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Mini Minded...

Swaziland bans miniskirts citing them as encouraging rape

Link Here 25th December 2012

Women in Swaziland have been banned from wearing miniskirts and crop tops because they supposedly encourage rape - and offenders face a six-month spell in jail.

Police in Swaziland have resurrected an archaic colonial criminal act from 1889 to stop women wearing clothes that expose their body.

Swazi police were responding to a march in the second city of Manzini last month by young women, some wearing miniskirts, who were seeking equal rights and safety.

The ban also applies to low-slung jeans and tank tops. However, the indlamu costume, a tiny beaded belt worn when young women dance for King Mswati topless and with their buttocks fully exposed, is permissible, authorities declared. Apparently the police have no records of any maiden being raped while wearing the costume.

A police spokesman also said: For females it is polite that when you have dropped something, squat with your upper body still upright and pick up the item rather than bending half your body head first to pick up the item.



Serving Backwardness...

Saudi authorities send text massages to alert men that their women have left the country

Link Here 23rd November 2012

It is reported that Saudi Arabia has instituted a new system that sends a text message to the male guardian of any women who leaves the country.

Manal al-Sharif,  who became the symbol of a campaign women's right to drive campaign launched in 2011, began posting information of the new system on Twitter, after she was alerted by a couple.

The couple who alerted al-Sharif was travelling together. As they did, the husband received a text message from immigration authorities informing him that his wife had left the international airport in Riyadh. While details are sketchy, the system seems automatic and is not something that people voluntarily sign up for.

It seems that immigration authorities simply text the guardian male on record when a woman leaves the country, manually.

Women are not allowed to leave the kingdom without permission from their male guardian, who must give her his consent by signing what is known as the yellow sheet at the airport or border.

Columnist Badriya al-Bishr tweeted: This is technology used to serve backwardness in order to keep women imprisoned.



Offsite Article: Gorging on Political Correctness...

Link Here 21st October 2012
Swedish school dinners chef banned from serving outstanding food on the grounds that it is unfair to pupils at other schools

See article from



Insulting Italian People...

The trivial insult elevated to serious crime

Link Here 2nd August 2012

Telling a man he has no balls as an insult is a crime punishable with a fine because it hurts male pride, Italy's highest court has declared.

The case was brought to the supreme court by a lawyer named only as Vittorio against his cousin Alberto, a justice of the peace, for the phrase uttered during a heated courtroom exchange in the southern Italian city of Potenza.

Apart from the vulgarity of the term used, the expression definitely also has an injurious quality, the judge, Maurizio Fumo, said in his ruling:

It refers not only to the target's lack of virility, but also to his weakness of character, lack of determination, competence and coherence -- virtues that, rightly or wrongly, are still identified as pertaining to the male gender.

A judge will now rule on the fine that Alberto should pay to Vittorio.



Offsite Article: Saving Face...

Link Here 24th May 2012
Pakistani acid attack survivors whose plight featured in an Oscar-winning film are unsurprisingly threatening to go to court to stop it being shown in Pakistan. Lest they get attacked again.

See article from


9th February   

Update" Valentine's Day Lockdown...

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Thailand police announce a 10pm curfew for under 18s
Link Here

Thai police are asking parents to lock up their daughters and not let under 18s outside after 10pm on Valentine's Day.

Police spokesman Maj-General Piya Uthayo said the national police chief was worried about youths acting 'inappropriately', taking drugs or engaging in other forms of vice on the day, hence police would be dispatched to patrol public parks, theatres, karaoke bars, night venues, dormitories, apartments and hotels. If police find anyone under 18 outside after this time, they will be brought to police stations for their parents to pick them up, he added.

Intending also to ask night-entertainment venues not to allow the under-aged to enter their premises, with the presumed risk that they could engage in sexual activity.

Police will also punish shops that sell alcohol to under-aged persons, and will set up checkpoints to stop drunk and/or reckless riders.

Moreover, they will seek the public's cooperation, especially women, who are asked not to wear racy clothe.


9th January   

Out of Fashion...

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Potest at Dolce and Gabbana over street photography ban
Link Here

More than a thousand people protested outside a Dolce and Gabbana store in Hong Kong on Sunday after the Italian clothing store allegedly prevented people from taking photographs of its shop front.

Protestors showed images of a sign banning photography. The protest followed reports that a Dolce and Gabbana security guard had stopped a photographer taking pictures of its shopfront from the pavement outside.

More than 13,000 people had protested over the incident on Facebook. People gathered on Sunday outside the fashion brand's flagship Hong Kong store taking photos while some carried placards denouncing the store's actions.

The day before a local politician and lawmaker Frederick Fung reportedly created a stir in the store by calling out slogans and confronting the manager while customers browsed among the luxury goods. Fung, who belongs to a pro-democracy political party in Hong Kong, had said the Italian brand needed to make an announcement and apology .


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