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17th December   

Update: No Fun in Florida...

Florida swingers club shut down by morality police
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Hillsborough County sheriff's detectives say they shut down a swingers club in a Seffner rental house and arrested four people.

Complaints from neighbors about the home resulted in a six-week investigation by police and the state Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco.

Neighbors said cars would turn up their dead-end street on weekend evenings and head directly for the very end, pulling into the 150-foot driveway lit with tiki torches behind the white picket fence and gate. The unassuming two-story white house has red trim and sits well off a street lined with single-story ranch homes.

Inside, policemen found three bedrooms lined wall to wall with beds. The living room was equipped with a dancing pole, a spanking table and large-screen televisions playing pornographic movies.

Four people have been charged with operating a sexually oriented business without a license and operating a bottle club without proper zoning and licensing. All four were released on bail.

Policemen said they witnessed various numbers of people inside the house and saw as many as 50 people inside at one time. Couples were allowed into the club free, and single men and women were charged various fees to enter. Anyone entering was allowed to bring their own bottle of alcohol and could share with others.


26th November   

Update: Gross Breach of Decency...

Fine for naked hiker in Switzerland upheld by Supreme Court
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Switzerland's Supreme Court has dealt a blow to naked hikers as it sided with an eastern canton that fined a man for strolling unclothed through the mountains.

The court was far from unanimous, with a verdict eventually reached by three votes to two. Ultimately though, the Supreme Court ruled that the decision by canton Appenzell-Ausserrhoden to ban naked hillwalking was not unconstitutional.

It is not arbitrary [on the canton's behalf] to consider naked hiking in public a gross breach of decency and convention, the court said.

The case began in Appenzell-Ausserrhoden in October 2009 when Local authorities fined a naked hiker 100 francs ($109), but the naturist refused to pay.

His case was heard by the cantonal court in Appenzell in May 2010. He admitted he had been hiking without clothes, a practice he said he had indulged in for two years, but denied he had been acting indecently. The judge acquitted him, arguing that the case was beyond the canton's jurisdiction since the Swiss Penal Code regulates all crimes involving sexual integrity.

But the prosecutor decided to take the case to the court of appeals, which disagreed with the acquittal, concluding it was the duty of the local authorities to uphold public morality and ordering the man to pay 200 francs ($218) for indecent behaviour. It was this ruling that prompted the hiker to take the case to the Supreme Court.


25th November   

Hapton Recommends...

Gay dogging site at Mill Hill Lane picnic area
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A 'disgusted' woman has called for action against gay dogging at a Hapton picnic site near Burnley

Samantha Hindle said she is 'sickened' that Mill Hill Lane picnic area has become a dogging hotspot for gay men.

She claims scores of men are engaging in sordid sexual acts in the bushes and the rural beauty spot is littered with extreme pornography. She said:

It is shameless. They are so blatant about it. I sometimes take my children up there and there are men in the bushes and they ask what is going on. It is like a mass orgy up there. It happens at all times of the day.

My little boy has picked up a magazine and said 'what is that?' It was so graphic. The area is littered with pornography and I dread to think what the tissues and baby wipes have been used for. It is vile.

The issue was raised at this week's meeting of Hapton Parish Council. Councillor Joanne Greenwood said: It is indecent. Lots of families go up walking in the woods. My advice to anyone up there who sees anything is to ring the police. They are aware of the problem.


17th November   

Offsite: Every Which Way You Lose...

Newly transgendered woman in topless protest at refused official recognition of her new gender, was arrested for indecent exposure of female breasts, and sent to male prison
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US transgender woman, Andrea Jones, has been released from jail, after she was locked up for three weeks for protesting publically against Tennessee's laws on gender recognition. Now, US trans activists are calling on their community to demonstrate outside the courthouse in Morristown, in that state, when she appears for an initial hearing on 20 December.

Ms Jones' problems began when she attended Morristown Driver's License Office in an attempt to change the gender marker on her license. She took with her Social Security documents, which acknowledge her as female, together with a letter from a surgeon affirming that she has had partial re-assignment surgery.

This did not impress the Tennessee Department of Safety, which informed her she'd need more proof to make the same change on her driver's license.

Frustrated by this response, Ms Jones then staged a one-woman protest, stripping off her top in the car park outside the Driver's License Office. Her logic: if the state refused to recognise her as a woman, she had every right to strip off in the same way as men.

Instead, she was arrested and jailed on a charge of indecent exposure. According to the arresting officer: Mr. Jones continued to yell that he had the right to show his breasts in public and wanted to be recognized as a female.

She was then incarcerated in the state's male prison for the duration of her time behind bars.

...Read the full article


13th November   

Adventures in Lust...

New swingers club launches in Stoke
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A former city centre nightspot has been transformed into the swingers' club called Adventures in Lust.

The club opened at the weekend with more than 400 people signing up during its first two nights. The club boasts a number of private and open play rooms along with a disco area.

Husband and wife Ed and Maureen Watt, from Hanley, who previously ran the Club Atlantis swingers' club in Burslem, say the venue could be almost doubled in size if successful. The couple believe the stigma surrounding swingers' clubs is beginning to lift. Maureen said: It's a lot more mainstream than it once was. We have people here aged between 20 and 60.

