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An ailing BBC seeks legal protection...

The BBC seeks a law change to force all UK TV platforms to carry the BBC

Link Here19th March 2021
There was a time a few years ago when the BBC was considered an essential and integral component of any TV platform that sought to get established in the UK.

More recently the British Wokecasting Corporation decided to alienate much of its viewership with biased news and programming that was more about woke morality preaching than entertainment.

So now in the face of increasing unpopularity, the BBC is having to seek the help of government in forcing TV platforms to carry the BBC by law.

The BBC is calling for legislation to ban the sale of plug-in devices, such as Amazon's Fire TV Stick, that don't carry the BBC prominently on its platform. Clare Sumner, BBC director of policy, called for for urgent legislation to update the 2003 Communications Act to modernise the regulatory framework to ensure public service broadcasters (PSBs) are prominent and available on all major TV platforms.

The new law would prevent providers of TV user interfaces (for example, smart TV manufacturers or global tech providers) from releasing products in the UK without complying with these rules. TV censor Ofcom is said to support such a law change to give services like the BBC iPlayer and ITV Hub guaranteed prominence on Smart TVs.



Flowery Twats...

The BBC continues to censor Fawlty Towers

Link Here3rd March 2021
Fawlty Towers is set to be re-aired on BBC but racial slurs made by characters such as Major Gowen will be omitted from the show mirror

The offending scene is when Major Gowan discusses the difference between 'niggers' and 'wogs'.

Last year writer and star John Cleese, who plays Basil Fawlty, branded Beeb bosses gutless for temporarily removing the episode with the Major's remarks from the UKTV streaming platform. He argued that the remarks were fine in the context of the major being shown as an old fossil:

We were not supporting his views, we were making fun of them.

A separate episode, The Anniversary , starts with the Fawlty Towers sign re-arranged into the anagram 'Flowery Twats', which is also cut.

The series is available on iPlayer from Monday.



Night of the Creeps...

Horror Channels shows a cut TV version

Link Here27th January 2021
Night of the Creeps is a 1986 USA comedy Sci-Fi horror by Fred Dekker.
Starring Jason Lively, Tom Atkins and Steve Marshall. Melon Farmers link BBFC link 2020 IMDb

The Director's Cut has an alternative end and does not add any contentious material. The Theatrical Version was rated 18 for cinema and VHS release in 1987. The Director's Cut was 15 rated for 2018 DVD and Blu-ray. In the US the Theatrical Version was MPAA R rated whilst the Director's Cut is MPAA Unrated. There is also a TV version that is censored but has the same ending as the Director's Cut.

And it is that TV version that seems to be being shown on Horror Channel this month. An example cut is as follows

When the detective is approaching the car where the female has been attacked, the detective is briefly shown holding severed hand. It's badly cut, can't see him pick it up or drop it (magically disappears and without context)

See further version details from



Doddery old fools...

The BBC offends viewers with silly trigger warnings about Dad's Army

Link Here4th January 2021
The BBC has added a trigger warning to the 1971 Dad's Army movie warning about offensive language.

An announcement was made before the comedy classic aired on BBC Two on Saturday night, while viewers watching on iPlayer are told the film contains discriminatory language which some may find offensive.

In the film, Clive Dunn's character L-Cpl Jones's uses the term fuzzy-wuzzies, to describe the enemies he fought in the Sudan under General Kitchener.

Arthur Lowe's Captain Mainwaring also refers to Red Indians not attacking at night.

A BBC spokesman said:

Attitudes have changed significantly and guidance was given due to a specific discriminatory remark.

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