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30th December   

Going Out with a Bang...

Australian swingers club parties before being forced to close by killjoy council
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A Perth sex club has vowed to go down swinging - by holding three more raunchy events before it is forced to shut.

Burswood Swingers Club, where couples meet and swap partners for thrills, has been embroiled with Victoria Park Council in a two-year battle for survival.

The council says the club has been operating illegally because the building has approval for use only as a workshop/factory.

Councillors have agreed to engage lawyers to close the club, after a fact-finding mission under police escort found the premises, in Claude St, were being used for sex parties.

The club's website claims it is the biggest in Perth, complete with a dance floor and stripper's pole.

There is also a large heated spa, dark room, massage room and two private rooms downstairs, ideal for couple-swapping, the website says.

Our swingers club is the ideal place to explore your fantasies and sexual desires. If you are looking for couple swapping, bi-girls, bi-guys, group sex, or simply just looking for friends we are the place to be.

It accepts donations of up to $125 for single males, $60 for couples and $10 for single females.

The Burswood Swingers Club manager said yesterday the venue would close in a few weeks unless it could resolve the situation with the council.

The manager, who does not want to be named, said he planned to hold a number of parties before the shutdown, including a New Year's Eve bash. He claimed the club had actually helped to clean up the area, rather than bring it into disrepute: It's industrial with quite a few vacant buildings in the street, he said. It's an area prone to anti-social behaviour in the nature of groups of youth congregating and drinking. There has been all sorts of things in the street prior to us moving in. But, because we've got people coming and going and because we run a tight rein on things the street is now very safe.

He said the club had been responsible for only three complaints in the two years it had been open and they were from competitors, not residents.


19th December   

Update: Late Night Licence...

Gay and swingers club opens in Gloucester
Link Here
Full story: Sex Club in Gloucester...Gloucester Council and sex club licensing

Mystiques Hotel & Restaurant, the former New County Hotel in Southgate Street, has welcomed its first guests.

According to the club's Facebook page, the venue is aimed at those with alternative sexual lifestyles . The club is offering both gay nights and swingers' nights.

A spokesman for Gloucester City Council confirmed the opening. He said: Mystique has opened. They have a drink, entertainment and late night refreshment license.

An application to create a lifestyle hotel on the site – with fantasy rooms and an adult-themed restaurant – was rejected by Gloucester City Council earlier this year. However, the company behind those plans, Mystique, has now opened the private members club at the hotel, believing planning permission is not a legal requirement for the project.

Gloucester city councillor Gordon Taylor (Con. Abbey), voted against the plans to turn the building into a sex hotel. He said the club was in the wrong place, adding: We are trying to redevelop that area and there are a lot of families walking by and we don't want a sex venue there. It is the sort of establishment that should be down Eastgate Street. I'm really disappointed that they have managed to get around the decision we made to turn it down. There may be a law change coming in within the next 12 months where there might be some scope to challenge it again.


15th December   

Update: Planning Utopia...

Australian swingers club goes for council permission
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Renee Sankey is the owner of Utopia, the first adult swingers club that has had to make a development application on the Gold Coast.

With its mirror ball, UV lights and pool tables, Utopia is like any other nightclub on the Gold Coast.

Until you leave the dance floor and walk in to a room with a freshly made bed, lubricant in a dispenser on the wall, condoms on a side table and a giant hanging leather swing where adults' sexual fantasies are regularly carried out.

Utopia is based in Burleigh Heads and a few months ago was forced by a complaint to make a development application to the Gold Coast City Council.

Unsure what category to put it under -- it doesn't hold a liquor licence -- the application was eventually filed under indoor recreation and is sailing smoothly towards being approved.

Mrs Sankey said the club catered mostly to mature couples in their 30s or 40s who were comfortable enough to talk to each other about their fantasies and about 60 couples attended each weekend.


12th December   

Fear and Alarm...

Ludicrous claims of youngster's fear and alarm as naked woman enters shop
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A woman who walked into a shop wearing only a pair of socks has pleaded guilty to a breach of the peace. 'Stunned' customers at a Co-op store in Aberdeen watched as Jennifer Bruce, 32, wandered naked into the shop and then walked back to her car.

Bruce pled guilty by letter at Aberdeen Sheriff Court. The court heard claims that the woman had put youngsters into a 'state of fear and alarm' at the shop in the city's Lewis Road. She was said to have walked into the shop in front of 17 youngsters.

A witness, who did not want to be named, said: I suppose you could see it as funny, but the kids were horrified. You just don't expect someone to do that in front of children.

Bruce is due to be sentenced this month.

Update: Drunken Fun

1st January 2009. See article from

The woman who walked naked into a shop for a drunken bet has escaped a jail sentence. Jennifer Bruce from Aberdeen, had previously pled guilty to breaching the peace at Aberdeen Sheriff Court. Bruce admitted stripping off down to a sock and walking into a Co-op store in the Mastrick area.


27th November   

Porn Dwarf...

New fetish club in east London
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IComedian Russell Brand was spotted attending the opening of a fetish club in East London called Porn Dwarf.

The dress code for the event on November 21 was leather, and it featured petite pole dancers, with a steamy X-rated video montage playing throughout the venue.

Russ agreed to go to the club opening as it was being launched by a few of his mates. Everyone was wearing leather - it's billed as a decadent fetish night, so Russell got into the spirit of things, the Mirror quoted a source as saying.


25th November   

Update: Stoning Parties...

Iranian swingers arrested and now face death by stoning
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Full story: Death by Stoning...International condemnation of barbaric execution

Iran's Revolutionary Guards, have struck again, arresting 12 couples for illicit sexual acts after it was found that they had been swinging.

The moral police came across Iran Multiplied, a website that features a number of couples involved in swinging, multiple partnered sex, and other acts considered illicit and illegal in the region.

Most are faculty at local universities, such as professors, and others work for the government. Many have children.

If found guilty, all 24 people face death by stoning for adultery.


3rd November   

No Sense of Fun or Tradition...

Miserable Boulder police ban the Nude Pumpkin Run
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Full story: Public Nudity in USA...Americans have a problem with public nudity

The annual Hallowe'en Nude Pumpkin Run in Boulder, Colorado, was called off this year because participants feared being labeled sex offenders.

For the last decade, dozens of men and women have taken part in the stunt, in which naked people run around the main streets of Boulder, Colorado wearing nothing but pumpkins on their heads.

But this year, 100 police officers were stationed around the town and members of the public were warned they faced arrest and charges of indecent exposure if they participated in the run. If convicted, that could lead to them being placed on the sex offenders register.

Bouder police chief Mark Beckner said the event had gotten out of hand and had become a "free-for-all", so he decided to stop it.

The American Civil Liberties Union accused police of violating naked runners' constitutional rights.

On its website, the group running the event, warned that violation of the Western societal more, enforced by law, of unclothed public exposure can indeed land you legal consequences. Furthermore, the decision to participate is yours and yours alone.

On Saturday evening, as Hallowe'en festivities unfolded in Boulder there was no sign of naked pumpkin runners and only one arrest was made.


18th October   

Update: Swinging Plans...