The venue will initially open on Fridays and Saturdays from 10pm until 3am. Solo females will be charged 5 on a Friday night compared with 30 for men. Single men are not permitted on a Saturday. Couples who arrive and leave together pay 15 on a Friday and 25 on a Saturday.


4th November   


New swingers club launches in Wiltshire
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A new swingers club has opened in Melksham, Wiltshire.

The members only alternative lifestyle club at the Avon Enterprise Park in New Broughton Road launched in a former warehouse and will be open to singles and couples on Friday and Saturday nights.

The club's website boasts that it is the hottest and most erotic night out in the south west , adding: We have four playrooms, a sexy dark tunnel and a large chill out lounge. Angels aims to be a relaxed club where you can socialise with open-minded adults. Or more if you wish.

The club will open between 9pm-4.30am, and is aimed at over-25s with a bring-your-own alcohol policy. Single women get in free, single men pay 30 and couples pay 20.

Acting Sgt Kane Fulbrook Smith, of Melksham Neighbourhood Policing Team, said:

I've spoken to the owners. They're not breaking any criminal laws and they're certainly not breaking any licensing laws. Every member of the public has a right to a private life. They are consenting adults and if they want to take part in this sort of activity then they can.

Update: No Objections

24th February 2012. See  article from

Angels swingers club in Melksham that applied for a retrospective change of use to keep it in business has received no objection from Melksham Town Council.

Wiltshire Council received complaints that the designated use of the unit, for business or industry, was not compatible with the club's function.

Co-owner Steve Rumens, of Melksham, has submitted a retrospective application to change the use to sui generis , a Latin phrase meaning of its own kind , allowing it to continue as a private members' club.

Melksham Town Council's planning committee chairman Cllr Vic Oakman said: We passed it with no objection on planning grounds. We've had no objections from any of the businesses down there, either written or verbal, and as far as we're concerned on planning grounds we can't object to it. The unit was empty for two years before they moved in, and it puts it to use.

Melksham police have not had any reports of crime or disorder linked to the premises.

Update: Permission Granted

23rd March 2012. See  article from

Angels can now stay open after Wiltshire Council granted retrospective planning permission.

Wiltshire Council received nutter complaints that the original designated use of the unit, for business or industry, was not compatible with the club's business. This forced the co-owner, Steve Rumens, to submit a retrospective application for the club to be listed as sui generis, a Latin phrase meaning of its own kind .

Planning officers at Wiltshire Council granted the application, and the venue will now be listed as a private members club. The application received no objections from Melksham Town Council when it came before the authority's planning committee and Wiltshire Council received no letters objecting.


7th October   

Update: Beach Prudery...

Court challenge to New Jersey anti nudity law fails
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Full story: Public Nudity in USA...Americans have a problem with public nudity

A New Jersey court case involved a woman who was staging an explicit protest designed to restore the right for a woman to go topless at a historically nude beach.

The relatively secluded beach near the Delaware border was traditionally topless until the passage and enforcement of an ordinance by a nearby municipality, which banned persons from appearing in a state of nudity or in an indecent or lewd dress or garment, or to make any indecent or unnecessary exposure of his or her person.

The woman and her husband were both on the beach wearing swimsuit bottoms but no tops. The woman was cited and fined $500. Her husband was not.

The woman appealed the citation on the basis of four arguments:

  1. The ordinance was unconstitutionally vague (What is nudity? What is indecent?)
  2. The ordinance denies equal protection under the Fourteenth Amendment (Why are only women's breasts indecent?)
  3. The ordinance denies equal protection under the New Jersey State Constitution (Does the public's interest in covering my breasts really outweigh my right to uncover them?)
  4. The beach's historical tradition as a nude sunbathing site should be protected under the public trust doctrine. (If the beaches belong to all of us, we should be free to enjoy them as we choose.)

The New Jersey Superior Court denied the appeal on all four grounds.

Of particular interest is the Court's rationale in denying points 2 and 3. In denying that the ordinance violated the Equal Protection Clause, the Court invoked the important governmental interest in safeguarding the public's moral sensibilities, which in this case are based on an indisputable difference between the sexes and the fact that society considered females baring their breasts in public . . . as unpalatable.

With respect to equal protection under the State Constitution, the Court found that a woman's right to appear topless in public is not central to the ordinary person's life enjoyment or liberty, and is outweighed by they government's legitimate need to protect the public from unwelcome exposure to nudity.


29th September   

Offsite: Don't Tell Mama...

Berlin is the fun capital of Europe
Link Here

How did the German capital become Europe's sex tourism mecca for gays and straights alike? A tour of underground clubs, dark rooms, bathhouses.


To gain entry to the erotic club called Insomnia on Alt-Tempelhof Street, you ring the bell and hope the door opens. After you pass the test and shed any extraneous clothing in the locker room, you enter a square space that is painted red. And there you find people dancing, nice music and a laser-light show. Most of the men are dressed. Most of the women are a bit scantily clad. On Sundays, mass orgies are held here, and the price of admission varies: 80 euros for a man, 40 for a couple and no charge for women. But for the regular Saturday bash, admission is 17 euros across the board.

