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10th January

 Diary: We Are Still Here...

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January on the Horror Channel
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We Are Still Here DVDThere are seven fearful film premieres on Horror Channel in January 2017, including the UK TV premiere of Ted Geoghegan's terrifyingly taut ghost story We Are Still Here , starring horror icon Barbara Crampton.

There are also network premieres for Roman Polanski's supernatural biblical puzzler The Ninth Gate , starring Johnny Depp and Daniel Stamm's possession nightmare The Last Exorcism , produced by Eli Roth.

Horror Channel are also giving a UK TV premiere to Daniel Stamm's intriguing remake of 13 Beloved , 13 Sins , starring Ron Perlman.

Other UK TV firsts include Quilez's Colombia-shot supernatural suspensor Out Of The Dark and Steve Wolsh's monster mayhem thriller Muck . Lluis David Brooks' siege thriller ATM receives its Network premiere.


30th December

 Diary: Molland vs Sullivan: Freedom of Speech...

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Video Universe

10th February 2017, a performance from the Leicester Comedy Festival
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freedom of speechMolland vs Sullivan: Freedom of Speech
Leicester Comedy Festival 2017
Friday February 10th 20:00 (50mins)
BrewDog Leicester, 8 Friar Ln, Leicester, LE1 5RA

In an era where made up facts written on the side of a bus can influence a national referendum, and suggesting that Mexican immigrants are rapists can help you become leader of the free world , the question of Freedom of Speech has never been so contentious.

This February, at the Leicester Comedy Festival, 2 Comics from 2 Continents with 2 opposing agendas go head to head to sort it all out. Nothing will remain sacred when the bombastically liberal Rick Molland (ThreeWeeks), meets the shamelessly shocking Sully O'Sullivan (Australian Times) in this stand-up comedy face off where low blows aren't just legal, they're encouraged.

A comedy event so controversial its first week at the Edinburgh Fringe saw an outraged audience member forcibly ejected for hurling abuse206 in a show about Freedom of Speech206 a scenario which, according to Scottish tabloid the Daily Record, culminated in her being arrested in connection with three counts of assault .

After those events, the show, which every night holds a live audience vote on whether Freedom of Speech should be further protected or curbed, witnessed a landslide victory for the case for restricting Freedom of Speech. Whatever your position, this is a stand-up comedy encounter that will make you think again.


25th December

 Diary: Eroticon 2017...

4-5th March 2017. Erotic writers convention in London
Link Here

eroticon logoEroticon 2017
4-5th March 2017

Eroticon describes itself as follows:

We are the online magazine for sex bloggers and erotica writers from the team behind Eroticon conference. You can find unique articles on the business of writing sex by some of the most talented authors and industry professionals from around the globe.

Founded by Ruby Kiddell in 2012 to give Erotic Writers and Bloggers the tools to hone their craft in a collaborative environment, Write Sex Right has become an essential resource for sex writers around the world 2012 also saw the launch of Eroticon, the first sex writers conference in the UK and in 2013 saw EroticonUSA take America by storm.


  • Myles Jackman is the obscenity lawyer helping to drive the UK's fight against porn censorship. He'll be speaking about the current landscape of censorship in the UK and how writers can help to join the fight.
  • Paisley Gilmour will join a panel comprised of writers and editors from the mainstream press, giving sex writers tips on how to promote their work outside the adult industry.
  • Malin James, erotic writer and essayist, will be giving a workshop on how to write narrative sex,- giving attendees tools and advice to help them write incredible short stories.
  • Other speakers include The Big Gay Review, a hugely popular sex toy reviewer who has achieved extraordinary traffic growth in the two years he's been blogging. He'll be giving advice on affiliate schemes, and how sex toy reviewers can make the most of them. Ruby Goodnight is dropping in from the States to give bloggers and companies advice on how to use social media. And the ever-popular KinkCraft team will be hosting hands-on workshops for attendees who want to try their hand at crafting their own kinky toys.


20th December

 Diary: Triple Six Horror Festival...

27th-28th May 2017, Manchester
Link Here

triple six 2017 logoTriple Six Horror Festival
27th-28th May 2017
AMC, Great Northern Warehouse, Manchester, UK

Set in the iconic Great Northern Warehouse in Manchester, AMC is a 16-screen, state of the art cinema complex.

Soon, 2 of the UK's most established horror websites, UK HORROR SCENE and THE SLAUGHTERED BIRD, will be taking it over for 2 days to bring you the best in independent horror.

Join us at Triple Six Horror Fest!

The Triple Six Horror Film Festival have announced that their first special guest will be the groundbreaking director Richard Stanley who will be with them for the entire weekend. PLUS they will be showing his debut feature Hardware (1990) on 35mm followed by a full Q&A with Richard.

Hardware is a totally unique, visually stunning feature that needs to be seen on the big screen. Aesthetically compared to Gilliam & Jodorowsky and with a real 1990's man vs machine mentality that summed up the age when technology was becoming an essential part of life not a luxury, along with a stunning industrial score, Hardware is a mix of horror, sci-fi and much more. Rarely seen on the big screen ,especially in 35mm, this will be an amazing one-off experience !!