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Enthused by Infusion...

Good business at Blackpool swingers club

Link Here27th September 2015
B usiness is so good at Infusion swingers club in Blackpool it is often standing-room only at weekends as it's packed out with couples looking to conduct no-holds-barred romps with strangers.

Infusion, which shares its name with a thrill ride at the town's Pleasure Beach, is run by Chris and Shirley. They charge up to 30 for couples to join in the fun which takes place five days a week. nThe owners explain:

The building was once a bus depot for Abbot's Coaches.

We have a large increasing membership from people all over the world. As we are based in a tourist resort we have continued custom and see new faces every week. We have couples, single females and single male customers of all ages, sizes, shapes and sexual preferences, giving Infusion a friendly and diverse feel.

Infusion is ideal for everybody -- those that are new, veteran swingers, those looking for something different, those that enjoy fetish, voyeurism or just want a relaxing evening away from the children.

The club has a pool, playrooms with giant beds for group sex and a dungeon equipped with whips, chains, a swing and an electronic sex machine. There is also Playboy-themed sex room and a sauna.



How many refugees could be helped with the money wasted on persecuting Gough?...

The Naked Rambler is back behind bars for public nudity

Link Here 25th September 2015
The Naked Rambler is back behind bars after falling victim to oppressive British authorities. Stephen Gough was said to have stripped off for a stroll a month after being released from prison.

Gough has been incarcerated for passive public nudity for the best part of ten years. He was only released last month after a ten month stint for breaching an ASBO forbidding him from being in public naked.

But he was arrested on Friday after whingers in Twyford, Hampshire, called police when he allegedly went for a naked stroll in the middle of the afternoon. And of course the police always side with the 'outraged' regardless of what the law the law actually says.

Gough has pleaded not guilty to breaching his order and was remanded in custody ahead of a trial next month at Winchester Crown Court.

A spokesthug for Hampshire Police confirmed the arrest.



The Daily Mail Recommends...

Effrenata Lifestyle Festival

Link Here12th September 2015
A few of the villagers of Sherbourne near Warwick are having fun being 'outraged' by a swingers festival.

While some residents find it hilarious , others are outraged by the surprise arrival of nearly 500 libertines at the Sherbourne Park country estate owned by Old Etonian huntsman Robin Smith-Ryland.

One parish councillor whinged that the four-day Effrenata Lifestyle Festival was disgusting , adding:

There are people who come for a quiet life and they do not expect to have this sort of thing. It is taking over the village without our permission or consent. The church is used for Christian weddings. The whole ethos of this festival is undermining the Christian commitments people make there.

Tickets to the event cost 135 for women and 179 for men. Couples are charged 195. Swingers are promised love beds , live acts, bondage al fresco , blindfolds, whips, Roman orgies , and a porn wall . The estate also offers revellers use of an outdoor pool and hot tub.



Planning inspectorate overrules Dudley Council...

Council moralists thought it was enough just to quote 'community cohesion' to get a swingers club banned

Link Here5th September 2015
Planning permission for Valhalla had twice been thrown out by Dudley Council moralists over supposed concerns about its impact on the community. But now the Planning Inspectorate has now overturned the ruling and granted planning permission for the venue in Dock Lane. The club runs events for swingers and alternative lifestyle groups.

Inspector JP Roberts said:

The council alleges that the use would be incompatible with the social and cultural cohesion of the community. However, without explanation or evidence, this reason for refusal lacks credibility.

I have had regard to the petition submitted to the council. I note that few of the signatories live close to the appeal site and many live some miles away. Many of the signatories gave no address or the addresses given were illegible.

The petition raises concerns about public safety, particularly that of children, crime and disturbance, but provides no explanation as to how such concerns arise from the proposed use, and there is nothing in anything I have read which gives any indication that harm would be caused to social or cultural cohesion.

The venue's website describes it as a lifestyle social club with a bar, lounge, playrooms, changing rooms, shower and photographic facilities. Upcoming events include a Foot Fetish Feast and Girls Nite Out. It has already been operating for a number of months but will now become a permanent fixture in the town.