Gloucester hotel finds planning permission not required for gay and swingers club
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Full story: Sex Club in Gloucester...Gloucester Council and sex club licensing

Plans to transform a Gloucester hotel into a sex club are to go ahead - despite having had planning permission denied last month.

The proposals will see the New County Hotel in Southgate Street become Club Mystique.

The club will offer both gay nights and swingers' nights, and will include themed playrooms on the first floor. The ground floor of the hotel will become a restaurant specialising in vegetarian food.

Planning permission for the project was denied controversially at Gloucester City Council's planning committee last month. Councillors voted against the plans, claiming the hotel was not suitable for a city centre location.

However, the company behind the plans has taken legal advice on the matter, and say they are now pressing ahead with the transformation. A spokesman for Mystique's said; We have taken legal advice, and as it turns out, we did not require any planning consent for change of use and it was a complete waste of time causing unnecessary delays.

Councillor Mary Smith (Labour), had slammed the decision to deny planning permission to the club, saying she felt the committee had voted on moral grounds rather than on planning grounds. She said: If that is the law, fine, we will keep a close eye on the hotel and I am sure it will not prove as problematical as some have suggested it will be.


2nd October   

No Joy in London...

Miserable police harangue bargain seekers in their underwear
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Police told over 50 girls to cover up after they stripped down to their underwear to win free outfits.

A new Joy store in North London had offered to give away clothes to the first 25 customers who came to the shop dressed only in their undergarments. Over 50 style lovers stripped down to their underwear to win a promotion for free clothes

Would-be fashionistas queued ahead of the midday opening in a light-hearted bid to win the trendy items. But five miserable police officers dashed to the scene to tackle the partially clothed girls - and even ordered a shop assistant to cover up a raunchy picture in the window display.

Maureen O'Brien, buying director for Joy, who have 21 branches nationwide, said: I think there's been a sense of humour failure on behalf of the police.

We've done this in the City by St Paul's Cathedral, by the Tate Modern, in shopping centres in St Albans, Glasgow, Edinburgh - this is the only place in the country where they haven't allowed us to do it.

A Met Police spokesprat said: Police attended a clothes shop in Upper Street at around midday. They advised the owners against holding a promotion whereby people were asked to come to the shop in their underwear in order to receive free clothing. The officer decided that we had a duty of care to the public and that with the variety of different people on the street, which included children and the elderly, this could be seen as inappropriate.


13th September   

Updated: Exposed Weapons...

No charges for public toplessness for fear of challenge to law
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An armed teenager who was arrested while topless in downtown Keene did not break the law, according to police prosecutors.

Cassidy Nicosia, 18, of Manchester no longer faces a misdemeanor charge of indecent exposure and lewdness.

Nicosia was arrested Aug. 23 after police received complaint calls about a topless teenager with a handgun holstered on her hip.

State law does not require residents to have permits to openly carry guns, and she was not charged with any firearm-related crimes.

Last week, police prosecutors D. Chris McLaughlin and Eliezer Rivera decided to drop the charge of indecent exposure and lewdness against Nicosia. The charge was dropped because walking down the street topless does not qualify as a crime under state law, Keene police Lt. Jay U. Duguay said.

The law states that a person commits indecent exposure and lewdness if he or she fornicates, exposes genitals or performs any other act of gross lewdness … likely to cause affront or alarm in public.

She wasn't fornicating or exposing genitals — breasts aren't genitals, Duguay said. No one who complained about it said that it was gross lewdness.

Two other factors played a role in the police prosecutors' decision to drop the charge against Nicosia, according to Duguay. They wanted to keep the N.H. Supreme Court from having a chance to weigh in on the law, which could have happened if Nicosia was convicted and appealed, Duguay said. If asked to examine the state law dealing with indecent exposure and lewdness, the court might find that the language in the statute is too broad and then drop the entire statute, he said.

Also, Nicosia went topless to make a statement about equality, which could be viewed as a form of expression or free speech that is protected under the First Amendment, Duguay said.

I chose to do it because … one of the most important issues to me is equality, Nicosia said while being videotaped before her arrest. Men can walk down the street … and, you know, not get harassed at all but yet somehow this is dirty.


10th September   

Updated: Fun on Jomtien Beach...

Iranian couple caught having sex on the Beach in Thailand
Link Here

An Iranian couple were arrested for having sex openly on the Jomtien beach.

At 4.30 am, Friday, September the 4th, a Police Captain was riding his motorcycle to perform routine checking on the Jomtien beach. When he was about 100 metres away from the Chaiyapruk station, he spotted a crowd watching something on the beach and some of them were shooting video clips with their mobile phones.

Police Captain Chamrasthong then rushed to stop the couple and told them to put on clothes and took them to the Dongtan police station.

The Iranian man and his girlfriend, who were obviously drunk, claimed that they did not know it was illegal to have sex in public place.

Even the punishment was a bit of fun as the fine was set at 500 Baht (£9).

But one can't help but feel the fun may end when they leave Thailand and go home to Iran. Being unmarried, drunk, and having sex in public easily add up to enough to get themselves a sentence of being buried up to their waist/chest and being stoned to death.

Update: Hacked Off

10th September 2009

As is typical in the Thai Press, ran the story with detailed names and photos of the arrested couple. As mentioned above, the offence is very serious in Iran and is surely something that should be treated with caution when publishing details.

And according to, Iran hackers took matters into their own hands and forcibly removed the photos from the site.


6th September   

Update: Morality Above Ethics...

Bible quoting councillors asked about their religious interests
Link Here
Full story: Sex Club in Gloucester...Gloucester Council and sex club licensing

The company which hoped to set up an LGBT sex club in Gloucester's city centre has said it will demand a public inquiry after the plans were rejected.

Developing company Mystique hoped to turn the Grade-II-listed New County Hotel in the city centre into a restaurant by day and a sex club by night.

A spokesman for the firm told the Gloucester Citizen: When asked to declare their interests, the planning committee should consider their religious beliefs and step down if they believe their faith will dictate the outcome. I will be demanding a public inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the refusal.

Although councillors was instructed not to vote upon moral grounds, Susan Johnson, who spoke to the council on behalf of opponents, invoked Biblical language when addressing the planning meeting. She said: All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

It was rejected on the puerile grounds that the city centre was an unsuitable location for the venue. [Is that the best they could come up with?]


6th September   

Fossilised Heart...

Museum security jobsworth detains naked model
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  Sanctimonious Moi?

Zack Hyman, who made US headlines earlier this week with his subway snaps of naked girls on the L train, is in the news again.

This time, he didn't get away with it. Or rather, his model, Kathleen Neill was popped at the Metropolitan Museum of Art for stripping off amongst the nudes. Hyman practiced his usually strip-and-snap routine, but for the first time, the model was caught by police.

As Neill moved to leave the museum, she was detained by an employee until police arrived. The guard explained (without a hint of irony in a museum full of nudie cuties ): I had to make sure that girl was turned over to the police. There were little kids in here watching the whole thing.

Hyman wasn't charged, but his model was, with public lewdness.

Hyman asked, Why is this wrong? There were thousands of people in the Met today looking at nudes as art, but as soon as there is a real nude, it's a big problem.

Neill had the same question, which she posed to the security guard who detained her. She told me there were naked statues everywhere, the guard said: I said, ‘Those statues are 400 years old. You're from the 21st century.'

