Lap Dancing in Lancashire

Whingers in Accrington

30th October

The Wrong Values...

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Nutter clergy line up to have a whinge at Accrington lap dancing bar proposal

Plans to open Eye Candy lap dancing club have been described as exploitive to women and as bringing the wrong values into Accrington town centre by nutters of the cloth.

Accrington Reverend Kevin Logan described it as bringing the wrong values into the town. [wrong values like making money and having fun].

The Bishop of Burnley, John Goddard, added that the plans exploit women: These sorts of establishments send the wrong message about women. I think women are worth more. I think all people are worth more than that.

Reverend John Binks at Accrington's St Johns with St Augustines Church said: These plans do make me uncomfortable. I don't think women should be exploited and I don't think men should be encouraged to exploit them. I think men are the weaker sex in these situations and are led into treating women as sex objects.

The proposals to open Eye Candy lap dancing bar has been granted a Sexual Entertainment Venue licence, but has yet to be granted an alcohol licence or planning permission.


17th April

Update: I Candy...

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Lap dancing club obtains planning permission in Accrington

A lap dancing club is to open in the Accrington town centre after councillors granted planning permission. The bar had already obtained a Sexual Entertainment licence.

The I Candy club, which is set to open on Blackburn Street will be the first of its kind in the Lancashire town.

Hundreds of people signed a petition against the club claiming it would have a detrimental impact on the town centre.

Hyndburn Borough Council planning committee approved the application saying: Members of the planning committee considered the planning application against all representations received as well as relevant development plan and national planning policies.


5th May

Update: I Candy...

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Accrington lap dancing club finds that Job Centre wont take job adverts for the club

The manager of a lap dancing club in Accrington claims she is the victim of political correctness and discrimination after the Jobcentre refused to allow her to advertise for dancers.

Kate Hartley is to launch iCandy in Blackburn Road on May 31, with the help of 45 new members of staff. But Hartley  said she had hit a wall in the recruitment process after being told she could not advertise vacancies for lap dancers, bar staff, waiting on staff and doorman.

When contacted by the Lancashire Telegraph, the Jobcentre said its policy was not to advertise for lap dancers, but it was now considering whether the other positions were suitable for display in its branches.

Hartley said:

I think the Jobcentre's attitude is absolutely crazy in the current economic climate. The Jobcentre should want to help us employ local people. It's political correctness gone mad. They told me they would not be able to advertise my jobs as people will be intimidated.

That's discrimination. If people are mature enough to get a job they are mature enough to walk passed an advert they do not wish to apply for.

A Jobcentre spokesman said:

People who are desperately looking for work shouldn't be put in an environment where they're exposed to these types of jobs and could feel under pressure to work in the sex industry.

Update: Opening Night

13th July 2012. See  article from

iCandy, will be launched on Friday 13th July 2012 despite opposition from residents and recruitment agencies, a lack of dancers and a 1,500-signature petition against the club.

The manager of the club, Kate Hartley, said: We are aware a lot of people are against us but we are hoping for best.



Update: Run of the Mill...

Bolton proposed a policy on nil new table dancing venues in the town centre

Link Here 5th December 2013
Full story: Lap Dancing in Lancashire...Whingers in Accrington
Bolton Council was a little late coming to the anti lap dancing moralist party, but have now proposed a council policy of no new venues in the city centre.

The council looks set to tolerate the existing club though.

The council is now putting together some sort of consultation asking for contributors to say negative things about lap dancing venues.



Updated: Impact on 'Perceptions' of Crime and Disorder...

Manchester council moralists come up with a few old chestnuts to justify refusing a licence for a new table dancing club

Link Here 14th March 2014
Full story: Lap Dancing in Lancashire...Whingers in Accrington
A strip club and lap dancing bar could be destined for Manchester's Northern Quarter if planning permission gets the go-ahead next week. The proposal is for a currently disuded building on the corner of Swan Street and Oldham Street.

Plans for an all-night gentleman's club , complete with striptease, lap and pole dancing and stage shows, are to be discussed at March 13's Planning and Highways Committee meeting.

However a Manchester City Council report submitted by planning officers ahead of the meeting have recommended the venue is rejected citing the old moralist chestnut, that it will make the area feel seedier .  Council planning officers suggest a number of unevidenced reasons for quashing the plans, including: the effect on promoting the location as a high quality area, the potential adverse effect on adjacent residents, the impact on perceptions and the image of the area to future potential investors, impact on perceptions about crime and disorder, the impact on street level activity particularly during the daytime and the proposal would not provide a useful local service.

Greater Manchester Police said the proposal is generally acceptable , subject to the advice given in their report, which included recommendations to make it safer.

It is also noted that proposed site is to be close to the New Islington development where there are plans for a new school to be built.

Update: Rejected

14th March 2013. See  article from

Plans to turn a historic Northern Quarter building into a lap dancing club have been thrown out by the town hall. The proposal to open on the corner Swan Street and Oldham Street was rejected.  No council explanation was included in the news story.



Feminists vs Gentlemen...

Moralists carry the day as a Birkenhead night club is refused planning permission to offer table dancing

Link Here 20th April 2018
Full story: Lap Dancing in Lancashire...Whingers in Accrington
Peachez lap dancing club has been refused planning permission and deemed totally inappropriate - six months after it is believed to have opened.

The club has planning permission to operate as a nightclub but the council deemed it required planning permission to operate as a nightclub offering table dancing.

Wirral Council did not offer a particular reason beyond a moral objection to lap dancing and deeming this to be 'inappropriate'.

Councillors heard a moral objection from Josephine Wood a feminist campaigner from the Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre. Her statement said it was unbelievable the plans were being considered for a development promoting objectification and sexualisation of women for male titillation and 'pleasure'.

The refusal, which is subject to appeal, now means the club will be issued an enforcement notice requiring it to become a nightclub once more.



Extract: WirralLeaks...

Stripping the Illusion has been following Wirral's Peachez successful fight against council censorship

Link Here 24th September 2018
Full story: Lap Dancing in Lancashire...Whingers in Accrington

Now Peachez was operating legally with a SEV Lecense issued from the Council back in October 2017 as there were no indications of any illegality and as followers of the blog know you cannot apply moral judgements on venues. Now the councillors Phil Davies and Jean Stapleton decided to use planning laws to close the venue by declaring it as unsuitable for the location. So Peachez appealed and the national planning inspectorate had to make a decision on if the club was suitable. And this is where it gets exciting and has much wider impact. Well the directorate has ruled in far of the club and it said it creates a positive impact on the night time economy.

...Read the full article from


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