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UK GovernmentUK Internet elspeth howe
Howe gets animated by anime
Elspeth Howe reveals more of the internal government debate that is delaying the BBFC internet porn censorship guidelines


UK Internet Censorship Index

At least someone's enjoying the censorship

UK Internet Porn Censorship

The Digital Economy Bill has passed through Parliament and  will lead to the mass blocking of internet porn to all UK residents. This includes the free tube sites and is not restricted to UK based websites.

See Details of the UK internet porn censorship regime in the Digital Economy Act

The BBFC  has now been given a new role as the UK internet porn censor.

The  implementation of age verification is  roughly scheduled as follows:

  • 26th March 23rd April. BBFC public consultations on its vaguely outlined guidelines

  • Publication of final BBFC guidelines before the Parliamentary recess towards the end of July. However this has not happened and the rest of the timetable below will now have slipped.

  • Early September  (after parliamentary summer recess) .Parliament to consider and approve the BBFC final guidelines

  • 3 months for the implementation of the technological solutions.

  • End of December. Commencement of the BBFC censorship and age verification law

UK Internet Porn Censorship

BBFC consultation responses

Authoritative response from leading campaigners Pandora Blake and obscenity Lawyer Myles Jackman [pdf]. From

A response from a porn site that makes many good points about the legality of the scheme when tested against human rights legislation [pdf]. From

Response from Hwyel Phillips of foot fetish porn site Silk Soles  [pdf]. From

Backlash response to the BBFC age verification consultation. From

Open Rights Group Consultation Response[pdf]. From

Response from Alex Muffet, an authority on internet security. From

When have internet companies ever followed 'best practice'? Consultation response from

Privacy concerns

The Open Rights Group: The government is acting negligently on privacy and porn AV...


UK GovernmentUK Internet

5th Aug
open rights group 2016 logo
Unfinished business
Open Rights Group comments on the missed milestone of publishing final age verification guidelines before Parliament's summer recess
UK GovernmentUK Internet

31st Jul
dcsm fake news
Commented: Fake Claims
UK Parliamentary committee claims that people failing to vote the 'correct' way is nothing to do with politicians' crap policies that don't look after British people, and must be all to do with fake news
UK GovernmentUK Internet

25th Jul
Crown Prosecution Service
Amazing!, Britain looks to relaxing its pornography laws
CPS opens a public consultation on ending obscenity prosecutions of the likes of fisting and golden showers, as long as the activity depicted is lawful
UK GovernmentUK Internet

22nd Jul
david austin march 2016
BBFC: Age Verification We Don't Trust
BBFC boss writes a 'won't somebody think of the children' campaigning piece in support of the upcoming porn censorship law, disgracefully from behind a paywall
UK GovernmentUK Internet

21st Jul
Telegraph logo
Headaches, loopholes, VPNs, inventive kids, trust and Cambridge Analytica
Daily Telegraph reports that the upcoming porn censorship regime looks set to be delayed by a few months
UK GovernmentUK Internet

17th Jul
BBFC logo
Whatever happened to
The BBFC consultation on UK internet porn censorship
UK GovernmentUK Internet

16th Jul
sharon white
Updated: So how much would you trust the politically correct Ofcom to censor internet news?
Ofcom boss Sharon White sneers at the British people, and volunteers Ofcom to be their internet news censor
UK GovernmentUK Internet index logo
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Counter-Terrorism and Border Security Bill 2018
A detailed critique of censorship clauses of the bill. By Index on Censorship
UK GovernmentUK Internet

13th Jul
They just go round to their friend's house
Research finds that ISP porn filters have an insignificant effect on preventing adolescents from seeking out porn
UK GovernmentUK Internet

11th Jul
sky virgin logo
Internet Disservice Providers
Sky, TalkTalk and Virgin tell Parliament that they would welcome the establishment of an official state internet censor
UK GovernmentUK Internet

8th Jul
behind closed doors
Commented: Sneering at men just for wanting to get laid
Feminist and religious moralist MPs call for the internet censorship of anything to do with sex work
UK GovernmentUK Internet

2nd Jul
brave logo
Evading UK porn censorship
Brave Introduces Beta of Private Tabs with Tor for Enhanced Privacy while Browsing
UK GovernmentUK Internet

14th Jun
Old Bailey
Who pays the blocker?
UK Supreme Court rules that the cost of website blocking should not be borne by ISPs, and indirectly, internet users
UK GovernmentUK Internet

8th Jun
internet strategy
Changing liability law to force companies to censor swathes of the internet
UK government publishes its intentions to significantly ramp up internet censorship
UK GovernmentUK Internet

1st Jun
sex and censorship 2016 logo
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Three Massive Threats to Online Liberty in the UK
Age verification, online safety and a British FOSTA
UK GovernmentUK Internet

28th May
BBFC logo
Healthy scepticism
Pandora Blake suggests that there have been about 750 responses to its consultation on age verification requirements for porn sites
UK GovernmentUK Internet avsecure age verification card
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: UK push for porn passes raises privacy and data concerns
Age verification requirement has raised fears about privacy, and concerns that independent providers will suffer disproportionately.
UK GovernmentUK Internet

25th May
vpnhub logo
Pornhub blows a raspberry at the BBFC
And introduces a free VPN to short circuit UK porn censorship
UK GovernmentUK Internet matt hancock
Commented: Government bullies take on the internet
New laws to make sure that the UK is the most censored place in the western world to be online
UK GovernmentUK Internet

24th May
bpi 2018jpg logo
Lobbying for the UK to be the safest place in the world for big media company profits
Music industry is quick to lobby for Hancock's safe internet plans to be hijacked for their benefit


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