Things seem a little dull, but when I go to order a drink at the bar, I notice that a man's head is planted between the legs of the panty-less girl beside me. Massive curtains hide several dark spaces, where there are beds and a Jacuzzi for naked bathing, plus showers for before and after.

On the other side is a corridor with pictures of naked women lit with ultraviolet light and huge sculptures of female genitalia. In the corridor, a woman in a leather suit with her breasts exposed lies in a hammock. Her legs are held by chains and someone is performing a sex act on her before a curious audience of five men and two women. A middle-aged midget goes up to the upper level, holding two leather leashes attached to the neck of a tall and slender young woman who walks ahead of him. Entry into this level is restricted to couples.


Kitkat is Insomnia's kinkier and more famous cousin. Sitting at the entrance to this club is Kirstin, who runs the place with her husband Thur. She oversees the selection process. Anyone who shows up in simple jeans and a T-shirt will remain outside.

There are two dance floors, both with oppressively loud techno music. A few young women are dancing in just their panties and bras. A naked couple is making out on the couch. Here, too, you find a big age range: a couple of Russian youths in army trousers and berets, shirtless, alongside 60-somethings sitting naked on armchairs. Some are playing with themselves, one is asleep. A man in a leather dress puts his hand on the crotch of a woman in high stiletto heels, who is kissing another man. On the walls are neon-hued paintings of men with enlarged penises and of naked women.

At Kitkat you can do anything, as long as it's consensual. It's the sex community center, says Dr. Gadi Taub, 46, a senior lecturer in communications and p ublic policy from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Good-looking men and women, ugly men and women, gays, straights, old people, young people - it's wonderfully democratic. You go in there for the first time and you think you're dreaming. They don't need bouncers to toss people out because people respect one another, in keeping with the rules of the place: You can try anything and touch anyone - it's the local parallel to 'What's going on?' - but if he moves away from you, you don't go after him.


At 3 A.M., I head over to Berghain, the city's most famous techno club. Top DJs, music that's a feast for the ears, thumping bass that really gets inside you. But it's just as famous for the long line at the entrance, the tough selection, and the fact that what happens on the dance floor, in the bathrooms and in the dark rooms is just as exciting as the music. In one room on the first floor, aside from the amazing sound, everything is more intense - especially at peak hours when it fills with gay men engaged in solo, couple or group sex and it's hard to move around without bumping into a bare chest or buttock. On the ground floor you can also find straight couples fucking. Not everyone bothers to hide; right on the dance floor there are couples and threesomes going at it in advanced stages.

For the last decade or so, the Berghain has been operating out of a power station located on the edge of the Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg quarter. The proprietors are also the owners of Lab.Oratory and at certain parties during the year (for New Year's and Easter ), the connecting door between the two spaces is opened. Then the last days of Pompeii are likely to pale in comparison. But my German friend still isn't that impressed.

That's the difference between locals and tourists, he says. The locals are used to it all, the tourists are keen to go back home with a souvenir. Some buy a postcard, others tell everyone how they saw people fucking at the Berghain club.

...Read the full article


27th September   

Update: Shameful Scottish Justice...

Scotland adds up the bill for being easily offended by the Naked Rambler
Link Here
Full story: Naked Rambler...Stephen Gough imprisoned for being naked

Scotland's easy offence at the  Naked Rambler has cost tax payers £500,000

Stephen Gough has been behind bars almost continually for six years for refusing to wear clothes either in public, in court or in prison. And it looks as though the bill for keeping him will continue to rise because every time he is freed, he is arrested again for going starkers.

In all, he has been convicted of 17 breaches of the peace for walking naked since he first hit the headlines in 2003 as he walked from Land's End to John O'Groats naked.

Gough is currently serving his longest sentence of 657 days, imposed at Perth Sheriff Court last month.

Sheriff Richard McFarlane has claimed this outrageous injustice is not the fault of the authorities, but that it was all down to Gough. He said: Can you help me as to when this ridiculous cycle of offending will stop? A lot of deserving causes could benefit from the unnecessary cost you are putting the country to. Your conduct is verging on selfish because of the costs.

It costs around £ 35,000 a year to keep the average prisoner but Gough spends most of his time behind bars in segregation, which is more expensive. The total bill is also made up of legal aid, court bills and wasted police time.

Matthew Elliott, chief executive of the TaxPayers' Alliance said: It's unbelievable that this ongoing case has been allowed to waste so much taxpayers' money. A sensible resolution has to be found, sending the naked rambler back to prison benefits no one.


24th September   


Court acquits a woman running a bondage and domination service of running a brothel
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Police who raided a house in Folkestone discovered a fantasyland of sex toys, whips, chains, sex toys and frilly clothes ... and more than 2,000 condoms.

But a jury at Canterbury Crown Court thankfully found that homeowner Lindy Cruse was not running a brothel.

Persecutor Denzil Pugh told how in March this year police raided the house and discovered a variety of bondage equipment.

Cruse also ran a number of businesses, Matrix Enterprises, Fantasyland, Retro Clothing, and an Internet site called 'Sissies In Frillies'. Cruse said she had placed adverts for Fantasyland in newspapers.

She denied running her home at Victoria Grove, Folkestone, as a brothel and a jury acquitted her.

