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2009: July-Sept

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29th September   

Extremely Dangerous...

First victims jailed under Dangerous Pictures Act
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An illegal immigrant who sold copied porn films in a pub has been jailed.

The man was spotted by police taking a large bag into the Fox Tavern in Gosport, on June 20. The officers followed him in and confronted him but he ran off. He was caught, not far from the pub.

When police checked the bag of 237 DVDs they were found to include 37 pornographic films, three of which were said to be illegal extreme pornography.

Portsmouth Crown Court Judge Ian Pearson said it was a mystery why he had not been deported afterwards. In sentencing the Chinese national to 32 weeks in prison, Judge Pearson said the man would be sent home at the end of his jail term.

The judge ordered the DVDs be destroyed.

Offsite: Dangerous Animals

Based on article from by John Ozimek

A man from Newcastle, was sentenced on 11 September to seven and a half years for drugs offenses – and a further six months in respect of a series of illegal images found on his PC.

This is another "porn-plus" case: in looking for evidence of one crime (drugs), the police uncovered evidence of another (possession of extreme porn). It is also another case where charges have been brought in respect of material depicting bestiality: in court, police stated that they had found 33 illegal obscene images of animal and human intercourse.

Update: Extreme Add Ons

2nd October 2009. See article from

An Army major has been jailed for two years for having child porn. He pleaded guilty to nine sample charges at a court martial in Colchester, Essex. He also admitted four of possessing indecent photographs of children, two of possessing extreme pornographic images and three of distributing the pictures.


6th September   

Comment: Dangerous Adult TV...

Free-to-Air on Italian TV yet Straight-to-jail in Britain
Link Here

A few days ago, on holiday in sunny Italy, I was channel surfing in the small hours. All dross except the opera on RAI1, but the porn flick on the local private channel Telenuovo (centred on Verona) was of interest in the light of the Dangerous Pictures Act.

Here, protected from juvenile eyes only by the time of transmission, was a Japanese porn flick - busload of girls in the sailor suit beloved of the dirty old men of Nippon and their teacher, kidnapped by three lechers armed with guns.

The few minutes I watched were enough to demonstrate that anyone in England possessing this film, free-to-air in Italy, could be thrown in the slammer for owning a film showing sexual assault with a weapon.


5th September   

Updated: Remanded in Custody...

Extreme policing as another victim is charged with possession of extreme porn
Link Here

A town hall worker has appeared in court charged with possession of 'extreme' pornography.

Nathan Porter an employee of Salford council, was arrested after a colleague made a complaint.

Police went to Porter's home and seized his computer and also took his work computer from Swinton Civic Centre.

In a statement, Greater Manchester Police said: A man has been charged after a number of pornographic images were recovered from a house in Salford. He has been charged with seven counts of possession of extreme pornographic images and appeared at Salford magistrates' court on Wednesday August 26th. Police searched a house  on August 24 and seized various items, including a computer. As part of this inquiry officers later attended a business premises on Chorley Road and seized a computer. Inquiries are ongoing.

Magistrates remanded Porter in custody and adjourned the case until October 7 for committal for trial.

A spokeswoman for Salford council said: We have suspended an employee in connection with this case. Suspension is a neutral act. This is in accordance with our agreed procedures for dealing with such matters and permits any appropriate investigations to take place.

Offsite: Serious Stuff

5th September 2009. See article from by John Ozimek

According to a spokesman for the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), seven DVDs were seized containing pornography that featured content of a bestial nature.

Possession of extreme porn is what is known as an "each way" offence, as it can be tried by magistrates or before a judge. The fact that this case is being sent to Crown Court would certainly imply that the CPS consider this to be a serious offence.

...Read full article


12th August   

Extreme Arrest...

Police raid for extreme porn under the Criminal Justice and Immigration Act
Link Here

A Reading pensioner has been arrested on suspicion of possession of indecent images of children and of extreme pornographic images.

He was arrested under the law forbidding the possession of extreme pornography.

This is the first arrest in the Berkshire West Basic Command Unit for this offence.

Police executed a warrant at his home on Wednesday last week and seized computer equipment.

Detective Constable Alastair Bagshaw of Loddon Valley Serious Crime Team said: This arrest was made under the new Criminal Justice and Immigration Act 2008, which came into effect in January this year. The act makes it an offence for anybody to be in possession of certain sorts of violent pornography.

The arrested man was released on bail to appear again at the police station on November 8.


5th July   

Extreme Responses...

Identifying supporters and opponents to the Scottish extreme porn bill
Link Here

The Criminal Justice and Licensing (Scotland) Bill was introduced in the Parliament on 5 March 2009.

The Bill contains more than 80 different policy proposals. In particular it introduces a new offence which will criminalise the possession of extreme pornographic images.

The Justice Committee then issued a call for written evidence inviting individuals and interested parties to submit views on the Bill in writing.

The responses received by the committee have now been posted.

From newsletter from

The following people spoke out against section 34 (Possession of extreme pornogaphy):

  • CJL12 -- Allan Balsillie
  • CJL23 -- Consenting Adults Action Network
  • CJL37 -- SM Dykes Manchester
  • CJL61 -- University of Edinburgh School of Law (James Chalmers)
  • CJL71 -- ACPOS (Association of Police Chief Officers in Scotland, bringing up issues of how to enforce, failure to live up to expectations of Rape Crisis Scotland)

The following people were in support of section 34:

  • CJL6 -- Association of Scottish Neighbourhood Watches (held a poll asking if they
    thought it was a good idea: 12% voted “no”)
  • CJL13 -- Engender
  • CJL17 -- Violence Against Women Strategy Multi-Agency Working Group
  • CJL22 -- Rape Crisis Scotland
  • CJL28 -- Anna Ritchie
  • CJL29 -- Zero Tolerance Charitable Trust
  • CJL33 -- Clydebank Women's Aid Collective
  • CJL42 -- Central Scotland Rape Crisis & Sexual Abuse Centre
  • CJL46 -- South Ayrshire Multi-Agency Partnership to tackle Violence Against
    Women & Children
  • CJL54 -- Women's Support Project
  • CJL57 -- National Gender-based Violence Programme Team
  • CJL62 -- Lesley Walker (though one can't be sure entirely what she's talking
    about: “p—nography”)
  • CJL66 -- CARE for Scotland
  • CJL72 -- Glasgow City Council
  • CJL75 -- Scottish Women's Aid (supported Rape Crisis Scotland and Women's
    Support Project)
  • CJL77 -- South Lanarkshire Council (supported Rape Crisis Scotland and Women's
    Support Project)
  • CJL79 -- Trafficking Awareness Raising Alliance
    The following people gave mixed reviews:
  • CJL8 -- Professor Clare McGlynn and Dr Erika Rackley (Durham Law School, mostly
    in favour)
  • CJL49 -- Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research (argues the law lacks clarity)

Most submissions in favour of the law would like to see broader terms, and would like a section on “incest” to be included in the list of offences. Apparently, they feel that pictures of explicitly over-18 women with the text “daughter” underneath encourages people to commit incest. Fantasy is lost upon these people. The written submissions have now closed, but that doesn't mean you can't ask the Justice Committee to think about the arguments opposing the law.

Write to the Justice Committee and ask them to consider inviting people opposing the law to discuss what is wrong with the law and what can be done about it.

The bill will soon enter stage 2, which will involve all MSPs. In preparation for this, arm the MSPs with arguments against the law. Send your MSP a letter explaining what's wrong with the law, and fears that it may be used to infringe upon personal rights.

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