Comment: Sanctimonious twat

From Alan

Sounds to me as if the museum employee deserves Esther Rantzen's Jobsworth Trophy. What an officious, sanctimonious twat - and what a pity his name isn't all over the internet for exposure to public ridicule!


4th September   

Barely Concealed Discrimination...

Naturists contribute to report by the Government Equalities Office
Link Here

The Government Equalities Office, which is overseen by Labour's deputy leader Harriet Hatemen, is promoting claims that devotees of naturism suffer prejudice equivalent to that experienced by gays, ethnic minorities and the elderly.

A submission written by British Naturism has been included in a review into discrimination: Naturists encounter prejudice in employment. This is a particular problem for people in the caring professions and education. Any occupation requiring an enhanced Criminal Record Bureau check is potentially a serious problem.

Naturism has spawned a thriving leisure industry referred to as the buff pound . As well as more than 100 naturist-friendly campsites across the UK, there are an array of luxury cruises where clothing is optional. In November Alton Towers, the Midlands theme park, will host its fourth naturists only weekend.

British Naturism has 16,000 members but claims there could be 1.2m naturists in the country, with many choosing to cover up their hobby.

It is urging the government and other authorities to make affirmative statements in favour of naturism and combat the financial penalties endured by those who pursue clothes-free leisure pursuits. Entry to naturist nights at council swimming pools is often twice as expensive as admission on other nights.

The website says all the submissions are very helpful evidence and will form an essential part of a National Equality Panel report, to be published in November. But the rumour is that naturism has already been ruled out of scope for the report.


4th September   

Update: Copped an Eyeful...

Ex-copper 'shocked' by nudity on Trafalgar Square's 4th Plinth
Link Here

IA complaint has been lodged after a man stood naked on a Trafalgar Square plinth as part of the ongoing One and Other art installation.

Justin Holwell stripped and posed naked on the fourth plinth during his one-hour slot from 1400 BST on Sunday.

Ex-detective Mark Williams-Thomas said his wife and children were annoyed and upset . He complained to police but Holwell was not taken off the plinth. A police spokesman said it was not a crime to appear naked in public.

Artist Antony Gormley's One and Other project enables public volunteers to stand on the central London square's fourth plinth for one hour at a time. They are allowed to do anything during that time, as long as it is not illegal.

Holwell said he confirmed with event producer Artichoke that he would be permitted to undress while on the plinth. Afterwards he said: I was chatting to my mates about it; they see me as a bit of an exhibitionist, this seemed the natural way to go.

But Williams-Thomas, a former Surrey Police detective constable, said his three children, aged between eight and 13 years old, were very shocked and embarrassed by Holwell's nudity. This was a public place and therefore I should be able to take my children without the fear of them having a man naked exposing himself

Williams-Thomas complained to the Metropolitan Police but said: "I fully expected that the surrounding police or organisers would stop this man. To my total surprise they stood by and did nothing."

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said: We can confirm officers have received a complaint with regard to an exhibition on the fourth plinth on Sunday 30 August.

Update: Chicken

7th September 2009. See article from

A naked man has thrown himself off the fourth plinth in London's Trafalgar Square.

The man had earlier thrown down a pair of inflatable sex dolls before stripping and hurling himself into the safety net which surrounds the plinth.

He also took a live chicken on to the plinth which had to be rescued by security staff after the man, who called himself Gunter, ran away.

A spokesman for the project said both the chicken and the man were unhurt.


19th August   

Swinging Huddersfield...

But the mean minded local councillor is not so pleased
Link Here

Kirklee's council chiefs said they were powerless to take action over the opening of a Huddersfield swingers' club.

Clr Peter McBride, who is in joint control of regeneration, environment and transport on the council's cabinet, said he was deeply concerned they had no control over the situation.

He said: Unfortunately, the Licensing Act 2003 makes no provision whatsoever regarding so-called swingers' clubs and, as a local councillor, I am deeply concerned that we are powerless to deal with this situation. Legislation may change as a bill is currently going through parliament in relation to ‘sex encounter establishments.'

Unfortunately, the Licensing Act 2003 makes no provision whatsoever regarding so-called swingers' clubs and, as a local councillor, I am deeply concerned that we are powerless to deal with this situation.

Legislation may change as a bill is currently going through parliament in relation to ‘sex encounter establishments. At Kirklees we will explore every opportunity the new legislation provides and we will also monitor this particular establishment very closely.

The Green Cross Hotel pub, on Old Wakefield Road, in Moldgreen, has been turned into A and G private members' club.

The owners say it is a discreet venue for consenting adults to enjoy themselves. The venue has been kitted out with flat screen TVs, a dance floor and a raunchy shower room. There are plans for a sauna to be fitted. The club welcomes gay, lesbian and bisexual swingers.


19th August   

Offsite: Packing the Bare Essentials...

A holiday at Cap d'Agde in the South of France
Link Here

Cap D'Agde in the South of France is just like any other holiday village, except that the holidaymakers there wear no clothes.

A curious Deirdre Morrissey, pictured, got her kit off and joined the nudists, the swingers, the hedonists and those who are simply trying to spice up their sex lives. It was to be a holiday she would never forget.

...Read full article


14th August   

A Magnificent Column...

Simon M gets his moment of fame on Trafalgar Square's 4th plinth
Link Here

It's taken five weeks, but finally, one of the fourth plinth-dwellers in Trafalgar Square has done what any self-respecting exhibitionist and stripped down to the buff.

The man, identified only as 'Simon M', got his kit off and exposed his Nelson's Column to the gawping masses at 4am on Wednesday morning.

After about five minutes of posing in his birthday suit, killjoy cops arrived and gave him a stiff warning to put his underwear back on, much to the chagrin of the cheering crowds.

On his One & Other website profile, Simon says he had always wanted to be a sculpture, and noted that he was recently going through a difficult separation. What better way to show your ex-significant other what they'll be missing than by throwing naked shapes while on display in Trafalgar Square?


9th August   

The Wrong Sort of Show...

Helicopter police patrols of Yorkshire nudist beach
Link Here

An east Yorkshire beach is at the centre of a long-running dispute over its use by naturists.

Part of Fraisthorpe beach, near Bridlington, was designated a naturist beach in the early 1990s. The East Riding of Yorkshire Council reversed the decision in 2007, saying it had received complaints about people behaving in an inappropriate way.

John Wymark-Hoar is the regional representative for British Naturism, an organisation which campaigns on behalf of naturists. He says the council is confusing illegal sexual activities with naturism: Just south of the area of the beach, several hundreds yards south, there was an area used for outdoor sexual purposes: cruising, dogging that sort of thing. And we rather got tarred with the same brush.

The council has erected signs threatening legal action against people committing acts of indecency. However, the council concedes that naturism is not against the law.

Max Pratt runs an organisation called Fraisethorpe United Naturists. He said the signs were an overreaction: Activities that the council refer to happen throughout the whole of the UK. It's not just here at Fraisthorpe beach that these things happen. Yet councils do not go around erecting signs saying that other people are not allowed to use them.

