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Moralists around Manchester, Liverpool and Carlisle


Ex Totties...

Council moralists shut down Totties lap dancing club in Altrincham after trading for 24 years

Link Here11th May 2024
Moralists on Trafford's council's 'public protection' sub-committee have refused to renew the licence for Totties Lap Dancing Club in Altrincham, which had been running for the last 24 years.

The Venue is continuing to runas a nightclub but has only six months left on the lease from the landlord.

The owner said the option to appeal against the refusal of the licence to the magistrates' court would have been too expensive, bearing in mind there was only a short amount of time left on the lease.

At the renewal hearing last month, chair of the sub-committee, Cllr David Jarman said:

We feel that it's no longer an appropriate area for this type of establishment.



Stag and hen parties no longer welcome in Blackpool...

Council wants lap dancing clubs to close in a quest to become a family resort

Link Here18th May 2021
Authorities in Blackpool have begun a process they hope will eradicate the town's lap dancing clubs for good in an attempt to make it more family friendly.

There are currently four clubs operating in the resort, but Councillor Adrian Hutton, who chairs the licensing committee, hopes that will drop to zero in the next few years. Hutton said:

Rather than the council forcing venues to cease trading immediately, it is taking a softly, softly approach. When one closes or loses its licence under its current owner we will not renew the licence for anybody else who came along.

He believes the clubs' popularity is because of stag and hen parties which can have a negative effect on Blackpool's image as a family destination:

Those in favour of preserving them argue that their existence has no negative impact on the culture of the city - and, if anything, is good for the local economy.

Toni Mansell, a stripper for ten years responded:

When the clubs do close, a number of women will inevitably lose their jobs. Sex workers are a very disenfranchised faction of people and appear to be under the chopping block all the time.



Miserable Blackpool...

Council disgracefully wants to set a council mandated monopoly for one sex shop, and for a ban for new and replacement lap dancing clubs

Link Here 14th January 2021
Blackpool Council wants to create a monopoly for 1 sex shop to be allowed in the town and also it wants to ban any new lap dancing clubs, presumably on grounds of its view on morality.

Councillors are being asked to approve a new policy which would permit only one monopoly sex shop, and which would ban new lap dancing clubs.

Four existing clubs would be allowed to continue operating, but once those licences lapse for any reason they would not be renewed.

Licensing chiefs say the move better reflects Blackpool's aim to be a 'family' resort, and its support of the White Ribbon campaign against adult entertainment.

Members of the council's licensing committee are being asked to agree to reduce the number of permitted sex shops from the current two, down to one.

The policywill go before the council's licensing committee on Tuesday January 19 for consideration.



Without sin...

Council dismisses claims against lap dancing club

Link Here31st July 2020
A Blackpool lap dancing club has been allowed to keep its licence after councillors dismissed unsubstantiated allegations against the operator.

The licensee appeared before a meeting of the council's public protection sub-committee after an objection was received to his application to renew the sexual entertainment venue licence at Sinless on Central Promenade.

The meeting heard allegations had been made against Mr Newton that he had acted inappropriately towards female performers, encouraged drug taking and allowed under-age drinking and performing.

The authority found no evidence to back up the claims.



Going downhill very quickly...

Chinese skiers whinge about books in a Norwegian library that are banned in China

Link Here 7th January 2020
Norway Today has reported about the latest attempt by Chinese citizens to censor material in other countries It involves a delegation of more than 40 Chinese cross-country skiers, along with 15 coaches and managers, who are in the Norwegian municipality of Meråker to train for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics:

The Chinese visitors have whinged about books in the local library that are banned in China. Among the books the delegation wanted removed is one about the Falun Gong movement that has been banned in China since 1999.

Thankfully the library has refused categorically to remove any books. The library manager said:

We have freedom of speech in Norway so that was completely out of the question. It's only a small incident, easily overlooked. But if it can happen in a tiny local library in the depths of Norway, just because a few Chinese skiers were training there, it is highly likely to start happening in other places, where more Chinese citizens are present, and where China has greater economic and political influence.



