Blasphemy in Indonesia

Blasphemy applied to slight deviations of belief


Update: Judges Incite Hated and Animosity...

An atheist page on Facebook gets an Indonesian 30 months in jail

Link Here 15th June 2012
Full story: Blasphemy in Indonesia...Blasphemy applied to slight deviations of belief

An Indonesian man has been jailed for 30 months after writing God doesn't exist on his Facebook page. Alexander Aan was imprisoned for sharing atheist material about the religious character Mohammed online.

He started an atheist group on Facebook on which he shared comic strips of the prophet having sex with his servant, a court in western Sumatra heard.

He was found guilty of deliberately spreading information inciting religious hatred and animosity .

Aan was beaten by an angry mob and arrested by police in his hometown of Pulau Punjung in western Sumatra in January after posting the material online and declaring himself an atheist.

The court had earlier indicted Aan with two other charges, persuading others to embrace atheism and blasphemy. But the court convicted him of the most serious charge and dropped the other two.

Aan's arrest sparked outrage among Indonesians and international activists, who showed their support on his Facebook group and circulated petitions to have his charges dropped.



Update: Prohibiting Criticism...

Newspaper cartoon criticising Islamic State held as blasphemous in Indonesia

Link Here 15th December 2014
Full story: Blasphemy in Indonesia...Blasphemy applied to slight deviations of belief
The Jakarta Post has defended the publication of a cartoon criticising Islamic State (IS) militants, after its editor was arrested for blasphemy.

The cartoon shows a flag similar to ones used by IS with the words there is no God but Allah , and a skull and crossbones.

The Post, a leading English-language daily, said the cartoon was meant as a critique of the use of religious symbols in acts of violence.

But some Muslim groups said the cartoon was offensive towards Islam. The Post apologised and retracted the cartoon on 8 July, saying it regretted the error in judgement .

But later police named the Jakarta Post's editor-in-chief, Meidyatama Suryodiningrat, as a suspect for supposed religious defamation.

Rights group Amnesty International has condemned the move by police. In a statement the group said the incident went against President Joko Widodo's commitment to press freedom in Indonesia.


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