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  Unfair competition...

Paris feminists get wound by a sex doll 'brothel'

Link Here 20th March 2018
x dolls optionParis councillors are due to decide on the future of a business where clients are charged 89 euro to spend an hour with a silicon sex doll.

Communist councillors and feminist groups have been calling for the closure of Xdolls. Currently, Xdolls is registered as a games centre, but opponents argue it is effectively a brothel. (brothels are illegal in France)

Xdolls is located in an anonymous-looking flat in the French capital and opened last month near the Miromesnil Metro station.

Customers make their booking and payment online, and the exact address is kept secret. Not even the neighbours are aware of the nature of the business.

But its critics want to see it shut. Nicolas Bonnet Oulaldj, a communist councillor, is taking the matter before the Council of Paris. He claimed

Xdolls conveys a degrading image of the woman.

Lorraine Questiaux, lawyer and spokesperson for a Paris feminist association bizarrely claimed:

Xdolls is not a sex shop. It's a place that generates money and where you rape a woman.


 Offsite Article: Temporary respite from danger...

Link Here 19th March 2018
english collectibve of prostitutes logo The dangerous myth of the pop-up brothel. By Dulcie Lee

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  Free rides...

New York's Museum of Sex offers a free try-out of a Cowgirl sex machine

Link Here 18th March 2018
cowgirlNew York's Museum of Sex is offering free rides on its Cowgirl sex machine.

Like something out of the Barbarella universe, the Cowgirl is perhaps a distant cousin of the mechanical bull. Sizable yet sleek, the Cowgirl consists primarily of a vibrating saddle equipped with two possible silicone attachments. MoSex understandably opted for the Rawhide version, which has a small silicone nub. The dildo option is a little ndiscreet for public pleasures. And just to confirm, the sex machine trial is strictly 'over the clothes'. But just in case, the ride is regularly wiped down with string cleaners.

The woman riding the Cowgirl with abandon at 3:30 p.m. on a Friday was certainly making a strong case for the efficacy of the silicone nub. As she messed with the toy's remote control, I could hear the whirr of vibrations intensifying, an escalation mirrored by her moans. Just when I thought I was about to witness a stranger climaxing in a damn museum, she dismounted, muttered that was intense, and promptly shuffled to another room.

MoSex encourages visitors to not only feel objects like its current sex machine offering but to ride them, too. Smack dab in the middle of a gallery space, the Cowgirl enthusiasts break down the boundaries that separate art and toys, exhibitionists and voyeurs, engaging in public acts that they might never have otherwise.

Along with displaying two Cowgirl machines, the compact MoSex exhibit provides a cursory look at the history of sex toys, starting with the 18th century invention of vibrators as medical devices meant to combat female hysteria. Dildos, MoSex points out, date back to ancient Greece, where enlightened men, such as 2nd century astronomer Galen, believed that female semen built up in single women's blood over time, poisoning it.


  An inelegant justification...

Portsmouth councillors reject change of venue for lap dancing club

Link Here 16th March 2018
elegance portsmouthPortsmouth City councillors have rejected a plan to open up a new strip club in Southsea's Albert Road.

Paul Ojla had been planning to move his Elegance Club from Granada Road, Southsea, to the former Conservative club in Albert Road.

Moralist councillors provided little justification for the decision only claiming theta the location was 'inappropriate'.

At a previous meeting, Ojla said if he was unable to open up Elegance in Albert Road, he would re-open the venue at its current base in Granada Road.


  False false tits...

Ladyboy sex dolls are proving a hit

Link Here 15th March 2018
ladyboy sex dollLadyboy sex dolls with boobs and functioning penises are proving a bit of a hit.

Sex dolls have been one of the most popular intimate crazes of the past year. In the race to create the best dolls on the market, manufacturers have come up with an even racier model.

This has seen the release to transgender dolls, which allow customers to enjoy both female and male body parts.

