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Book Censorship on Amazon

Banning reprehensible book starts chain reaction


When Harry Became Sally...

Amazon takes sides on the trans debate and bans a book that criticises the trans movement

Link Here 23rd February 2021
The trans debate has become one of the most bitter and toxic confrontation across the whole of the social justice sphere. Maybe it is hardly surprising that some the most outspoken contributions will cross lines amongst the internet giants who are proving to be the prison warders of modern culture.

As an example Amazon has removed the bestselling book When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Moment without giving its author, Ryan T. Anderson, any notice or explanation.

Anderson is the President of the Ethics & Public Policy Center which describes itself as D.C.'s premier think tank dedicated to applying the Judeo-Christian moral tradition to critical issues of public policy. Anderson told the Daily Caller that he noticed the book was unavailable on Sunday. He said:

No one from Amazon notified me or my publisher, Anderson said. My publisher has reached out, but still no response.

It's not about how you say it, it's not about how rigorously you argue it, it's not about how charitably you present it, he said. It's about whether you dissent from a new orthodoxy.

Offsite Comment: Amazon: from book-selling to book-burning

10th March 2021. See article from by Tim Black

Its decision to stop selling a book criticising transgenderism is part of an alarming trend. 



Fifty Shades of Censorship...

Amazon hides away erotic books in its latest search algorithm

Link Here 30th March 2018
Amazon has changed its search algorit to prevent erotic books from surfacing Unless a user searches for erotic novels.

Amazon is trying to make its vast website a bit less NSFW. The internet giant made some sudden changes to the way that erotic novels surface in its search results. As a result of the update, erotic novels have been filtered out of the results for main categories and many of their best-selling titles have been relegated into nowhere land.

The move has angered many erotica authors who say it could lead to a massive dent in revenue.

When a book has been labeled a best-seller, eg Fifty Shades of Grey, it might make the title more likely to appear at the top of search results.

Amazon has yet to issue a statement on the changes to its search results. However, one author said it received a notice from Amazon via email following inquiry. It said:

We've re-reviewed your book and confirmed that it contains erotic or sexually explicit content.

We have found that when books are placed in the correct category it increases visibility to customers who are seeking that content.

In addition, we are working on improvements to our store to further improve our search experience for customers.

It is not yet clear whether the search algorithms have been changed as part of US internet censorship requirements recently passed in the FOSTA that nominally required censorship of content related to sex trafficking but in fact impacts a much wider range of adult content.


13th December

Update: Book Censorship on Amazon...

Erotica titles being removed from

A discussion thread on Amazon's Kindle Community forum notes that Amazon has begun removing some previously-published books or stories from its store, and from the Kindle archives.

Readers who have previously downloaded them to their Kindles can keep them there, but cannot re-download them (and will be refunded the price of purchase assuming Amazon can still find the purchase record).

The story whose removal sparked the discussion was an erotica title called Wicked Lovely by author Jess C. Scott. The tale dealt with incest, and involved a love scene between a 17 and an 18-year-old. However, Amazon would not tell Scott specifically what caused the removal of her novel. The only response she has received, after repeatedly trying to contact Amazon for more information, is a form letter.

In addition to Jess Scott, Selena Kitt and Esmerelda Green have also had books with an incest theme recently banned from the site. All of them, incidentally, high in the rankings and in visibility.

Selena also reports a print book missing, a title which she published through Amazon-owned Createspace.


12th November

Updated: Defending the Indefensible...

Internet storm kicks off about eBook on

TechCrunch reported that Amazon is selling an eBbook titled The Pedophile's Guide to Love and Pleasure . The book itself is a disgrace – a how-to guide for pedophiles. It includes, among other things, tips on how to get away with it and how to avoid sexually transmitted diseases by purchasing condom-like products for children too small to use actual condoms.

The story hit the internet and prompted to issue the statement:

Amazon believes it is censorship not to sell certain books simply because we or others believe their message is objectionable. Amazon does not support or promote hatred or criminal acts, however, we do support the right of every individual to make their own purchasing decisions.

For the moment the eBook remains available for sale and download.

Update: Removed

12th November 2010. Based on article from

Amazon later removed the e-book in question from its store but has seemingly not commented further to the media on the matter.

Offsite: Arrested

21st December 2010. See  article from

A man who wrote a how-to guide for paedophiles was arrested and will be extradited to Polk County, Florida to face obscenity charges, after police there ordered a copy of the book that has generated online outrage.

Florida' obscenity law – a third-degree felony – prohibits the distribution of obscene material depicting minors engaged in conduct harmful to minors.

Legal experts questioned whether Greaves' right to free speech would come into play if there's a trial. If prosecutors can charge Greaves for shipping his book, they ask, what would prevent booksellers from facing prosecution for selling Vladimir Nabokov's Lolita,

Update: Convicted

11th April 2011. See  article from

Phillip Greaves has been sentenced to two years' probation. He pleaded no contest to a charge of distributing obscene material depicting minors engaged in harmful conduct. Greaves will serve the sentence in Colorado, his home state, and will not have to register as a sex offender.


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