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2011: July-Sept

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30th September   

'Contains Frequent Text References'...

BBFC release their classification database app for Android devices
Link Here

The BBFC free App is now available on Android devices. The App lets users check the latest film and DVD classification decisions from the BBFC. A useful tool for parents and guardians, the App gives instant access to the classification, running time and detailed information about why a film or DVD got the classification it did.

All BBFC film classification decisions come with Extended Classification Information (ECI) which, in the case of cinema films, is available on the App 10 days before the film opens. ECI explains the classification issues in any film, enabling users to make informed decisions about what they or their family watch.

David Cooke, Director of the BBFC says: We designed the App to equip parents with the tools they need to make informed decisions about the films, videos and video games their children see and play, whether they are visiting the cinema, at home or purchasing a new DVD or video game. The BBFC is the only film classification body to provide detailed Extended Classification Information and we wanted to make this as accessible to parents as possible.

Each time the App is updated by the user, the classification information is stored on the mobile device making it fully accessible regardless of where the user is, even if they are unable to access mobile internet signal.

The BBFC App is now available for Android, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G and iPod touch.


30th September

 Offsite: The BBFC Archive...

Link Here
The films that vexed the censor

See article from


27th September   

Updated: Less Cut...

BBFC cuts drastically reduced to House on the Edge of the Park
Link Here

House on the Edge of the Park is a 1980 Italian horror thriller by Ruggero Deodato. See IMDb

A couple of weeks ago Shameless reported that it had recently heard back from the BBFC with regard to House on the Edge of the Park.

The BBFC requested 16 cuts totalling 1 minute 20 seconds. While this is a vast improvement over the 11+ minutes of cuts requested in 2002, Shameless are appealing [presumably meaning asking the BBFC to think again rather than invoking the formal appeals process] the BBFC's decision and will also be including two further extras dedicated to the censorship of the film.

The latest update from Shameless is that the BBFC have agreed to waive 37 seconds of these cuts to the sex scene between Alex and Lisa which had previously been cut due to the questionability of whether or not Lisa is enjoying her ordeal.

House on the Edge of the Park will be available on DVD from 31 October. More details on special features (including those dedicated to the film's censorship history) will be announced soon.

Indeed House on the Edge of the Park has had a difficult history of censorship in the UK:

Passed 18 after 11:43s of BBFC cuts for:

  • UK 2009 Cornerstone R2 DVD

  • UK 2002 Protected R2 DVD

The BBFC noted: Cuts required to several sequences of sexual violence, humiliating depictions of female nudity and gross violence

From IMDb:

  • BBFC removed most of the rape and assault scenes
  • heavily edited the razor-slashing of Cindy
  • heavily edited the opening murder scene
  • removed shots of Tony's head being slammed against a table.
Before that it was released on VHS video uncut by Skyline in October 1982. It was listed as a video nasty in July 1983. It stayed on the list throughout the panic so became one of the collectable DPP39s

And before that, a cinema release was rejected by the BBFC in 1981

Update: Confirmed

27th September 2011. From

The BBFC have now confirmed on their database that House on the Edge of the Park has been passed 18 after 43s of BBFC cuts for:
  • UK 2011 Argent/Shameless DVD for release on 31st October 2011

The BBFC consumer advice is:

  • Contains strong sexual violence and threat

The BBFC commented about their cuts:

  • Company was required to make cuts to one sequence of sexualised violence in which a razor is traced over a woman's naked body, after which her body is cut with the razor.


21st September   

Updated: Fag End Campaigners...

Anti-tobacco nutters think their own pet interests are above all other considerations in film classification
Link Here
Full story: Adult Rating for Smoking...Anti-smoking lobby for 18 for smoking in films

Tobacco campaigners have attacked incompetent film regulators and insouciant politicians for failing to act upon evidence suggesting that teenagers are being lured into smoking by seeing it in movies.

The call by the UK Centre for Tobacco Control Studies for a complete overhaul of film regulation to protect young people from pervasive and highly damaging imagery has been rejected despite what the centre considers compelling evidence.

 Alison Lyons and John Britton from the centre wrote:

Smoking in films remains a major and persistent driver of smoking uptake among children and young people, which the actions of irresponsible film makers, incompetent regulators and insouciant politicians are abjectly failing to control.

Researchers at the University of Bristol found that 15-year-olds most exposed to films in which characters smoked were 73% cent more likely to have tried a cigarette, and nearly 50% more likely to be a current smoker, than those who watched the fewest films featuring smoking.

The campaigners call for films that feature smoking to be automatically classified as 18 and to be regarded as dangerous as illicit drugs and violence.

A Department of Culture, Sports and Media spokesman said:

The Government believes the current arrangements provide sufficient control on the depiction of smoking in films and a total ban would be a disproportionate interference. This action would undermine the credibility, and therefore the quality, of domestically produced films.

Update: BBFC Reply

21st September 2011. See  article from

The BBFC said its current guidelines were proportionate; take due account of the available evidence of harm; and reflect the clear wishes of the public .

David Cooke, the board's director, said:

Glamorising smoking has been included as a classification issue in our published classification guidelines.