Richard Primmer, acting head of culture and information at East Riding Council, says he has some sympathy for true naturists but the council is not planning to change its position: The difficulty we have of course is that council has decided quite clearly that they do not want to have a designated naturist beach. The naturists have decided that they want there to be a designated naturist beach, and there is that gulf between us.

In the middle of the dispute is Humberside Police. In the past the force has taken action against nudity at Fraisthorpe, including patrols using the police helicopter. In recent years the policy has changed to one of only responding to specific complaints of illegal activity, as Adil Khan, the force's head of diversity and community cohesion explained: We've made it clear if it constitutes a police response by way of offence, by way of anything other than naturists themselves using the beach in totally legitimate circumstances, then we will police it. He said the police have received very few complaints from the public and that the naturists themselves pose no issues for policing.


5th August   

Hideaway Not So Well Hidden...

Florida erotic club raided by the killjoy authorities
Link Here

A self-described club for erotic adults in Ocala, Florida was forced to shut its doors early Saturday when law officers raided.

Around 12:30 a.m., members of the Multi-Agency Drug Enforcement Team, Marion County sheriff's deputies, and officials from the Division of Alcoholic Beverages & Tobacco went to serve a search warrant at the Hot Tropics Hideaway.

Conducting an undercover operation, agents said that, while they did not observe any evidence of prostitution, they did notice several illicit activities including illegal gambling and drug use.

As they made their move early Saturday, officials wound up arresting three people including Jay A. Judge, accused of keeping a gambling house and operating an illegal bottle club.

Judge, owner of the establishment, was slapped with the operating an illegal bottle club because the state's Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco is the only entity authorized to issue bottle club licenses in Florida. Their records show, according to officials report, that no such license was issued to the location or to Judge or to any individual or corporation or entity affiliated with Judge or the business.

For now, officials say the business is closed.


2nd August   

Dogging and Epping...

Local press point out some Epping dogging sites
Link Here

The Waltham Forest Guardian have revealed the best places in their catchment area for swingers, doggers and uninhibited sexmongers to congregate.

It makes uncomfortable reading for much of the local populace. Things like this don't happen in Abridge, says one lady, in denial after finding out that 'things like this' do indeed occur in Abridge.

Also on the list are Gunpowder Park in Waltham Abbey, a 'woodyard' near the Wake Arms Roundabout in Epping, and the car park opposite the Camelot pub in leafy Chigwell.

The paper advises on staying clear of Epping Forest itself due to the forest rangers who tend to come down on people like a ton of bricks.


30th July

 Offsite: Boobs Out?...

Link Here
old bathing costumeFrench women fall out with topless sunbathing

See article from


23rd July   

Key Proposal...

Key West proposes referendum to allow a nude beach
Link Here

The Florida city of Key West may finally get its first nude beach, city officials said.

The city outlawed nudity on public beaches in 1983. But City Commissioner Bill Verge said he hopes to change that with a proposed Oct. 6 referendum that would allow residents to decide whether a slice of city-owned beach will go clothing-optional, The Miami Herald reported.

Verge said the city commission has bigger fish to fry with all the budget problems. But if the community wants a nude beach, then the community can vote for it.

Monroe County Commissioner Sylvia Murphy voiced her support for a nude beach in Key West: No one visiting us (from other countries) understands why we are such prudes.


22nd July   

Diary: Fetish Rocks...

Weirdo councillor has a go at Wigan fetish show
Link Here

Fetish Rocks
6th August 2009
Stilletos, King Street, Wigan

An adults-only show which features 'alternative lifestyles' has been blasted a disgrace by a nutter councillor.

Fetish Rocks , which is due to hit Stilletos lap dancing bar in King Street, Wigan, on August 6, claims to be a celebration of diversity.

It has been organised by Cheshire-based professional photographer partnership Helen Hewitt and Howard Haigh who specialise in contemporary, thought-provoking, sexy, fetish photography.

And they say the evening brings together inspirational music with erotic images where photographers and models explore and portray scenarios suggested by the lyrics of songs.

Councillor Mike Winstanley, Conservative group opposition leader on Wigan Council, said: I am, quite frankly, shocked. They talk about this being an example of cultural diversity but as far as I am concerned this is nothing more than pornography. I don't think this is appropriate. We should be looking to attract families into Wigan, not weirdos.

But Helen Hewitt, a director of Fetish Rocks, said: The fetish community might appear weird and strikingly odd to the non-scene outsider and faces the same hostility and bigotry that has plagued the gay community. If it is weird, it is weird as in preternatural, extraordinary, surpassing the normal or usual.

The show is for adults only and entrance is free to the public pending application to the guest list. There will be dancers on the night and guest DJ.


3rd July   

American Swing...

Film about Larry Levenson, King of Swing in the 70s and 80s
Link Here

Using archival footage and interviews, American Swing tells the story of how a guy from New York named Larry Levenson became an unlikely sexual icon by opening America's first heterosexual swinger's club, Plato's Retreat .

For about a decade starting in the mid-'70s, Plato's was a popular destination for sexually adventurous couples of all shapes and sizes, curiosity seekers, porn stars, and even well known celebrities like Sammy Davis Jr. The club boasted swimming pools, hot tubs, an orgy room, and even a free buffet for the truly daring. For roughly a decade, Levenson reigned as the self proclaimed King of Swing until a combination of changing times, bad judgment, and the AIDS outbreak finally toppled his empire in the eighties.

American Swing is well paced and edited, and manages to cover just about all you'd want to know on the subject in a little under an hour and a half. There's also about 30 minutes worth of deleted scenes that, while rightfully left out of the feature, are nonetheless worth a look. American Swing is unrated, but would probably get an NC-17 for nudity, sexual content and language. This is a fun and fascinating time capsule of a moment in time when America's sexual attitudes were changing.


2nd July   

Police Fret...

First swingers club in South Korea
Link Here

South Korea's first swingers' club has made a roaring debut, leaving police who want to close it down struggling to respond.

The club opened earlier this month in Seoul's prosperous Kangnam District where business appears to be thriving, with many visitors writing favourable comments on its website about their experience.

The club only accepts adults who have booked online. Couples watch or have sex with one or more partners.

Law experts told us there is no legal basis to crack down on this club, where consenting adults have sex in a closed space, one of its unidentified owners was quoted as telling the Yonhap news agency.

Police admitted that it would be difficult to apply existing laws banning prostitution or obscene performances in this case.


27th June   

Just Breasts...

Malmo women win the right to go topless at the city's swimming pools
Link Here

Women in Malmö have been given the right to bathe topless in the swimming pools of Sweden's third largest city.

The city's sports and recreation committee voted on against a motion entitled: Women with two-piece swimsuits ought to wear a top piece.

The committee eventually settled on the wording that everybody should wear bathing suits at Malmö pools but there is no requirement for women to cover their breasts.

The city considered a vote to be necessary after several visits by the feminist Bara Bröst (Just Breasts/Bare Breasts) network to Malmö's pools met with widely varying reactions.

Bengt Forsberg, chair of the sports and recreation committee on recreation, told The Local that some on the council had lobbied for wording which would have required women to keep their nipples covered, but Forsberg explained that attempting to enforce such a rule would have been too complicated.

We don't define what bathing suits men should wear so it doesn't make much sense to do it for women. And besides, it's not unusual for men to have large breasts that resemble women's breasts.