Cruse told the jury:

I found a niche in the market. I am not classing myself as the norm so I was finding it very difficult to go originally to indulge in any of my fantasies. One of the rooms was set up for domination and bondage which is why it had extra mirrors. The other room was for people who just wanted to come in and cross-dress.

If I am working and I am doing things of a sexual nature it's for my own actual, personal pleasure. I don't offer sexual ?services. Mine is not sexual, as in having intercourse, but a service for bondage and domination. The sexual side of that doesn't actually enter into it.


19th September   

American Prudes...

New Jersey woman fails in appeal against a prosecution for revealing her breasts on a beach
Link Here

Two appeal judges of the Superior Court of New Jersey have affirmed the conviction of Phoenix Feeley, an artist and free speech activist, for having exposed her breasts on a beach in Spring Lake, N.J., and for later removing the t-shirt provided to her by police and again going bare-chested at an intersection near the police station. She was fined $750 for the two incidents.

Although a 1992 New York Appeals Court decision declared that since men had the right to go topless in any public venue in the state, women had the same right, Feeley was nonetheless arrested in 2005 for opening the top of her painter's jumpsuit and letting her breasts hang out on Delancey Street in downtown Manhattan at 1:30 a.m., and held in custody for 12 hours before being released uncharged. She claimed in a lawsuit against the city that she had been pulled from a police car by her hair, forced to undergo a psychiatric evaluation at Bellevue Hospital, and that the cops refused to help her repair her now-damaged jumpsuit. The city agreed to settle the case for $29,000.

So Feeley may have assumed she'd have no similar problem in Spring Lake, which is located just 40 miles south of Manhattan, but apparently the area, though just five miles from the resort town of Asbury Park, is actually a hotbed of conservatism. Hence her conviction in Superior Court of two counts of public nudity and one of obstruction .


16th September   

Offsite: Suspending Disbelief...

Tragedy in Italy when Shibari bondage goes wrong
Link Here

Italian engineer Soter Mul and his girlfriend Paola Caputo were avid practitioners of Shibari, an ancient Japanese erotic art.

Shibari involves the use of thin pieces of rope to bind the submissive partner in ways that are meant to be both artistically beautiful and also heighten the sensation of his or her orgasm.

But last Saturday night, the couple was looking to spice things up even more. They met up with a friend of Caputo's at a local pub in Rome and, after drinking heavily and smoking hashish, the three headed to the parking garage where Caputo worked as daytime attendant. The dimly lit space was closed and desolate, the perfect setting for a kinky sex act. Mule strung the two women, with their consent and help, from a rafter with strategically placed soft ropes. He used their weight to counterbalance them, each with one foot on the ground. When one woman moved, it tightened the ropes and intensified the sensation for the other, and vice versa.

Everything was fine until the less-experienced woman fainted. The force of her sudden dead weight quickly lifted and strangled Caputo, even though Mule quickly tried to cut his girlfriend free. She died of asphyxiation, and the couple's new friend nearly suffered the same fate.

Mule was arrested and charged with involuntary manslaughter, and later released on house arrest.

...Read the full article


7th September   

Censorial Blobs...

Topless protest at newspaper censorship policy
Link Here
A topless woman's protest at the Ottawa Sun caught local's attention.

The reason for her topless parade was to protest against the photo policy of the Ottawa Sun. The paper's policy is to cover the nipples of topless women appearing in photos.

Spero claimed it is unfair that a pull-out section of the Sun in one of those editions featured a photo of a topless man, whose nipples are clearly visible.

She said she also has sent angry messages to columnist Earl McRae who referred to breasts as bazongas in a column.

I thought the Sun was about news, but this is incredibly offensive, she said.


17th August

 Offsite: Believing in Bondage...

Link Here
Is belief in BDSM protected by anti-discrimination law?

See article from


11th August   

The Little Black Book...

New UK magazine exploring kink, fetish, swinging and dogging
Link Here

There's a new edition to the range of magazines from XD Publications.

The Little Back Book is described by the publishers as:  an adult magazine that walks a dangerous tightrope between high-class sophistication and downright filth.

First published in June 2011, The Little Back Book is a 100-page, A5, glossy publication that explores kinks, fetishes, swinging, dogging, spanking, cross-dressing, role-play and sex toys, as well as treating its readers to lots of very sexy (and very naughty) pictures of British girls.


29th May   

Crystal Clear: No Fun in Cannock...

Killjoys spoil swinging fun
Link Here

The Crystal Fountain is a genteel Grade II listed pub in Cannock, Staffordshire. Landlord Kevin Scott and partner Kat have been running swinging events since taking over in Octobe, without the knowledge of pub owners, Enterprise Inns.

Now the couple have been sacked by the miserable brewery and are being kicked out of the pub.

Kevin said that full sex does not take place on the premises but admitted other sexual acts might at the event which has a no knickers policy .

Last night local councillor Clive Morgan reacted with nutter 'disgust' at news of the sexy fun. He said: I'm shocked and appalled that this has been going on under the noses of honest, decent, hard working citizens in my area. It's absolutely disgusting that something like this could happen in a nice family pub like the Crystal Fountain.

Kevin and Kat described themselves online as committed doggers and wrote: We have recently moved from Yorkshire where we hosted many socials at our old pub. Our new pub is much bigger, so our socials are now on a bigger scale. The pub is a spacious four room pub with a large enclosed beer garden, which in the summer months is great fun!

