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4th December    Safe Sex Passport ...
Her Majesty requests and requires that the bearer is allowed to enter freely without let or hindrance

Safe Sex PassportThe world's first "safe sex passport," aimed especially for users of dating and social networking websites, is due to be launched this week in the United States.

Some years ago I met an individual who had intercourse with someone they met online, who didn't disclose that they had an STD, or sexually transmitted disease, Gonzalo Paternoster of Florida-based SSP BioAnalytics said: The idea popped into my head that people know but don't tell the truth, and we needed an independent way to verify someone's health status, he said.

The Safe Sex Passport will be available - at a cost - to anyone over the age of 18 who goes online and orders the credit-card-size article. As soon as you order your card, you are referred to an affiliated laboratory where you can get tested for five major STDs,  Paternoster said. Card holders are tested for HIV, genital herpes, chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis.

When you go to the test facility, you will have to show your official ID to make sure you are the person who owns the safe sex passport. The test results are tied to the card. So let's say now you meet someone: they can call a phone number and get the test results and test date for you, plus identification information so that they know for sure that you are really the person who was tested, he said.

Subscribers will also be provided with virtual health certificates, which can be posted on their online dating or MySpace profile page. Nearly 15,000 people and several dating websites have already expressed an interest in the safe sex passports and online health certificates,  Paternoster said.

60% of inquiries have come from Europe, where the passport and health certificates are expected to be brought to market early next year, Paternoster said.

Comment:Not So Safe Sex Passport

Thanks to jj, 6th December 2007 What an incredibly stupid and dangerous idea!

Anyone with half a brain knows that 'health checks' such as this are valid only at the moment of testing. They have no validity into the future.

The "safe" person COULD easily have contracted a new disease soon after the 'health check' was performed.

A 'health check' works only in so far as the person being checked is removed from circulation if they are found to be suffering from any of the diseases of concern. They are not useful beyond that.

Anyone who would be naive enough to believe that such a "safe sex passport" is useful deserves anything that happens to them as a result.


28th October    Japanese Ingenuity ...
What a load of wank

Wanking machine demoThe SOM Series is a range of masturbators. For this model the wankee sits on the front plate uses the control handle on the right-hand side to control the speed of vibrations. Meanwhile, the business end, which contains a fleshy-feeling masturbation tube, moves up and down over your member.

As the inventor demonstrates, the height of the arm is adjustable, so you can get the perfect hand-job every time. Just look how pleased he is!

Maybe he's chuffed at the thought you you parting with your hard-earned money for the Men's SOM - we reckon it will come in at around £300 a go after it's come on a slowboat from Japan.


23rd October    Balls Bra ...
Whatever will they think of next?

Balls bra pictureThe ultimate sex underwear! The Ballbra is brand new high tech underwear designed to be worn while having sex!

Comfortable and soft to the touch, the Ballbra enhances erections by leaving the penis free while harnessing the balls securely for explosive orgasms. Ballbra also gives you tremendous lift and support when worn under clothes, giving extra profile and incredible comfort. Made from a blend of cotton and elastane, Ballbras are soft to the touch and very comfortable to wear.


5th October

    Quick Solutions ...


What can be done to help premature ejaculation

From The Sydney Morning Herald see full article

My partner suffers from premature ejaculation. This is mortifying for him, and disappointing for me. What, if anything, can be done about it?

Sex columnist, Maureen Matthews, replies

Both men and women worry about this. Biologically, it isn't a problem at all. Once penetration has occurred, ejaculation is all that is needed to fertilise eggs. However, humans have sex to obtain pleasure. Within a sexual relationship, what is "too quick" is subjective. It only becomes a problem if one, or both, of you are unable to enjoy lovemaking. Indeed, some men find it difficult to ejaculate, and this can also lead to dissatisfaction or insecurity.

One common practice (memorably featured in the film There's Something About Mary ) is for the man to reduce his level of arousal by relieving himself beforehand.

There are products that are said to assist with this issue. Some numb the penis to slow down arousal. Durex makes an Extended Pleasure condom containing a numbing agent. Men have also told me that the exotically named "Indian God Lotion" spray works well.

Another approach is to wear an erection ring, which prevents the blood from leaving the penis. All of these work on desensitisation. However the most effective, long-term solution is to control your responses. The Good Vibrations Guide to Sex (C. Winks & A. Semans) offers some advice.

The man should start practising alone. He needs to identify the moment when ejaculation becomes inevitable, and learn to stop moving, touching and stimulating until the urge has passed. With practice, he should be able to get close, and back off a number of times before letting go.