A Quest for new premises...

Swingers Club looking to expand in Leeds

Link Here24th August 2015
A disused garage on a Leeds industrial estate could be turned into a discreet swingers' club. Plans have been submitted by Isis Health Studios to convert a former car sales garage on Low Road in Hunslet into a private adult members' club offering a controlled environment for like-minded adults to meet and potentially engage in legal sexual activities . The company's planning statement states:

Club members come from all walks of life and include many educated professionals. What members have in common is a desire to explore their sexual desires, often alongside their partner.

The role of the club is to facilitate this in a discreet, clean, safe and controlled environment where participants can exercise their right to say 'no thank you' without explanation and set boundaries that will be respected.

It says the club will host couples and singles, with entry fees of 25 and 30 respectively, and will run sessions aimed specifically at gay, bisexual, transvestite and transgender members.

The applicants' business Quest/Isis is currently based Macauley Street near the city centre, but needs to move to more disabled-friendly premises and argues the former garage is suitable for its the discreet location.

The club recently made the news over its Isis name being noted for its use by the Syrian terrorists.

Update: Approved

29th November 2015. See  article from

An application to turn a disused garage on a Leeds industrial estate into a private swingers' club has been approved by a council panel.

Isis Health Studios had submitted an application to Leeds City Council to convert a former car sales garage on Low Road in Hunslet into a private adult members' club offering a controlled environment for like-minded adults to meet and potentially engage in legal sexual activities .

A planning panel meeting at Leeds Civic Hall has now approved a change-of-use application for the building - without a single comment or question.

The panel was told there would be no alcohol sold on the premises and no voyeuristic activity. Activities would be limited to eight private rooms without windows, and no money would change hands for any sexual services.

Officers told the decision-making committee that it is not our remit to consider the moral implications of what might take place on the premises ,



Update: Injustice Redressed...

Stephen Gough freed after 9 years in prison for public nudity

Link Here17th August 2015
On 14 August 2015 Stephen Gough was released from Winchester prison. At around 6:30am he got into a car inside the prison grounds and was transported from Winchester to Sussex. There were reports that he was seen wearing a blue track suit as he left prison.




Update: Harmful Censors...

Russian radio censor castigates programme about swingers

Link Here27th July 2015
Russia's TV and radio censor Roskomnadzor has issued an official warning to the Govorit Moskva radio station for broadcasting a program on swingers.

In the warning, Roskomnadzor said that an episode of the station's program Underground that was broadcast in May had violated the law on protecting children from harmful information. The program rejected traditional family values, according to the warning, such programs are only allowed after the watershed. 

This may sound reasonable, but in fact the watershed hours are simply unviable being set at 11pm until 4am. Govorit Moskva's program was broadcast at 2:30 pm.

Govorit Moskva said in an online article Friday that the program was devoted to the culture of swinging, in which participants swap sexual partners.

The radio station will appeal the decision.

Under Russian law, if a media outlet gets two warnings within a year, Roskomadzor can ask a court to revoke its publishing license.



Sadistic neighbours set police attack dogs on Mistress Evilyne...

Armed police raid dominatrix after neighbours complain

Link Here 9th July 2015
Armed police have raided a suburban sex dungeon when a polite knock on the door by the local bobby would have been more than sufficient.

Neighbours had complained to police, supposedly about the noise of whipping, at Mistress Evilyne's dungeon in Orpington.

Evilyne, of Orpington, Kent, fears that if there are too many complaints from residents she might be forced to close down. She said:

My business is legal, I'm registered with HMRC and no sexual services are offered.

People come to us with their fantasies, and we make them come true - anything from being put in a bath of baked beans to being forced to act like a dog.

We are not loud and I don't know what the neighbours are complaining about.

They think I'm running a brothel, and I'm not - maybe they should come for a visit to see for themselves.