Daily Star Online spoke to Alex Phelps, a product specialist at Silcone Sex World , to find out more. He explained:

We are seeing a lot of our customers going for our transgender dolls. The dolls essentially have an insert which then allows the doll to function as a male, if you will.

Previously, we revealed that blokes are more likely to purchase the trans dolls. It's believed that male customers are snapping up the kinky items so they can be more experimental in the bedroom.


  Dream Lounge gets wake up call...

Swindon Council threatens its two lap dancing clubs with onerous conditions

Link Here 8th March 2018
dream lounge swindon logoThe owners of Swindon's two lap dancing clubs have protested against mierbale new rules being imposed by the council. It is feared that new rules could destroy the viability of the clubs threatening 105 jobs.

Foxies and Dream Lounge, both based at Regent Circus, have lodged objections to a new council licence conditions for sex establishments.

Under the new policies, club bosses are asked to ensure that no performer dance nude or semi-nude unless a floor supervisor is within five metres of the dancer. And dancers are banned from straddling customers or touching them below the chest.

Borough councillors agreed to adopt national licence arrangements for gentlemen's clubs and sex shops in late 2016.

In documents filed with the borough's licensing team, club bosses say that: n Strict rules govern relationships between dancers and customers, with CCTV, security patrols and clear lines of sight through clubs ensuring dancers' safety.

The protests are expected to be discussed at an upcoming meeting of the borough's licensing committee.


  Where silence can be taken as consent...

Denmark joins the list of countries with a sex doll brothel

Link Here 7th March 2018
dollfriendAarhus has become the first city in Denmark to gain a sex doll brothel.

Doll House, which opened last week, offers services solely to male clients. The establishment is made up of five themed rooms that cater to a range of alternative tastes and preferences. These include a: classroom, living room and doctor's room.

Customers can choose from five different sex dolls, each with different names and aesthetic characteristics. The dolls are all made of thermoplastic rubber and stainless steel, weighing roughly 50 kilos. The venue's marketing tag line is:

The place where all gentleman are welcome and where girls don't say 'no'.

Sex doll brothels are becoming a bit of a trend, Aarhus is the fourth major city in Europe to open a sex doll brothel following Barcelona, Paris and Dortmund.


 Offsite Article: If sex workers can't advertise online, it forces them on to the street...

Link Here 7th March 2018
comment is free logo The war on pop-up brothels criminalises one of the ways sex workers try to stay safe, and leads to more being harmed. By Molly Smith

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  Morality vs democracy...

Sheffield Council faces legal harassment of its policy on lap dancing limits

Link Here 6th March 2018  full story: Lap Dancing in Sheffield...The usual nutter protests
spearmint rhino sheffieldAn anonymous Sheffield feminist is taking the council to court after they said their should be no limit on the number of sexual entertainment venues in the city.

A woman using the fake name of Irene Gladdison has raised nearly 5,000 in order to launch her legal challenge to over turn the policy.

A draft council report published in December 2016 said there would be a a limit of two strip clubs in Sheffield. Sheffield currently has Spearmint Rhino in the city centre and La Chambre swingers club in Attercliffe. It is a bit confusing as only Spearmint Rhino can be considered a strip club. So it is a bit confusing as to whether the limit is based on number of licenses or number of strp clibs.

Anyway after further consultation the two-club limit was deleted.

'Gladdison' said:

I'm a 54 year old grandmother, with five grandchildren. A lifelong feminist and a proud Sheffielder. I refuse to be cowed by the city council and allow them to 'OK' the sexual objectification of our girls. Because we will never have an end to the 'President's Club' attitudes when men can buy women as sexual entertainment at strip clubs.

'Gladdison' is backed by campaign group Not Buying It. She is being represented by lawyer Louise Whitfield who claimed:

The law is very clear that if a particular issue is highly relevant for gender equality, a public body must look very carefully at any negative impact on women.

Unfortunately, the council has taken a very narrow approach and only considered extremely limited evidence about the adverse effect these clubs have on women performers. We hope that as before, the council will recognise their errors and agree to think again. If not, my client has no choice but to pursue her legal challenge.



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