Once he feels confident with this, he can practise with his partner. Start off with him lying on his back, with her on top. He should keep still, and focus on that trigger point, backing off from the urge a few times. Finally, try to use this technique during all lovemaking.

Practitioners of Tantra believe that ejaculation wastes vital energy, so some of their techniques can be used by any man trying to hold off. The Multi-Orgasmic Man (M. Chia) is one book teaching these skills.

If your relationship has been strained by this problem, it might be worth getting some relationship counselling. The counsellor may also be able to explain the pressure point, at the base of the penis, that can also help in delaying things.

Intercourse is not the only way to give a woman pleasure. Focus on giving her an orgasm first, with manual or oral stimulation. This makes it less frustrating for her if the penetration is brief. Sex toys can be useful in both assisting the woman to climax before intercourse, and to continue the play afterwards.


27th July

    First AIDS Aid ...


Gel protects against AIDS & herpes


Tests on lab animals have shown that the microbicide gel, called Viva Gel, inactivates the HIV virus and another responsible for genital herpes.

Lead researcher Dr Jeremy Paull from Melbourne-based pharmaceutical company Starpharma told the International AIDS Society conference in Sydney the gel would be used by heterosexual men who apply it directly to themselves before sex.

The active ingredient in the microbicide is dendrimer, a molecule which binds itself to the viruses and prevents them from infecting healthy cells, Dr Paull said. Recent trials on animals have shown it is between 85 and 100% effective at blocking both viruses.

Safety trials of the gel are now underway in humans. The first results, presented at the congress, show it is safe and well tolerated in healthy men, uncircumcised or not.

The gel is currently being trialled on women as a contraceptive.


6th July

    A Serious Strain ...


Resurgent syphilis

From Pink News

Over the past few years health officials have detected a serious strain of the sexually transmitted bacterial disease syphilis in gay and bisexual US men infected with the AIDS virus.

The strain had been all but wiped out decades ago, but the US Centre for Disease Control is indicating that gay and bisexual men are the primary cause of the rebirth of syphilis in the past few years.

Symptomatic early neurosyphilis is a rare manifestation of syphilis that usually occurs within the first 12 months of infection. Although syphilis is treatable with antibiotics, this form can be deadly leading to blindness, and possible stroke.

Over the last decade the rate of syphilis has been on a steady increase in the United States. While gay and bisexual men only accounted for 7% of all the syphilis cases in 2000, that percentage increased in an alarming rate to more than 60% in 2005.

Researchers say that lack of safe sex is the principle cause of the new outbreaks.

Health officials encourages everyone, but especially men who have sex with men, to get tested every 6 months for HIV and other STD's to help stop the spread.


10th June

    C-Strings ...


For girls who want to reveal more without revealing more

Thanks to John
C-String available from Love Honey

In Bangkok there are policies/orders in place such that the girls need to wear bikinis. However in some places they have little stars on as bras. Don't you think it would be possible to use C-Strings instead of bikini bottoms?

I believe it would make a night out in Bangkok more fun if the attire was less.

C-Strings were conceived as the ultimate in invisible underwear but perhaps they have a secondary use in nudity challenged Bangkok.

The C-String has a flexible internal frame that hugs and holds it to the body both securely and comfortably. At the front it looks like sexy underwear, to the rear it has a thong-style strip, and to the sides it has nothing at all!


29th May

    Spray and Stay ...


Increasing staying power

From Belfast Telegraph

The Ulster doctor who helped introduce Viagra to the world has developed a revolutionary new spray-on treatment that gives men "five times the staying power."

In an interview with the Belfast Telegraph consultant physician Professor Wallace Dinsmore revealed how the simple 'Tempe' spray had the potential to become as popular as the phenomenon of the tiny blue wonder pill which had its origins in Belfast.

Dubbed Spray and Stay, the treatment, which contains two anaesthetics - lidocaine and prilocaine - has already been a major success in a Europe/UK trial which included Northern Ireland.

The spray could be made widely available within a year.


19th April

    Happy Spanking ...


No problems enjoying BDSM

From Brisbane Times

Bondage and discipline may actually make men happier, according to the first national survey of Australian fetish habits.

The new sex study has revealed that 2% of Australian men and 1.4% of women admit to enjoying dominance, submission and sadomasochism-type sex in the past year.

But researchers involved in the phone survey of 20,000 people say they expect many more Australians to be engaging in the practice but unwilling to label it BDSM.

