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Offsite Article: Christmas Vibe...

Link Here25th December 2013
Ten Things You Need to Know Before You Buy Her a Vibrator for Christmas

See article from



Christmas Buzz...

Christmas tree decorated with sex toys causes a stir in Milan

Link Here15th December 2013
A Christmas tree decorated with sex toys has been causing a stir in Milan city centre.

It was all too outrageous for city officials who ordered the removal of the decorations. The city council claimed that the Christmas season qualifying as a holiday for children and families, requires sobriety in urban decorations , particularly when it comes to widely-used festive symbols such as trees.

The owner of the tree said there were only a few complaints and most people were enthusiastic. The tree promotes the online sex shop, MySecretCase. Owner Norma Rossetti, said the Tree of Pleasure was part of her mission to make sex toys completely normal everyday objects . She added that she has now removed the offending baubles.



Rampant Rabbi...

Jewish comic crosses swords with Ann Summers over vibrator name

Link Here29th October 2013
Jewish comic Shed Simove is fighting a legal battle with adult shop, Ann Summers, over its Rampant Rabbi vibrator.

The toy  comes with the tagline Oh God! Oh God! Oh God! and claims to offer the modern Jewish woman a religious experience. When asked if it may offend Jews, he added, I am Jewish and a fan of laughing at one's culture.

Simove wanted to trademark the sex toy's name, but Ann Summers, a chain of adult stores in the UK, said it infringes upon its Rampant Rabbit vibrator and filed papers to block it.

Simove's other creations include Buckingham Phallus, a sex toy that looks like Queen Elizabeth II.



Safety and Flexibility...

Sweden looks to investigate the use of phthalates in sex toys

Link Here17th October 2013
While many sex toy manufacturers claim that their products are free from phthalates, Swedish officials are starting to inspect adult items a little more vigorously.

According to, while phthalates are banned from children's toys, the world of adult toys are not regulated, and therefore Swedish officials want to study the effects they might have on those who routinely use dildos and vibrators with the substances.

Phthalates are used in a variety of items, water bottles, PVC pipes and more, to help make plastics softer and more flexible.

Anna Lofstrom, environmental inspector with Malmo city, told the TT news agency:

What we know about these chemicals is that they have strong reproduction inhibiting effects but it is not known how people are affected by using sex toys that contain the chemicals.



It'll Make you Grin...

Wonderland sex toy collection from Doc Johnson

Link Here2nd September 2013
Doc Johnson Wonderland The KinkyThe Wonderland sex toy collection by Doc Johnson has now been imported into the UK.

These weird and wonderful pieces are inspired by Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland.

The five vibes in the collection are made from 100% medical grade silicone and are 100% waterproof. There's the Heavenly Heart, the White Wabbit, the Mystical Mushroom, the Pleasure Pillar and the Kinky Kat.

...See  full range



Exciting News...

The Sun spots vibrators for a quid at Poundland

Link Here24th August 2013
The Sun was suitably outraged by a cheap vibrator on sale for £ 1 at Poundland. Apparently it is on sale by the sweets in full view of the kids, (who by all accounts have seen it all before on the internet anyway).

The vibrator is a single speed basic model, but by all accounts, it works well enough.



Eco Ethical Organic Aphrodisiac Tea...

French company claims that organic is not enough and adds an eco-ethical dimension to erotic products.

Link Here14th August 2013
The owner of French firm Divinextases has seen sales triple after offering erotic products that appeal to the eco-conscious.

Frederic Donnat saw a gap in the market that was more interesting than the usual organic beauty products . He refocused his online business to eco-erotic products.

From balms for buttocks left sore by a spanking session to intimate perfumes, all Donnat's products are made in France with sustainable materials from reputable sources. They use beeswax and shea butter rather than palm oil and all are wrapped in recyclable packaging.

Divinextases , whose pills are sold in pharmacies, organic stores and sex shops, now wants to diversify into aphrodisiac-laced tea and sugar, company director Fleur Phelipeau told AFP.