Previous events organised by the couple, who moved from Barnsley last year, have won warm reviews on internet sex forums.


21st May   

Comment: Teacher by Day, Dominatrix by Night...

Why privacy is not for the rich
Link Here

The Daily Mail - along with several other respectable news outlets - brings us the story of Faith-Anne Lesbirel, primary schoolmistress by day and kinky dominatrix by night, whose unconventional second job has now led to a dressing down from the General Teaching Council. Found guilty of unacceptable professional misconduct (is there such a thing as acceptable professional misconduct?) she has received a two-year reprimand. She has, however - as the Mail was forced to report - escaped being struck off. The panel also displayed a perhaps unexpected - and welcome - degree of enlightenment when it concluded that her essentially private activities did not make her a danger to children.

By most accounts, indeed, she was an excellent and well-loved teacher, working at a school in Milton Keynes. But she was also into things like domination and sploshing, and as Mistress Saffron advertised her services online, both on her own website and on a forum for like-minded people called Informed Consent . It was this advertising, we are led believe, that got her into trouble. The report quotes the tribunal's ruling that the reputation and public standing of the profession was placed at risk by your choosing to initiate and run such a website and indeed the exposure of this did in the event damage the school and the profession. The clear implication is that the publicly accessible nature of both her website and the online forum was responsible for bringing her activities to the notice of local parents, who complained to the school. And that her exposure was therefore her own fault.

That isn't really what happened.

...Read the full article

Comment: Iniquitous

21st May 2011. Thanks to Alan

If the Heresiarch is right about the problems faced by this woman being a spin-off from the Mosley affair, sadly she isn't the only collateral damage. I'm aware of a guy getting sacked because he was outed as webmaster of a site on which Mosley's four friends appeared. Once again, the disrepute line was trotted out. The lady in this case seems to have fallen foul of the daft notion that teaching - a routine white-collar occupation - is a profession . The teaching unions seem to have been so taken by the professional mystique that they have certainly failed to resist the imposition of the General Teaching Council, and have probably even welcomed it as enhancing their members' status.

The poor woman's situation is as absurd as it is iniquitous.

Offsite: It's No Fun Being a Teacher

21st May 2011. See  article from

Drinking and pole dancing, a group of primary school teachers posed for a series of fun filled images they publish on Facebook. Six female teachers, including the deputy head, are pictured in Army gear at a raucous hen party which parents have described as shocking .

In one image one of the women, wearing a short skirt, is seen with her leg wrapped around a pole. Other photos show them flashing their knickers, downing cocktails and smoking.

Because the teachers' Facebook profiles were not set to private, the images could be seen by anyone.

A parent of one pupil at the school spotted the pictures, printed off five pages of them and posted them through neighbours' front doors. She included a letter which read: If you are as appalled as I am by these images which these tramps post freely for the world to see, how safe are our children?

...Read the full article .


20th May   

Acting Offended...

Theatre company don't want rehearsal rooms in the same building as a swingers club
Link Here

A theatre company for children is leaving its rehearsal rooms in a ludicrous over reaction to a swingers' club that moved in to the same building.

Christine Appleby, founder of Say Two Productions, said parents complained when the No.3 Club rented part of the same building. No.3 Club began this weekend at Primrose Mill, Chorley, Lancashire. She said: We do not want to continue trading under the same roof. It's not morally or ethically right.

The swingers club pointed out : They won't see us, our entrances are different.

The official opening for No 3 Club is set for this weekend 20th/21st May.

Jamie Carson, the council's director of people and places, said: We have only just been made aware of this business and officers have been in touch with the owners. We have arranged to visit the premises and investigate whether they need to apply for any specific licences.


14th May   

Bollox Policing...

Complaints about nudist neighbour who lives 150 meters away
Link Here

A 62-year-old Gloucestershire back garden naturist was arrested for indecent exposure and now faces three charges of outraging public decency.

Donald Sprigg was hauled before Cheltenham Magistrates Court accused of causing his Cirencester neighbours harassment, alarm or distress , the Daily Mail reports.

Sprigg denied the charges, while his solicitor Mohammed Iqbal insisted that the neighbours who'd protested actually lived 150 metres away and had captured the allegedly indecent horticultural action from their balcony using a long-distance lens .

Sprigg was bailed to stand trial on 20 June. ?


12th May   

Tourist Unfriendly...

Barcelona's image damaged by a bikini ban
Link Here

Barcelona officials have passed a law banning nudity and what they described as near nudity in the city centre, with anyone ignoring the regulations risking a fine.

Concerns had been expressed that too many locals and tourists were unable to distinguish where the beaches ended and the city started.

Lawmakers and tourism bosses were worried Barcelona's image was being damaged by the number of people walking straight off the sand and into residential and historic areas without bothering to adjust their dress.

Signs were erected in coastal areas of Barcelona earlier this year, asking people to cover up when they left the beaches, but the message did not appear to get through.

Legislation has now been passed that will allow the police to fine anyone spotted on the streets in a bikini, swimsuit or trunks up to EUR300 ( £ 265).

