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23rd December   

Turn On Relegated to Tease...

Babe channel no longer a turn on
Link Here

The free to air babe channels Turn On TV have been replaced by Tease Me.

Tease Me is now on channel 912 and Tease Me 2 is on channel 948.

Maybe the new names reflect Ofcom's recent prohibition on babe channels. The channel simply can't show or even talk about anything that is remotely a 'turn on' so now can only be a 'tease'.


21st December   

SexView HQ...

First High Definition XXX European Satellite Channel
Link Here

There is a new satellite channel, SexView High Quality Home Cinema on hotbird 8 at 13 degrees east, 12.360GHz horizontal.

It is Europe's first high quality adult XXX channel, using the latest mpeg4 compression technology to give the best picture possible.

To receive the channel, there are options:

  • Any normal standard definition set top box with spare common interface (CAM) slot along with the special Viaccess np4 extra cam required to decode the mpeg 4 signal on a standard mpeg 2 receiver.
  • High Definition set top box with Viaccess/Irdeto embedded
  • High Definition set top box with CI slot and CAM

When you subscribe to the Sexview HQ channel, you will also get the following free:

  • Viaccess mpeg 4 decoding CAM
  • Viewing of the original SexView channel
  • Viewing of the mpeg 4 SexView 264 channel


18th December   

Ofcom Ramp Up the Censorship...

Softcore erotic thrillers now banned on broadcast TV
Link Here

Dangerous Sex Games
Bravo, 25 August 2007, 23:00

Bravo is a channel in the entertainment sections of the Sky EPG which broadcasts content aimed at men aged between 18 and 44 years of age.

Ofcom received a complaint about explicit sex and full female nudity in Dangerous Sex Games , a film broadcast on the channel.

The broadcaster commented that they did not believe the content was equivalent to ‘adult-sex' material. While Virgin Media TV acknowledged Dangerous Sex Games contained scenes of a sexual nature, it argued these were in the context of a plot and such scenes were not continuous throughout the film's hour and a half duration.

It said the material was an “erotic thriller” and Virgin Media TV believed the sex scenes did not mean the programme should have been encrypted as it judged these scenes were not explicit or sustained.

Virgin Media TV said the film had been viewed prior to transmission by an experienced compliance executive who felt that no cuts or blurring were necessary to make the content suitable for broadcast. It said that while there was “little ambiguity” as to the adult nature of the sex scenes, the footage employed specific camera angles to avoid gratuitously explicit sexual interplay between the actors. The broadcaster therefore considered the film was not ‘hardcore' but rather ‘erotica', a genre it felt UK audiences were familiar with.

The broadcaster said the channel had become sufficiently well-established for viewers to be generally aware of the adult nature of its late-evening schedule. A warning was given prior to the film which stated it contained strong scenes of a sexual nature from the start,


Under the Code, content classified as ‘adult-sex' material can be broadcast only under encryption (Rule 1.24) with appropriate protection mechanisms in place. Ofcom's guidance on this Rule states that in deciding whether content is ‘adult-sex' material Ofcom is guided by the definitions used by the BBFC and its reference to ‘sex works'. The BBFC defines a ‘sexwork' as works…whose primary purpose is sexual arousal or stimulation.

Taking all the relevant factors into account, Ofcom has concluded that the material complained of was ‘adult-sex' material as defined under the Code. We noted that the total duration of Dangerous Sex Games was approximately 90 minutes, of which around 30 minutes Ofcom assessed to consist of ‘narrative' material linked to the plot. About 60 minutes of the material was dedicated to scenes of a sexual nature. While these scenes included some dialogue, their focus was predominantly the depiction of sexual activity.

The sexual scenes themselves showed naked actors – although genitalia were not seen – engaged in what appeared to be various sexual activities including oral sex, vaginal penetration and masturbation. The focus of the camera was on the actors' bodies throughout. Taking into account all the circumstances (including the style and focus of the camerawork on the actors' bodies, the considerable duration of the sex scenes, and the clear predominance of sex scenes compared to narrative scenes), the primary purpose of the film appeared to be the sexual arousal/stimulation of the audience. The content overall amounted in Ofcom's view to a series of strong and prolonged sex scenes joined together by limited narrative. Material of this nature should only be broadcast under encryption.