There is, however, no public support for automatically classifying, for instance, a PG film at 18 just because it happens to contain a scene of smoking.


18th September   

Update: Re-Outed...

Red Dead Redemption, Game of the Year Edition officially announced
Link Here

The existence of the Game of the Year Edition of Red Dead Redemption was outed by an BBFC rating recently and now Rockstar has officially confirmed its existence and given a release date of 14th October.

This will be the definitive release of Red Dead Redemption including the full original game plus all the downloadable content that has been released for the game. It will also add a new hardcore single player mode.

It was classified by the BBFC as 18 uncut with the BBFC comment that the game contains: Very strong language and strong bloody violence.

The BBFC also noted 128 minutes of video footage contained within the game.


17th September

 Offsite: Meet the Censors...

Link Here
The Independent talks to censors from BBFC, IWF, ASA and Ofcom

See article from


16th September

 Offsite: Learning from the Next Generation...

Link Here
David Cooke on what the BBFC does for young people

See article from


8th September   

Update: Starting to Take Shape...

First trailer showing footage from Human Centipede Part 2
Link Here
Full story: Human Centipede...Hype spreads mouth to arse

The first trailer has appeared showing actual footage from Human Centipede Part 2 (Full Sequence).

The trailer starts with a reprise from the first part but begins with the new material when the lights come on in the disused building.


6th September   

Updated: Crawling On...

The date of the appeal against the BBFC ban of Human Centipede Part 2 has yet to be set
Link Here
Full story: Human Centipede...Hype spreads mouth to arse

The BBFC have kindly confirmed that the appeal against the ban on Human Centipede Part 2 has yet to be fixed.

An interview by Tom Six gave the impression that formal appeal had already been heard and lost twice... and that Tom Six was already looking to the High Court for satisfaction.

Presumably in the following except from his interview, Six was using the word 'appeal' in an informal sense, meaning that he had just asked the BBFC (rather than the Video Appeals Committee) to think again.

Here is the original Tom Six wording again:

Offsite: Interview with Tom Six re the BBFC Appeal

31st August 2011. Thanks to Mark. See  interview from
See also Tom Six, The BBFC and The Human Centipede 2 Censorship Debacle from

Q: Have you got anything to say to the BBFC?

Tom Six: Oh, I've got lots of things to say, you can imagine. When I first heard it I wanted to thank them so much for their incredible publicity, but now I'm getting really annoyed. They didn't agree with our appeal, so it's looking not good, and I'm really angry now, because how can they say to adults you can't watch this film ? It's incredible, and I'm really sad because the UK is the country that gave the world the black humour of Monty Python and Little Britain, and in my film; part 1 and part 2, there's a lot of black humour. I'm so disappointed they're so humourless.


Q: Do you see the BBFC ban being lifted any time soon?

Tom Six: Well, they have rejected our second appeal, so now the distributor has to go to a barrister or court, I'm not sure how that works, so it looks not very good. The film is not obscene, a lawyer said that and we have to get a barrister saying that. We have to find a way, I'm fighting my ass off with the distributor to find a way to show the film in the UK.

...Read the full interview


6th September   

Update: Recommended by the BBFC...

Australian trailer for Human Centipede Part 2 glories in ban justifying accolades by the BBFC
Link Here
Full story: Human Centipede...Hype spreads mouth to arse

The BBFC justification for banning Human Centipede Part 2 has been used with great effect to form a teaser trailer for its uncut showing in Australia.

Perhaps it will start a trend and that all countries will follow suit and have a bit of fun at the expense of the BBFC.


3rd September   

Update: We Get Used to this Censorship Stuff...

3D Sex and Zen director resigned to censorship
Link Here
Full story: 3-D Sex and Zen...Hong Kong erotic movie in 3D

3D Sex and Zen is a 2011 Hong Kong erotic drama by Christopher Sun Lap Key. See IMDb

In the UK it was passed 18 after 2:48s of BBFC cuts for cinema release.

HeyUGuys interviewed the director, Christopher Sun and asked about censorship cuts:

HeyUGuys: In the UK there have been some scenes removed to get it past the classification board. How do you feel about that?

Christopher Sun: It was sad, but it's an honour for us to have the film released in the UK, and we have to respect the censorship. Even when we release a film in Hong Kong, a scene or two actually gets shortened because of comments from the local censorship board, so we get used to this censorship stuff. We know that we're pushing things to the limits, so that's life...

There is a scene where the Prince of Ning accidentally kills his concubine. That scene is meant to be much longer. I tried to show it with one take, but then we got some advice from the censorship board in Hong Kong, because of the realism it had, it makes people uncomfortable to see it in one go, so we had to cut it, and take away a scene or two, so the length of the scene is actually shortened.

There is also particular a shot that we cut out here in Hong Kong, and around the globe too. [During an orgy scene, Wei Yangsheng, the film's protagonist] gets quite exhausted, doing that stuff to the women. It came to a point where he grabs a woman, and squeezes her titty, and breast milk spreads all over his body. A lot of audiences, and censorship boards found that too offensive, so we cut that shot away.