A bit too hot...

A licence renewal has been refused for a Blackpool lap dancing club after an unexplained incident with a customer being burned with an aerosol can and a cigarette lighter

Link Here25th July 2019
A Blackpool lap dancing club has been stripped of its licence following an incident in which a customer was burned during a performance involving an aerosol can and a cigarette lighter.

Blackpool Council's public protection sub-committee refused to renew the sexual entertainment venue licence for Eden One on Queen Street.

A customer at the lap dancing club complained he had received second degree burns to his torso during a visit to the premises in June.

Councillors viewed CCTV of the incident during their meeting at the town hall, together with stills from the CCTV, which showed other breaches of licence conditions. The refusal notice sates:

The sub-committee was concerned about the lack of management oversight and the breach of existing conditions and were not satisfied that the proposed conditions would result in greater compliance in the future. Accordingly, the sub-committee refused the application for renewal of the licence.

The venue has the right to appeal against this decision and the premises may continue to trade pending the outcome of any appeal.



Law around non-consensual sexual images to be reviewed by Manchester Council...

Liberal Democrats come to the defence of Manchester lap dancers harassed by extremists filming sex acts without consent

Link Here26th June 2019
The Liberal Democrats have said Manchester City Council is wrong to welcome undercover video footage from the anti-strip club campaign group Not Buying It .

The party, which has long-believed in legalising sex-work including prostitution, has warned that if the footage was to leak it could seriously endanger the safety of the workers.

Dancers and strippers involved said they are terrified after the anti-sex work group filmed private strip dances in Manchester-based Victoria's and Obsessions clubs.

Not Buying It claims to have footage of sexual acts being offered and breaches of licensing rules.

Manchester City Council said officials have launched an investigation into the two clubs after the footage from Not Buying It was presented to them. A spokesperson said: We thank Not Buying It for bringing this matter to our attention.

The United Voices of the World Union (UVW) have compared the covert filming to revenge porn, whilst the pro-sex work Liberal Democrats criticised the move as a completely inappropriate invasion of privacy. The party's Equalities Spokesperson April Preston said she was appalled that Manchester Council has welcomed the footage and hopes the same level of scrutiny is applied to the strip club bosses. Describing it as entrapment, Preston added:

Instead of going after workers, Liberal Democrats would legalise sex work and focus on the safety and employment rights of women.

We fully support unionisation to ensure the same scrutiny and accountability you would find in any other line of work and will work with anyone to help reinforce this.



Updated: Filmed without consent...

Two Manchester lap dancing clubs fall victim to feminists commissioning exposes of private dances

Link Here 1st May 2019

Two private detectives posed as customers at Manchester lap dancing clubs with view to exposing sexy goings on in private dances. An aggressive feminist campaign called Not Buying It have presented a report of the pair's findings, including video footage, to Manchester City Council.

The private investigators, spent up to £80 a time on lap dances at Victoria's, at Dantzic Street, and Obsessions, at Whitworth Street West, before recording details of their encounters with the women.

The campaigners claim that what went on at the clubs during the course of the private investigation not only breached the venues' own rules but amounted to sexual contact with punters - behaviour which they claim would breach licensing rules. Other reports add that the campaigners are describing the claimed sexual contact to be 'foreplay'.

Manchester council have now launched their own investigation into the clubs Obsessions and Victoria's. 

Update: Revenge porn

1st May 2019. See article from

United Voices of the World members, including a growing number of strippers, are appalled by the latest tactic of the Women's Equality Party (WEP) in their misguided campaign to abolish strip clubs for the imagined benefit of the women involved. In Sheffield and Manchester, men hired by the WEP covertly filmed nude and semi-nude dancers in legal strip clubs.

In their self-appointed mission to save dancers, the WEP continues to put women's livelihoods at risk, while ignoring the explicit wishes of the women involved. As a feminist trade union, UVW is extremely alarmed by this practice. We will be seeking legal remedies for our members, and offer solidarity to all dancers affected by this harmful behaviour.