The survey results, to be presented at the World Association of Sexual Health congress in Sydney this week, give the first snapshot of Australians involved in bondage behaviour.

These fetishes were most common among gay, lesbian and bisexual people and heterosexuals who are "bi-interested", said Dr Richters, the lead researcher.

In women, BDSM was most popular among under 20-year-olds and those who had a partner they didn't live with. There were no age or relationship trends in men, she said.

People who engaged in the habit were more likely to be sexually adventurous in other ways, like trying anal sex and phone sex, looking at internet pornography or using sex toys.

They were no more likely to have suffered sexual difficulties, sexual abuse or coercion or anxiety than other Australians. In fact, says Dr Richters, men into BDSM scored significantly better on a scale of psychological wellbeing than other men.

At the other end of the spectrum - least happy - were men who reported being attracted to men but had never acted on their desire and didn't regard themselves as gay.

Researchers said the study helps break down the reigning stereotype that people into bondage and discipline were damaged as children and were therefore "dysfunctional".

We really found that BDSM is simply a sexual interest or subculture attractive to a minority, not a pathological symptom of past abuse or difficulty with 'normal' sex, Dr Richters said. They've just got a broader and more unusual sexual repertoire than most.


15th April

    Superbug ...


Gonorrhea goes drug resistant

From topix

The sexually transmitted disease gonorrhea is now among the 'superbugs' resistant to common antibiotics, leading U.S. health officials to recommend wider use of a different class of drugs to avert a public health crisis.

The resistant form accounts for more than one in every four gonorrhea cases among heterosexual men in Philadelphia and nearly that many in San Francisco.

Gonorrhea, which is believed to infect more than 700,000 people in the United States each year, can leave both men and women infertile and puts people at higher risk of getting the AIDS virus.

Since the early 1990s, a class of drugs known as fluoroquinolones has provided a relatively easy cure. These antibiotics, taken as tablets, include the drug Cipro.

But a growing number of gonorrhea cases is resistant to those drugs, and officials at the CDC for the first time are urging doctors to stop using fluoroquinolones and switch to cephalosporins, a different class of antibiotics, to treat everyone.

Those drugs, which include the generic ceftriaxone or brand name Rocephin, must be given as a shot and aren't as readily stocked as Cipro on most doctor's shelves.

Gonorrhea has now joined the list of other superbugs for which treatment options have become dangerously few, said Dr. Henry Masur, president of the Infectious Disease Society of America. To make a bad problem even worse, we're also seeing a decline in the development of new antibiotics to treat these infections.

Described by Douglas as a 'very wily' disease, gonorrhea has worked its way through decades of other treatment regimens, from sulfa drugs used in the 1930s and 1940s, to penicillin, which was used from the 1940s until the mid-1980s.

Gonorrhea's spread is preventable through consistent and proper use of condoms, experts said.


26th March

    Queen Breast ...


Get you hands on this realistic toy


These are really quite incredible breasts - round, soft, squeezeable and with a freakishly realistic nipple at $129 a pair.

From the makers: Our artists started with a laborious wax live-casting of the voluptuous DDD breasts of the legendary Swedish blond bombshell Alexandra Nicholas, who believes herself to be the reincarnation of the domineering wife of Nicholas II, the last Czar of Russia…

Live-cast, DDD Size, each weighs 3 pounds, Silicone-fleshed, Gel-filled


9th March

    I'm Choked ...


A discussion about breath play

From Village Voice

Choking as an erotic act seems to be more popular than ever. It has made it onto the pleasure-menu of everyday couples who indulge in what they call "regular sex," which is surprising since cutting off your loved one's air supply is not just risqué—it's risky.

What's the turn on? During suffocation, the body is deprived of oxygen; it floods with endorphins, making the person feel high, and those endorphins can intensify sexual sensations and orgasms. People who practice BDSM (who know a thing or two about endorphins) use the term 'breath play' to describe the different ways one can control breath or deprive someone of oxygen (choking is only one). Some practitioners combine it with bondage or sensory deprivation; use a hood or a gas image: mask, or simply a hand over a partner's mouth and nose. Breath play scenes also have a significant psychological component; they can be a way to eroticize dominance and submission, fear, danger, or control. Among kinky players, these scenes are universally considered edge play (risky or fringe activities).

