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Lap Dancing in Blackpool

Blackpool to restore 'family' image


Update: Contradictory Bollox...

Blackpool Council refuse a lap dancing licence citing insufficient demand, and then contradict themselves by adding that if they did allow it, it would open the 'floodgates' to more clubs

Link Here2nd February 2013
Full story: Lap Dancing in Blackpool...Blackpool to restore 'family' image

A businessman has been refused permission to transform a former restaurant into a lap-dancing club. John Sayers wanted to open The Doll House in the former Septembers restaurant.

But his plans have been smothered at the first hurdle by Blackpool Council's nutter protection committee who refused to grant him a licence.

There are already four lapdancing bars in Blackpool, the arbitrary maximum that council moralists allow. Council solicitor Sharon Davies said the committee had heard nothing that would persuade them there is a need to divert from that policy .

Mark Marshall, the council's licensing manager, said:

There are national studies to demonstrate there's a downturn right across the country in relation to business in lapdancing clubs. I have spoken to all the existing operators (in Blackpool) who all report a huge reduction locally.

To review a policy in terms of numbers there would have to be a big demand in that area which demonstrates the need for more supply, and that certainly is not the case at the moment.

And licensing Sgt Caroline Hannon added:

I don't believe at this time the policy needs to be reviewed and if it was it would open the floodgates for other applications coming through.

Sayers now has the right to ask for a judicial review at court.


11th September

Update: Fallen Angels...

Blackpool revokes licence of lap dancing club

A Blackpool  lap-dancing club has lost its licence after being linked to a drug offence. It was claimed Fallen Angels was being run by Nabil Awadi even though he was not the official licence holder.

Awadi was not considered a fit person to operate the club because of his past record which includes a conviction in May this year for possessing cocaine.

A hearing at Blackpool Town Hall also heard Awadi had been convicted of a licensing breach in 2006, and had come to the attention of the police.

A council licensing panel revoked the licence despite hearing the lease was in the process of being sold by Awadi to the venue's licence holder Andrea Law and her partner Stuart Hickman. T

They have 21 days in which to lodge an appeal.

There were also safety fears after licensing officers discovered customers using a roof-top terrace surrounded by a weak balustrade during a visit in June this year.

Other issues include claims dancers had been told to perform naked which is against Blackpool's licencing prudery.


10th November

Update: Licence Revoked...

Blackpool Council closes Claudia's lap dancing club

A lapdancing club which employed a 16-year-old erotic dancer has been shut down after losing an appeal against closure. Claudia's on Central Drive hit the headlines in 2007 after breaking strict over 18s only rules.

CCTV evidence showed the girl who worked at the club for one night turned up for work in a basque, boots and g-string, danced until 4am and was served four pints of lager.

Manager Claudia Spotswood vowed to clean up their act and the venue was allowed to remain open. But in June it was revealed the club had again failed to keep records of the ages of its dancers and council bosses revoked its licence.

Inspectors also said they witnessed physical contact between dancers and clients during lewd dance sessions and alleged a doorman had been illegally employed.

The club remained open while their appeal went ahead, but magistrates have now ordered it to close.

Coun Peter Collins, who chaired a licence review panel, said the club had blatantly disregarded the rules and the licence was revoked.


9th March

Touched by Repression...

Ludicrous fine for a sexy lap dance in Blackpool

A Blackpool lap-dancing club has been fined £14,000 after admitting breaching its licence by allowing supposedly indecent acts between performers.

One dancer who performed at Wildcats on Clifton Street told a police officer that there were "no limits" to what went on.

Blackpool Magistrates Court was told that when police visited the club they saw extensive physical touching between two female dancers, one of whom they later talked to.

Vicki Cartmell, prosecuting on behalf of Blackpool Council, said the dancer told an officer: No, there are no limits about what we can do, we can do what we want.

The club's owner Provocative Leisure of King Street, Leeds, admitted the offence. It was fined £14,000 and ordered to pay £415 costs.

Solicitor Tracy Langfield said: The club faces the suspension of its licence for four weeks and that could lose £40,000 in revenue and affect the jobs of 40 dancers and 13 door and bar staff. This club has a new manager and the police and council say there are no problems now.

A council licensing panel suspended the venue's licence for four weeks last month but it has appealed meaning it can remain open until the appeal is decided.


16th December

Update: Blackpool Dolled Off...

Tacky council want to ban fun inflatables

Blow up dolls are to be banned in Blackpool.

Stall holders are now being warned the council and police will use their powers to seize sex-related items considered offensive.

The move follows the launch of the council's new code of conduct this year which urges stag and hen parties to have more respect for other visitors and residents.

Council leader Coun Peter Callow has pledged to "clean up" the town's often tacky image.

He said: We've all seen blow up dolls and other vulgar items for sale on the Prom. Although it may appear as a bit of harmless fun, for many it can be deemed offensive.

We are warning traders now, before they order their stock for next season, that we have the powers to remove any inappropriate items and we will definitely be using this legislation .

I have made my intentions clear on cleaning up our town and this is just one of a number of enforcement actions we will take to ensure that everyone who comes to Blackpool enjoys themselves without the behaviour of the small minority ruining it for them.

Sex related articles such as lewd inflatable novelty goods are not acceptable and are not something children should be exposed to.


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