We also concluded that the inclusion of such material on a channel situated in the general entertainment section of the EPG went beyond the generally accepted standards required by Rules 2.1 and 2.3 to be applied to the contents of such a channel. We recognise that Bravo is aimed at an adult male audience - and broadcasts programmes to attract that audience. Ofcom also acknowledges the film was broadcast late in the evening and preceded by an announcement which indicated the sexual content of the broadcast. However, this material was so strong as to be ‘adult-sex' material. As a result it cannot be justified by the context – for example by means of information about content provided to viewers. ‘Adult-sex' material should not be broadcast unless all the required protection mechanisms have been put in place. As Bravo is an unencrypted channel, this material should not have been broadcast at any time on the channel.

Due to the serious nature of this breach, Ofcom considered whether the matter should be referred to the Content Sanctions Committee for consideration of a statutory sanction. However, taking into account all the circumstances including the fact that this is the first time Bravo has breached the Code for the transmission of adult content, Ofcom decided not to take further regulatory action on this occasion.

Breach of Rules 1.24, 2.1, 2.3


8th December   

Update: Babe Channels...

Nothing to see anymore
Link Here

The Ofcom sanctions against Babeworld seem to have taken their toll on the Babe Channels

From the bgafd forum:

D oes anyone know why they stopped shagging and lesbo action? All you see now is some bird on the phone for hours..., what's going on?

I flicked over to Sexstation the other day for the first time in ages and it looked like they've toned it all down as well.

I work on House of Fun and yes we have been told to tone it down! The sport girls work next door to us and they have to behave as well!

1st December    Fine Babes ...
Ofcom fines Babeworld TV
Babeworld logoOfcom have fined a free-to-air adult channel £25,000 for transmitting sexually explicit material 15 minutes after the 9pm watershed.

The regulator ruled that Babeworld TV, an unencrypted channel available in the adult section of the Sky Digital satellite service, had committed "serious and repeated" breaches of broadcasting rules aimed at protecting under-18s from unsuitable material.

Babeworld TV also fell foul of Ofcom's code by inviting viewers to contact "off-screen" girls through premium-rate phone services that strayed outside the editorial content of programming.

Describing this programme, on February 12 this year, Ofcom said: The presenters were dressed provocatively in underwear and behaved in an extremely sexual manner, for example thrusting their breasts and buttocks directly at the camera and appearing to masturbate. They encouraged viewers to call them using explicit sexual language.

Just after 10pm, Ofcom noted, the presenters removed their tops and continued to act in a sexually explicit manner"

Ofcom said that the explicit sexual content ... both language and visuals was in breach of rules protecting under-18s.

The content was so explicit, and in particular the language, it was considered to be 'adult-sex' material,
Ofcom said. This meant it should have been broadcast under encryption.

In deciding on a £25,000 fine, Ofcom's content sanctions committee - chaired by former Trinity Mirror chief executive Philip Graf - said it had taken into account that Connection Makers had a "record of poor compliance". Last year Ofcom twice reminded the company of its obligations to restrict the degree of sexual content on Babeworld and to separate advertising from programme content.


20th October    Ofcom Pinheads ...
Suggest that all material intended to arouse requires PIN protection

Babe channelNotice to Broadcasters re Babe Channels

In 2006, Ofcom wrote to broadcasters operating channels in the adult section of Sky's Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) that transmit programmes based on viewer interaction with on-screen presenters (known as babes). These channels, which are broadcast free-to-air without encryption, invite viewers to contact the presenters via premium rate telephony services (PRS). The letters were written because Ofcom had a number of concerns about the material shown on the channels, including:

  • the appropriateness of sexual content broadcast before the 21:00 watershed, including the promotion of premium rate services offering adult chat
  • the explicitness of sexual content broadcast after the watershed
  • the promotion of premium rate services within programmes.