Filming people undercover, without explicit and direct consent and in clear violation of their right to privacy, is not just immoral -- it is unlawful. Sharing what could amount to revenge porn of naked women, obtained with the explicit aim to undermine and harm them, constitutes harassment and misuse of private information under UK law.

We demand that the WEP and its collaborators destroy immediately all footage obtained illegally inside clubs and apologise to the dancers. Dancers have made it clear that they don't need rescuing, They need a dignified workplace where they can earn a living to support themselves and their families.

Women choose to work in strip clubs for the same reasons people choose a wide variety of jobs: funding university studies, family needs, a disability and a scarcity of other work options. All of them are working because they need to make a living under increasingly difficult conditions 204 extortionate housing costs, inaccessible and inadequate benefits, lack of childcare and falling wages in other industries.

Amnesty International and the World Health Organisation have repeatedly declared that workers in the sex industry are best served by laws and policies that seek to maintain their employment rights and involve them in meaningful participation in any discussion of law and policy that affects their lives and safety.

We demand that the WEP cease its campaign of harassment and intimidation against dancers in Sheffield, Manchester and elsewhere. If they want to help women, they should campaign against austerity measures and poverty wages. Reducing women's job options is active harm to their livelihoods. If they want to help dancers working in clubs, they are welcome to join UVW's unionising efforts, listen to women and support them on their own terms.

Workers are best placed to advocate for their own rights and safety at work, and dancers across the UK are organising to ensure that protections from harassment, intimidation and exploitation are in place. UVW is currently seeking recognition in a number of clubs in order to represent our workers' collective interests.




Carlisle City Council moralists reject application for a new gentlemen's club in Carlisle

Link Here20th March 2019

Carlisle Council has rejected an application to open a new gentleman's club to be named PC Lounge. The plans had been tabled by nightclub owner Lee Weatherley who wanted to open the club on the site of the Rewind Bar and Grill, previously Mint, in Botchergate.

But licensing bosses refused to grant a licence for a sexual entertainment venue following objections from businesses including the Ibis hotel, the Vue cinema and the Hebron Evangelical Church. The council also received 16 objections from residents.

Barrister Leo Charalambides QC spekaing for the venue noted:

I'm surprised to see a representation from a cinema given that when I go into a cinema lobby I'm as likely to see an advert for Fifty Shades of Grey which promotes sadomasochistic violence against partners, it encourages restraint. I may also see posters that encourage affairs, infidelity, guns, violence drug-taking and other forms of behaviour.

Speaking of the Rouge Culb on teh same street, Councillor John Bell, chairman of the regulatory panel, said:

The panel considers that another sex establishment would exceed what the panel considers appropriate for the locality.

The granting of the licence would be inappropriate having regard to the character of the area, namely the proximity of a place of worship, residential premises, an hotel and a cinema.



Extract: WirralLeaks...

Stripping the Illusion has been following Wirral's Peachez successful fight against council censorship

Link Here24th September 2018

Now Peachez was operating legally with a SEV Lecense issued from the Council back in October 2017 as there were no indications of any illegality and as followers of the blog know you cannot apply moral judgements on venues. Now the councillors Phil Davies and Jean Stapleton decided to use planning laws to close the venue by declaring it as unsuitable for the location. So Peachez appealed and the national planning inspectorate had to make a decision on if the club was suitable. And this is where it gets exciting and has much wider impact. Well the directorate has ruled in far of the club and it said it creates a positive impact on the night time economy.

...Read the full article from



Feminists vs Gentlemen...

Moralists carry the day as a Birkenhead night club is refused planning permission to offer table dancing

Link Here 20th April 2018
Peachez lap dancing club has been refused planning permission and deemed totally inappropriate - six months after it is believed to have opened.

The club has planning permission to operate as a nightclub but the council deemed it required planning permission to operate as a nightclub offering table dancing.

Wirral Council did not offer a particular reason beyond a moral objection to lap dancing and deeming this to be 'inappropriate'.

Councillors heard a moral objection from Josephine Wood a feminist campaigner from the Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre. Her statement said it was unbelievable the plans were being considered for a development promoting objectification and sexualisation of women for male titillation and 'pleasure'.