Meanwhile British company French Letter sells carbon-neutral condoms made from natural latex produced in sustainably-run forests. A French website (Forest of pleasure) promises to plant a tree in the Amazon rainforest for every sex toy purchased.

But some are cynical about the rise of the organic sex shop. Easy Love, a network of lingerie and erotic accessory retailers, claimed eco-erotic products have sold very badly and dismissed the concept as a publicity stunt .



Harnessing 'Outrage'...

US Sears store takes down bondage gear for men

Link Here13th August 2013
The major US department store, Sears, has pulled men's bondage gear from website after complaints from the easily offended. But women's leather lingerie is still available

Apparently some customers were 'shocked' that the retail chain featured erotic accessories on its Elegant Moments page. Items included a leather collar with chains and a 4 Piece Adjustable Harness.

The items were being sold through Sears's marketplace, which allows online shoppers to order online from additional vendors.

It remains unclear why some of the men's items have been removed, while leather G-strings, corsets, and sexy costumes for women remain available.



The Happy Ride...

An exciting bicycle seat

Link Here26th July 2013

A novel vibrating bike saddle cover that should get female cyclists' hearts beating faster is being sold in the UK. Since the toy, dubbed the Happy Ride, aroused world wide interest following a Daily Mail story earlier this week, the online retailers selling it have seen a huge spike in web traffic.

The Happy Ride, which costs £28, uses a hard-wearing nylon outer layer that houses the vibration mechanism. It's controlled by a small operating panel.

Paul Waudby, from SexShop365, told BikeRadar:

It's just something we wanted to get out there. We've been seeing the Tour de France happening, and just generally in London Boris Johnson is trying to push the whole cycling thing, so we just thought it'd be really funny and a good opportunity to get the product out there. We've sold loads of them; we can't really believe it to be honest -- we weren't expecting this kind of response at all.



ETO Awards 2013...

Winning sex shop brands

Link Here24th June 2013

The UK's adult trade magazine, Erotic Trade Only (ETO) runs an annual awards show. These are the major awards for Britain's online and offline sex shop trade. Here's a selection of the winners for 2013's awards that may be of interest to shoppers:

Best Female Product: Thrill
  • G-vibe (Fun Toys)
  • Hello Touch [Jimmyjane]
  • Luna Beads Noir (Lelo)
  • Stronic Eins (Fun Factory)
  • Thrill (We-Vibe)
Best Male Product: Revo 2
  • Cruiser Cock Ring [Perfect Fit]
  • MasteRing [Screaming O]
  • Revo 2 [Nexus]
  • VerSpanken [Big Teaze Toys]
Best Consumable: ID Glide
  • ID Glide [ID Lubricants]
  • Liquid Gold [Liquid Gold Aromas]
  • Platinum Extra Strong Aroma [Scala]
  • Premium Aqua Gel [Give Lube]
  • Ultimate P3 Male Virility Supplement [Ultimate]

Best Pleasure Products Brand: Pipedream

  • California Exotic Novelties
  • Lelo
  • Pipedream
  • Rocks-Off
  • Sex & Mischief
Most Innovative Brand: JOPEN
  • Je Joue
  • Lelo
  • Pipedream
  • We-Vibe
Best Consumable Brand:  ID Lubricants
  • Give Lube
  • Gun Oil
  • ID Lubricants
  • Platinum
  • Ultimate
Best Erotic Books Brand: Xcite Books
  • Arrow
  • Cleis Press
  • Silver Moon
  • Sweetmeats Press
  • Xcite Books
Best Lingerie Brand: Seven 'til Midnight
  • Coquette
  • Dreamgirl
  • Leg Avenue
  • Seven 'til Midnight
  • Shirley of Hollywood



Shock News...

Ann Summers recalls the Ultimate O Vibrator over a faulty battery charger

Link Here15th June 2013

Ann Summers is recalling one of its best-selling sex toys. Customers who bought the Ultimate O Vibrator before May 24 are being told to stop using it immediately.