As a result of these letters and Ofcom investigations in 2006, significant improvements were made to the daytime content on the channels. However, concerns have remained about the degree of sexual content broadcast after the 21:00 watershed as well as continued problems relating to the promotion, within programmes, of PRS that appear to contribute neither to the editorial of the programme nor meet the definition of programme-related material.

The following Findings result from recent investigations in this area. In addition to the cases detailed below, Ofcom has a number of other on-going investigations, some of which may result in consideration of further regulatory action. Due to Ofcom's serious concerns about levels of compliance in the 'adult' sector, by both 'babe-style' channels and free-to-air content on encrypted channels, Ofcom is considering amendments to the Code so as to require that all material transmitted in the adult section of the EPG is protected by a mandatory PIN. Any such proposals would be subject to a full public consultation.

Due to the serious nature of the Code and Licence breaches recorded in this Bulletin concerning babe channels, Ofcom considered whether some of these matters should be referred to the Content Sanctions Committee for consideration of a statutory sanction. However, Ofcom has monitored the output of babe channels in recent months and noted some significant improvements in compliance after the watershed (e.g. there was less or no very crude or explicit language or visual content). In view of the remedial action taken by relevant broadcasters to improve compliance, we decided against referring these matters to the Committee. Nevertheless, any breach of a similar nature by a broadcaster of a babe channel in future is likely to result in further regulatory action.

All providers of  babe style channels should therefore study carefully the findings

  Get Lucky TV

Grandiose Limited, 6-7 March 2007, 23:00-01:00

Ofcom found that the broadcaster failed to adequately demonstrate that the following services contributed to the editorial of the programme or met the definition of Programme Related Material:

  • the off-screen chat service
  • the private text service
  • the service that allowed viewers to submit photos to the channel.

Additionally, the promotion of the services that provided viewers with photos of presenters was unduly prominent.

Breach of Rules 10.4 and 10.9

Lucky Star

Escape Channel Limited, 17 March 2007, 23:37 & 7 May 2007, 00:20

The recordings provided by Lucky Star, through their provider EBS, were not adequate for Ofcom's investigation. The condition in licences obliging broadcasters to provide material as broadcast is a crucial one, since Ofcom relies on it for evidence when investigating potential breaches of the Code. The broadcaster's failure to supply a recording of adequate quality was a breach of its licence conditions. Breaches of Rules 10.2, 10.3 and 10.9 Breach of Licence Condition 11

Star Bazaar

7/8 May 2007, 00:00-01:00

Ofcom judged that the promotion of the PRS within the programme was in breach of the Code.

When judging what constitutes 'adult-sex' material, Ofcom guidance for broadcasters takes account of definitions used by the BBFC for 'sex works at 18'. These are defined as: works… whose primary purpose is sexual arousal or stimulation.

We consider that the actions of the presenters (e.g. masturbation) and the explicit sexual language used demonstrated quite clearly that one of the main aims of the programme was to arouse viewers sexually: there was no other significant editorial context for the explicit images and language. Such explicit material is suitable for broadcast only on subscription/pay per view channels that have appropriate protection mechanisms in place. The broadcast of the programme was contrary to viewer expectations for a free-to-air unencrypted channel (albeit one situated in the adult section of the EPG and broadcasting after the 21:00 watershed). The broadcast was inconsistent with the application of generally accepted standards to ensure protection for viewers from harmful and/or offence material.

Breach of Rules 1.24, 2.1, 2.3 and 10.9 Breach of Licence Condition 11


17 April 2007, 21:00-01:00 & 18 April 2007, 21:00–01:00

Ofcom was particularly concerned by the sexual language and behaviour used shortly after the 21:00 watershed. In view of the above matters, the programme was in breach of Rule 1.3.
The content on 17 and 18 April exceeded generally accepted standards and there was insufficient context to justify the potential offence. It was therefore in breach of Rules 2.1 and 2.3.

