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2011: Oct-Dec

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31st December   

Update: Pandering to Nutters...

David Cameron moves to ban all the simple pleasures of life such as cheap booze
Link Here
Full story: Drinking Restrictions...Drinking becomes the target of killjoy politicians

  Cameron's advisory panel
on media and leisure

David Cameron is planning a miserable minimum price policy or alcohol in England. The minimum price would be accompanied by an aggressive moral campaign and a more draconian approach to curtailing the sale of alcohol in shops, pubs and clubs

The Prime Minister has ordered officials to develop a scheme in England to stop the sale of alcohol at below 40p to 50p a unit in shops and supermarkets.

Ministers could copy Scottish proposals, which would ban the sale of alcohol below 45p a unit, or bring in a more expensive and bureaucratic system of taxes based on the number of alcohol units contained in the drink.

Both options would cost drinkers and the economy an estimated extra £ 700 million a year, with any extra tax revenue potentially going to the NHS.

The Daily Telegraph understands that the Prime Minister personally ordered the radical big bang approach, which will be included in the Government's forthcoming alcohol strategy. It was due for release next month, but has now been delayed until February.


20th December   

Brighton Scrooge...

The new christmas tradition of silly stories about council dickheads undermining christmas traditions
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Tenants of council flats in Brighton have been sent letters telling them not to put wreaths or other Christmas decorations on their front doors.

The council claims decorations are a potential fire hazard but residents say the decision is Scrooge-like.

The worst that is going to happen is you are going to get concussion from a paper chain landing on your head, said resident Stephan Bennett.

All we are trying to do is keep people safe, said spokesprat Michael Meik.

We are not being Scrooge, claimed Brighton and Hove City Council fire safety adviser Ebeneezer Meik... [BUT] ... If we go round to a housing block and find there are any sort of Christmas decorations we will be asking people to take them down.


20th December   

Twinkle Twinkle Little Twat...

The new christmas tradition of silly stories about council dickheads undermining christmas traditions
Link Here

We live in an age of hair-trigger horror, in which anyone saying boo to a goose can expect to face an instant firestorm on Twitter and demands for their arrest on animal cruelty charges.

In the latest example parents have been told the song twinkle, twinkle little star may cause offence to the deaf.

Apparently, the sign, which resembles a diamond shape when made with forefingers and thumbs, is used in official sign language to represent female genitalia.

A christmas performance by Sure Start toddler group came to the attention of ever-vigilant officials at the City of York Council. Jill Hodges, assistant director of education, said this was a sensible decision taken to prevent deaf children or deaf parents being offended .

It goes without saying that there are currently no deaf children or parents attending the play group, at Acomb, North Yorkshire. Naturally, there hasn't been a single complaint. And it isn't right anyway. The strictly accurate sign for female genitalia is an inverted diamond held in front of the crotch. While singing Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, the children hold their hands high above their heads.


26th November   

Offsite: Unoccupying the Olympics...

Authorities taking precautions against the prospect of an Occupy London Olympics protest
Link Here
Full story: London Olympics 2012...Restrictions and control

A series of Home Office proposals could ban protests during the London 2012 Olympic games. In reaction to the longevity and scale of recent Occupy London takeovers of public and private space at St Paul's Cathedral, Finsbury Square and a former UBS bank, ministers are reported to be drafting legislation loosely based on part 3 of the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011 -- paying particular note to restricting tents and sleeping equipment for up to 90 days around exclusion zones. Police and authorised officers will be allowed to disperse protests quickly. Presumably with reasonable force .

...Read the full article


23rd October   

Updated: Extraditing Injustice...

Equally unjust for all so everything is all right then
Link Here
Full story: European Arrest Warrants...Arrested in Britain for non-crimes

A review of the UK's extradition laws by a former Court of Appeal judge has found that existing arrangements between the UK and USA are balanced but the Home Secretary's discretion to intervene in human rights cases should be removed.

  • The European Arrest Warrant (in the news most recently in relation to the attempted extradition of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange to Sweden) has improved the scheme of surrender between Member States of the European Union and that broadly speaking it operates satisfactorily . However, some member states are issuing too many warrants, a problem which is being addressed by the European Union and Commission.
  • The United States/United Kingdom Treaty, which campaigners for Gary McKinnon amongst others have argued is unbalanced against the UK, does not operate in an unbalanced manner and there is no significant difference between the probable cause [US] test and the reasonable suspicion [UK] test .

Sir Scott’s 486-page review is certainly thorough, but those who were hoping for radical recommendations will be disappointed.

The human rights organisation Liberty have said they are completely baffled by it and campaigners for Gary McKinnon have called the recommendations pathetic.

The Home Secretary, however, has said that she is very grateful ; it may be that the Home Office is relieved that significant and complicated extradition agreements with other states will not have to be renegotiated.

Perhaps someone should have asked whether the extradition rules are fair to the people involved rather than whether they are 'balanced' between the participating governments.

Offsite: Further Examples of Injustice

11th November 2011. See  article from

A British woman was seized, strip-searched and jailed under the controversial European Arrest Warrant for an alleged crime committed by her then boyfriend 12 years before.

...Read the full article


17th October   

Offsite: Rough Justice for Women...

Victims of rapist cop denied compensation because of relatively minor previous convictions
Link Here

f you suffer a crime, you are generally entitled to compensation from the state. Nowhere near enough. But compensation nonetheless.

Except even here government is determined to carry on with its penny-pinching: to divide victims into the worthy and the unworthy; or in this case good girls and bad .