There is a lack of understanding about fetishes, and men generally keep it a secret from everyone in their life - maybe some of the wives around here are worried about their husbands.

One neighbour claimed a little unconvincingly:

It's ridiculous - there are children living here and all you can hear all day is 'slap slap scream' coming from the house. They ought to go and do it somewhere else.

However the police were satisfied that no crime had taken place and did not feel the need to handcuff the dominatrices.



Swingfields 2015...

A rave review of the swingers festival from the Daily Mail

Link Here6th July 2015



British Fetish Film Festival 2016?...

Given the oppressive censorship regime in Britain, organisers ask whether its worthwhile to run next year's event

Link Here5th July 2015

Should we run a British Fetish Film Festival in 2016?

Earlier this year we ran a British Fetish Film Festival. It was very successful but also quite a lot of work to organise.

The fetish film community in Britain is now under a lot of pressure, and many film-makers have quit or moved operations abroad. The climate for holding a film festival in 2016 might not be as hospitable.

Should we do it? Is it worth trying to maintain community and coherence in the face of censorship and legal pressure? Or is it too much work, too much risk, and is it better to continue to build community online? (And maybe go en masse to events like BoundCon and Kiel Fetish Film Festival instead?)

I've made a survey to find out what you think, and to ask what activities we should have at the festival if we do run it again.

There's only nine questions so it won't take too long, and it would be really useful for us to find out how much interest and support there would be for a 2016 British Fetish Film Festival.



Pouring a bucket of cold water on a Sunderland swingers club...

Unconvincingly closed down due to fire regulations

Link Here 2nd July 2015
The Echo reported in April that Vivente, in Hendon, SUnderland, was ordered to shut because of concerns from Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service.

Now, fire bosses have given more detail about the decision to close the Hudson Road site. A spokesman for the brigade said:

Following an inspection of the premises by fire safety officers from Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service, a Prohibition Notice was served on the occupier on April 24 due to breaches of fire safety legislation.

Under the terms of the notice, all areas of the premises must not be used, with the exception of the ground floor reception area, that may only be used for administration purposes.

The premises are part of an ongoing investigation.

Councillors seem to have a more morality based reasoning for closure. Councillor Barbara McClennan spouted:

I would like to see it permanently closed, absolutely.

If you think of the kind of activity that's going on in that building, i.e. people taking part in sexual activity, it probably requires them to take their clothes off.

Imagine what would happen if there was a fire, would they have time to re-robe and get out safely?

That has always been one of my major concerns for the venue. I would have thought they need to be extra careful in terms of fire precautions.

A note on Vivente's website reads: Due to building works Vivente will be closed until further notice.



US Parents Can Lose Custody of Children Just for Being Kinky...

When exes and relatives call social workers on BDSM-loving moms and dads, the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom is there to help.

Link Here 2nd July 2015



Offsite Article: Les Chandelles...

Link Here28th June 2015
Inside an upmarket Parisian swingers club

See article from



What do swingers and Syrian terrorists have in common?...

No, not going out dressed to kill, hoping to find 72 virgins

Link Here 28th May 2015
A Leeds swingers club named Isis Quest is picking up extra business from people searching for information on the terrorist group ISIS or Islamic State in Syria.

Bosses have reported takings are up at the converted mill in Leeds where adultery, group sex, bisexual bashes and cross-dressing are practised four days a week. Last night a regular told the Daily Star Sunday:

The place has been a lot busier in the last year or so. Loads of people have said they happened across it when they were reading up on the war in the Middle East and one of the owners, Dave, said the same thing.

The club, named after the Egyptian goddess of magic and life, tells customers:

Isis Quest is the original premier club in Leeds for liberated adults.

We make it our business to provide you with an evening of total relaxation and enjoyment in a smooth hassle-free environment so you can enjoy the swinging lifestyle in comfort and at your own pace.

Once you enter you can feel free to dance, socialise and cavort with other couples or singles that enjoy the same liberated adult night out that you yourself have come to enjoy.



