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UK Internet Censorship

News Saturday 20th April...

UK Government UK Internet images/ssad_nordvpn_dark_250.jpg
Smart phones only for porn viewing?
VPNCompare reports a significant increase in website visitors in response to upcoming porn censorship. Meanwhile age verifications options announced so far for major websites seem to be apps only
UK Government UK Internet cyberleagle logo
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: User's Behaving Badly
An interesting look at the government's Online Harms white paper proposing extensive internet censorship for the UK

News Friday 19th April...

UK Government UK Internet is it safe
Is it safe?
Is your identity data and porn browsing history safe with an age verification service sporting a green BBFC AV badge?...Err...No!...


UK Internet Censorship Index

At least someone's enjoying the censorship

UK Internet Porn Censorship

The Digital Economy Bill has passed through Parliament and  will lead to the mass blocking of internet porn to all UK residents. This includes the free tube sites and is not restricted to UK based websites.

See Details of the UK internet porn censorship regime in the Digital Economy Act

The BBFC  has now been given a new role as the UK internet porn censor.

The implementation of age verification is  roughly scheduled as follows:

  • 26th March 23rd April. BBFC public consultations on its vaguely outlined guidelines

  • October 2018. Publication of final BBFC guidelines

  • November 2018. Parliament to consider and approve the BBFC final guidelines

  • 3 months for the implementation of the technological solutions.

  • Easter 2019. Commencement of the BBFC censorship and age verification law

UK Internet Porn Censorship

BBFC consultation responses

Authoritative response from leading campaigners Pandora Blake and obscenity Lawyer Myles Jackman [pdf]. From

A response from a porn site that makes many good points about the legality of the scheme when tested against human rights legislation [pdf]. From

Response from Hwyel Phillips of foot fetish porn site Silk Soles  [pdf]. From

Backlash response to the BBFC age verification consultation. From

Open Rights Group Consultation Response[pdf]. From

Response from Alex Muffet, an authority on internet security. From

When have internet companies ever followed 'best practice'? Consultation response from

Privacy concerns

The Open Rights Group: The government is acting negligently on privacy and porn AV...


News Thursday 18th April...

UK Government UK Internet Girl on the Net: How A Bad Girl Fell in Love
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Age verification won't block porn
But it will spell the end of ethical porn. By Girl on the Net

News Wednesday 17th April...

UK Government UK Internet bbfc av graphic logo
Get a VPN or fill your boots now! There's 3 months left for unhindered porn downloading
The government announces that its internet porn censorship scheme will come into force on 15th July 2019
UK Government UK Internet clark stanley's snake oil liniment
Proven privacy concerns
When spouting on about keeping porn users data safe the DCMS proves that it simply can't be trusted by revealing journalists' private emails
UK Government UK Internet the atlantic logo
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Banish the kids
Instead of regulating the internet to protect young people, give them a youth-net of their own. By Conor Friedersdorf

News Sunday 14th April...

UK Government UK Internet conservative party logo
More like China, Russia or North Korea
Tory MPs line up to criticise their own government's totalitarian-style internet censorship proposals

News Sunday 14th April...

UK Government UK Internet Strangled By Red Tape
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: The UK Government Risks Facilitating a Porn Monopoly
Spare a thought for how age verification censorship affects British small adult businesses and sex workers. By Freya Pratty

News Saturday 13th April...

UK Government UK Internet web user
Well if they legislate without giving a shit about the safety and privacy of porn users
WebUser magazine kindly informs readers how to avoid being endangered by age verification

News Friday 12th April...

UK Government UK Internet The Guardian
Updated Comments: The UK Government harms the British people
The press and campaigners call out the Online Harms white paper for what it is...censorship

News Thursday 11th April...

UK Government UK Internet tory exit 1
Vote Texit...Tory Exit
Culture of Censorship Secretary Jeremy Wright tells British people not worry about the proposed end to their free speech because newspapers will still be allowed free speech
UK Government UK Internet zippyshare logo
The Great British Firewall
Zippyshare blocks itself from UK access

News Monday 8th April...

UK Government UK Internet online harms
Ensuring that the UK is the most censored place in the western world to be online
Government introduces an enormous package of internet censorship proposals
UK Government UK Internet the reprobate logo
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Porn Wars
sex, Lies And The Battle To Control Britain's Internet. By David Flint

News Saturday 6th April...

UK Government UK Internet iwantfourplay
Community Spirit
It's good to see the internet community pull together to work around censorship via age verification

News Friday 5th April...

UK Government UK Internet techdirt logo
Scary stuff: the government wanted a detailed log of your porn viewing history
A report suggesting that government has (reluctantly) relaxed its requirements for internet porn age verifiers to keep a detailed log of people's porn access

News Thursday 4th April...

UK Government UK Internet iwantfourplay
Mums want Four Play...but can they get it?
The porn movie from the TV series 'Mums Make Porn' is used as a live test for age verification


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