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End of Summer...

Ann Summers is set to close in Carlisle

Link Here 21st February 2019
Lingerie retailer Ann Summers is closing its Carlisle store. Notices have been posted saying the shop will close its doors on 31st March 2019.

In the meantime there will be a closing down sale offering prices cuts of up to 75%.



Offsite Article: Porn apps unbanned...

Link Here 19th February 2019
YouPorn introduces progressive web apps that are mobile websites that work pretty much like native apps

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From the inventors of Hell, the Spanish Inquisition and witch finders...

Christian Concern calls on christians to monitor sado-masochism

Link Here 13th February 2019
Full story: Obscenity in the UK...Gay fisting, urolagnia and BDSM found not obscene by jury
Christian Concern writes a long article criticising the relaxation of UK obscenity law and concludes:

We need your help to monitor the mainstreaming of sado-masochism and extreme pornography in British society from now on. Christians have a unique calling to shed the light of the Gospel on this problem, and to provide a witness to redemption in a society that has completely lost its way regarding sexual ethics.

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Offsite Article: Obscenity law liberalised...

Link Here 12th February 2019
The Adam Smith Institute comments on the UK liberalisation of its obscenity law. By Nick Cowen

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Sex robots are here...

But laws arent keeping up with the ethical and privacy issues they raise. By Francis X Shen

Link Here 12th February 2019



Offsite Article: I love having fun on set...

Link Here 11th February 2019
Common Myths About Porn, Debunked by Porn Performer Misha Mayfair

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Offsite Article: Wrong think...

Link Here 8th February 2019
Full story: Lap Dancing in Bristol...Lap dancing rejected in Old Market
A Bristol Council report on a public consultation reveals support for lap dancing. This is deemed the wrong answer by feminists and so the report must be amended.

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Thai police get all excited about sex toys...

And raid several market stalls in Bangkok

Link Here 6th February 2019

Thai military police raided multiple street vendors along Bangkok's Sukhumvit Road yesterday, confiscating THB2 million (about US$64,000) worth of illegal sex toys and pills.

Officials ultimately shut down ten stores and detained four store owners while about 10,000 sex and pills were confiscated.

Under Criminal Code Section 287, the trade or distribution of 'obscene 'materials or things is currently illegal and punishable with up to three years in prison.



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