The new law also includes provision for fines of up to EUR500 for anyone who is found to be completely naked in public anywhere in the city other than its nudist beach, after a number of incidents of people walking or cycling through the streets without a stitch of clothing on.


2nd May   


LibDem council candidate with flair for fun and deviant art
Link Here

A Liberal Democrat local election candidate has caused a stir after she posed in fetish gear in provocative pictures which she then posted on the internet.

The semi-naked photographs of Holly-Ann Battye, which show her lying on her back with a ball gag in her mouth and cupping her breasts, appeared this week on the website DeviantArt, under the user name HollyTheWolly.

Other Gothic-themed shots of the candidate for the South Northants Council ward of Cosgrove and Grafton, are captioned I kill , Voodoo and Make It Bleed .

Battye has defended the images as her artwork: My artwork has nothing to do with this campaign but this slur has everything to do with the Tories feeling threatened.

Jane Hollis, chairman of the South Northants Lib Dems who is standing in the Castle ward in Northampton, stood by her candidate: At the end of the day she is an artist and she sells images as a business, she said: She is young and what I want to see is a refreshing change to all the elderly Tories sat on the SNC council.'


10th April   

Licensed to Swing...

Swingers club gets caught up in lap dancing licence fee hike
Link Here

Sex entertainment venues in Sheffield are angry about planned new charges and conditions set to be imposed by the council.

Marie Calvert, who runs Attercliffe Road swingers' club La Chambre with husband Barry, has branded as a stealth tax new licence charges of £ 1,335 per venue, annual renewal fees of £ 1,000, and levies of   £ 1,000 to vary licences or £ 500 to transfer them.

The charges are part of Sheffield Council's new Sexual Entertainment Venues licensing policy, created after the Government gave councils powers to regulate venues.

Marie said:

For us it is a very worrying development. We cannot be compared to lap dancing clubs or indeed any other kind of sexual venue in that we do not offer sexual entertainment to our customers - they themselves consent to any fun they wish to have. We have been open for almost 13 years and have had no problems at all, in fact our customers arrive and leave as quietly as they can. We also fill the local hotels at weekends.

To be told we will have yet another expense is disheartening. This is yet another stealth tax from the Government but I suppose we will have no choice but to comply.

Julian Skeens, lawyer for Spearmint Rhino which has a lap dancing club on Brown Street, criticised a clause allowing advertising within 440 yards of a venue with council permission - but forbidding advertising elsewhere in the city: This would appear to be a severe restraint on trade as it would cover magazine and newspaper adverts, even within a national publication.

And Scores lap dancing club on Charter Square said whilst the council's fees were acceptable , conditions such as a requirement to have a register containing personal details of staff, and a signing-in book for workers open for inspection by police and council officials, appear to propagate a fictional and untrue image of the industry as a criminal and dishonest business .

Update: Licensed

3rd March 2012. See  article from

Sheffield Councillors granted a new licences for La Chambre swingers club in Attercliffe. There were no objections to the application.


28th March   


Nutter politicians propose to degrade Oregon's freedom of speech so as to be able to restrict strip clubs
Link Here
Full story: Adult Entertainment in USA...Miserable politicians vs adult entertainment

The state of Oregon has fine ideals for protecting freedom of speech. No law shall be passed restraining the free expression of opinion, or restricting the right to speak, write, or print freely on any subject whatever; but every person shall be responsible for the abuse of this right, is how Article I, Sec. 8, Freedom of speech and press, of the Oregon Constitution reads.

But of course there are nutters who put miserable restrictions on adult entertainment above constitutional freedom. Senator Mark Hass and state Representatives. Tobias Read, Jeff Barker and Andy Olson have sponsored Senate Joint Resolution 28 which would amend Article I, Sec. 8 to add, This section does not prohibit the state or any county, municipality or district from regulating the location at which a business or organization may offer live entertainment or other services performed by a person in a state of nudity, as defined by the jurisdiction imposing the regulation.

But, as the Senate Judiciary Committee found out, it's not just the obvious strip clubs that will be effected. According to an Associated Press story, Nudist advocates testified against a bill that would ask voters to change free-speech protections in the state constitution to let communities keep strip clubs out of neighborhoods. ... Nudists fret that a stodgy city or county government would use that phrase to pounce on nudist clubs. Nude karaoke might be considered live entertainment. Mowing the lawn in the buff might be considered a service.

We want to protect our rights, said John Kinman, former president of the American Association for Nude Recreation. We feel comfort in knowing this Legislature or the cities can't pass laws that prohibit what we do.

So far, there is no indication as to when the Senate will vote on the measure.


7th March   

Offsite: Fun in South Florida...

Swinging Through South Florida's Underground Sex Clubs
Link Here

  There's an unmarked black door at the end of a Pompano Beach strip mall, next to a laundromat and a dollar store and across the street from an Episcopal church. The only hint of what happens beyond the door is a worn sign leaning against a pole near the parking lot. It reads Club Hedo.

The club is divided into two parts. The front room serves as a nightclub. Guests bring their own alcohol, but mixers are provided, and bartenders make the drinks. There's a small buffet (complimentary with the price of admission) and a dance floor in front of a wall of mirrors.

Then there's a back section. Once visitors get comfortable, they generally move into this area, which is partitioned off into a maze of separate lounges. The love parlor has turquoise walls, a red pleather couch and chair, paintings that would not look out of place at your grandmother's house, and porn broadcast on a small TV mounted on the wall.

