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2010: Jan-March

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1st March   

Extreme Rag...

Another local rag enjoying the salacious term 'extreme pornography'
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Another bit of noxious local reporting where extreme porn seems to be taken precedence over the child variety:

See article from

A Lower Earley man the first person in this area to be arrested under a new law forbidding the possession of extreme pornography has been rebailed until March.

The 66-year-old answered bail at Loddon Valley police station this month and was told to return to the same station on Friday, March 19.

He was arrested in August following a house raid on suspicion of possessing extreme pornographic images and indecent images of children.


21st February   

Extreme Reporting...

Extreme porn takes precedence over child
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A Swansea Valley man has been warned he is facing a prison sentence after he admitted possessing pornography classed as extreme and dangerous.

David Wilson appeared before Judge Huw Davies at Swansea crown court for a plea and case management hearing.

Wilson admitted possessing extreme pornographic images depicting sex or sexual intercourse with animals on various dates during 2009.

Wilson also admitted possessing dangerous pornography on June 5, 2009 which depicted scenes that could have resulted in serious injury to those taking part.

Janet Gedrych, prosecuting, said a total of 642 images fell into the two categories of extreme and dangerous.

But, in addition, Wilson admitted making (ie downloading) or possessing indecent images of children on 12 occasions in 2009.

Judge Davies agreed to a request by Wilson's barrister, Paul Hobson, to adjourn sentence to allow time for a probation officer to prepare a report into his background. But he warned Wilson not to draw any encouragement from the adjournment: He will understand that he faces the overwhelming likelihood of a custodial sentence because of the number of type of images involved, added the judge.


18th February   

Extreme Piercing...

Another victim of the Dangerous Pictures Act
Link Here

A man has been fined for possessing extreme pornographic images featuring women, horses and dogs.

Matthew Jones pleaded guilty in January to four counts of possessing 188 images on DVDs and a laptop.

He was fined £1,000 at Guildford Crown Court.

Laura Plant, prosecuting, told the court that the man had in his possession both still and moving images downloaded from the internet. She added: It's mostly horses and dogs I'm told, and adult females having intercourse with them or performing oral intercourse on the animals.

The court heard that police discovered the images on a laptop and DVDs under a bed after they carried out a search of Jones's house on March 4 last year.

In addition to the scenes of bestiality, there were also pictures described in court as being of an extreme sadistic nature likely to cause injury to body parts, and images depicting severe bondage and extreme piercing.

Richard McConaghy, defending, said possession of the images had become a criminal offence just over a month before they were seized. He added: While it appears some of these images were downloaded in this gap, the majority of them were things he had for longer within his possession. Most part of the criminality comes from not disposing of these images.

Before sentencing, Judge Michael Addison viewed some of the pictures. He told Jones: These are serious offences because the making of images of these sort must be discouraged.

Update: Back Up Charges

19th February 2010. See article from , Thanks to Harvey

The Dangerous Pictures charges seem to be back-up charges after the court ordered that the guy should be cleared of child porn charges (perhaps due to no evidence).


9th February   

Dangerous Mail Order...

Latest victim of the Dangerous Pictures Act found out due to interception of mail import
Link Here

A Post Office worker has admitted keeping a library of hardcore DVDs featuring bestiality and genital mutilation.

The man was investigated after Gatwick airport officials intercepted a consignment of films addressed to him.

When police went to his home in Dulwich, asking if he had any more obscene material, he directed them to his lounge.

They found 42 discs featuring humans in sex scenes with animals and others depicting acts causing serious injury to breasts, anus and genitals , Inner London Crown Court heard.

On Tuesday, Judge Crawford Lindsay adjourned the case for psychiatric reports. He allowed the postal worker unconditional bail ahead of sentence on March 19.

The man admitted two charges of attempting to possess six obscene DVDs and two of possessing 42 such DVDs between May 9 and June 26 last year.


5th February   

Dangerous Bail Conditions...

Victim of Dangerous Pictures Act suffers internet ban as a bail condition
Link Here

A man accused of possessing extreme porn featuring animals, has been banned from using the internet by magistrates.

Phillip Heard faces 19 charges of having images of a grossly offensive, disgusting or obscene character.