The company said the charger used for the sex aid was not up to their normal rigorous quality testing process . Ann Summers is recalling a best-selling vibrator over electrical fears. A spokesman said:

While the risk associated with the plug is very low and any potential fault is unlikely, we take the quality of our products and our commitment to our customers very seriously.

Like all electrical products, sex toys and vibrators can be subject to manufacturing faults and as the quality of this charger is not up to our rigorous quality testing process we have deemed a recall necessary in this instance.

The company is offering 20% off future orders for customers returning the affected product. Presumably the store is also offering a refund for the faulty device.



AdultEx Award Winners...

Australian adult trade accolades for 2013

Link Here4th May 2013

Selected Winners 2013

  • Best Pleasure Product Range : Swan - BMS Factory
  • Best Selling Pleasure Product : We-Vibe 3 by We-Vibe
  • Best Selling Pleasure Product Range : Fetish Fantasy Series - Pipedreams
  • Best New Pleasure Product Range : Key by Jopen
  • Most Innovative Pleasure Product : Thrill by We-Vibe
  • Best Pleasure Product Design : Ovo
  • Manufacturer of the Year : California Exotic Novelties
  • Lingerie Company of the Year : Seven til Midnight
  • Studio of the Year : New Sensations
  • Best Feature Title : Code of Honor (Digital Playground)



Real Life Sex Doll Kidnapping...

US film Pain and Gain set in a sex toy warehouse

Link Here4th May 2013

Director Michael Bay spent $75,000 of his budget for new film Pain & Gain on sex toys - because the naughty items kept disappearing from the set.

The renowned director was hoping to return some of the unused dildos and dolls he used in the film, and recoup some of the cash he'd spent on them, but when shooting ended many of the aids were missing.

In the movie, which is based on a real-life kidnapping drama, thugs, played by Mark Wahlberg, Anthony Mackie and Dwayne Johnson, abduct a wealthy Miami businessman and force him to sign over financial documents while torturing him at their hide-out, a sex toy warehouse.



Nominations for the ETO Awards 2013...

Sex shop brands

Link Here3rd May 2013

The UK's adult trade magazine, Erotic Trade Only (ETO) runs an annual awards show. These are the major awards for Britain's online and offline sex shop trade.

Here's a selection of the nominations for 2013's awards with more to follow.

Best Female Product
  • G-vibe (Fun Toys)
  • Hello Touch [Jimmyjane]
  • Luna Beads Noir (Lelo)
  • Stronic Eins (Fun Factory)
  • Thrill (We-Vibe)
Best Male Product
  • Cruiser Cock Ring [Perfect Fit]
  • MasteRing [Screaming O]
  • Revo 2 [Nexus]
  • VerSpanken [Big Teaze Toys]
Best Consumable
  • ID Glide [ID Lubricants]
  • Liquid Gold [Liquid Gold Aromas]
  • Platinum Extra Strong Aroma [Scala]
  • Premium Aqua Gel [Give Lube]
  • Ultimate P3 Male Virility Supplement [Ultimate]

Best Pleasure Products Brand

  • California Exotic Novelties
  • Lelo
  • Pipedream
  • Rocks-Off
  • Sex & Mischief
Most Innovative Brand
  • Je Joue
  • Lelo
  • Pipedream
  • We-Vibe
Best Consumable Brand
  • Give Lube
  • Gun Oil
  • ID Lubricants
  • Platinum
  • Ultimate
Best Erotic Books Brand
  • Arrow
  • Cleis Press
  • Silver Moon
  • Sweetmeats Press
  • Xcite Books
Best Lingerie Brand
  • Coquette
  • Dreamgirl
  • Leg Avenue
  • Seven 'til Midnight
  • Shirley of Hollywood


29th April   

How sex machines can act as masturbation machines...