Offsite Article: The Morality of Planning...

Link Here1st May 2015
Avoiding mentioning the elephant in the room when haranguing a nudist spa in the greenbelt

See article from



Midnight Communion...

Swingers set up the first church in history that actually abides by the rule, 'love your neighbour'

Link Here25th April 2015
A swingers club is planning to convert to a swingers church in Madison, Tennessee.

The swingers club recently tried to open before city and state moralists moved swiftly to ban it. So the owners now plan to open a church that caters to their club members. The United Fellowship Center will honor memberships from The Social Club, according to a member newsletter:

It's going to be a place where people can meet and enjoy fellowship. There is no sexual activity that will go on there. I assume if someone meets there and wants to do something of a sexual nature, they'll go to a hotel or a motel or go home.

A church renovation plan was approved through the city's review process, allowing a work permit to be issued, although other inspections are yet to come. Floor plans for the club, and now for the church, show the same room layout with several label changes. The club's themed dungeon room will now be for the choir. A dressing room has become the sacristy.

The move comes after state lawmakers tried to ban private sexual swinging clubs by dreaming up restrictions preventing them from locating within 1,000 feet of schools, churches, daycares or parks or commercial areas.

Metro Zoning Administrator Bill Herbert said the department takes applicants at their word, so inspectors are treating the building as a church. As long as the United Fellowship Center is in compliance with codes, it will receive permission to operate.



Mingling In...

Swingers club given permanent permission to open by Colchester Council

Link Here8th April 2015

A swingers' club has been granted permission to become a permanent fixture. Mingles club opened last August in Lexden, in the Colchester area, securing permission to become a private members' club for one year only.

Now owners Jason Woolf and Rebecca Freeman have been given permission for the club, at 66a London Road, to remain there permanently.

It follows a consultation period in which two comments of support and just two objections had been made to Colchester Council. Woolf said:

We are delighted to receive permanent planning permission for our business and would like to thank Colchester's planning and licensing departments for their support and professionalism in handling what appears to have been a sensitive case.

We were confident that our private members' club would not cause disturbance or have any negative impact to the area and we are thankful for having the opportunity to prove this, which has been confirmed by the absence of any complaints about the club from neighbouring properties.



Extreme Censorship...

Swinger club suffers an attack, apparently from vigilante thugs

Link Here3rd April 2015
A masked gang of three vigilantes attacked a swingers club, assaulting a man and a woman and sending members fleeing into the street.

One man, aged 53, was punched to the ground, while a woman was pushed, the Birmingham Mail reports.

The attack took place at the timber-framed, Grade II listed Tudor Lounge in Highgate, Birmingham.

One resident, who asked not to be named, said: Masked men ran into the club and we then saw lots of customers, half-naked or wrapped in towels, pouring out into the street. Residents feel the club is potentially attracting a criminal element to the area. It's not what people had in mind when they settled here.

But it seems that the criminal element already lives in the area.

A spokeswoman for West Midlands Police said:

Police are investigating after masked raiders gained entry to a private function at the Tudor Lounge Club in Stratford Place, Highgate, at 9.35pm on March 18. Three men wearing ski masks were seen in the corridor.

One man, aged 53, was punched in the head, resulting in him falling to the floor. He was treated for a cut to his nose and bump to his head. Another woman was pushed, but not injured.

No weapons were seen. The men then left the building. Nothing was reported stolen. Police inquiries are on-going into the incident. No arrests have been made at this stage.

Update: Swinging ends

7th February 2016. See  article from

Plans have been lodged to restore one of Birmingham's most beautiful old houses, used as a swingers' club, back to its former glory, but with no plans to resume as a swingers club.

The historic Stratford House , which dates back to 1601, was gutted in a suspected arson attack on December 28 last year, leaving its upper rooms and roof ablaze.

Meanwhile, West Midlands Police continue investigations into how the fire, which needed 22 firefighters to extinguish, was started.



Swing On...