Moreover, Ofcom considered that one of the primary purposes of the sexual content broadcast on 18 April 2007 after 22:00, which included highly explicit sexual language and prolonged scenes of vigorous masturbation with a dildo, was sexual arousal or stimulation. This content therefore in Ofcom's opinion comprised 'adult sex' material and its broadcast on an unencrypted channel was in breach of Rule 1.24.

For clarity, Ofcom considers that depictions of masturbation, simulated or otherwise, are not appropriate for unencrypted broadcast unless there is strong editorial justification. In this case, there was not sufficient justification.

Breach of Rules 1.3, 1.24, 2.1 and 2.3


14th October    Spanish Gold ...
Redlight Gold to start on Hispasat

Redlight TV logoIt seems a new channel, Redlight GOLD, is soon to launch on Hispasat 1C at 30 degrees West. This service will be out on a limb, as the rest of the Redlight channels live on Hot Bird at 13 degrees East.

The looped promo film shows a link to the Redlight website , but I had a quick glance around and couldn't find any reference to GOLD on this website.

The promo film also shows a Spanish telephone number. This suggests to me that GOLD will be encrypted, although there is nothing in the promo confirming or denying that. Also no launch date has been displayed yet. There is nothing that explicitly says GOLD will be a hardcore service either, although I imagine it will be - in keeping with every other Redlight channel. No other service on the same transponder is currently encrypted, although that proves nothing really!

The frequency is 11.972 Vertical, with a symbol rate of 27500 and FEC of 3/4. This is one of the stronger transmissions from Hispasat, which means it should come storming in on a correctly-aligned 60cms dish in all but the extreme north of the UK. I wonder if the name - GOLD - gives a clue to the content? Ancient Spanish hardcore in low picture quality, maybe...?


3rd October

    Ofcom: House of No Fun ...


All material intended to arouse banned from free to air TV

From Ofcom

House of Fun is a free-to-air adult entertainment channel featuring female presenters - known as babes who invite viewers to call them on premium rate phone lines for sexual conversation.

A complainant said the output broadcast around midnight on 7/8 May 2007 was too sexually explicit for un-encrypted transmission, particularly in a segment at 00:27 .

  • Rule 1.24 of the Code says premium subscription services and pay-per view/night services may broadcast "adult-sex" material between 22:00 and 05:30 - provided there is a mandatory PIN protection system, or equivalent protections, to restrict access to those authorised to view.
  • Rule 2.1 says generally accepted standards must be applied to ensure the public is protected from harmful and/or offensive material.
  • Rule 2.3 says broadcasters must ensure that material which may cause offence is justified by its context.


The broadcaster, House of Fun, said the output did not represent the more explicit images of sexual activity as defined in the Code as "adult-sex" material, and so did not come into the category of programme requiring mandatory encryption and PIN protections. The representations of sexual intercourse were simulated; they did not involve the use of sexual toys; and the presenters wore underwear at all times. Further, the content was justified by its context in an adult show, on an adult channel, and within the adult section of the Sky electronic programme guide ( EPG ).


In deciding what is "adult-sex" material, Ofcom guidance for broadcasters refers to definitions used by the BBFC for "sex works at 18". These are defined as works whose primary purpose is sexual arousal or stimulation.

The output of House of Fun featured two topless women apparently engaging in masturbation inside their underwear, and then simulating oral sex. A third woman, apparently naked, was later presented in a separate window on screen with her legs spread and appearing to engage in masturbation, obscured by pixellation of her genital area. There was however no sound transmitted, except for a music track and an occasional voice-over urging viewers to call the babes on premium rate lines.

Images featuring simulated sexual acts that are not justified by context (such as the editorial content of the programme) will be considered "adult-sex" material by Ofcom if one of their primary purposes appears to be sexual arousal or stimulation.

Ofcom considers that this output went beyond acceptable limits for free-to-air broadcast, in spite of the presence of underwear and pixellation, because of its explicit sexual content, and so amounted to "adult-sex" material. One of its primary purposes was to provoke sexual arousal or stimulation as part of a commercial offer linking the on-screen sex acts with chat on premium rate sex lines.