...Read the full interview


1st September   

Animated to Censor...

What will the BBFC make of Mardock Scramble
Link Here

Following on from the BBFC cuts to the 2007 Japanese anime TV series, Ikki tôsen: Dragon destiny , it was announced a few days ago that distribution company Kaze UK has licensed the Mardock Scramble anime movie trilogy.

Now that is a brave move as the protagonist is a 15 year old girl who spends much of the first part naked. She is also depicted having sex with an adult, and in a flashback you see her aged 12 having sex with her father. I would assume that the "dangerous cartoons" provisions of the C&JA 2009 Section 62 would not be an issue here because of the "context" exemption granted by Section 62(4) - it's clearly an action thriller with significant sexual content rather than a porn movie with action scenes.

But it will be very interesting to see what the BBFC make of it.


4th August   

Update: One Dimensional Censorship...

BBFC ask for 2 minutes of cuts to Sex and Zen 3D
Link Here
Full story: 3-D Sex and Zen...Hong Kong erotic movie in 3D

The BBFC have asked for cuts to the up and coming film release for Sex And Zen 3D .

Distributors Metrodome have announced that they were required to make two minutes of cuts to scenes of non consensual and violent sex.


3rd August   


BBFC reveal classification decision that maybe they shouldn't have
Link Here

The latest batch of classification decisions included the video game, Red Dead Redemption Game of the Year Edition.

It was classified as 18 uncut with the BBFC comment: This digitalmedia contains VERY STRONG LANGUAGE AND STRONG BLOODY VIOLENCE

However it wasn't long before this BBFC website listing was removed.

Commentators are speculating that revealing this decision could be an embarrassing mistake as there seems no other information adverting this new release even though September 16th is not so far away. Perhaps it was meant to be a surprise. comment on the current Red Dead Redemption release:

If you're a fan of open-world games, and you haven't yet played this, then this is a must-have title. It is an absolute masterpiece from the makers of the critically acclaimed and controversial GTA series.


26th July

 Offsite: Borderline Sex...

Link Here
David Cooke of the BBFC says: Let's talk about sex

See article from


12th July   

Obituary: The Earl of Harewood...

Film censor passed 88 after extensive BBFC cuts
Link Here

The Earl of Harewood, who died yesterday aged 88, was a first cousin of the Queen and in later years, after growing a beard, bore more than a passing resemblance to his grandfather King George V; but he did not like to be defined by his royal forebears and his family connections were of no use whatever to him in his chosen career in the media world.

In 1985, he was appointed President of the British Board of Film Classification. During the 1960s he had been very much to the fore in opposing the Lord Chamberlain's powers of censorship of plays on stage and was regarded as a liberal in such matters.. BUT... Harewood had no doubt that the situation had changed with the production of more explicitly violent films and videos which appeared in the 1970s and 1980s:

When you see concentration camp sex films where women inmates are subjected to gang rape and sadistic torture, it is so unbelievably ghastly that you have to accept there must be some limits to freedom.

Harewood believed there was a proven link between violent films and crime, pointing out that nearly half the favourite films listed by both offenders were in the 18 category, and under his leadership the Board's classification policy became appreciably stricter. Many videos were banned and large parts of violent mainstream films such as Arnold Schwarzenegger's True Lies were excised.

But Harewood came to feel that the Board was fighting a losing battle. In a report to the Conservative Home Secretary Michael Howard in 1996, the year before he retired from the post, he condemned Hollywood's cynical marketing of violence to the teenage market. He said:

Those who have loved films all their lives can only lament the current values of a highly successful industry which nowadays teaches violence, glorifies it, and celebrates the rewards it brings, he concluded. The real solution is for Hollywood to wake up with a conscience. But I have my doubts. There's too much money at stake.

Harewood left the BBFC in 1997.


6th July

 Offsite: What's It Like to Ban a Film?...

Link Here
Full story: Human Centipede...Hype spreads mouth to arse
Huffington Post opens strongly in the UK with an interesting article by David Cooke

See article from


3rd July   

Updated: Is This for Real?...

The Bunny Game looks set to challenge the BBFC
Link Here
Full story: The Bunny Game...Banned by the BBFC

Adam Rehmeier's The Bunny Game is one intense and disturbing film.

It features a fearless performance from Rodleen Getsic, who portrays a junkie Los Angeles prostitute who is abducted by a crazed trucker, dragged out to the desert and tortured for three days.

Here's the catch though, everything you see on screen is real. There are no stunts . No fake prosthetics. Rodleen underwent tremendous personal prep to take on this role, transforming her body, fasting for forty+ days prior to shooting. She takes a real brand, and some very real beatings. None of these people are actors.

The Bunny Game is minimalist, but extremely daring, cathartic, and a spiritual cleansing by fire.

At the moment the BBFC hasn't classified/certified the film, but it should go without saying that this will get a Cert 18. Not sure what cuts might be made to the film, if any. It does open on a very graphic and painful scene of fellatio, which makes this a prime target for British censors.

The Bunny Game will get an early 2012 release date

In the meantime, see the trailer from

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