A massage room and group playrooms have industrial carpeting, more vinyl-covered tables and cushions, and sex toys. Walls painted back, white, and purple add a gothic feel to some of the rooms. A fantasy suite includes six queen-sized mattresses. These rooms are where the orgies take place.

...Read the full article


4th March   

Police Shackled to a Miserable Morality...

Miserable police raid BDSM fun in a Dartmoor cottage
Link Here

A police raid on a Dartmoor cottage, suspected of being a brothel, resulted in the discovery of a sex dungeon.

Police found whips, masks, spanking paddles, handcuffs, a straitjacket and Nazi uniform at the cottage on the edge of Dartmoor after villagers complained about the number of people visiting the property.

Police from the Tactical Aid Group seized hundreds of items, including wooden bats, shackles, chairs with straps and sex toys from the cottage and dismantled what officers described as a sex dungeon.

Det Sgt Stuart Gilroy said the 11 officers involved in the raid were 'shocked' at what they found:

We were surprised to uncover this to say the very least. It's fair to say we were not expecting to find a masochistic dungeon in sleepy Lee Mill. You don't expect to find this sort of thing anywhere

In the dungeon alone we discovered bondage chairs with straps, gimp masks, whips, shackles and various electrical vibrating items. We did not need to make a forced entry because we were invited in by occupants.

We are glad to have disturbed this activity and restored normality to the neighbourhood. We would also like to thank residents who reported the activity to us.

Stuart Somers has admitted running the brothel from his home in Lee Mill, Devon. The case was adjourned at Plymouth Crown Court and Somers will be sentenced next month.


21st February   

Update: Deviant From Their Own Guidelines...

Facebook ban all sex related content even if it is not pornographic and is following the published guidelines
Link Here
Full story: Facebook Censorship...Facebook quick to censor

  Collared is a series of gay BDSM club nights and social events, and an associated online community

Last week Facebook wrote to Collared to confirm that it was actively enforcing a total ban on all fetish and BDSM content and that all fetish related groups and pages on its site will be subject to deletion without exception.

The Collared page was deleted by Facebook following a complaint from a site user.

The deletion angered and mystified many Collared members and supporters. As a community non-profit organization with a well-known and proven focus on safety and socialization the Facebook page was used merely as a means of communication between members. There was no explicit imagery or sexual content of any kind and the page was secret . The Page strictly followed the Facebook Terms at and especially condition (3.7):

  • You will not post content that: is hateful, threatening, or pornographic; incites violence; or contains nudity or graphic or gratuitous violence.

Facebook explained that: Any content that is primarily related to sexual activities is deemed to be in breach whether or not the there are any overtly explicit photos on the Facebook page . This applies whether the content is a closed or open group and whatever the nature of the sexual activity. When it comes to fetish content this is generally regarded as always sexual rather than social in nature and removed from the site.

This apparent policy should concern the entire fetish and BDSM community as it signals a discriminatory and inconsistent application of an unethical policy.

However following extensive communication with senior staff of the company Collared has successfully lobbied the Internet giant to review the ban. Facebook is currently engaged in a wide ranging internal dialogue to clarify the prohibition and to determine whether a total ban is justified. Collared will be consulted throughout this process. Facebook has reiterated that the review process will not necessarily result in a reversal of the ban. Instead it may focus on creating greater consistency, clarity and transparency in the enforcement of the prohibition.


8th February   

Slaves to Prudery...

Nutters whinge at Stockport bondage club
Link Here

The Rifle Volunteer in Stockport has been converted to a thriving fetish establishment which boasts on the internet of offering mistress worship , punishments and the finest dominatrix in Manchester .

Neighbours are predictably demanding the club be closed. But the council say that the change to bondage club did not need planning permission.

Police have also visited the premises and say there is no evidence of any illegal activity.

Katie Stringer who lives on the street, whinged: I don't like something like that in the neighbourhood and it's not something you want at the end of your road. It would be good to see it closed.

Labour councillor Philip Harding said: Considering this site is close to houses and the road is used by schoolchildren one would have considered this to be a totally unsuitable place to have such an establishment.

The pub closed in 2000 and is now home to The Slave Academy. Mistress Valeska, one of the women who works there, told the M.E.N: This is a fetish academy and there is no sex involved.

A leaked letter from senior council planning officer Dave Westhead confirmed bondage clubs did not fall into any official planning category meant there was no automatic requirement to seek planning permission. The only relevant question, he said, were whether it had caused an increase in noise or traffic -- but not people's perception of the morality of particular use . The council is satisfied that the current use of the premises does not have an adverse effect on the amenity of the local area.


7th February   

A Big Whoppa To Go...

Canadian on trial for public nudity challenges the constitutionality of the law
Link Here

Canadian laws prohibiting public nudity are an infringement of constitutional rights, an Ontario court heard.

Prominent defence lawyer Clayton Ruby argued that current laws in Canada prohibiting nudity in public places, or on private property exposed to public view, are overly broad --- thus they should be struck down and the laws under the Criminal Code updated.

According to the Federation of Canadian Nudists, these laws are archaic because they define nudity as generally indecent and intended to cause harm to those who witness it.