17th June   

No Fun Abroad...

UK Foreign Office warns about nasty laws to watch out for when on holiday
Link Here

About half of British women who sunbathe topless on beaches abroad do so without first checking whether it is legal, a survey by the Foreign Office (FO) revealed.

One in seven men admitted having sex in a public place on holiday, an extremely serious offence in some countries.

The FO also warned that homosexuality is illegal in many popular holiday destinations, including Morocco and Goa. There were several incidents in Morocco last year where individuals were charged, resulting in one Briton being imprisoned for three months.

Jess Prasad, manager of the FO's Know Before You Go campaign, said: With more people travelling outside the eurozone this year, it is ever more important that people familiarise themselves with the local laws and customs before they go.

Not to mention that adultery is horribly illegal in several muslim countries, in particular the UAE emirates of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah etc


16th June   

Fun in Birmingham...

New swingers club opens
Link Here

Concealed at the top of a staircase in an ugly metal-fronted industrial unit, the Retro Club looks innocuous enough from the outside.

But step through the door and you soon get a feel for what this adult entertainment venue off the busy Tyburn Road in Birmingham is all about.

The Retro is the city's newest swingers club, and its bosses claim members include doctors, lawyers and even police officers.

Yet locals are now trying to close down the venue which lies within a largely residential area.

Helpful guide Russell, who runs the club, said that the dungeon downstairs was still under construction, though fetish parties still take place at weekends. For an entrance fee of £40 single men can visit the club, he said, but they must leave all their clothes at reception and wear a towel while inside.

There was plenty of hard-core action on display, with a particularly graphic film running on a projector screen in the middle of the main room. The centrepiece of the room was a large futon, with towels strewn across the cushions. Surrounding the main “bed” were half a dozen white leather sofas.

Russell told us that the club only opened in March but had already attracted 500 members.

Before we left, Russell was keen to emphasise that everything that goes on in the club is between consenting adults and that no laws were being broken: We get solicitors and police officers in here, and at the end of the day it's not illegal. When single blokes pay, they pay to use our facilities. For the girls, it's their party night, but no bloke can hand over any money to the girls because that becomes prostitution.

A West Midlands Police spokeswoman said the force was not investigating the club.

But many local nutters are predictably furious that a sex venue has opened opposite their homes. Leonie Ruane, who lives nearby, said that Tyburn Road was not a suitable location: I am astounded that such a club could be opened across the road from a large residential area where decent folk and children live .

Local councillor and former Lord Mayor Mike Sharpe is also aware of local opposition. He said: I have been contacted by a number of concerned residents who are angry at the location of the club.


19th May   

Dogged by Mean Mindedness...

Anti-dogging vigilante shamed with suspended jail sentence
Link Here

A vigilante who filmed men meeting up for sex in a woodland was spared jail.

Colin Haw posted the footage of a well-known dogging area on a website in a bid to name and shame those he caught in the wood near Sleaford in Lincolnshire.

He said he reported the problem to police but was ignored so decided to take action because the area was visited by families and children.

Images shown to the court showed the vigilante and his accomplices dressed in balaclavas, combat kit and brandishing a video camera and walkie-talkies. On occasions they would pretend to be looking for sex in order to lure gay men into the area before confronting them and demanding to know what they were doing.

He then posted the footage on the website Often the images were dubbed with music such as YMCA by the Village People and the nursery rhyme Teddy Bear's Picnic.

Pat Walsh, chairman of the bench, sentenced Haw to four months in prison, suspended for a year and a half. He also ordered him to do 200 hours community service work but rejected an application by Lincolnshire Police for an anti-social behaviour order to be made against the amateur film maker. Haw was also ordered to pay his victim £400 and costs of £120.

Walsh told Haw: Your actions were premeditated and quite deliberate in targeting a group of people we would describe as vulnerable. Our thoughts were to send you to custody but we are not going to do that today.

In footage shown to the court, Haw can be heard providing a commentary to the camera. In it, he said: It's a joke, we're not picking on them. We are out to clean the woods up. Haw also claimed when he confronted men in the woods that he worked for a surveillance company and that he was an undercover agent.

Stephen Hill, prosecuting, said: It's very clear that the behaviour of this group is homophobic and at times it's quite aggressive.


17th May   

Causing Alarm or Distress...

Ludicrous claims about a cyclist in a posing pouch
Link Here

A naturist who liked to cycle along a seafront with only a small piece of fabric shielding his modesty has been ordered to desist by a district judge.

Anthony Harris was twice stopped by police officers wearing nothing but the small piece of material on the Marina in St Leonards, East Sussex.

District Judge Roger Ede at Hastings magistrates' court, told Harris that he must not go for his coastal rides unless he covers up with at least a pair of swimming trunks.

Judge Ede imposed a sexual offences prevention order banning Harris, of St Leonards, from appearing anywhere in public without trousers, short trousers or swimming trunks fully covering his genitals and buttocks.

The order, which is similar to an anti-social behaviour order, will last for five years.

Nigel Barry, Sussex Police's ASBO coordinator, said: Obviously the sight of a nearly naked man cycling along the seafront, naturist or not, would be enough to potentially cause alarm or distress. As such, the matter was referred to the Anti Social Behaviour Team and we decided that an application was just and proportionate. The District Judge agreed.


12th May   

Flash of Inspiration...

Disney's Flash Mountain censors made redundant
Link Here

A recent round of staff reductions at Disneyland could result in the return of a bit of fun and public nudity at the Disney theme park.

Way back in 1997, a front-page story in the Los Angeles Times chronicled a scintillating phenomenon involving the theme park’s Splash Mountain log ride: Photos of women flashing their breasts at an automatic camera that snapped souvenir photographs during the final 50-foot drop were flashing their way around cyberspace, earning the ride the nickname Flash Mountain.

At the time, Disneyland officials blamed a rogue employee for leaking the obscene pictures of topless women onto the Web and instituted tighter photo censorsing procedures to prevent further breaches.

Over the ensuing decade, objectionable pictures of breast-baring women were washed away by Splash Mountain photo editors before they were projected on preview screens at the end of the ride, according to David Koenig, author of More Mouse Tales: A Closer Peek Backstage at Disneyland.

Now in May 2009, the Splash Mountain photo editor positions will be eliminated as part of cost-cutting measures at Disneyland, according to MiceAge columnist Al Lutz.

Admittedly the numbers of young ladies (term used loosely in this case) who lift their tops for the cameras for their shot at Flash Mountain infamy has lessened over the years, wrote Lutz, who reports that the photo editing positions were eliminated months ago at the Splash Mountain ride in Florida.

Disneyland officials confirmed that Splash Mountain photo screeners would be redeployed to other positions as of May 3. A Disneyland spokesperson said: Ride photos will continue to be monitored by cast members at the point of sale. In addition, the current screening system will remain intact to provide the option for management to initiate image monitoring if necessary.


9th May   

Bollards Bollox...

Car park closed at Derby dogging venue
Link Here

A car park in Markeaton Lane, Derby is to be locked at night as it being used as a dogging venue.

In a bid to stop what they see as anti-social behaviour, the council has installed three metal bollards at the Mundy Play Centre car park, at a cost of £525.

