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Petition: Don't electronically tag innocent people for attending protests...

Big Brother Watch spots a nasty in the Government's new Public Order Bill

Link Here 22nd May 2022

The Government's new Public Order Bill would allow police to put innocent people on electronic ankle tags and ban them from attending marches and demonstrations.

Campaigners and people who want to attend a protest need not have ever committed any offence in order to be given a so-called protest banning order by the police.

Under this new anti-protest law, the police will be given powers to monitor campaigners using electronic GPS tags, restrict their internet activities and prevent them from attending protests. These are some of the most disturbing and anti-democratic police powers introduced in the UK for decades.

After the shocking police behaviour towards grieving women at the Clapham vigil for Sarah Everard, we fear these ankle tags could entail serious abuse. There is no place for police monitoring and oppression of people simply campaigning for change.

These extreme police powers would be controversial in Russia and China -- we cannot allow them in a democratic country like the UK.

Sign petition from



Commented: Ashes of free speech...

Overreaction to bad taste joke over Grenfell fire sees man given suspended jail sentence

Link Here22nd April 2022
Full story: Lap Dancing in Bedfordshire...Nutters get wound up in Ampthill
A man who made a video of a model of Grenfell Tower being burned and said That's what happens when you don't pay the rent has ended up with a suspended jail sentence.

Paul Bussetti pleaded guilty to one count of sending a grossly offensive video when he appeared at Westminster Magistrates' Court Chief magistrate Paul Goldspring said he was 'horrified' when he saw the film, and sentenced Bussetti to 10 weeks in jail, suspended for two years. He said:

It was disgusting, it was disrespectful, it was abhorrent and it was - by the nature of the charge - grossly offensive.

What struck me was not one person at that party seemed remotely upset or outraged or embarrassed by the racist remarks.

Bussetti was previously found not guilty after a two-day trial but the acquittal was quashed by the High Court.

He filmed the footage at an annual bonfire party hosted by a friend in November 2018. He didn't post the video himself but shared it in WhatsApp groups.


Offsite Comment: The Grenfell effigy and the fall of liberal Britain

See article from by Tom Slater

In 21st-century Britain, offensive jokes can land you in prison.

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