Realistic and safe
Link Here

Masturbation is the self stimulation of the sexual organ by finger, hand, everyday objects or specially manufactured sex toys. Masturbation was once believed to be sinful and damaging to health and development and was known as self abuse . Mutual masturbation is the stimulation of a partner's genitals. The main purpose of masturbation is usually, but not always, to achieve an orgasm. Masturbation is not age related and has been witnessed in infants and often continued through a person's whole life. The frequency of masturbation varies according to age, some teenage boys have been known to masturbate to orgasm six to ten times a day and older people might only masturbate a few times a month.

Women who masturbate using everyday objects have been known to insert unusual things into their vaginas and anuses. Masturbation objects include but are not limited to, candles, soap, shampoo bottles, mobile phones, vegetables, fizzy drink cans, bottles of various sizes, baseball bats, racket handles and even huge objects such as fire extinguishers. Male masturbation objects will include the aforementioned for anal penetration; for penile masturbation objects include but are not limited to, pillows, between cushions on sofas, cut out fruit such as oranges and water melons, bubble wrap, toilet roll tubes, vases, bottle openings and even more dangerous items such as vacuum cleaner hoses. Use of many of these objects has caused serious injury and there are numerous accounts of people attending medical clinics and hospitals with damaged genitals or objects lost in their orifices.

The safest form of using equipment to masturbate is to buy purposely produced sex toys. There are many manufacturers but the top names such as Doc Johnson, Pipe Dream, Diva and Leco are the safest products to buy as they have been rigorously tested and constructed from high quality materials. Cheap Chinese imported sex toys with no branding or counterfeit packaging should be avoided for both quality and safety reasons.

Many people of all walks of life and of all sexual persuasions are buying or are interested in buying sex machines. Although the sex machine is not a new invention its development and acceptability has grown in recent years. Sex machines or fucking machines are used by gay men, lesbians, heterosexuals and bi-sexuals, they are used by single people, those in a monogamous relationships and by swingers and people who enjoy group sex. The sex machine or fucking machine is powered by mains electricity; this provides a regular and constant power and will outperform any battery sex device. Quality sex machines such as the Sybian, Blue Balls , Caesar 3.0 , HumpUs and others seldom disappoint the purchaser; these machines have been made following a research and development program and are made from the best quality materials providing the user years of service.

A sex machine or fucking machine replaces a human sexual partner. The machine can be adjusted to penetrate the user in numerous different positions and the speed of thrust and depth of penetration can be adjusted to optimum requirements. Quality fucking machine s are very quiet and provide the best features. Sex machines are bought to enable the user to enjoy a sexual experience that is almost identical in feel to real sex. When choosing a sex machine it is beneficial to buy one that is compatible with the Doc Johnson Vac-U-Lock system . Doc Johnson are a U.S. manufacturer of sex toys and have been in the business for several decades, all products are made from the best materials and will be long lasting. The Vac-U-Lock system allows the owner of the sex machine to change the penetrating accessory with a huge range of alternative items; anal probes, dildos, life like cocks, artificial anuses and artificial female genitalia for male penile use.

The sex machine is the perfect equipment for both male and female masturbation, providing a hands free as close to a real sex experience as is possible. Couples can enjoy a third person experience without the mental turmoil that a real ménage a trios can bring to a relationship. A sex machine provides safe sex and can actively reduce the frequency a person carries out risky sexual contact with another person.



Offsite Article: Changing Thoughts About Toy and Lubricant Compatibility...

Link Here 26th April 2013
A rather technical article on mixing and matching sex toys with lubricants

See article from




Durex demonstrate an app that triggers remote but sexy touch via underwear vibrators

Link Here22nd April 2013

Condom-maker Durex has introduced app-controlled underwear that vibrates, the company announced in a YouTube video. The promo features a demonstration by an Australian couple remotely touching each other.

The premise is that if you and the main squeeze want to get busy while you're apart, you can put on the Fundawear and buzz each other via iPhones. You simply drag your fingers across an app diagram of the body parts you want to stimulate remotely. Wires and sensors convey what actual touch cannot.

