users over what they said had been an unacceptable delay in dealing with the offending tweets.

We are sorry we did not move faster, Twitter said in a statement.

July 2020: Banned by Facebook

Facebook has deleted the personal account of rapper Wiley after he shared critical posts aimed at his Jewish critics.

The BBC found posts on Facebook under his real name Richard Kylea Cowie. He specifically named Jewish celebrities - including Lord Alan Sugar, comedian David Baddiel and BBC presenter Emma Barnett.

A Facebook spokesperson said it initially suspended, then deleted the grime artist's Facebook and Instagram profiles.

Milo Yiannopoulos

Right wing US commentator.

May 2019

Facebook removed Yiannopoulos' accounts, fan pages and affiliated groups  as well as its photo-sharing account on Instagram, claiming that his presence on the social networking sites had become dangerous.


TDescribed as a libertarian finance website, with a lot of coverage of crypto currencies.

June 2020: Banned by Paypal

The site has been in dispute with Paypal for a while and is concurrently unable to use the Paypal for donations button for website upkeep.

June 2020: Demonitised by Google

Demonitsed due to user comments critical of the Black Lives Matter protests in June 2020.


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