It is alleged he possessed images which explicitly and realistically portrayed an act which resulted, or was likely to result in serious injury to a person's breasts and genitals.

The charges also claims that he had images of a person performing an act of intercourse with a dog and a horse.

The allegations date back to August 28, and September 16, 2008. [But it wasn't against the law then!]

City magistrates committed Heard to Swansea Crown Court where he will appear next month.

Heard was given bail on the condition that he doesn't access the internet or buy any item from which you can use the internet.


1st February

 Offsite: Perverse Logic...

Link Here
Dangerous Pictures or Dangerous Animals?

See article from


21st January   

Fucking Dangerous Dogs...

Dangerous pictures charges added to bestiality case
Link Here

A former zoo worker convicted of attempting to have sex with a female rottweiler named Tara after a drunken party has been banned from owning dogs.

Judge John Rogers QC, sitting at Mold Crown Court, also placed him on a 12 month community order under which he must carry out 100 hours unpaid work.

Thomas Edwards, who at the time worked in catering at Chester Zoo, denied a charge of attempting to penetrate a living animal during an incident on August 30 last year. He said he went out into the back yard to have a smoke and to urinate and simply stroked one of two dogs which he did not know were there until he went out into the yard.

Edwards admitted seven charges of possessing animal pornography on his computer.


7th January   

Offsite: Animated to Persecute...

North Wales Police missed Frosties connection
Link Here
Tiger porn

 Flying Mount

The CPS dropped a prosecution under the extreme porn law last week when it apparently accepted that the soundtrack on a clip of a tiger apparently having sex with a women rendered the video comical rather than pornographic.

Andrew Holland appeared at Mold Crown Court on New Year's Eve to answer two charges of possessing extreme porn. Both charges related to video clips sent to him by friends, allegedly as jokes.

The first charge involved a video clip of a woman having sex with a tiger. The tiger, according to Holland, was an animated image, rather than a real tiger.

He told El Reg that the fictional nature of the action was obvious from the fact that, at the end of the scene, the Tiger turns to camera and said: that beats doing Frosties ads for a living .

...Read full article


3rd January   

Offsite: Thrown to the Lions...

Joke tiger porn victim found not guilty
Link Here
Tiger porn

 Thrown to the Tigers

A North Wales man has been cleared of possessing an extreme pornographic image involving a tiger having sex with a woman.

The prosecution offered no evidence when it was accepted that the tiger in the clip was not real, and that it was all a joke.

It emerged in court that police and prosecutors had not previously listened to the film with the sound on. Following the act, the tiger turned to the camera and roared: That beats the Frosties advert! .

Defendant Andrew Holland appeared at Mold Crown Court today and pleaded not guilty.

Prosecutor Elizabeth Bell said that the prosecution had decided to offer no evidence against him.

When asked by Judge John Rogers QC why that was being done, she said that when the case was previously reviewed the film had no sound track. It had been further reviewed, the sound track could be heard, and it was clear that the film had been produced for the purposes of a joke rather than for sexual gratification.

The sound track confirmed that the person watching the image would realise that it was not actually a real tiger that was involved in the fact, she said.

The judge recorded a formal not guilty verdict.

The court heard how the film had been blue toothed to the defendant as a joke.

Following the hearing, defending barrister David Potter said that the prosecution now accepted that any reasonable person viewing the video would not consider it to be real and that it was produced for the purposes of a joke.

The sound track showed the tiger describing himself as Tony the Tiger, the Frosties advert character, who roars and says 'that beats the Frosties advert', he explained.

The joke meant that Holland had found himself accused in court - and on various Internet sites - of possessing an extreme pornographic image which portrayed a person performing an act of intercourse with a tiger which was grossly offensive, disgusting or otherwise of an obscene character.

Unfortunately the persecution is not an an end, Holland faces another charge under the Dangerous Pictures Act involving the 'serious injury' clause. This will be heard in court on 17th March.

Offsite: Tiger has its day in court

3rd January 2010. See article from

It's oddly appropriate that the last day of a year notable for its stories about police powers, questionable prosecutions and state intrusion should have seen what must be one of the strangest cases on record come to court.

...Read full article

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