Fundawear is still in the experimental stage, so no word on a release date.


15th April   

The Rodeo Ejaculating Sex Machine...

The ride of your life
Link Here

The Rodeo Ejaculating Sex Machine is made by OR the world's leading sex machine manufacturer. This fucking machine presses all the right buttons for those seeking a real life sex experience. Firstly, you are guaranteed the ride of your life; simply screw in one of the two dildos then plug it in to the mains and you are ready to mount the machine and enjoy the fuck of your life.

The Rodeo Ejaculating Sex machine can thrust away at a low 50 thrusts per minute and can increase to a mind-blowing top fucking speed of 350 thrusts per minute; making the Rodeo capable of satisfying those requiring a slow gentle screw right up to those wanting to be fucked rough and hard. There are plenty of women who enjoy the messy side of sex and with the Rodeo Ejaculating Sex machine you can make it shoot its load whenever and wherever you desire.

The clever remote control has four buttons, A and B select higher and lower thrust speeds and button C is the climax button, just hit this button when you want the Rodeo to spunk, button D is an on off button. The two supplied dildos are a 5.5" (14cm) rabbit style and a 5.25" (13cm) realistic cock with lifelike veins and cock head, watching this cum is a pleasure of its own.

The Rodeo Ejaculating Sex Machine is ideal for both anal and vaginal sex and provides a 2.5" (6cm) stroke length add this to the 5.5" (14cm) dildo and you can get up to 8" (20cm) of deep penetration. An injector syringe is included so you can insert your favourite liquid for the machine to ejaculate; we supply two free bottles of slide lubricant which you can use as the fucking machines' cum or make your own sticky treat. The machine is very compact 8" (20cm) high, 7.5" (19cm) wide and 12" (30cm) long, just the size to hide away discretely.

See further details about the The Rodeo Ejaculating Sex Machine from




Leftover Men...

Sex toys selling well in China where there are more guys than girls

Link Here15th April 2013

Here's an interesting conundrum that is taking place in China. It involves the rapid spike of sex toy consumption courtesy of men who simply can't find themselves a female partner.

More leftover men in China are buying adult toys, confirmed manufacturers who reported a significant jump in sales last year. Much of the sale had to do with gender imbalance in the country where young men outnumber young women, the makers of the toys said. This is the consequence of a one child per couple policy where, one way or another, parents choose to have a boy rather than a girl.

At the 10th annual China International Adult Toys and Reproductive Health Exhibition, which opened at the Shanghai International Exhibition Center, vendors said sales, especially those for men, increased by 30 to 40% last year.


8th April   

The HumpUs...

The latest innovation in the world of sex machines
Link Here

The HumpUs - the brand new sex machine for males and females

We proudly introduce the new HumpUs the latest innovation in the world of sex machines. The HumpUs is made to fulfil both male and female needs equally. Attachments are made from super soft silicone which are latex and phthalate free, their design ensures a life-like experience. The HumpUs pulsates at 100 strokes per minute and is adjustable to a maximum speed of 180 strokes per minute. The HumpUs has a stroke length adjustment allowing males to experience a penetrative depth of 4.5" (11cm) to a maximum 7.5" (19cm), conversely the HumpUs when used by a female provides a stroke depth of 1.5" (4cm) to 4" (10cm). The remote control has three settings, start, stop and speed control. The HumpUs comes with a belt so that the user has a choice of going totally hands free.

Male users simply attach the super soft silicone male ring to the HumpUs, add a water based lubricant and insert their penis into the ring. Female users attach the super soft silicone dildo attachment to the HumpUs, add a water based lubricant and insert the dildo into their vagina or anus. The dildo can be set to curve away from the HumpUs allowing the user to have her clitoral area stroked by the dildo.

The HumpUs is a fully rechargeable sex machine which allows use away from the mains power. In addition to the HumpUs machine there is a remote control, a male ring, a dildo attachment holder, a dildo, a charger, a belt, a sachet of lube and a comprehensive owner's guide.