Ms. Cynthia, a 20-year community veteran, former professional dominatrix, and current BDSM educator teaches a class on breath play, which she says, can be "sexy as hell.": As a Dominant, I literally have someone's life in my hands and I control when or whether their next breath will come. It is terror play. For a submissive, it is the ultimate surrender. You turn your very life over to the care of another. Her preferred method of breath control—and the one she considers the safest—is two-person re-breathing, where two people cover each other's mouths with their own and exchange the air between them repeatedly. She says she has never seen anyone take this too far to the point where someone passes out. In her class, she teaches that everyone should take specific precautions when they do breath play and emphasizes that those with heart conditions or sleep apnea should never do it.

Within BDSM communities—where people do lots of things non-kinky people think are weird and dangerous—breath play is controversial. Jay Wiseman (, author of several books on BDSM, has written many articles on the topic and is adamant about the dangers involved: As a person with years of medical education and experience, I know of no way whatsoever that either suffocation or strangulation can be done in a way that does not intrinsically put the recipient at risk of cardiac arrest. Wiseman believes it's always unsafe because there is no way to tell when someone may go into cardiac arrest.

All these educators agree that one should never engage in breath play alone. Autoerotic asphyxiation has been the stuff of legend and accidental-death news stories, but it's about to have a coming-out party in porn. TightFit will release a provocative new title on March 2: So Low , ( a video of women practicing autoerotic asphyxiation.

The video includes a disclaimer which begins: Contains scenes of extremely dangerous acts with possible permanent side-effects, up to, and including death, and ends with Do NOT attempt any of these acts under any circumstances at any time!

Sex is risky in many ways, and many of us like to challenge the limits of our bodies. Everyone I spoke to acknowledged the inherent risk involved in breath play; the BDSM educators say that's the reason they teach people about it. But what about all the non-pervy people who don't have access to such a class? What about an inspired but naive viewer of So Low? There is enough information online—more anti than pro (see—to make a person with common sense stop and think. Perhaps this video will spur more discussion among people in different circles.


19th February

    Talking Vibrator ...


Rabbit vibrator cum mp3 player

From AVN
Available at US Amazon

Adult sex-toy manufacturer, My Little Secret, has announced the launch of its new Web-enabled Talking Head MP3 Rabbit Vibrator. My Little Secret founder and owner, Cheryl Berry, invented the new device, which generated a massive buzz in the adult toy arena at the recent AVN Show in Las Vegas.

Berry had the idea in her shower with a rabbit vibrator. Since then, it has been a Herculean quest and labor of love for nearly 18 months to bring the finished product to the adult novelty market.

The Talking Head MP3 has 64 megabytes of RAM (for about 1 hour's worth of material), plus USB capability for downloading audio fantasies, songs, or music from the Web.

The Talking Head has a realistic yet elegant silicone shaft and rabbit extension, both of which are multi-speed and multifunctional. It comes with a built-in voice recorder, two pre-recorded audio fantasies ("Will" and "Juan"), a CD-quality speaker in the base, and headphones for private listening.

In addition, My Little Secret also is offering a number of free audio fantasies that users can download from the toy's website,


10th February

    Once or Twice a Week ...


How often do Brits have sex?

From The Times
see full article
Statistics from Sex & The Psyche by Brett Karh

What are the secrets of the British bedroom? Psychotherapist Brett Kahr has teamed up with the polling organisation YouGov to conduct the biggest ever survey of our sex lives. Here, in an extract from his new book, he reveals how often people have sex and who they have it with.

The British Sexual Fantasy Research Project can claim to be more highly statistically representative of the British population at large; and, to the best of my knowledge, at the time of writing, this study constitutes the largest published survey on the psychology of adult male and adult female sexual fantasies. There were 13,553 respondents to a questionnaire administered by YouGov, the polling organisation.

Just over 90% of the country defines itself as heterosexual, and 3% defines itself as homosexual, less than a third of the figure usually reported for homosexuality. Of course, if one includes the self-defined “bisexual” individuals, as well as that small but still marked percentage of people who would regard themselves as “undecided”, then we have a somewhat higher percentage for whom homosexuality may be a serious option: 8% rather than 3%.

Many people will be quite keen to know the answer to some critical questions: “How often do other people do it? And am I getting enough by comparison? Just what is the national average?”