Because if you yourself have committed a criminal offence -- and it is not yet spent -- you won't get a penny in compensation, no matter how seriously you have suffered. No doubt that plays all too well in the conservative middle-class shires.

But here's the reality. This week, at least 16 women and girls, victims of rapist cop, Stephen Mitchell, were denied compensation (in any case no more than a measly £ 11,000) because of previous convictions of their own.

Many of their offences were in respect of drug addiction, shoplifting or fraud. They are crimes, in many instances, of poverty: sometimes -- not always -- born of desperation.

...Read the full article


14th October   

Updated: Boycott Braehead...

Braehead shopping centre does its bit to add to the oppressive atmosphere in Britain
Link Here
Full story: Policing of Photographers...Snapshot of a British police state

Braehead shopping centre has been shamed into reversing its ban on photography after an internet campaign.

It follows an oppressive incident at Glasgow's Braehead shopping centre when security guards challenged a man who had taken a photo of his young daughter.

Chris White was bullied by security guards and then questioned by police after taking a photo of four-year-old Hazel eating an ice cream on Friday.

White said that, when he was interviewed by police, an officer warned him that anti-terrorism powers meant his camera phone could be confiscated.

In response Chris White set up a Facebook page called Boycott Braehead which, by Monday evening, had been liked by about 20,000 people. In a message posted tonight on the Facebook page, White said he would continue to press for other shopping centres to change their policies. He wrote:

Hopefully we can now move forward with a common sense approach into a situation that allows families to enjoy precious moments with their children, but at the same time ensure that such public places are areas where we can feel safe and protected.

I have been overwhelmed by the public response on this issue and thank everyone for their support.

Capital Shopping Centres said the new rules would apply immediately to its 11 UK shopping centres. These include the Trafford Centre, near Manchester, Lakeside, in Essex, the Metrocentre, in Gateshead, and the Mall at Cribbs Causeway in Bristol. It said the policy was also likely to be adopted at three other centres in which it is a partner.

Staff will no longer try to prevent family and friends taking pictures of each other, although security guards might still challenge anyone acting suspiciously.

Capital Shopping Centres, which also owns malls in Cardiff, Manchester, Newcastle, Norwich and Nottingham, said: CSC can confirm that we will be changing the photography policy at our 11 directly owned centres and that at the other three centres, which we own in partnership with other companies, we will be discussing with our partners the policy change and recommending that it be adopted.

Update: Police dispute White's account BUT won't tell us their side of the story

14th October 2011.  See  press release from
See also Are police attempting to smear The Braehead One, ask his supporters from

Rob Shorthouse, Director of Communications for Strathclyde Police said:

It is absolutely right and proper that when a complaint about the police is made that it is fully investigated. The public need to know that their complaints are taken seriously and are acted upon promptly and professionally. This is exactly what has happened in this incident.

Mr White complained to the police about the incident in Braehead. In his statement he set out a set of circumstances that has caused widespread debate, comment and criticism for those who he alleged were involved. Mr White chose to make his complaint public, to give interviews to the media and to seek debate on social networks.

We are well aware that, as a result of this social media conversation, demonstrations are being planned this weekend at Braehead. We have also seen global media coverage of the incident -- all of which has painted the shopping centre, this police force and, arguably, our country in a very negative light.

It is because Mr White chose to seek publicity for his account of events and because of the planned demonstration that we feel compelled to take the unusual step of making our findings public.

In reaching our conclusions, officers took statements from a number of independent witnesses and viewed the substantial amount of CCTV that was available in the centre.

On reviewing all of this objective evidence, I have to tell you that we can find no basis to support the complaint which Mr. White has elected to make.

The members of the public who asked for the security staff to become involved have told us that they did so for reasons which had absolutely nothing to do with him taking photographs of his daughter. They had a very specific concern, which I am not in a position to discuss publicly, that they felt the need to report. It was because of this very specific concern that security staff became involved. They were right to raise their concern and we are glad that they did so.

The security staff were the ones who asked for police involvement. Again, this was not because Mr White said he had been photographing his daughter, but was due to the concerns that they themselves had regarding this particular incident.

When our officers became involved they did not confiscate any items, nor was Mr White questioned under counter terrorist legislation. It is wrong to suggest that the police spoke to Mr White because he claimed he had been photographing his daughter, or that officers made any reference to counter terror legislation. Mr. White knows, or ought to know, why our officers spoke with him.

Since Mr White chose to publish his version of events on Facebook, we have seen substantial traditional media and social media activity around the story. People have been very quick to offer their opinions on this issue and were very keen to accept Mr White's story as the only evidence that was available. Clearly this was not the case.

Social media allowed this story to spread quickly around the world. I hope that the same media allows this part of the tale to move just as quickly.

For the avoidance of any doubt, we have fully investigated this incident and we can say that none of the independent and objective evidence presented to us by either the members of the public or the CCTV backs up the claims made by Mr White.

Comment: Miserable Britain

Perhaps indeed there may indeed be question marks over this case.

But I think the police have missed the point, if they think the widespread sympathy with White's campaign is just down to this one incident, then they are clearly wrong.

Public protest has kicked off because of a long history of police and security staff taking it on themselves to ban public photography for trivial reasons taken out of all perspective. Not to mention the general officious and repressive climate in Britain, where jumped up officials take it on themselves to try and micro manage people's day to day behaviour to match some politically correct dystopia.

If the authorities are worried by public responses such as this, perhaps they should look to the wider issues of the authoritarian political correctness that is making Britain truely miserable.

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