The Code makes it clear that such "adult-sex" material should be secured behind a mandatory PIN protection system. This requirement is not met by the voluntary system available through the satellite PIN system, which requires viewers to apply the protection themselves.

It follows that this material was therefore inconsistent with the application of generally accepted standards to ensure protections from harm and/or offence.

This was a serious breach of the Code. Ofcom considered whether the matter should be referred to the Content Sanctions Committee for consideration of a statutory sanction. However, Ofcom noted that on this occasion that there was pixellation of the more explicit images; no explicit sexual language was transmitted; and, the late time of broadcast. Nevertheless, any similar breach in future is likely to result in the consideration of a statutory sanction.

Breach of Rules 1.24, 2.1 and 2.3


10th August

    Babes Under Threat ...


Ofcom challenge the very essence of babe channels

This decision challenges the very essence of free to air Babe channels. If they are not allowed to show on-going advertisements then their days must surely be numbered

From Ofcom

Bang Babes
Turn on TV, 6/7 May 2007, 23:47 - 00:51
Turn on TV2, 6/7 May 2007, 00:04 - 01:04


Both channels broadcast interactive chat-based programme where viewers are invited to contact on-screen presenters via premium rate services. Both of the programmes complained about featured female presenters (referred to as 'babes'), dressed in underwear, inviting viewers to call them. The complainant objected that the programmes promoted services that were not linked to the editorial content.

We requested and viewed a sample of the channels' output and noted the following:

  • On the service Turn on TV 2 there was an almost continuous on-screen promotion of a club that offered to send pictures and videos to members' mobile phones. Membership of the club was offered via a premium rate text service.
  • The club was also promoted on Turn on TV. Additionally, Turn on TV promoted a service that offered viewers an option of buying, via a premium rate text service, pictures of the 'babes'.


Turn on TV2

The Code requires broadcasters to ensure that the programming and advertising elements of a service are kept separate (Rule 10.2) and prohibits the promotion of products and services within programmes (Rule 10.3). It makes clear that premium rate services will normally be regarded as products and services and must not therefore appear in programmes, except where they either meet the definition of programme-related material or contribute to the editorial content of the programme. In this case, the service promoted (i.e. the club sending pictures and videos to mobile phones via a premium rate text service) neither contributed to the programme's editorial content nor met the definition of programme-related material. Therefore, as accepted by the broadcaster, the advertising of the service within the programme was in breach of the Code.

Turn on TV

The advertising of the same service on Turn on TV was also in breach of the Code. The promotion of the text club on Turn on TV was in two forms:

1. a text box broadcast intermittently that was 'overlaid' on the programme; and
2. scrolling text that appeared underneath the main telephone number used for contacting the on-screen 'babes'.

In the case of the 'overlaid' text box, regardless of the duration of the message, viewers were likely to see this message not as advertising but as an integral part of the programme. As such, there was not sufficient separation between what was an advertising message and the programme content.

In the case of the scrolling text, this accompanied the main channel telephone number and its associated information (e.g. call costs). Again, it was therefore likely to be understood by viewers as forming part of the programme information rather than a separate piece of advertising.


25th June

    The Fantasy of Hardcore on TV ...


Renewed reports of hardcore snippets on UK channels

From The Melon Farmers Forum

There have been reports of stronger material on a few Live Shows on the following channels:

  • Lolly's live peepshow on Fantasy 1 last night 8th June 11pm. This wasn't just pushing the boundaries it was pure hardcore, but then the rest of the nights programming was so tame.
  • The owners of TVX and fantasy are definitely testing ofcom. Last nights Live Show 2 on TVX1 was nothing less than hardcore girl/girl.
  • I again tried Lolly's Live Show on Fantasy last night. No change in strength plenty of close up dildo and more than a fleeting glance of other action much stronger than the last couple of years.
  • OnThe adult channel the levels of 'hard' porn seems to be on the up. There are now regular erections and occasional close up cunnilingus as well as very very very fleeting penetration.

Over the last few months Ofcom have shown themselves to be willing to come down hard on showing hardcore with enormous fines and revoked licenses. Surely it is unlikely that channels can show hardcore without a nod from Ofcom.

