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2011: April-June

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20th June   

Obituary: Brian Haw...

Of Parliament Square
Link Here
Full story: Protests at Parliament Square...Banning protests outside UK Parliament

Brian Haw, who died of cancer on June 18 aged 62, became famous when he set up home in atent in Parliament Square in a quixotic peace vigil and, despite heavy-handed efforts by the authorities to silence him, he remained there until last March.

Initially Haw, a former carpenter who began his vigil in June 2001, was protesting about the economic sanctions imposed by the West on Iraq, which, he claimed, were responsible for the deaths of 200 Iraqi children per day. For months he sat on a chair, fasting and praying.

Initially Haw was regarded as something between harmless eccentric and damn nuisance, but as public opposition to the war in Iraq grew and as the authorities embarked on attempts to silence him, he acquired the status of a folk hero, symbol of protest and thorn in the side of an unpopular government. In 2006 he was voted the most inspiring political figure at the Channel 4 political awards.


11th June   

Miserable Puritans...

Scottish government considers banning the sale of alcohol to young adults
Link Here

Nicola Sturgeon, the Scottish Health Minister and the country's Deputy First Minister has announced she is considering imposing US-style puritanical alcohol laws.

According to reports in the Scottish Herald, local authorities are to be given the power to restrict sales of alcohol to those over the age of 21 in areas where underage drinking has supposedly proved to be a problem.

The proposed ban on under 21s buying booze follows a previous attempt by former Minister Cathy Jamieson who attempted to introduce a ban on off-licences sales to young adults.

While Jamieson's plans were widely ridiculed, Sturgeon's plan may not prove to easy to stop - largely as a result of the outright majority her party has in the Scottish Parliament.


14th May   

Bollox Policing...

Complaints about nudist neighbour who lives 150 meters away
Link Here

A 62-year-old Gloucestershire back garden naturist was arrested for indecent exposure and now faces three charges of outraging public decency.

Donald Sprigg was hauled before Cheltenham Magistrates Court accused of causing his Cirencester neighbours harassment, alarm or distress , the Daily Mail reports.

Sprigg denied the charges, while his solicitor Mohammed Iqbal insisted that the neighbours who'd protested actually lived 150 metres away and had captured the allegedly indecent horticultural action from their balcony using a long-distance lens .

Sprigg was bailed to stand trial on 20 June. ?


2nd May   

Sterilised Wedding...

A round up policing reports from the royal wedding
Link Here

Freedom of expression and right to protest (or simply to have fun at an event that doesn't support the establishment pro-monarchy view) apparently goes out the door if there's a royal wedding on:

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