The challenge is being launched on behalf of Ruby's client, Brian Coldin, a nudist resort operator in Bracebridge, Ontario. Coldin, who has been arrested numerous times over the years for public nudity.

The criminal trial, which began last fall, heard testimony from one of the workers at the fast-food burger restaurant who cried on the stand when she described how Coldin and two others drove up to the pickup window completely nude.

Ruby had argued Coldin wasn't completely nude in the incidents and was at the very least --- wearing sandals. He also argued that the self-proclaimed Christian nudist's behaviour was not done in an prurient or indecent manner.

The decision about the constitutional challenge will be made in writing at a later date.

Update: Day in Court

18th July 2011. See  article from

A man who is challenging the constitutionality of Canada's nudity laws received a boost Tuesday from a handful of naturists who descended on the small town in Ontario's cottage country where his lawyers were making arguments.

Lawyers for Brian Coldin spent the day trying to convince an Ontario court judge that it should no longer be a criminal offence to be naked in public. About six self-described naturists were in the courtroom to support him.

The judge will rule on the constitutionality of Canada's nudity laws and whether Coldin is guilty at the same time. The case is now adjourned until Sept. 28, when the judge is expected to set a date for his final decision.


2nd February   

Twisted Thinking...

Warrington Council sees new lap dancing restrictions as a way to ban swingers and fetish clubs
Link Here

Warrington Council is consulting on its policy towards lap dancing and Sex Entertainment venues.

This exercise seems to have been prompted by the newspaper exposé of a fetish/swingers club at nearby Orford Farm.

Poulton North Clr Colin Oliver was present at the licensing committee meeting during which the new policy was discussed. He said:

What the farm in Orford has shown us is that we've got nothing in place to stop that sort of thing. Finding out about that club was such a surprise and we couldn't do anything about it. A new policy will give restrictions on how sex establishments can be set up, what hours they can open and who can go there. This is a way of putting people off setting up those kinds of premises, and to make it safer for the community.

Oliver believes that making the policy at an earlier date could have prevented the fetish club from opening.

It is perhaps a bit worrying that councils are thinking about using the new lap dancing restrictions to target fetish and swingers clubs. The definitions in the new law are

(1) In this Schedule sexual entertainment venue means any premises at which relevant entertainment is provided before a live audience for the financial gain of the organiser or the entertainer.

(2) In this paragraph relevant entertainment means—

(a) any live performance; or

(b) any live display of nudity;

which is of such a nature that, ignoring financial gain, it must reasonably be assumed to be provided solely or principally for the purpose of sexually stimulating any member of the audience (whether by verbal or other means).

The whole concept of audience and performances doesn't apply to a swingers or fetish club but that doesn't stop councils twisting it to suit their own mean minded ends.

In the mean time the venue at Orford Farm has announced its closure, presumably in response to the council pressure, regardless of whether it is bluff or not.

Warrington's draft sex entertainment policy [doc] is open for public comment. e-mail cexlicensing@ by April 2011.


23rd January   

Tease Not Over Yet...

Tease II Hotel takes up where the swingers of Club Tease left off
Link Here reports that the swingers club closed down in Over has relocated to a renovated hotel in Alconbury.

As there is no entertainment along the lines of lap dancing or live sex entertainment then there is no need of a special licence.

A hotel in Alconbury will be able to hold swingers sessions without the need for a special licence, a council spokesman has said. At the moment the hotel is unlicensed and sells soft drinks only.

The Tease II Hotel will offer party nights such as Swinging Cherries Party Nights at weekends as well as acting as a straightforward hotel during the week.

Update: Swinging along nicely

13th October 2011.

Alconbury's swingers club is doing well and expanding it sessions with a Wednesday meet to supplement the usual weekend opening. The club has now got an alcohol licence and is installing a Jacuzzi.


16th January   

Miserable Cliches from North Wales...

Nutters get wound up by dungeon that nobody ever noticed
Link Here

Police are looking into complaints about a dominatrix-style dungeon near Wrexham

Nutter fears about the dungeon, which offers clients the services of a mistress without any sexual contact, were sparked by postings on Facebook rather than anything actually being spotted in the locale.

'Concerned' parents say they believe the premises are actually in Chirk. One mother, who has a children at school there said: The place has been mentioned on Facebook over the weekend and there has been a lot of concern about it among the parents. What is very worrying is the fact that this place is very close to the schools and you could have weirdos going in and out. I don't think what they are doing there is illegal and if it was in a remote place it wouldn't be so bad, but it's very close to these schools.

A spokesman for North Wales Police said: We are aware of local concerns and are looking into the situation.

One of the websites associated with the dungeon is no longer accessible and carried the message: Dungeon rental is no longer available .

A blog accessible through another of the websites, in the name of Miss Roxy, says: I am no longer sessioning in My Chambers in North Wales. I have been receiving a number of ludicrous emails  and would like to take this opportunity to reiterate, for those that live in ignorance ... I do not provide a sexual service of any kind.

She puts it rather well on her website: I Do NOT offer any kind of sexual service, so Do NOT dare ask!



One of the most famous of all adult cam websites

Free with no registration required.
(Though there will be opportunities to pay for a more private one on one experience).


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