The refusal, which is subject to appeal, now means the club will be issued an enforcement notice requiring it to become a nightclub once more.



Updated: Impact on 'Perceptions' of Crime and Disorder...

Manchester council moralists come up with a few old chestnuts to justify refusing a licence for a new table dancing club

Link Here 14th March 2014
A strip club and lap dancing bar could be destined for Manchester's Northern Quarter if planning permission gets the go-ahead next week. The proposal is for a currently disuded building on the corner of Swan Street and Oldham Street.

Plans for an all-night gentleman's club , complete with striptease, lap and pole dancing and stage shows, are to be discussed at March 13's Planning and Highways Committee meeting.

However a Manchester City Council report submitted by planning officers ahead of the meeting have recommended the venue is rejected citing the old moralist chestnut, that it will make the area feel seedier .  Council planning officers suggest a number of unevidenced reasons for quashing the plans, including: the effect on promoting the location as a high quality area, the potential adverse effect on adjacent residents, the impact on perceptions and the image of the area to future potential investors, impact on perceptions about crime and disorder, the impact on street level activity particularly during the daytime and the proposal would not provide a useful local service.

Greater Manchester Police said the proposal is generally acceptable , subject to the advice given in their report, which included recommendations to make it safer.

It is also noted that proposed site is to be close to the New Islington development where there are plans for a new school to be built.

Update: Rejected

14th March 2013. See  article from

Plans to turn a historic Northern Quarter building into a lap dancing club have been thrown out by the town hall. The proposal to open on the corner Swan Street and Oldham Street was rejected.  No council explanation was included in the news story.



Update: Run of the Mill...

Bolton proposed a policy on nil new table dancing venues in the town centre

Link Here5th December 2013
Bolton Council was a little late coming to the anti lap dancing moralist party, but have now proposed a council policy of no new venues in the city centre.

The council looks set to tolerate the existing club though.

The council is now putting together some sort of consultation asking for contributors to say negative things about lap dancing venues.


5th May

Update: I Candy...

Accrington lap dancing club finds that Job Centre wont take job adverts for the club

The manager of a lap dancing club in Accrington claims she is the victim of political correctness and discrimination after the Jobcentre refused to allow her to advertise for dancers.

Kate Hartley is to launch iCandy in Blackburn Road on May 31, with the help of 45 new members of staff. But Hartley  said she had hit a wall in the recruitment process after being told she could not advertise vacancies for lap dancers, bar staff, waiting on staff and doorman.

When contacted by the Lancashire Telegraph, the Jobcentre said its policy was not to advertise for lap dancers, but it was now considering whether the other positions were suitable for display in its branches.

Hartley said:

I think the Jobcentre's attitude is absolutely crazy in the current economic climate. The Jobcentre should want to help us employ local people. It's political correctness gone mad. They told me they would not be able to advertise my jobs as people will be intimidated.

That's discrimination. If people are mature enough to get a job they are mature enough to walk passed an advert they do not wish to apply for.

A Jobcentre spokesman said:

People who are desperately looking for work shouldn't be put in an environment where they're exposed to these types of jobs and could feel under pressure to work in the sex industry.

Update: Opening Night

13th July 2012. See  article from

iCandy, will be launched on Friday 13th July 2012 despite opposition from residents and recruitment agencies, a lack of dancers and a 1,500-signature petition against the club.

The manager of the club, Kate Hartley, said: We are aware a lot of people are against us but we are hoping for best.


17th April

Update: I Candy...

Lap dancing club obtains planning permission in Accrington

A lap dancing club is to open in the Accrington town centre after councillors granted planning permission. The bar had already obtained a Sexual Entertainment licence.

The I Candy club, which is set to open on Blackburn Street will be the first of its kind in the Lancashire town.

Hundreds of people signed a petition against the club claiming it would have a detrimental impact on the town centre.

Hyndburn Borough Council planning committee approved the application saying: Members of the planning committee considered the planning application against all representations received as well as relevant development plan and national planning policies.


