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News Monday 24th June...

UK Government UK Internet the reprobate logo
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Verifiably Stupid
The UK Porn Block's Latest Failure. By David Flint

News Friday 21st June...

UK Government UK Internet dogital policy alliance logo
Who pays for Age Verification? You do of way or another!
Maybe its a good job the government has delayed Age Verification as there are a still a lot of issues to resolve for the AV companies


UK Internet Censorship Index

The Digital Economy Act  has been passed Parliament and  will lead to the mass blocking of internet porn to all UK residents. This includes the free tube sites and is not restricted to UK based websites.

See Details of the UK internet porn censorship regime in the Digital Economy Act

The BBFC  has now been given a new role as the UK internet porn censor. Final BBFC guidelines  were published n October 2018.

Commencement of the BBFC censorship and age verification law will be on 15th July. Presumably there is a 3 month period after that to allow websites to implement the available age verification services

UK Internet Porn Censorship

At least someone's enjoying the censorship

BBFC consultation responses

Authoritative response from leading campaigners Pandora Blake and obscenity Lawyer Myles Jackman [pdf]. From

A response from a porn site that makes many good points about the legality of the scheme when tested against human rights legislation [pdf]. From

Response from Hwyel Phillips of foot fetish porn site Silk Soles  [pdf]. From

Backlash response to the BBFC age verification consultation. From

Open Rights Group Consultation Response[pdf]. From

Response from Alex Muffet, an authority on internet security. From

When have internet companies ever followed 'best practice'? Consultation response from

Privacy concerns

The Open Rights Group: The government is acting negligently on privacy and porn AV...


News Thursday 20th June...

UK Government UK Internet jeremy wright
Age Verification for porn delayed by 6 months
Jeremy Wright apologises to supporters for an admin cock-up, and takes the opportunity to sneer at the millions of people who just want to keep their porn browsing private and safe

News Tuesday 18th June...

UK Government UK Internet internet regulation part ii b
UK Internet Regulation Part II
Open Rights Group reports on how the Online Harms Bill will harm free speech, justice and liberty
UK Government UK Internet gizmodo 0272x0181 logo
Offsite Article
Offsite Comment: Bloody stupid idea
Porn Block Demonstrates the Government Is More Concerned With Censorship Than Security

News Sunday 16th June...

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Offsite Article
Offsite Article: The UK porn block is now one month away, and it's still a terrible idea
Filtering filth won't save the children, but the block could be bad news for you. By Carrie Marshall

News Saturday 15th June...

UK Government UK Internet christian concern 0210x0068 logo
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Christian Concerns
Who'd have thought that a Christian Campaign Group would be calling on its members to criticise the government's internet censorship bill in a consultation

News Friday 14th June...

UK Government UK Internet av security standard analysis 2
Logging your porn history (in the name of fraud yer know)
Open Rights Group Report: Analysis of BBFC Age Verification Certificate Standard June 2019

News Monday 10th June...

UK Government UK Internet IWF logo
To the UK Government: Don't block my legal porn and I'll be happy to use the IWF feed
The catastrophic impact of DNS-over-HTTPs. The IWF makes its case
UK Government UK Internet The Erotic Films of Peter de Rome DVD
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: 18 Rated Porn And BBFC Hypocrisy
When is a porn film not a porn film?

News Wednesday 5th June...

UK Government UK Internet information commissioners office logo
Strangling UK business and endangering people's personal data
Internet companies slam the data censor's disgraceful proposal to require age verification for large swathes of the internet

News Sunday 2nd June...

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Updated: Tech companies criticise the government's Online Harms white paper
The harms will be that British tech businesses will be destroyed so that politicians can look good for 'protecting the children'

News Saturday 1st June...

UK Government UK Internet IWF logo
IWF calls for censorship law requiring its block list to be implemented by encrypted DNS servers
Well perhaps if the UK wasn't planning to block legal websites then people wouldn't need to seek out circumvention techniques, so allowing the laudable IWF blocking to continue

News Friday 31st May...

UK Government UK Internet information commissioners office logo
Joint letter to Information Commissioner on age appropriate websites plan
Pointing out that it is crazy for the data protection police to require internet users to hand over their private identity data to all and sundry (all in the name of child protection of course)

News Thursday 30th May...

UK Government UK Internet information commissioners office logo
From the data 'protection' office that trains us to brainlessly click website consent boxes
A new proposal forcing people to brainlessly hand over identity data to any Tom, Dick or Harry website that asks. Open Rights Group suggests we take a stand
UK Government UK Internet ncsc logo
Encrypted DNS which defeats ISP website blocking may delay age verification for porn
Presumably GCHQ would rather not half the population using technology that makes surveillance more difficult
UK Government UK Internet online nation
Online Nation
Ofcom does its bit to support state internet censorship suggesting that this is what people want


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