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25th March   

Offsite: The Daily Mail Recommends...

Rihanna's pop porn is polluting young minds. And don't miss Skepta's 'All Over the House' music video, it 'contains strong real sex'
Link Here

On the cover of the latest issue of American Vogue is a sultry shot of the pop singer Rihanna, posing in a skin-tight, transparent chiffon and lace dress.

Her latest release is called S&M . Its first verse includes the lines: Feels so good being bad/There's no way I'm turning back/Now the pain is my pleasure. Vogue: It's yet more publicity for the girl from Barbados who, at just 23, has a string of No 1 hits and is currently at No 5 in the UK charts'

You can hear its catchy refrain being sung by children all over the country right now: Sticks and stones may break my bones but chains and whips excite me.

In the ordinary course of life, young teenagers would have no need whatsoever to know about sadomasochism. But thanks to the increasingly revolting music industry, they are now all too familiar with almost every permutation of the sex act.

... Read the full article

Offsite: Skepta's new video: a step too far?

Thanks to IanG
25th March 2011. See  article from by Sam Moir
See video [NSFW] at

In case you missed it, grime MC Skepta has a new music video out.

When he tweeted a couple of weeks ago, Today I'm starring in my 1st adult movie, fans probably expected a bit of raunchiness. But when the video for All Over The House dropped at the weekend, raunchy proved to be an understatement.

Upon clicking the website which explicitly states you have to be over 18 years of age, you find yourself thrown in front of a full on horrifically explicit pornographic movie. While the porn stars go about their business, Skepta can be seen in various shots, aptly choreographed all over the house, singing the lyrics.

..Read the full article


25th March   

The Christian Institute Recommends...

Wuthering Heights on Radio 3
Link Here

Emily Bronte's much-loved novel Wuthering Heights has been adapted by BBC Radio 3 to include foul language.

The station's new adaptation will feature Heathcliff and Cathy, two of the book's central characters, swearing as they argue.

While radio broadcasts are not bound by a 9pm watershed, stations are not supposed to air unsuitable material when youngsters are likely to be listening. Adult

There are concerns that school pupils who are studying the book could listen to the adaptation unaware of the BBC's addition of adult content.

Playwright and theatre director Jonathan Holloway has defended his adaptation of the 1847 classic. He said:

For me Wuthering Heights is a story of violent obsession, and a tortuous unfulfilled relationship. This is not a Vaseline-lensed experience. That's what I wanted to elbow out, this idea that it's the cosy greatest love story ever told. It's not.

The f-words are part of my attempt to shift the production to left of field, and to help capture the shock that was associated with the original book when it was published.

A spokesman for Radio 3 said:

The use of strong language by some characters in this production was not undertaken lightly. Language warnings will be broadcast at the beginning of the drama.

The programme is set to air at 8pm on Sunday on Radio 3.


18th March   

Doing a Clumsy Quickstep to Avoid Sex Shop Entrepreneur...

Ann Widdecombe refuses to hand out award to woman making a success of a lingerie and sex toy business
Link Here

Ann Widdecombe has long championed the nutter cause. And she stuck to her principles when she refused to present a businesswoman with an award after learning she ran a company selling lingerie and sex toys.

She was presenting Women Of Worth awards when entrepreneur Emily Bendell was called to the stage. Bendell is the CEO of BlueBella a company with the tagline: lingerie and lovestuff

Widdecombe quickly passed the award to another presenter to hand over.

Emily later explained: As I walked down to the stage I noticed a kerfuffle as she passed it over. It was a real surprise and it certainly took the shine out of the day for me. Ann is a great proponent of women getting ahead by their own merits so I would have hoped that she would have recognised my achievements.

Widdecombe, a strict Catholic, was candid about why she preferred her co-presenter to hand out that particular award: Let's be honest, anyone who knows me would know that I wouldn't approve of sex shops and certainly don't want to hand out awards for running them. But there were two of us handing out awards and when I saw that she had won I just handed over to the co-presenter, who completely understood.

Emily started her lingerie, nightwear and sex toys business BlueBella in 2005. It is now a multi-million pound company and has grown by 150% in the past year. Her efforts were recognised at the ceremony where she won the Small Business Of The Year award.