30th October

The Wrong Values...

Nutter clergy line up to have a whinge at Accrington lap dancing bar proposal

Plans to open Eye Candy lap dancing club have been described as exploitive to women and as bringing the wrong values into Accrington town centre by nutters of the cloth.

Accrington Reverend Kevin Logan described it as bringing the wrong values into the town. [wrong values like making money and having fun].

The Bishop of Burnley, John Goddard, added that the plans exploit women: These sorts of establishments send the wrong message about women. I think women are worth more. I think all people are worth more than that.

Reverend John Binks at Accrington's St Johns with St Augustines Church said: These plans do make me uncomfortable. I don't think women should be exploited and I don't think men should be encouraged to exploit them. I think men are the weaker sex in these situations and are led into treating women as sex objects.

The proposals to open Eye Candy lap dancing bar has been granted a Sexual Entertainment Venue licence, but has yet to be granted an alcohol licence or planning permission.


28th October

Limiting Fun in Blackpool...

Blackpool looks set to impose a limit of 4 lap dancing venues

Blackpool council's licensing committee look set to rule up to 4 lap-dancing clubs will be allowed to operate in Blackpool in future.

When the policy was first put together 6 months ago, the then ruling Conservatives suggested the number of lap-dancing and striptease clubs be limited to 2.

But under the new Labour administration, it is being recommended up to 4 are allowed. However each application will be considered on its own merit, meaning other licences could still be allowed.

Councillor Norman Hardy, chairman of Blackpool Council's public protection sub-committee, said:

I feel if you are going to have a certain number, then you have to have a reasonable number.

You aren't going to be able to ban them, they will just go underground.

I believe it's better to have these clubs properly licensed and controlled rather than going underground and operating under their own rules.

There are currently 5 clubs with lap dancing operating in Blackpool

Blackpool's 'public protection' sub-committee will consider the new policy on Thursday October 20.

Update: Limited Fun in Blackpool

28th October 2011. From

Proposals to allow up to four lap-dancing clubs to operate in Blackpool have been agreed, but venues will have to comply with miserable rules. Nudity will continue to be banned while customers must sit down throughout performances and will be forbidden from touching dancers. Clubs will have to adhere to a total of 47 licensing conditions which also include strict controls on publicising premises.

Blackpool Council's Maoist sounding 'public protection' sub-committee agreed a new policy covering sex entertainment venues which will come into force from May next year.

Previously a limit of 2 clubs was proposed but the new Labour administration recommended up to four are allowed. However each application will be considered on its own merit, meaning other licences could still be allowed. There are currently seven lap-dancing clubs operating in Blackpool.

Councillor Paul Galley claimed the move would be damaging to Blackpool's reputation as a family resort: I think this would send out the wrong message - that Blackpool is becoming sleazy.

But Councillor Chris Maughan said as long as venues were discreet and complied with the rules, he believed they should be allowed: In Blackpool these venues are going to be highly regulated. If we do the right thing as a council and have the legislation in place, I don't think it will be detrimental to Blackpool at all.

Mark Marshall, licensing and health and safety manager at Blackpool Council, said existing lap-dancing clubs were generally well run in the town: They suffer a lot less anti-social behaviour and a lot less crime. There is a lot more sit down drinking and the violence, crime and other issues associated with town centre premises don't appear in these premises.

Sounds like the best thing about Blackpool will continue to be its fish and chips.


26th October

Classic Prudes...

Lap dancing in Southport results in classic nutter whinging

Lap dancing comes to Southport. Club Heaven, on Coronation Walk is now offering adult dances.

Rev Richard Vernon, a minister at Elim Church, said: It is a shame. People make their own choices about how they live and that is absolutely fine but when you deal with people whose lives and marriages have been wrecked by pornography, you have to look at the long term consequences. It is the image that the club portrays. We want to turn Southport into a classic resort.

Town centre councillor, Sir Ron Watson, said: It is something I would prefer not to see. In terms of developing as we have done, as a classic resort, it hardly fits in with it. Personally, I would much prefer it if it was not there but there is no point pretending that there is no need for it or it would not have opened. The club does not fit in with the general ambience of town, particularly as a classic resort.