Birmingham City Council finds that swingers club is all in order

Link Here13th March 2015
Owners of a swingers club at an historic Tudor house in Birmingham have been told to carry on swinging by planners despite a few whinges from selfish locals.

The Grade II-listed Stratford House  was transformed into the sex club for swingers and fetish fans, complete with dungeon. The building was officially advertised online under the name Tudor Lounge.

Birmingham City Council had granted temporary change of use planning permission for the private members meeting venue last year and had claimed no complaints had been raised at the time.

But some selfish residents who claim that their morality should overrule the rights of others have had a whinge. One spouted:

Nobody asked us about sex clubs. This is not what we bargained for when moving here with our families.

For the record, Tudor Lounge is not located in leafy suburb, it is an inner city area dominated by ring roads and commercial premises.

Following an investigation by local planners, owners have been told they can carry on trading and do not need to apply for a drinks or entertainments licence. A city council spokesman said:

Officers visited the Tudor Lounge on 29 January 2015 to establish whether any licensable activities took place at this venue.

However they found that its bar operates on a 'bring your own drinks' basis, the drinks featured in photos of the bar area were actually coloured water and cooking oil.

Also the club appears to be set up for participation, rather than the presentation of any performance for an audience which might require an entertainment licence.

At present there is no justification for revisiting the premises, but if officers receive new intelligence regarding activities at this venue this position may be reviewed.



One Million Moms Recommend...

Neighbours with Benefits, a US TV show about swingers

Link Here12th March 2015
The religious moralists of One Million Moms write:

A & E's new reality series Neighbors with Benefits is a show about neighbors and friends who attend parties as married couples for the purpose of switching spouses and having sex. The premiere is expected to air on Sunday, March 22 at 10:00 pm ET/9:00 pm CT.

This inappropriate program glamorizes cheating and having affairs. Why get married if you do not plan on being faithful?

This immoral show belittles and makes a mockery of marriage.



The Daily Mail Recommends...

The No 3 Swingers Club in Chorley

Link Here9th March 2015
The Daily Mail has published a silly story about shopkeepers whingeing about the sounds of people having fun at a swingers club upstairs. An in the background of the story, The No 3 Club certainly sounds a fun place to visit.

A couple are being forced to shut their upmarket fireplace shop because of the sound of noisy swingers upstairs. Matthew and Cheryl Jewell have had enough of embarrassing noises coming from the sex club above their Stovestore business in Chorley, Lancashire.

The couple claim it is embarrassing when customers in their shop can hear screaming from upstairs. Mrs Jewell said: Customers are stood here and they're screaming upstairs. I'm going red, customers are going red and they're leaving the shop.

According to the No 3 Club website, daytime activities include greedy girl day , which takes place on the first Wednesday of every month, between noon and 10pm.



Adultery law is found to be cheating on the people...

South Korea's highest court finds that a law banning adultery is unconstitutional

Link Here2nd March 2015
South Korea's highest court has struck down a decades-old law banning adultery, a statute that critics said is anachronistic and infringes on personal freedom.

The repressive law had been enacted in 1953 supposedly to 'protect' women in a male-dominated society.

Seo Ki-seok, a constitutional court justice, explained in an opinion representing five justices:

The law is unconstitutional as it infringes people's right to make their own decisions on sex and secrecy and freedom of their private life, violating the principle banning excessive enforcement under the constitution.

Seven members of the nine-judge panel deemed the law to be unconstitutional. Previously in 2008, the court had upheld the law, citing the society's legal perception that adultery is damaging to social order.

Critics have said the law against adultery is outdated in a society where rapid modernisation has frequently clashed with traditionally conservative values.

Several thousand spouses file criminal adultery complaints each year in South Korea, although it is rare for someone to be jailed. According to prosecutors, no one was put behind bars last year although 892 were indicted on adultery charges.



Offsite Article: Fifty Shades of Grey poses a threat to online BDSM communities...