The bollards will be put up at 10pm and removed at 7am each day. There is another entrance for those wanting to use the park outside these hours and also a main car park.

Sergeant Rachel Frost, from the Allestree Safer Neighbourhood Team, said she hoped it would dissuade the 'anti-social behaviour' and provide a long term solution to the 'problems'.


8th May   

Baltic Sea Fun...

German prudes object to fun on the beach
Link Here

A tiny Baltic Sea community is working to stop swinging outdoor sex parties at a nearby hidden beach, Altenhof Mayor Hilmar Marohn told The Local.

Aschau beach, near the resort town Eckernförde in the German state of Schleswig-Holstein, is just hidden from view along the B76 motorway and has long been a popular Freikörperkultur (FKK), or nudist, swimming site. But last summer, it somehow became a magnet for a more hardcore set of visitors who began having swinger parties.

Initially residents thought the excitement would die down, but a warm start to the spring brought more fun activity to the beach.

On April 20, local authorities met and concluded that the problem warranted attention from the Office of Public Order (Ordnungsamt). Now those caught in the act face fines.

In their first visit to the beach, officers took down personal information from three people, Marohn said. He added that they’d be back when the weather improves to see if the initial operation had made an impact on activity. This is not an attack on the normal, totally harmless FKK that has been tolerated in the area for years. We are not prude ...[BUT]... This has to do with activities like gang bangs that then get posted on the internet – we cannot tolerate this.


2nd May   

Royal Command Performance...

Fun on Windsor Castle lawn
Link Here

An amorous couple stripped naked and had sex in a park within sight of Windsor castle.

Witnesses say the couple were enjoying a picnic on the lawn, but appeared to have too much to drink and began having sex on their blanket.

The Queen was at home in the castle at the time, but it is not known if she witnessed the spectacle.

An employee at the Harte and Garter Hotel, which overlooks the castle, said: People were shouting things like 'what are you doing?' but the couple didn't seem to care at all. It was going on for about 10 or 15 minutes, which is quite a long time, considering the location.

The couple carried on until police intervened. A witness said: The officers told them to stop and the sight of the uniforms seemed to snap them out of it. They were unsteady on their feet and the guy pulled his trousers up and helped the girl put hers back on.

A spokesman from Thames Valley police confirmed that two people had been arrested and cautioned for outraging public decency.

The couple now fear their drunken romp could cost them their jobs. They are worried their employers will give them the sack for bringing their companies into disrepute.


30th April   

Update: Cover Up...

Swiss canton bans naked rambling
Link Here

Voters in the Swiss Alps have passed legislation banning naked hiking after dozens of mostly German nudists started rambling through their picturesque region.

By a show of hands, citizens of the tiny canton of Appenzell Inner Rhodes voted overwhelmingly at their open-air annual assembly to impose a SFr200 (£120) fine on violators. Only a scattering of people opposed the ban.

The cantonal government recommended the ban after citizens objected to encountering walkers wearing nothing but hiking boots and socks.

The reactions of the population have shown that such appearances over a large area are perceived as thoroughly disturbing and irritating, the government stated.

A similar legal move is expected in the neighbouring canton, Appenzell Outer Rhodes.


12th April   

Update: Bird Brained...

North Carolina officials take action against established nude beach
Link Here

Officials with North Carolina's Brunswick County said they have decided to ban nude sunbathing on Bird Island.

The county Board of Commissioners said that they will post a sign on the island, which is a popular destination for nude sunbathers, informing visitors that public nudity is illegal in North Carolina.

Commissioner Marty Cooke said officials researched the issue after receiving a complaint from a visitor who took his children to the island and discovered that, not only was it not registered as a nude beach but, nude beaches are illegal in the state.

It has become almost an accepted fact that Bird Island is a nude beach, Cooke said.


6th April   

Update: Injustice in the Name of Humanity...

Long prison sentences for Egyptian swingers
Link Here

An Egyptian man and his wife convicted of setting up a swinger's club and organizing orgies and wife swaps were sentenced to long prison sentences yesterday.

Tolba Abdel Hafez and his wife Salwa Higazi were sentenced to seven years and three years respectively by the Agouza Criminal Court Saturday. The couple will be on probation after their release for the same time period.

In sentencing the pair, the judge described the case as one of the worst crimes committed in the name of humanity, adding that the crime was unique for its perversity and went beyond the taboos of extra-marital sex.

The Cairo couple, who have children, were arrested in October 2008 on prostitution charges and confessed to having sexual relations with three other couples.

The couple used pseudonyms in emails to organize wife-swapping parties and orgies and managed to get 44 couples signed up for Cairo swinging sessions via the website.


3rd April   

Clothing Free...

German plans for a clothing free Black Forest hotel
Link Here

German naturists are about to get their very own holiday heaven, a completely clothing-free hotel.

The Hotel Rosengarten, in the aptly named Black Forest town of Freudenstadt (Town of Joys), will mark a new frontier for the homeland of Freikörperkultur (FKK), meaning free body culture . A handful of German hotels have accommodated naturists up to now, but the management at Rosengarten plan to take a hardline anti-apparel stance.

That is where the beach towels come in. Even before the hotel opens strict house rules have been published, among them the stipulations that all guests must be naked at all times, and all must put towels on chairs and loungers before using them. Lest anyone get the wrong idea, it is also made clear that there is to be strictly no sexual harassment of fellow guests and no smutty behaviour in communal areas. Those who disobey will have to put on the ultimate badge of nudist dishonour — clothing — and leave.

Frieder Haferkorn, the naturist behind the plan, said: We hope that all kinds of people will come to the hotel, including families, and we are building a playground in the hotel grounds.

The grounds of the Hotel Rosengarten will soon be another small oasis of nakedness if things go according to Haferkorn who hopes to complete the purchase of a 31-room hotel soon.


1st April   

Under Pain of Repression...

Dominant Kenny MacAskill inflicts pain on submissive Scots
Link Here

MSPs have heard an appeal that adults who indulge in consensual bondage, sado-masochism and similar practices should be exonerated from the threat of prosecution.

Patrick Harvie, the Green MSP, told a Holyrood committee the present law was an anomaly.

But he dropped a bid to change the law after Kenny MacAskill, the justice minister, and other MSPs said lifting the threat of prosecution could provide a 'loophole' for those charged with domestic abuse and sex crimes.

Harvie made his plea when the justice committee scrutinised the Sexual Offences (Scotland) Bill. If passed, the bill will radically overhaul existing law on rape and other sex crimes, and will redefine consent as free agreement.

Under Harvie's amendment, consensual BDSM acts between those over 16 carried out for sexual gratification would not be considered as assault if both participants agreed.

Harvies tabled the amendment to trigger debate and enable MacAskill to explain why a change recommended by the Scottish Law Commission was not included.


18th March   

Update: Put a Sock on It...

Australian nudists distance themselves from swingers
Link Here

Nudists have issued a "no overt sex" edict for unofficial nude beaches in response to a concerns about swingers parties.

The Australian Nudist Federation has published guidelines of appropriate behaviour for naturists.

The website also lists legal and unofficial nude beaches, affiliated resorts and a calendar of events such as naked tenpin bowling and the nude olympics.