The cynical amongst us reckon that the TV channels release a few hardcore snippets in the hope that people chat about it in pubs and offices. Perhaps a few people will be tricked into subscribing based on the the rumours.

Perhaps a little more optimistically, it is has been suggested that we will get a Government agreement this month to watch hardcore on Internet TV complete with an official BBFC R18 certificate. I know that if I owned a UK TV channel I would be well pissed off that subscribers can officially watch hardcore from the Internet but not from cable/satellite. Perhaps even censors of Ofcom realise how much harm they are unfairly causing to the UK satellite/cable industry.

Update: Fantasy vs Reality

From pureform on The Melon Farmers Forum

I stupidly tuned in lastnightto seewhat allthe fuss was about R18 (no way). It was same old rubbish a complete con no insertion, close up side view only. Bit of oral not worth talking about

I can only presume people writing on message boards are in the employ of TVX, stay clear.

From lavalamp on The Melon Farmers Forum

I previously posted after watching Lollys live peepshow. The edition I saw was full on close up of fingers, vibratorss and other items. Since that episode all other episodes are now much more tame with only side views of penetration and fleeting glances of actual sex. I can only assume that the one episode is meant to catch a load of new subscribers. Please be aware of this!


27th May

    Ofcom Turned On ...


Daytime free to air channel ticked off

From Ofcom

Naughty Nurse
Turn On TV, 14 September 2006, 13:00-16:00


Turn On TV is an unencrypted channel, situated in the adult section of the Sky EPG, broadcasting programming based on premium rate adult chat services.

In June and September 2006, Ofcom wrote to broadcasters who provide such services due to serious concerns about their compliance with the Broadcasting Code ("the Code"). In particular, we were concerned about the degree of sexual content on these channels (both before and after the 21:00 watershed) and the separation of advertising from programme content. Following these letters, we monitored the output of the services.

On 14 September 2006, we monitored a programme entitled Naughty Nurse on Turn On TV between 13:00 and 16:00. This programme featured female presenters, dressed provocatively as nurses, encouraging viewers to call them. Investigation of this telephone service by Ofcom revealed that callers were given the option of connecting to an on-screen or off-screen 'nurse'. Connection to an off-screen 'nurse' resulted in an explicit live conversation of a sexual nature.

During monitoring of Naughty Nurse on 15 September 2006, one of the presenters could be seen engaged in a call. While the presenter's microphone was not on, she could be overheard saying "Oooh, baby fuck me" and moaning in a sexual manner.


It is clear from the content of the call made by a member of Ofcom staff to the
number broadcast on 14 September 2006 that the premium rate service promoted
during daytime programming was for an adult sexual service.

Additionally, the actions and language used by the presenter on 15 September 2007
were unacceptable for broadcast during daytime programming and also suggested
that the number promoted was for an adult sexual service.

We therefore consider that the programmes breached programme Ruleon the following grounds:

  • the clothing and posing of the presenter was overtly sexually provocative and
    the sexual behaviour was therefore not appropriately limited
  • the broadcaster had failed to take all reasonable steps to protect children in
    that this content (in terms of both the appearance and actions of the
    presenters and the promotion of adult services) was inappropriately
    scheduled pre-watershed
  • the language used by the presenter was unacceptable and offensive for the
    time of broadcast and not justified by the context.

We put the Licensee on notice that should there be any future breaches of
the Code of a similar nature, Ofcom will not hesitate to consider the imposition of
statutory sanctions (which may include a fine and/or revocation of the licence).


19th March

    Offside ...


Digi-Alb viewing card sales harangued by the FA Premier League

One surely has to doubt that selling foreign cards is illegal. It is possible that the traders may be breaking agreements with the channels and may be risking their own supply but this hardly makes it illegal.

Digi-Alb is noted for showing some decent hardcore.

Thanks to Nick

The bully boys from the FA Premier League have instructed a company called NetResult to harangue satellite traders.