The problem is that it is a tiny minority who would like this sort of entertainment.The impact in terms of the public perception of Southport is important.


29th November


Macclesfield councillors spout bollox about lap dancing club

A Macclesfield nightclub wants to bring lap dancing to the town centre for the first time.

Repent on Mill Street, a former church mission and Quaker meeting house dating back more than 100 years, wants to open the new members-only club by Christmas.

Objectors have until December 9 to lodge any concerns with Cheshire East Council. None had been received so far.

Co-owner Laura Hatton-Garside, who with husband Roy submitted the application for a change of licence on November 10, said on Tuesday, (November 24): This venture will be a members-only club and because of its location the inside of the club will not be visible to the public. The two sections of the club, which has a licence to stay open until 4am, will be separated from each other.

Macclesfield town councillor David Neilson said: Considering the history of the building, which used to be a Quaker meeting house and the town mission, I think it's an inappropriate use. I think many people would be very, very distressed to see it become this. Call me old-fashioned but that is not the place for it.

Town centre colleague, Coun Stephen Broadhurst, fears mixing alcohol and lap dancing could be a recipe for disaster . I think it's got to be very carefully run and disciplined. I'm not sure whether it fits in in Macclesfield. On the other hand, if there's a demand for it then there's a supply for it.

And Inspector Gareth Woods, head of Macclesfield Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: As long as any premises are properly run, I haven't got any concerns. Historically, lap dancing premises present very few problems. Whether it is appropriate isn't for me to answer.

A Cheshire East spokesman confirmed consultation would end on December 9 and said the licence change might need to go before a CEC licensing committee if objections were lodged.

Update: 450 Responses

1st January 2010.  See article from

A council spokeswoman said only those directly affected by noise pollution, activity and disturbance are qualified to object.

She said: We have had 450 responses approximately, however, we are bound by the council and the secretary of state that we can only take on board those comments from those people within the vicinity.

The Licensing Committee will meet to make its decision at the Macclesfield town hall at 10am on Thursday, January 7.

Update: Imposing Morality

10th January 2010.  See article from

Cheshire East Council refused to give the owners Roy and Laura Hatton-Garside permission to turn the Mill Street premises into an adult venue during a Licensing Committee meeting on January 7th.

After more than three hours of deliberation, the Licensing Committee agreed that the application has supposedly failed to meet the four requirements under the 2003 Licensing Act.


16th September

Update: Perfect Storm...

Advert censor whinges at lap dancing poster

A poster, for Perfect 10s gentlemens club, featured an image of a woman, naked except for a small pair of knickers which were pulled down around her hips. The ad featured the text Say hello to my new boobs for the first time here at Perfect 10s covering her breasts. The ad also featured three smaller images of other women in their underwear in sexually provocative poses. The text at the bottom of the ad stated Its our 7th Birthday! Party with guest models Gemma Massey & Dani Thompso".

Ten complainants objected that the ad was offensive and unsuitable for display where it could be seen by children.

ASA Assessment: Complaints Upheld

The ASA considered that the images in the ad were explicit and were likely to be seen as sexually provocative. We noted that they appeared on a poster, which was an untargeted medium and situated near to a public space and where they could be seen by children. We concluded that the sexually suggestive nature of the images meant that they were likely to cause serious or widespread offence to adults in an untargeted medium and were unsuitable for public display where they could be seen by children.

The ad breached CAP Code clauses 2.2 (Social responsibility) and 5.1 and 5.2 (Offence). The ad must not appear again in its current form.


6th August

Perfect Storm...

Preston nutters whinge at lap dancing poster

A billboard of a  glamour model has sparked nutter complaints to the advertising censor.

Lapdancing club Perfect 10s pasted the poster on the side of a cafe in Blackpool Road, Ashton, to advertise an event marking the Preston city centre venue's seventh anniversary.