It comes amid a spat between nudists over the adverse publicity surrounding a month-long swingers event at The White Cockatoo, a controversial north Queensland nudist colony.

ANF secretary Paul Brown said they wanted to show a new public face: Naturists enjoy social nudity, but like everyone else they keep their sex life private .

Many people erroneously believe that our lifestyle has sexual overtones, that couldn't be further from the truth, and we constantly have to remind people that we do nothing naked that you don't do fully clothed.

He said the website featured full frontal nudity, but was not pornographic. If you are a long-term nudist or just curious about trying public nudity for the first time, have a look. Don't worry, you won't encounter overt sex or swinging at any ANF affiliated club.


7th March   

No Money for a Cover Up...

Lake Willoughby nude beach saved
Link Here

Residents in Westmore, Vermont., have voted down a measure to allocate $25,000 to enforce a nudity ban.

The proposal would have been the first in a two-step process banning nude bathing at Lake Willoughby.

For decades a section of the lake has been clothing optional. Last summer the select board turned down a proposal to ban nude sunbathing in part because there would be no way of enforcing it.


7th March   

Nutters Swing Low...

Swingers club continues in Edmonton
Link Here

A members-only club of self-described swingers has gotten the backing of the City of Edmonton against opponents who wanted to see them shut down.

The city's development appeal board rejected an attempt by a community revitalization committee to stop a development permit for 4-Play, a dance and social club for sexually open couples and single women.

Several 4-Play members said the club has been operating discreetly for the last decade.

We were pretty much invisible, said Mike B. The only reason they know we're here is because we had to move out of our old location, four blocks away from the new one.

The appeal was based on the argument that there wasn't enough parking, but it became clear at Thursday's hearing that wasn't the real reason for the opposition.

Les Halpert, who works at an accounting firm next door to the club, said that having a swing club there would undo 15 years of hard work to clean up one of the city's roughest areas: I'm outraged that the same city (that's behind the revitalization strategy) would throw this back in our faces.


4th March   

Swinging Fortunes...

SwingFest 2009 cancelled over lack of funding
Link Here

The SwingFest 2009 Convention has been cancelled despite reports of a successful 2008 convention and unprecedented media exposure.

As much as the SwingFest staff would like to unveil a bigger and better 2009 convention, we just don't have the funding, said Greg Freeman, marketing director for SwingFest 2008.

A company press release said sources close to the event attribute the lack of funding for the 2009 convention to allegations about the misappropriation of revenue.

Freeman said. When the dust settles, and all the damage has been assessed, we'll review the possibility of a SwingFest 2010.


18th February   

Impractical Restrictions...

Swingers club closed by killjoy police and council
Link Here

The London manager of a kinky swingers' club, which has been shut down, says he has been victimised by the council.

Soho Beach House, in Kilburn High Road, a club for no-nonsense people wishing to take part in raunchy group sex, lost its license last August after fears it was being used as a brothel.

Dutchman Douglas Ifedha, the club's owner,  lost his appeal to overturn the ruling after breaking the conditions of his licence and drugs were found in the club by police.

He said: The main reason they closed me down is that they think it's a brothel, but they couldn't mention it in court because the reality is that it is a swingers' club.

Cllr James King went round houses with flyers trying to get people to say things. There is no evidence people are knocking on their doors looking for sex.

Ifedha said security and CCTV was in place within three weeks of opening and only small traces of drugs were found in the toilets.

He added: You can't monitor everyone using the toilets. It is cover for them to close me down as they didn't want a swingers' club. At normal clubs in Kilburn, police are being called every day. My club had no times when police were called to stop people assaulting each other.

They imposed strict conditions whereby I must photograph every person coming to the club and take their name. Nobody wants to do that. I have respectable people coming to the club - including police officers who get their pants off.

I am being victimised. They have brought me to my knees so I will probably sell the place. But I will carry on elsewhere as I have other clubs in Marble Arch and Hyde Park.

Cllr King, Kilburn ward said: Although there was no evidence this place was used as a brothel, there was no CCTV, no security and evidence of drug use.


17th February   

Dogged by Killjoy Police...

Gay dogging at Follingsby Lane, Northumbria
Link Here

Northumbria Police warned that they will clamp down on dogging after they reported an increase in incidents around Follingsby Lane between Wardley in Gateshead and Washington, Sunderland.

Officers reported cars parked nearby with men sending text messages inside. And the area has been highlighted on a number of “dogging” and “cruising” websites as a hotspot for gay men.

The Sexual Offences Act 2000 does not specifically legislate against sex in public so long as the act is consensual, says a Ministry of Justice spokeswoman.

Effectively sex in isolated places is allowed, so long as there is a reasonable expectation of privacy - which someone engaging in such an activity would be expected to prove.

But someone could be charged with outraging public decency under common law, she says, if it is proven that at least one person has seen the act.

Officers from Washington Neighbourhood Policing Team are now stepping-up patrols along the stretch of road. They have made up their own law and warn that anyone caught having sex in public faces tough action.

Neighbourhood Arse Inspector Dave Willett said: We've seen an increase in men in this area of Washington meeting for sex. We'll be conducting regular patrols and taking action against anyone committing public sex acts in Follingsby Lane.

Our patrols will take the registration of any vehicles suspiciously parked and the owners may receive home visits.

We will also be contacting the administrators of those websites, on which the area is being posted as a meeting point, to warn of the consequences they face.


6th February   

Screwing Around with Morality...

Plenty of fun in Bangkok bars but not allowed at a private swingers party
Link Here

After having reportedly organised more than a hundred swingers parties during the past three years, a British man was arrested along with his Thai wife at a Bangkok hotel. With them were five Thais and 16 foreigners allegedly having fun in a wife swapping party.

Christian Richards has been charged with procurement and commercial sex advertisements. The parties are advertised through where Richards' wife goes by the name of Duang. They charge each participant Bt3,000.

The victims of the police raid were a mix of Americans, French, Indians and Chinese. The Tourist Police arrived at the hotel suite to find the party just warming up and discovered condoms, 30 Viagra tablets and pornographic movies.

The police caught Richards in January at a party for about 50 people in a Huay Kwang hotel area but he claimed it was a birthday party and charges were pressed.

Tourist police commander Archayon Kraithong said that the police investigation suggests such activities have been going on for three to four years, attracting 25 to 30 people from many countries to each party.

The foreign and Thai participants were released after paying fines, while Richards was still being questioned by police yesterday. If found guilty, he faces a jail sentence of up to 10 years or a fine of up to Bt20,000.


5th February   

Optionz Closed...

Brisbane swingers venue closed by nutters
Link Here

Nutters have caused the end of a swingers venue in  Calamvale, Brisbane, Australia.

On January 20, council issued the organisers notices to show cause why the parties should continue at the Calamvale location, giving them until February 20 to respond.

But the  Hot Optionz venue posted the following message on their website:

Due to exposure by the forces of evil (judgemental local paper looking for a sensational BS story) the Hot Optionz venue is no longer operating.

However, most of the groups that used the venue are still operating in various forms around the town.

Please contact each group individually using the contact details on their page to find out what they're up to.

You can't keep a great concept down for long, Hot Optionz as an umbrella for the groups will be back, bigger and better, stay tuned

Til then we hope you continue to enjoy your lifestyle and will see you soon.

