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UK Internet Censorship

No News Thursday 21st February...

News Monday 18th February...

UK Government UK Internet dcms facebook
Parliamentary committee publishes report laying into Facebook for flagrant data abuse
But inevitably concludes that the UK needs a new social media censor


UK Internet Censorship Index

At least someone's enjoying the censorship

UK Internet Porn Censorship

The Digital Economy Bill has passed through Parliament and  will lead to the mass blocking of internet porn to all UK residents. This includes the free tube sites and is not restricted to UK based websites.

See Details of the UK internet porn censorship regime in the Digital Economy Act

The BBFC  has now been given a new role as the UK internet porn censor.

The implementation of age verification is  roughly scheduled as follows:

  • 26th March 23rd April. BBFC public consultations on its vaguely outlined guidelines

  • October 2018. Publication of final BBFC guidelines

  • November 2018. Parliament to consider and approve the BBFC final guidelines

  • 3 months for the implementation of the technological solutions.

  • Easter 2019. Commencement of the BBFC censorship and age verification law

UK Internet Porn Censorship

BBFC consultation responses

Authoritative response from leading campaigners Pandora Blake and obscenity Lawyer Myles Jackman [pdf]. From

A response from a porn site that makes many good points about the legality of the scheme when tested against human rights legislation [pdf]. From

Response from Hwyel Phillips of foot fetish porn site Silk Soles  [pdf]. From

Backlash response to the BBFC age verification consultation. From

Open Rights Group Consultation Response[pdf]. From

Response from Alex Muffet, an authority on internet security. From

When have internet companies ever followed 'best practice'? Consultation response from

Privacy concerns

The Open Rights Group: The government is acting negligently on privacy and porn AV...


News Wednesday 13th February...

UK Government UK Internet spanish inquisition
From the inventors of Hell, the Spanish Inquisition and witch finders
Christian Concern calls on christians to monitor sado-masochism

News Tuesday 12th February...

UK Government UK Internet uk internet regulation
UK Internet Regulation
Open Righst Group publishes a report outlining a new wave of Internet censorship on the horizon
UK Government UK Internet smith institute
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Obscenity law liberalised
The Adam Smith Institute comments on the UK liberalisation of its obscenity law. By Nick Cowen

News Saturday 9th February...

UK Government UK Internet open rights group 2016 logo
Duty of care: an empty concept
The Open Rights Group comments on government moves to create a social media censor

News Friday 8th February...

UK Government UK Internet cyber legal logo
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: A Lord Chamberlain for the internet?
Thanks, but no thanks. By Graham Smith

News Wednesday 6th February...

UK Government UK Internet DCMS logo
Updated: As always increased red tape benefits the largest (ie US) companies
Daily Mail reports on government discussion about a new internet censor, codenamed Ofweb

News Monday 4th February...

UK Government UK Internet ageid logo
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: The age of market dominance
The Register talks to Pornhub's Age ID about progress of UK Age verification schemes

News Thursday 31st January...

UK Government UK Internet Crown Prosecution Service
So we - and our wives and servants, too - are finally going to be allowed to see fisting
CPS relaxes its pornography guidelines so that fisting, golden showers, female ejaculation and many more can now be legally published in the UK

News Wednesday 30th January...

UK Government UK Internet arms of the british governmentjpg logo
Policing the wild west
Status report on the government's plans to introduce an internet censor for social media

News Wednesday 23rd January...

UK Government UK Internet internet matters logo
Unsurprising result from one side of the debate publishes a survey showing that 83% of parents support age verification for porn

News Thursday 17th January...

UK Government UK Internet dirty boyz logo
Unprotected sex
Gay website closes as user fears of being outed via age verification makes the site too dangerous for it to be viable

News Sunday 13th January...

UK Government UK Internet xhamster logo
Fill your boots whilst you still can
British porn viewers are reported to be building up their collections ahead of the introduction of censorship and age verification

News Friday 11th January...

UK Government UK Internet House of Commons logo
The dangers lurking behind age verification schemes
UK internet porn censorship marches on with the publication of a new law supporting age verification

News Wednesday 9th January...

UK Government UK Internet BBFC logo
Appealing choice
A chair has been appointed for independent appeals panel for the age verification

News Sunday 6th January...

UK Government UK Internet regulatory policy commitee logo
In a week when the GDPR didn't do anything to stop German politicians' private data being published
A parliamentary committee suggests that perhaps the government ought to monitor how age verification requirements endanger porn viewers


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