The 15ft picture shows a pouting woman peeling her knickers off, with a banner across her chest saying: Say hello to my new boobs for the first time at Perfect 10s.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has received three complaints about the poster, which was put up last week.

Some locals believe the billboard, was too graphic. Janine Reynolds said she would not be happy if her two-year-old grandson spotted the picture: The children from St Andrews School are off for six weeks but they'll still be going on the park opposite. It's the bottom half of the picture – they should have cut it off from the navel down.

The ASA said there are no specific codes regarding nudity in adverts and context is taken into account.

Businessman Edgar Wallace, part of the consortium which owns Perfect 10s, said: I have not personally received any complaints or heard of any problems about the poster. However, if public opinion comes out in favour of removing the poster, I will remove it straight away.


18th January

Update: Police Nutters...

Police object to temporary lap dancing licences in Blackpool

Police have objected to a bid to re-open a Blackpool lap dancing club. Wildcats was closed last year after performers were judged to have breached nutter inspired decency rules.

However, the club on Clifton Street re-opened temporarily in the run-up to Christmas.

The club is re-opening under temporary premises licences. Blackpool Police have said they would oppose the application.

Applications for a temporary events notice have been made in the club's name. Following the police objection, the application will go before a town hall licensing panel in the next week or two.

Two applications have been made for the Wildcats venue for the end of January, and the end of February. Temporary events notices cover a 96-hour period and people can apply for 15 per year.


29th January

Update: Lap Dancing Plan Battered...

Fish and chips capital gets image conscious

Blackpool's Young People's Council were angry that an adult entertainment venue was set to launch in the basement of the Clifton Hotel, which is currently being revamped.

But now the owners of the historic building, which is being transformed into bars and a nightclub, have decided to ditch the plan for a lap-dancing attraction.

Coun Maxine Callow, cabinet member for regeneration and tourism on Blackpool Council, said: I'm delighted with this outcome because this is the message we're wanting to send out that Blackpool is changing. We're changing our profile and want to change the profile of our visitors.

Gary Hunt, chief operating officer at the Barnsley-based Brook Group, which owns
the Clifton, said the company wanted to work with Blackpool to boost its image.

He said: As part of the ongoing discussions with the senior council officials, we have considered our proposals to open a lap dancing bar within a basement area to the rear of the Clifton Hotel.

Although planning and licensing has been approved, the council have highlighted that their vision for Blackpool was to try to improve its image and in line with this they didn't believe that the lap-dancing proposal was ideal for such a grand scheme.

We've therefore considered their views and eventually taken the decision to surrender the lap-dancing consent to try to assist with the council's vision. The regeneration of Blackpool as a whole is a very important factor for us and our aim is to try to assist as much as possible.


26th January

Update: Black Hearted in Blackpool...

Fish and chips capital looks down at lap dancing

A blackpool lap-dancing club could be shut down amid exaggerated allegations of live sex shows being performed.

Wildcats, in Clifton Street, is set to be questioned by the council on February 4 after being accused of breaching its licence by allowing contact between customers and dancers.

CCTV images from the club, formerly known as Too Hot To Handle, show two female dancers performing a sexy show watched by two men.

Wildcats is alleged to have broken the terms of its licence by offering lap-dancing without CCTV cameras covering the main performance areas. Entertainment is said to have taken place in private booths, where physical contact was observed between performers and customers.

The club is also alleged to have breached its licence by allowing an offensive billboard sign, advertising the premises, to be paraded through the town centre.

Among the penalties the club could face is the possibility of having its licence revoked or suspended.

Blackpool Council's licensing committee voted in favour of repressive new restrictions on the number of adult entertainment venues allowed to open in the town centre and the Promenade.

It means in future, new lap-dancing clubs will be banned unless they can prove they will not harm the family-orientated tourist trade.

Council leader Coun Peter Callow said he was determined to sweep away sleaze and restore Blackpool's family image [as a continuous strip of fish and chip shops!].

This new policy on new lap dancing and striptease clubs has been passed by Blackpool Council with all party support. The policy, which was introduced by nutter council leader Peter Callow and seems to dubiously put morality above the law of the land.


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