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 Ofcom take over from ATVOD

  On-demand and online research: consumption and concerns...

Ofcom solicits 'concerns' of VoD viewers

Link Here 8th February 2016

Ofcom regulates on-demand programme services (ODPS) that are notified and based in the UK, to ensure that providers apply the relevant standards. Ofcom also has a duty to advise the Government on the need for protection of consumers and citizens in their consumption of audio-visual services, and in particular the need to protect children.

Ofcom seeks to understand people's use of, and concerns about, notified ODPS in the broader context of all on-demand and online audio-visual services in the UK, and has therefore carried out quantitative consumer research for this purpose. A

. Comparisons are made to the 2014 data throughout this report where relevant.

This survey covers the full range of audio-visual content that is available on demand and online: sourced either directly via the internet, via an app, or via a provider of a service; for example, programmes on BBC iPlayer, clips on YouTube and films provided by ondemand services from Netflix.

In this report we examine online and on-demand consumption of audio-visual content among adults and teens, and their concerns regarding that content.

The report adds about viewer 'concerns'

The top mentions in 2015 among all concerned adults include: violence (50%), welfare of children/young people (32%), bullying/victimising (31%), racism (30%), discrimination (29%), bad language (28%) and pornography (24%). Concerns regarding violence, bullying and racism have significantly increased among adults since 2014, while concerns regarding sexually explicit content have decreased.


 Offsite Article: From ATVOD to Ofcom...

Link Here 21st February 2016
Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fire. By Jerry Barnett

See article from sexandcensorship.org


 Update: The New ATVOD...

Ofcom's first response to complaints about the content of internet adult videos

Link Here 25th February 2016
Someone has been trolling around adult video on the clips4sale website and fired off a few complaints about content.

However Ofcom has responded in the latest Complaints Bulletin by listing them as outside of remit.

The complaints were listed under content complaints in the category : Prohibited material / notification. The services were named as:

  • Balls for Kicking (clips4sale)
  • More Balls to Kick (clips4sale)
  • Sit and Smother (clips4sale)
  • Uniformed Women in Control (clips4sale)
  • Women Rule (clips4sale)
  • Womens World (clips4sale)


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