See further details about the HumpUs from


4th April   

The OR Handheld Fucking Machine...

Portable, compact, and discreet
Link Here

The OR Handheld Fucking Machine is brought to you by the world's leading fucking machine manufacturer. Powered by mains electric this simple but effective sex machine will whip you up to a wonderful climax. Handheld sex machines allow the user greater control; it is far easier to hit the right spot when you can easily move the dildo around in your pussy or arse.

The OR Handheld Fucking Machine comes with a great choice of three dildos; each a different size so that you can select the one that suits the moment. The two speed motor gives you the choice of a fast or slow fuck.

A great addition to this fucking machine is the built in lighting; if you are using the sex machine with a partner simply switch off the bedroom lights and switch on the OR Handheld Fucking Machine spotlights which are perfectly positioned for your partner to see in detail the machine's fucking action.

The OR Handheld Fucking Machine is plastic construction with comfortable rubber dong attachments. A very compact and light item which is easy to store out of sight.

The supplied dildos are 7.5 (19cm), 7 (18cm) and 5.5 (14cm) an ideal selection allowing you to choose vaginal or anal penetration.



Rabbits and Aspirin...

Ann Summers sex toys to be sold by high street chemist, Superdrug

Link Here21st March 2013

High street retailers Superdrug and Ann Summers have joined forces to offer customers the chance to pick up some Fifty Shades-inspired fun alongside their weekly toiletries.

From Wednesday 27 March, Superdrug will stock a selection of Ann Summers sex toys and novelty items. The range will sit within the existing sexual health and wellbeing section of the store and will also be available to buy from

The Superdrug range will include Rampant Rabbits (from £49.99), vibrating bullets, Jiggle Balls (£18) and the metallic Vibrating Egg (£20), as well as smaller, novelty items such as Milk Chocolate Body Paint (£5) and Edible Lubricants (£8).

Ann Summers brand director Fiona Davis commented:

Following the Fifty Shades phenomenon, sex toy sales have shot through the roof. We're delighted that our best-selling products will now be accessible to a wider audience.



2013 AVN Awards...

Pleasure products

Link Here27th January 2013

The major US trade group AVN (Adult Video News) has just announced its traditionally long list of award winners for 2012.

Best Enhancement Manufacturer: The Screaming O

Best Fetish Manufacturer : Sportsheets

Best Lingerie or Apparel Manufacturer: Baci Lingerie

Best Lubricant Manufacturer: Pjur USA

Best Pleasure Product Manufacturer -- Small: Jimmyjane

Best Pleasure Product Manufacturer -- Medium: JOPEN

Best Pleasure Product Manufacturer -- Large: Fleshlight

Best Product Line for Men: Ego, JOPEN

Best Product Line for Women: Insignia, LELO



Grabbing a Slice of the Action...

GameLink runs contest seeking innovative ideas to use porn in conjunction with Wii or Kinect

Link Here14th January 2013 , a porn site and on-demand adult video company, is holding a contest to see who can best integrate its video catalog with a motion control device similar to Nintendo's Wii or the Kinect technology on an Xbox 360.

GameLink in press release and via Jeff Dillon, a vice president claimed:

Leap Motion will be able to sense the user's hand and finger movements for direct 3D interaction with the screen.

Nobody wants to use their keyboard or mouse anymore -- why not just a flick of the hand. Porn is eventually going the way of Minority Report ... or a hologram thing like Tupac at Coachella.

So far Dillon's had some good ideas, like a Fleshlight -- a sex toy -- that syncs up with the video playing in front of you. He said that motion-control technology has come a long way, and that complete sex simulations are only a wham-bam-thank-ya-ma'am away.

Unfortunately both Microsoft and Nintendo are miserable gits when it comes to adult fun. They don't seem keen on allowing people to use their systems for this type of thing.



Offsite Article: Too Good?...

Link Here4th January 2013
Does the Regular Use of Vibrators Make Manual, Oral or Penetration Orgasms Harder?

See article from

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