17th March   

Update: Buying into Nutter Idealism...

Forlorn campaign against the commercialisation of childhood
Link Here
Full story: Sexualisation...Sexualisation as reported by Linda Papadopoulos

A petition of about 18,500 signatures has been handed to David Cameron calling for an end to marketing of a sexualised nature aimed at children.

The petition was presented to 10 Downing Streetby Rosemary Kempsell, worldwide president of the Mothers' Union, as well as several MPs.

The petition is part of the Bye Buy Childhood campaign launched last year by the Mothers' Union.

It calls upon the Government to prohibit sexualised media, marketing and products aimed at or easily accessed by children under 16 years of age.

Kempsell said, We are delighted that the Government has already taken action to tackle the commercialisation and sexualisation of childhood through the Bailey Review. We would like to see this Review make strong recommendations to Government to ensure childhood can remain a precious time free from commercialisation.

Joining Kempsell at Downing Street were MPs Helen Goodman, David Morris, Fiona Bruce and Jim Dobbin.


4th March   

Update: Miserable Moralists get their Way...

Oxford revokes lap dancing licence from bar near church
Link Here
Full story: Lap Dancing in Oxford...Thirst for nutter 'outrage'

Oxford Counci have decided to revoke the licence of the Thirst Lodge lap dancing club.

At the first hearing of its kind to be held since Oxford City Council adopted new licencing laws. The changes give local authorities greater powers to moralise about whether such lap dancing venues should be established and where.

The ruling has been welcomed by the rector of St Ebbe's, the Rev Vaughan Roberts:

As a church, we campaigned against this licence application as we did not believe this sort of establishment should continue to have a base in the city centre of Oxford

Oxford has a large percentage of young women, and an establishment such as this could put those enjoying the culture and nightlife in Oxford at risk.

In addition, many children and young people use our church building each week and to have such a club in close proximity would not be appropriate.

The church was supported in its challenge by the Christian Legal Centre. Its chief executive, Andrea Minichiello Williams, welcomed the ruling claiming:

This decision will make a positive difference to the wellbeing of the local community.


21st February   

Bird Watching...

Nutter objects whinge at Tesco t-shirt whimsy
Link Here

Tesco is under nutter fire for selling a T-shirt with a logo which critics claim promoted voyeurism .

Women's groups said the shirt - which showed silhouettes of women in the sights of binoculars beneath the slogan Bird Watching - was objectionable and Tesco's decision to sell it deeply concerning .

This T-shirt is objectionable on so many levels, said Anna van Heeswijk of campaigners Object: It promotes voyeurism, dehumanises females into sex objects and uses sexist language to refer to women as 'birds'. These messages about women are worrying.

Somali Cerise of the End Violence Against Women coalition, added: It is deeply concerning that a major high-street retailer such as Tesco sells products that perpetuate the sexualisation of women. Our research shows that sexual harassment of young women is commonplace. Products like these T-shirts create a culture of acceptance and normalisation of sexual harassment.

Tesco  said no offence had been intended. It said: The T-shirt, which was intended as a humorous item of casual wear, was on clearance and is no longer on sale.


14th January   

Brain the Size of a Fivepenny Bit...

Keith Vaz turns up at a pro-gaming parliamentary event
Link Here
Full story: Keith Vaz...Keith Vaz in votes for knighthood claim

Keith Vaz surprised a few parliamentarians when he turned up an event in support of gaming.

Parliament Games Day was organised by pressure group Gamers' Voice to bring together politicians and the industry to promote the cultural and economic strengths of British software.

Vaz told Eurogamer: I've never been against games. I've been against violent games that are able to fall into the hands of young people who are perhaps not able to understand the implications of what they're doing.

I don't oppose games, he inisted. I just think it's very important that people respect and acknowledge the age limits. And the campaign has always been about ensuring there is proper labelling so that people know exactly what kind of games they should have.

Asked if he was happy with the new games classification system – still waiting to be passed into law – Vaz said he felt it was moving in the right direction . When we started this campaign the age limit was the size of half a, I think, a 5p coin, which was very small, he explained. Obviously we want to see what PEGI does, but the more that they can draw to the attention of young people the need to respect the age limit better – and if you're over 18 you can do what you want. No-one wants to stop you playing your games.

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