In particular they are targeting the sales of viewing cards for middle Eastern/North African broadcasters, ART/MBC and also Digital-Alb the Albanian broadcasters.

NetResult contend that it is illegal for these channels to broadcast the football outside of their territory and that selling cards enables the viewing of FA Premier League broadcasts 'illegally'

NetResult have sent emails asking traders to cease all such infringements


12th March

    Ofcom are Pants ...


Mandatory 2 pairs of knickers on babe channels?

From Arginald on the bgafd forum

I have seen it all, or not as it turns out. Tonight we see a new level of censorship on British TV. All the girls on SKY's FTA adult channels are wearing 2 pairs of knickers!! Even Angel Long on Sport XXX! Pathetic when Playboy One shows full frontal open leg shots.


8th March

    Ofcon Guidelines ...


UK satellite stays softer than soft

From Karina on the bgafd forum

Karina (working on the free to air channel, SexStation) was asked about the strength of UK satellite . She replied:

Free to air shows have to stay at the same strength which is I'm afraid strongly regulated with guidelines set with a strong suggestion of complying or dying! We are revamping the website and will be putting on a hard show on there with the long overdue function of IM and no paying again on the phone to see anything Yeehaa!

Anyway if we want to stay on air we need to play the ofcon game so apologies and yup the encrypted side of things aint worth a toss either as the strength we can go to there is piss poor as well


20th February

    Fantasy Price ...


Softcore Fantasy Channel to float

From The Guardian

Richard Desmond is planning to float his adult television channels business and has lined up merchant banker Sir Angus Grossart as chairman.

Desmond is in the early stages of putting together an initial public offering of PortlandTV, home to the Red Hot Channel and Television X - The Fantasy Channel. It is thought the 25 channels, which also include the UK's first gay channel GAYtv and are available on subscription across a variety of cable and satellite carriers, could be worth more than £200m.

This is Desmond's first move into public markets and it is believed he will sell a minority stake in the floated business to fund expansion in other parts of his media group. Sources said initial indications of investor interest had been "extremely positive" although it was early days as far as a possible flotation on the junior stock market Aim was concerned.


16th February

    Soft Sell ...


Softcore UK channels to re-brand and advertise via WAP

From Brand Republic

Playboy TV UK is to become the first media owner to run previews of its content on WAP mobile phones.

The soft-porn channels will allow consumers on its opt-in database to download 30-second promotions of each episode of its reality TV programme Double Entry .

Customers unable to download streaming video will be able to access colour photos from each episode.

The initiative comes as Playboy TV embarks on what it claims to be its biggest-ever marketing campaign, as well as on-air rebranding of its three channels, PlayboyTV, The Adult Channel and Spice.

The channels' rebranding will nclude revamped logos, on-screen graphics and channel idents,

A fourth channel is scheduled to launch in July. The relaunch kicks off on May 26.


11th January

    Explicit...Not ...


Babestar too explicit to broadcast, not enough to watch

From The Guardian

Ofcom has revoked the licence of adult TV channel Look4Love following multiple breaches of its broadcasting code and a failure to pay a £175,000 fine.

The regulator has moved to close Look4Love for broadcasting 18-rated material unencrypted and repeatedly ignoring previous warnings about its content.

Look4Love, run by Television Concepts, broadcast the material in a programme called Live XXX , featuring a number of women in various states of undress using sexual actions and extremely explicit sexual language to promote a premium rate chat line , said Ofcom.

This included apparent masturbation and verbal invitations to both anal and oral sex.

The content was found to be in "serious breach" of seven rules of the broadcasting code, including unsuitability for children, mental harm, misleading advertising and harm and offence.

In November, Ofcom's content sanctions committee gave notice that it was threatening the channel with closure if it did not clean up its act and imposed a £175,000 penalty.

Television Concepts failed to either change its content or pay the fine.

Ofcom said that the extreme explicitness of the language transmitted was of an adult sexual nature and was wholly unsuitable for transmission on a free-to-air service.

Look4Love is a free-to-air service which broadcasted after 10pm on Sky Digital channel number 916.

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