Contrary to what one might imagine, a very large percentage of British adults admitted having no sex at all at the present time. As many as 18% of contemporary Britons do not currently engage in sexual behaviour with a partner, which translates to approximately 8.1 million people. This figure combines the 2% of celibate Britons who have never had sexual relations with a partner with the 16% who have had sexual experience or experiences in the past but now live without regular sex. This cluster of 18% of behaviourally sexless Britons may well have fantasies and desires, may well masturbate or use pornography; but these individuals do not engage in genital sex with another human being. In fact, British women have much less sex than British men: some 21% of women, as compared with 15% of men, have no sex, an amalgamation of those who have never had sex and those who have had sexual relations in the past but do not do so at present.

For the rest of the population who do have sex, frequency of sexual contact ranges from less than once each year to two or more times a day, seven days of the week.

As many as 32% of British adults could be classified as low sexual frequency (less than once a month) practitioners, 44% as medium sexual frequency (between once monthly and twice weekly) practitioners and only 19% as high sexual frequency (three times a week or more) practitioners.

Most Britons have sex once or twice weekly, and most would be characterised as moderate indulgers in sexual activity with another person.

In terms of heterosexual behaviour, the British Sexual Fantasy Research Project data reveals that the average British heterosexual male will have had actual sexual contact, defined as “oral sex”, “vaginal sex”, “anal sex” or any combination thereof, with an average of 15.64 women during his lifetime. The typical British heterosexual female will have will have had comparable sexual contact with an average of 14.56 men during her lifetime.

In fact, approximately 1.8 million British adults will have had sexual contact with more than 100 partners during their lifetime. Although nearly two million adults will have had intimate genital contact with over 100 other people, the vast majority of Britons have only one sexual partner in any given calendar year, with men averaging 1.18 partners per year, and women somewhat more loyal at an average of 0.7 partners per year.


26th January

    Reckless ...


Knowingly passing on an STD may lead to grievous bodily harm prosecution

From the Daily Mail

People who recklessly infect their partner with a sexually transmitted disease could soon be jailed for up to five years.

Those who do not warn their lover they have chlamydia, syphilis or herpes will be targeted under proposals from the Crown Prosecution Service.

The policy, due to be unveiled by Director of Public Prosecutions Sir Ken Macdonald next month, will also focus on hepatitis, gonorrhea and other sexual infections, in addition to those who transmit the HIV/Aids virus.

Some doctors argue that criminalising transmission of sexual infections could deter people from seeking a test because they may think confirmation will put them at greater risk of prosecution. As a result, they will not receive the treatment they need.

The CPS, in a consulation document published last year, said action was needed against people who fail to give a proper warning of their condition before having sex.

Before a prosecution is mounted, the CPS will have to assess whether a person knew about their infection, their knowledge about its potential impact and whether they told their lover. Cases where a person knows of their infection but fails to reveal it, leading to their partner contracting the disease, are likely to be classed as examples of "reckless" transmission that can be prosecuted.

The charge in these cases will be one of inflicting grievous bodily harm - an offence which carries a maximum penalty of five years in jail for each person infected. In more serious cases, where there is clear evidence that transmission was intentional, a more severe charge carrying a maximum life sentence could be brought. But the difficulty of legally proving deliberate transmission means that most offenders are likely to be prosecuted on the lesser charge.

A person will not be exempt from prosecution if they wear a condom but do not inform their partner they have an infection - particularly if it was not used properly throughout the sexual encounter. However, proper use of a condom will be a factor in deciding the seriousness of the offence and whether to bring a case.

Offenders will also be brought to trial even when their victim declines to testify, as long as it is judged to be in the public interest by preventing any future lovers being infected. All that will be required in such cases will be medical evidence that the infection has been passed on, and proof that the accused person recklessly or deliberately failed to tell their partner about it.

The proposals were put out for consultation last October. They are due to be confirmed next month.


22nd January

    Stand Out Sex Toys ...


The growing popularity of nipple vibrators

From X Biz

Akira Ikoma, producer of a Japanese sex toy catalog said that 2007 will see a surge in sales of nipple vibrators called Chinani.

Single women buying the nipple vibrators have already started to stand out, Ikoma said. There are two different types of vibrators available: one that attaches to the nipples through suction and the other that is fastened using alligator clips. The alligator clip model is particularly popular.

U.S. retailers are also seeing a surge in nipple-vibe sales. Katy Zloverin of Adam & Eve said when she first started in the business 12 years ago, the products only occasionally made it into catalogs: Now there are a bunch of different kinds with all sorts of bells and whistles, so I would definitely say they’ve become more popular.

She attributes customers’ preference for clamps over suction cups to the “certain S&M feel” of the clamps.

John Thomas Toys™

Silicone Dildos

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100% Medical Grade Platinum Silicone

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