Link Here 1st March 2015
An upsurge in interest in online BDSM communities makes long time kinksters fearful of being outed

See article from



Offsite Article: So where are all these sex clubs in Paris?...

Link Here18th February 2015
Thanks to DSK and Fifty Shades of Grey, swinging has dominated headlines in French newspapers lately. But where are all these Paris sex clubs?

See article from



A Bigger Swing...

Angels Singers Club gets council permission to expand in Melksham

Link Here4th February 2015

Angels Swingers Club in Melksham will be expanding into adjoining units as plans have been approved by Wiltshire Council.

Melksham Town Council did not object and Melksham police have not had any reports of crime or disorder linked to the premises since the club opened in October 2011.

The club will also extend its opening hours. It will now be open Wednesday noon-8pm, Thursday 8.30pm-1am, Friday 9.30pm-4.30am, Saturday 8.30pm-4.30am and Sunday 2-11pm.



Birmingham Dungeon...

Historic house hosts swinging fun in Birmingham

Link Here29th January 2015
One of Birmingham's oldest and most historic houses has been transformed into a swingers club. Grade II-listed Stratford House in Highgate was built in 1601. But the stunning timber framed property has now been transformed into a sex club for swingers and fetish fans, complete with dungeon.

The building, officially classed as an ancient monument, is being advertised online under the name Tudor Lounge and porn stars are listed as being regulars at adult themed events .

Birmingham City Council have granted temporary change of use planning permission for the private members meeting venue last year and says there were no complaints raised at the time, although some residents claim they were not consulted.

And of course there are few miserable gits living close by. One angry local spouted:

I simply can't understand how this could have been allowed to happen in a listed building in an area of regeneration. Surely they have to have planning permission. And surely, if so, there should have been public consultation in the area. Nobody asked us about sex clubs.

The Tudor Lounge website boasts it is the UK's most exclusive swingers venue:

Come and join in our parties or contact us to organize your own. Our facilities are amongst the most impressive you will find in any UK club. The parties will be well attended but totally pressure free, making them ideal for your first visit or experienced swingers alike.

The website lists a string of events including a burlesque swingers night last Friday and a leather and lace swingers event planned for this Friday. Parties have entrance charges in the range 40 to 75.



Raising their horns in Valhalla...

A fetish club in Dudley is granted an alcohol licence

Link Here16th January 2015

Some good news for a change A proposed new fetish club is one step closer to opening after being granted a licence to operate by council chiefs. Of course, it isn't a dead cert, but a move in the right direction.

See article from

A licensing committee of Dudley Council has granted the proposed Valhalla Club a licence to sell alcohol and for the airing of live and recorded music. Summing-up the committee decision, chair councillor Jackie Cowell, said:

We are satisfied the premises will be run discreetly. We have heard there will be no external signs and those internally will encourage visitors to respect local residents when they leave.

Council leaders had received a petition signed by about 70 people raising concerns about the proposed licence, but none attended to speak. The licensing committee also heard the venue would be blocked from the public's view and would have no external signs.

In December planning committee chairman, Councillor Qadar Zada, raised his personal morality concerns about the type of activity which would take place at the club. But of course the 'type of activity' taking place at fetish clubs has caused an awful lot less trouble than the more 'mora'l activity as practised by people in the name of religion.

The boss of the Valhalla Club will now appeal a decision by Dudley Council not to give his venture planning permission. Clive Thomson said:

With the best will in the world we are not the sort of people to parade onto the road in masks and hats. I think people have seen too many Hollywood films. Discretion is the order of the day. We would never have signs outside as we would only get idiots coming.

We are very, very discrete people. This is not a nightclub, it is not a lap dancing club, it is just a social club. It is just sensationalism and things have been blown out of proportion. We have got members who work for councils, we have nurses, we have doctors. These are not people who are going to go drunkenly staggering around the streets.

Among the groups which would use the Valhalla Club in Dock Lane, opposite Dudley Leisure Centre, are erotic and fetish enthusiasts with events including dungeon and role-play.


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