The Hot Optionz Team


31st January   

The Swiss Watch...

But don't like to see German ramblers naked
Link Here

When the first nude walkers came over the border the tranquil, neutrality-loving Swiss tried to pretend it wasn’t happening.

Now the Swiss authorities are trying to fend off hordes of German ramblers dressed in nothing more than a rucksack and walking boots. The influx appears to have been started after a German mountaineering website declared the Swiss wilderness a paradise for naked ramblers.

We have been receiving many complaints, Markus D๖rig, a spokesman for the government of the Appenzell Innerrhoden canton, told The Times. The local people are upset and we in the government share their concern. How would one feel if one was to go walking in nature and suddenly came across a group of naked people?

When police in the eastern Appenzeller region arrested a group of German nudists they had to apologise and let them go as there was no law against rambling in one’s birthday suit.

Swiss legislators have spent the winter trying to find a solution and now they are ready to act. A law stipulating that naked walking is a crime is expected to be enacted this spring. A fine will leave nude ramblers ฃ120 out of pocket — providing they have any — or facing further legal action if they are unable to pay on the spot.

The Bill will be approved by the local parliament on February 9 and should come into force on April 26, when the canton’s citizens gather at the Appenzell town square for an annual vote on legal amendments.

Germany, where freik๖rperkultur — free body culture — is a respectable pastime, is aghast. The tabloid Bild Zeitung wrote a sniffy editorial about Swiss intolerance and listed nudist alternatives around the world, hinting at a boycott of Switzerland as a tourist destination.


21st January   

Bombay Dicks...

Indian hotels ban sex from their rooms
Link Here

Newlyweds from Newcastle, Australia decided to take their honeymoon in a country they had always dreamed of visiting: India.

They arrived in Bombay and found a clean but modest place to stay and paid for a week’s worth of accommodation. On their first night in India they celebrated as many young couples do: in the hotel room and by their own admission they were a little loud.

In the morning as they headed off to do some sightseeing the owning motioned towards them and then tapped a pen on a sign near the front desk that clearly said No sex in our rooms please.

Funny as it seems more and more hotel managers and owners in India are banning guests having sex within their establishment. The reasons and motives for the ban include complaints from other guests, attempts to discourage extra-marital flings and prostitution in the highly conservative nation.

Delhi hotel manager Suresh defends the ban Many locals use hotels for adulterous affairs and even sessions with prostitutes and this lowers the hotels reputation, foreigners do not realise that loud noise during relations offends many locals and we receive complaints all the time.


16th January   

Proper Bathing Suits...

St. Petersburg prudes dictate what is proper beach wear
Link Here
Borat thong

Proper bathing

County officials in the St. Petersburg, Florida, area are considering rules that would ban beachwear leaving too little to the imagination.

While officials say the change would make Pinellas County beaches friendlier to families, detractors say the rules might actually drive tourists away.

It's certainly going to have a negative impact, because it's going to turn people away who want to wear less bathing suit than their grandmother does, said Ken Kushman, secretary of Tampa Area Naturists.

The regulations would ban thongs and G-strings for women at Fort De Soto, Sand Key and Fred Howard Parks. Men would have to wear proper bathing suits.


5th January   

Update: Australian Tits...

But New Zealand mayor OK with being topless in Auckland
Link Here

Commenting as a result of Australia's nutter MP Fred Niles calling for a ban on topless bathing in Sydney, Auckland Mayor John Banks said he'd never put much thought into sunbathing, topless Aucklanders.

Auckland City Council has no bylaws against topless beachgoers: Nothing much shocks me these days but we have people riding down Queen St on motorbikes topless so you can hardly jump up and down about a few topless on a beach

A spokeswoman at Police National Headquarters said beach bylaws were a council issue. Police dealt with complaints about indecent exposure but topless sunbathing wasn't an issue.

Pauanui Surf Life Saving's head lifeguard, Matt Williams, believes Kiwi women are too conservative to take their gear off. He sees a handful of topless women who are discreet and usually brave the beach bare-chested after the holiday period.


4th January   

Party Poopers...

Malaysia police raid small 'sex party' in private apartment
Link Here

Malaysian police said that they will not press sex offence charges against 26 people who were arrested in a private apartment during a New Year bash in Kuala Lumpur.

The case has been transferred to the Narcotics Department instead as drugs were found in the 3.30am raid.

Those arrested included a woman TV newscaster, an actress, a disc jockey and several students, according to newspaper reports. When police stormed the 11th floor apartment in a building close to the Petronas Twin Towers, the occupants were all fully clothed and the few condoms found had not been used.

However, the media had dubbed the gathering as a sex party , and claimed that couples had been found in each of the three bedrooms.

The revellers were highly intoxicated and some broke down when arrested, the New Straits Times daily had reported. It said the apartment was fitted with disco lights and loud music was playing, and condoms, beer cans and half-eaten pizzas were strewn all over the floor.


3rd January   

Nutters vs Swingers...

Deviant Texas nutters protest about lawful new years eve party fun
Link Here

A New Year's Eve party at a Texas swingers club in Amarillo caused an uproar among area churches.

About 20 nutters  from area churches joined to take a stand against what they say is an immoral club that promotes deviant sexual behavior.

They say about thirty people entered the Amarillo building for what they believe is a swingers party. Protesters used prayers and Bible verses as their weapons.

The City of Amarillo says the people legally have the right to gather and hold a party. They say they have inspected the building and it is up to city code. As far as they know nothing illegal is happening. The owner of the establishment will not comment.


1st January   

Nutter Niles Embarrasses Australia...

Australian beach lovers to cover up lest they offend muslims
Link Here

Nutter MP Fred Nile says he wants topless bathing banned in New South Wales to protect Sydney's Muslim and Asian communities.

The Reverend Prude Nile has rejected allegations that prudishness is behind a bill he has prepared to ban nudity, including topless sunbathing, on the state's most popular beaches.

Australia's reputation as a conservative but culturally inclusive society was at risk of erosion by more liberal overseas visitors, he said.

Our beaches should be a place where no one is offended, whether it's their religious or cultural views, he said: If they've come from a Middle Eastern or Asian country where women never go topless - in fact they usually wear a lot of clothing - I think it's important to respect all the different cultures that make up Australia.

Acting Premier Carmel Tebbutt and the NSW Opposition Leader, Barry O'Farrell, have both said that topless bathing is an issue for local councils, not state governments.

NSW No So Liberal powerbroker David Clarke and Labor MP Paul Gibson have reportedly vowed to support the bill.

Speaking to reporters in Melbourne, acting Prime Minister Julia Gillard said the topless issue was one of context and clear signage: People want to go to the beach and use the beach in a variety of ways. Obviously family groups want to go to the beach, people who want to get a bit of sun all over also want to go to the beach. As long as people know what the rules are and know what to expect I think it is a matter for the individuals involved.

Waverley Council Mayor Sally Betts says she is aghast at moves by state politicians to outlaw women from sunbathing topless on NSW beaches. We've got alcohol-related violence, we've got under-age drinking and anti-social behaviour in the public domain - those are really important issues, Betts told Fairfax Radio Network. If the Reverend Nile really wants to help people he should focus on those issues.



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