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 Politicians target adult porn suggesting younger

21st October

Softcore Liberals...

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Nutters and the adult trade lobby for stricter censorship

Catergory 1 labelNutter senator Barnaby Joyce has tabled a collection of hardcore pornography to illustrate how easy it is to pick it up from petrol stations and corner shops.

Senator Joyce ludicrously said the pornography was encouraging pedophilia.

These have received classification, it pertains to an insinuation that these girls are actually underage, he said.

NotSoLiberal Senator Julian McGauran said corner stores and service stations were abusing the classification system controlled by the federal government.

McGauran said as he questioned bureaucrats from the Classification Review Board during senate estimates hearings today: Category one classification is being abused.

Category one allows a softcore publication to be sold over the counter, sealed in an opaque wrapper. Category two allows hardcore publications to be sold in shops with adult only restrictions.

The classification board's acting director Olya Booyar was grilled for about an hour on what was being done to counteract the publications: The board doesn't go looking for publications which should be submitted (for classification) .

Enforcement of classifications was a state and territory government responsibility, the hearing was told.

Meanwhile adult trade lobbyist, the Eros Association, has backed coalition senators in urging an overhaul of the national classification regime for pornographic magazines and movies.

Eros chief executive Fiona Patten said the system as it now stood wasn't working, with inappropriate material sold through convenience stores and service stations.

Ms Patten said Eros supported Nationals senate leader Barnaby Joyce's action in raising the issue of magazine classifications during the Senate estimates hearing yesterday.

It's time for the federal government to overhaul the national classification scheme for publications, she said in a statement.

Ms Patten said all adult magazines and books were supposed to be submitted to the federal government for classification, but less than 5% of such publications sold in Australia had actually undergone classification. She said classification cost some $500-$700 per publication and for an importer bringing in just 10 copies of a specialist magazine, that would require a cover price of $70 to cover costs: So, clearly, they cannot comply with the law or they will go broke.

Frequently the same publication was imported by two or three businesses. But because a publication needed to be classified only once, the first to do so was actually covering the costs of competitors, Ms Patten said.

It's time the government reformed the classification scheme to create a more uniform adult category called non-violent erotica that spans films, publications and computer games that all fall under the same set of guidelines, she said.

Update: 3 Week Shutdown

22nd October 2008

A three-week shutdown should be forced on businesses that sell wrongly classified hardcore porn, Nationals Senate leader Barnaby Joyce says.


6th November

Update: Barely Legal...

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Constitutional challenge to impossibly vague German law

Barely Legal magazineHustler Europe has filed a constitutional complaint against a newly enacted section of German law that criminalizes sales and distribution of content depicting adult actors who show a youthful appearance.

The new law, section 184c of the German criminal code, went in effect November 5. It immediately affects the Barely Legal series produced by Larry Flynt Publications' company in Europe.

In the complaint filed with the Federal Constitutional Court, Hustler Europe alleges the law violates constitutionally protected rights to freedoms of opinion, occupation and property. It is asking the court to suspend the provision until it reaches a final decision.

The Federal Constitutional Court will have to check whether §184c Criminal Code violates the constitutionally guaranteed freedom rights, Marko Dörre, Hustler Europe's attorney, said. We demand clear regulations for more legal certainty.

Hustler Europe Managing Director Helen Clyne told XBIZ it was ultimately about more than the affect on Barely Legal , a popular series both in the U.S. and in Europe.

Until the court rules, Hustler Europe is barred from distributing Barely Legal , Not the Brady XXX series and This Ain't the Munsters XXX.


9th November

Offsite: Barely Legal in Australia...

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Politicians wound up by adult porn suggesting younger

Barely Legal magazineMore from the recent Australian Senate Estimates hearings. This time the full line up of pro-censorship loons, Joyce, McGauran, Barnett, and Fierravnti-Wells, waited in line to quiz the Classification Board.

Topics covered include the adult magazine ratings, community liaison officers, the classification of Art Monthly, the lack of an R18+ rating for games, and legal challenges to decisions of the Classification Board.

Particularly interesting is that Australian nutters are taking up a moral stance against the likes of Barely Legal, ie porn mags featuring young looking adults.

...Read full article (scroll down a bit first)


27th December

Update: Barely Legal Blocking...

Danish blocking lists contains sites with US 2257 record keeping compliance legal notices

Denmark flagAccording to Wikileaks the recently leaked Danish website blocking list is compiled by the Danish police and the Save The Children group and is supposed to contain child pornography.

It has already been determined by a poster at Somebody Think of the Children that the list also includes a website for a Dutch trucking company -

However, it  can now be confirmed that the list also contains several LEGAL pornographic sites.

USC 2257 is the US legal compliance notice that all US porn sites are required to display.

Using Google to search for "USC 2257" reveals that the very first site on the list contains the US statement providing age confirmation and contact details for the authorities to verify the records. And indeed the site appears to be legal and legitimate.

The suggestion is that the Danish Authorities may be extending their banning remit to include such material as Hustlers Barely Legal.


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